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Applied Surface Science, Vol.273 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Modification of polyimide wetting properties by laser ablated conical microstructures
Least BT, Willis DA
12 - 18 Studies on the optoelectronic properties of the thermally evaporated tin-doped indium oxide nanostructures
Pan KY, Lin LD, Chang LW, Shih HC
19 - 23 Fabrication of two domain Cu2O(011) films on MgO(001) by pulsed laser deposition
Fu YJ, Lei HW, Wang XM, Yan DW, Cao LH, Yao G, Shen CL, Peng LP, Zhao Y, Wang YY, Wu WD
24 - 31 Co-culture of vascular endothelial cells and smooth muscle cells by hyaluronic acid micro-pattern on titanium surface
Li JG, Li GC, Zhang K, Liao YZ, Yang P, Maitz MF, Huang N
32 - 38 Substrate material affects wettability of surfaces coated and sintered with silica nanoparticles
Wei K, Zeng HS, Zhao Y
39 - 48 Dependence of precursor composition on patterning and morphology of sol-gel soft lithography based zinc zirconium oxide thin films
Bera S, Pal M, Sarkar S, Jana S
49 - 57 Electrochemical anodic oxidation of nitrogen doped carbon nanowall films: X-ray photoelectron and Micro-Raman spectroscopy study
Achour A, Vizireanu S, Dinescu G, Le Brizoual L, Djouadi MA, Boujtita M
58 - 61 Low temperature wet etching to reveal sub-surface damage in sapphire substrates
Kumar P, Lee J, Lee G, Rao S, Singh D, Singh RK
62 - 67 Microstructure and properties of composite polyetheretherketone/Bioglass (R) coatings deposited on Ti-6Al-7Nb alloy for medical applications
Moskalewicz T, Seuss S, Boccaccini AR
68 - 74 Removal of uranium from aqueous solution by a low cost and high-efficient adsorbent
Liu YH, Wang YQ, Zhang ZB, Cao XH, Nie WB, Li Q, Hua R
75 - 81 Anomalous conformational transitions in cytochrome C adsorbing to Langmuir-Blodgett films
Sankaranarayanan K, Nair BU, Dhathathreyan A
82 - 88 Synthesis and photocatalytic application of Au/Ag nanoparticle-sensitized ZnO films
Chen L, Tran TT, Huang CA, Li JZ, Yuan LJ, Cai QY
89 - 93 Surface-roughness-assisted formation of large-scale vertically aligned CdS nanorod arrays via solvothermal method
Zhou MM, Yan SC, Shi Y, Yang M, Sun HB, Wang JY, Yin Y, Gao F
94 - 100 Deuterium plasma exposure on rhodium: Reflectivity monitoring and evidence of subsurface deuteride formation
Eren B, Wisse M, Marot L, Steiner R, Meyer E
101 - 106 Ultrafast laser parallel microprocessing using high uniformity binary Dammann grating generated beam array
Kuang Z, Perrie W, Liu D, Edwardson SP, Jiang Y, Fearon E, Watkins KG, Dearden G
107 - 110 Metal-assisted homogeneous etching of single crystal silicon: A novel approach to obtain an ultra-thin silicon wafer
Bai F, Li MC, Song DD, Yu H, Jiang B, Li YF
111 - 117 Theoretical study on electronic structure and optical properties of Ga0.75Al0.25N(0001) surface
Yang MZ, Chang BK, Hao GH, Guo J, Wang HG, Wang MS
118 - 121 Effects of particle size and pH value on the hydrophilicity of graphene oxide
Hu XB, Yu Y, Hou WM, Zhou JE, Song LX
122 - 127 Study on laser surface remelting of plasma-sprayed Al-Si/1 wt% nano-Si3N4 coating on AZ31B magnesium alloy
Ge YQ, Wang WX, Wang X, Cui ZQ, Xu BS
128 - 134 Tensile property of low carbon steel with gridding units
Wang CW, Zhou H, Zhang ZH, Jing ZJ, Cong DL, Meng C, Ren LQ
135 - 143 Processable polyaniline/titania nanocomposites with good photocatalytic and conductivity properties prepared via peroxo-titanium complex catalyzed emulsion polymerization approach
Li YZ, Yu Y, Wu LZ, Zhi JF
144 - 149 Role of the surface polarity in governing the luminescence properties of ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by Sol-gel route
Sharma A, Dhar S, Singh BP
150 - 158 Photochromism of amorphous molybdenum oxide films with different initial Mo5+ relative concentrations
Rouhani M, Foo YL, Hobley J, Pan JS, Subramanian GS, Yu XJ, Rusydi A, Gorelik S
159 - 166 Synthesis and characterization of AgBr/AgNbO3 composite with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Wang C, Yan J, Wu XY, Song YH, Cai GB, Xu H, Zhu JX, Li HM
167 - 172 The effect of oxidation treatment with supercritical water/hydrogen peroxide system on intersurface performance for polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fibers
Meng LH, Fan DP, Zhang CH, Jiang ZX, Huang YD
173 - 178 Validity of "sputtering and re-condensation" model in active screen cage plasma nitriding process
Saeed A, Khan AW, Jan F, Abrar M, Khalid M, Zakaullah M
179 - 183 Fabrication of chitosan-silver nanoparticle hybrid 3D porous structure as a SERS substrate for biomedical applications
Jung GB, Kim JH, Burm JS, Park HK
184 - 191 Superhydrophobic film fabricated by controlled microphase separation of PEO-PLA mixture and its transparence property
Pi PH, Mu W, Fei G, Deng YL
192 - 198 Experimental study of corrosion behavior for burnished aluminum alloy by EWF, EBSD, EIS and Raman spectra
Lv JL, Luo HY, Xie JP
199 - 204 The effect of surface texturing on reducing the friction and wear of steel under lubricated sliding contact
Tang W, Zhou YK, Zhu H, Yang HF
205 - 214 Synthesis of fluorinated nano-silica and its application in wettability alteration near-wellbore region in gas condensate reservoirs
Mousavi MA, Hassanajili S, Rahimpour MR
215 - 219 Effect of wettability on surface morphologies and optical properties of Ag thin films grown on glass and polymer substrates by thermal evaporation
Lv J
220 - 225 Dynamics of porphyrin adsorption on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite monitored by scanning tunnelling microscopy at the liquid/solid interface
Ferreira Q, Braganca AM, Moura NMM, Faustino MAF, Alcacer L, Morgado J
226 - 232 One-pot synthesis of peacock-shaped TiO2 light scattering layer with TiO2 nanorods film for dye-sensitized solar cells
Kim HS, Kim YJ, Lee W, Kang SH
233 - 236 Photoluminescence and I-V characteristics of the carbonized silicon nanoporous pillar array
Wang HY, Xue RZ, Li ZJ, Wang YQ
237 - 242 Uniform beta-Co(OH)(2) disc-like nanostructures prepared by low-temperature electrochemical rout as an electrode material for supercapacitors
Aghazadeh M, Shiri HM, Barmi AAM
243 - 246 Microstructure and magnetic properties of L1(0) FePt-MgO/Fe-MgO thin films
Liu LW, Li Q, Dang HG, Hao L, Cao JW, Li YB, Wang Y, Bai JM, Wei FL
247 - 252 Reactive growth of MgO overlayers on Fe(001) surfaces studied by low-energy electron diffraction and atomic force microscopy
Tekiel A, Fostner S, Topple J, Miyahara Y, Grutter P
253 - 256 The hydrogen generation from alkaline NaBH4 solution by using electroplated amorphous Co-Ni-P film catalysts
Guo YP, Feng QH, Ma JT
257 - 260 Upconversion properties in hexagonal-phase NaYF4:Er3+/NaYF4 nanocrystals by off-resonant excitation
Luo XJ, Akimoto K
261 - 267 Pt and Pd as catalyst deposited by hydrogen reduction of metal salts on WO3 films for gasochromic application
Garavand NT, Mahdavi SM, Zad AI
268 - 272 Comparative study on catalyst-free formation and electron field emission of carbon nanotips and nanotubes grown by chemical vapor deposition
Wang BB, Zheng K, Shao RW
273 - 277 Preparation and luminescence properties of Tb3+ doped SiO2 film on TiO2 nanotube arrays
Shang YB, Liu EZ, Hu XY, Miao H, Zhang L, Zhan SC, Ji RN, Zhang DK, Fan J, Xu LM
278 - 286 A facile method for synthesis of N-doped TiO2 nanooctahedra, nanoparticles, and nanospheres and enhanced photocatalytic activity
Du JM, Zhao GY, Shi YF, HaoYang, Li YX, Zhu GG, Mao YJ, Sa RJ, Wang WM
287 - 292 Surface characteristics of etched parylene-C films for low-damaged patterning process using inductively-coupled O-2/CHF3 gas plasma
Ham YH, Shutov DA, Kwon KH
293 - 301 Divacancy-assisted transition metal adsorption on the BN graphene and its interaction with hydrogen molecules: a theoretical study
Chen Y, Wang HM, Wang HX, Zhao JX, Cai QH, Wang XG, Ding YH
302 - 309 Phosphorus-doped graphene and (8,0) carbon nanotube: Structural, electronic, magnetic properties, and chemical reactivity
Wang HM, Wang HX, Chen Y, Liu YJ, Zhao JX, Cai QH, Wang XZ
310 - 314 Titanium bone implants with superimposed micro/nano-scale porosity and antibacterial capability
Necula BS, Apachitei I, Fratila-Apachitei LE, van Langelaan EJ, Duszczyk J
315 - 323 Electron scattering at surfaces and grain boundaries in thin Au films
Henriquez R, Flores M, Moraga L, Kremer G, Gonzalez-Fuentes C, Munoz RC
324 - 329 Characterization of transparent conductive delafossite-CuCr1-O-x(2) films
Chen HY, Chang KP, Yang CC
330 - 342 The structure of Pd-M supported catalysts used in the hydrogen transfer reactions (M = In, Bi and Te)
Witonska IA, Walock MJ, Dziugan P, Karski S, Stanishevsky AV
343 - 348 Labile Zn ions on octacalcium phosphate-derived Zn-containing hydroxyapatite surfaces
Honda Y, Anada T, Morimoto S, Suzuki O
349 - 356 Phosphorus doped TiO2 as oxygen sensor with low operating temperature and sensing mechanism
Han ZZ, Wang JJ, Liao L, Pan HB, Shen SF, Chen JZ
357 - 363 Structure-activity relationship of CuO/MnO2 catalysts in CO oxidation
Qian K, Qian ZX, Hua Q, Jiang ZQ, Huang WX
364 - 371 Synthesis of nanocrystalline TiC reinforced W nanocomposites by high-energy mechanical alloying: Microstructural evolution and its mechanism
Zhang GQ, Gu DD
372 - 376 Capacitive humidity-sensing properties of Zn2SiO4 film grown on silicon nanoporous pillar array
Wang WC, Tian YT, Li K, Lu EY, Gong DS, Li XJ
377 - 385 Marble protection: An inorganic electrokinetic approach
Meloni P, Manca F, Carcangiu G
386 - 390 Imaging the electronic structure of carbon nanotubes decorated with Fe2O3 nanoparticles
Nie YT, Bai LL, Gao J, Liu JY, Zhao GQ, Xie T, Sun XH, Zhong J
391 - 398 On the growth and photocatalytic activity of the vertically aligned ZnO nanorods grafted by CdS shells
Zirak M, Moradlou O, Bayati MR, Nien YT, Moshfegh AZ
399 - 407 Time dependency of the hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity of metallic alloys subjected to femtosecond laser irradiations
Bizi-bandoki P, Valette S, Audouard E, Benayoun S
408 - 414 Structure and tribological properties of MoCN-Ag coatings in the temperature range of 25-700 degrees C
Shtansky DV, Bondarev AV, Kiryukhantsev-Korneev PV, Rojas TC, Godinho V, Fernandez A
415 - 425 Charge transfer and band bending at Au/Pb(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O-3 interfaces investigated by photoelectron spectroscopy
Apostol NG, Stoflea LE, Lungu GA, Chirila C, Trupina L, Negrea RF, Ghica C, Pintilie L, Teodorescu CM
426 - 431 Fabrication and corrosion resistance of HVOF-sprayed Ni2Si intermetallic compound
Verdian MM, Raeissi K, Salehi M
432 - 436 A surface-conducted field emission device with suspended graphene cathodes
Wu CX, Li FS, Zhang YG, Guo TL
437 - 443 Electronic structure and optical band gap of silver photo-diffused Ge2Sb2Te5 thin film
Kumar S, Singh D, Thangaraj R
444 - 447 Superhydrophilic properties of plasma-treated Posidonia oceanica
Salapare HS, Tiquio MGJP, Ramos HJ
448 - 456 Equilibrium and kinetic studies of CI Basic Blue 41 adsorption onto N, F-codoped flower-like TiO2 microspheres
Jiang YH, Luo YY, Zhang FM, Guo LQ, Ni L
457 - 464 Effect of annealing temperature on the microstructural, optical and electrical properties of CeO2 nanoparticles by chemical precipitation method
Suresh R, Ponnuswamy V, Mariappan R
465 - 471 Investigation of performance degradation in metallized film capacitors
Godec M, Mandrino D, Gaberscek M
472 - 477 Ethylene oxide-block-butylene oxide copolymer uptake by silicone hydrogel contact lens materials
Huo YC, Ketelson H, Perry SS
478 - 483 Ultrasonically sprayed ZnO:Co thin films: Growth and characterization
Demirselcuk B, Bilgin V
484 - 490 Graphene-nickel composites
Kuang D, Xu LY, Liu L, Hu WB, Wu YT
491 - 495 Room-temperature preparation and properties of cadmium sulfide thin films by ion-beam sputtering deposition
Liang GX, Fan P, Zheng ZH, Luo JT, Zhang DP, Chen CM, Cao PJ
496 - 501 Role of the Si-Si bond stability in the first stages of Ti diffusion on a Si(111) 2 x 1 surface. A periodic DFT study
Anez R, Sierraalta A, San-Miguel MA, Sanz JF
502 - 506 The effects of low power density CO2 laser irradiation on graphene properties
Huang T, Long JY, Zhong ML, Jiang J, Ye XH, Lin Z, Li L
507 - 514 Comparison between FTIR and XPS characterization of amino acid glycine adsorption onto diamond-like carbon (DLC) and silicon doped DLC
Ahmed MH, Byrne JA, McLaughlin JAD, Elhissi A, Ahmed W
515 - 519 Catalyst-assisted vertical growth of carbon nanotubes on Inconel coated commercial copper foil substrates versus sputtered copper films
Atthipalli G, Wang H, Gray JL
520 - 526 Grain and grain boundary characters in surface layer of untreated and plasma nitrocarburized 18Ni maraging steel with nanocrystalline structure
Yan MF, Wu YQ, Liu RL
527 - 535 Study of Pt-Rh/CeO2-ZrO2-MxOy (M = Y, La)/Al2O3 three-way catalysts
Guo JX, Shi ZH, Wu DD, Yin HQ, Gong MC, Chen YQ
536 - 541 Influence of roughness on surface instability of medical grade cobalt-chromium alloy (CoCrMo) during contact corrosion-fatigue
Ryu JJ, Shrotriya P
542 - 548 Selective sensing of copper and mercury ions with pyrene-functionalized fluorescent film sensor containing a hydrophilic spacer
Cao Y, Ding LP, Hu WT, Wang L, Fang Y
549 - 553 Towards understanding hydrophobic recovery of plasma treated polymers: Storing in high polarity liquids suppresses hydrophobic recovery
Bormashenko E, Chaniel G, Grynyov R
554 - 561 Properties of ultrathin Pb layers on the Ni3Al(111) face
Miskow K, Krupski A
562 - 569 Functionalization of PDMS modified and plasma activated two-component polyurethane coatings by surface attachment of enzymes
Kreider A, Richter K, Sell S, Fenske M, Tornow C, Stenzel V, Grunwald I
570 - 577 Tribological and stability investigations of alkylphosphonic acids on alumina surface
Cichomski M, Kosla K, Grobelny J, Kozlowski W, Szmaja W
578 - 597 Surface interactions, corrosion processes and lubricating performance of protic and aprotic ionic liquids with OFHC copper
Espinosa T, Sanes J, Jimenez AE, Bermudez MD
598 - 602 The inter-metallic oxide of ZnO/ITO/ZnO tri-layer films using a heat-induced diffusion mechanism
Chen KJ, Hung FY, Lui TS, Chang SP, Wang WL
603 - 606 Effect of the cathodic polarization on structural and morphological proprieties of FTO and ITO thin films
Cid CCP, Spada ER, Sartorelli ML
607 - 612 Sensitivity of photoelectron energy loss spectroscopy to surface reconstruction of microcrystalline diamond films
David DGF, Pinault-Thaury MA, Ballutaud D, Godet C
613 - 616 Cu2ZnSnSe4 thin films prepared by selenization of one-step electrochemically deposited Cu-Zn-Sn-Se precursors
Meng MM, Wan L, Zou P, Miao SD, Xu JZ
617 - 624 A hybrid approach to determine critical and erosion velocities in the cold spray process
Moridi A, Hassani-Gangaraj SM, Guagliano M
625 - 631 Characterization of nanoscale clusters fabricated by pulsed laser irradiation of thin Au films
Fang Y, Hou YB, Teng F, Lou ZD, Tang AW, Zhang B, Meng LC, Ning Y, Lu LF
632 - 637 FTIR-ATR spectroscopy in thin film studies: The importance of sampling depth and deposition substrate
Laroche G, Fitremann J, Gherardi N
638 - 644 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of titania with unique surface indium and boron species
Yu YL, Wang EJ, Yuan JX, Cao YA
645 - 651 Magnetic properties and microstructure of TbxDy1-xFe2 thin films sputtered on Pt/TiO2/SiO2/Si substrate
Zhu J, Cibert C, Domenges B, Bouregba R, Poullain G
652 - 660 A facile fabrication of light diffusing film with LDP/polyacrylates composites coating for anti-glare LED application
Song SS, Sun YJ, Lin YD, You B
661 - 669 CdS nanocrystals/TiO2/crosslinked chitosan composite: Facile preparation, characterization and adsorption-photocatalytic properties
Zhu HY, Jiang R, Xiao L, Liu L, Cao CH, Zeng GM
670 - 675 Structural properties and growth evolution of diamond-like carbon films with different incident energies: A molecular dynamics study
Li XW, Ke PL, Zheng H, Wang AY
676 - 683 Titania-supported silver nanoparticles: An efficient and reusable catalyst for reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Deshmukh SP, Dhokale RK, Yadav HM, Achary SN, Delekar SD
684 - 691 Magnetic composite ZnFe2O4/SrFe12O19: Preparation, characterization, and photocatalytic activity under visible light
Xie TP, Xu LJ, Liu CL, Wang Y
692 - 701 Super-mercuryphobic and hydrophobic diamond surfaces with hierarchical structures: Vanishment of the contact angle hysteresis with mercury
Escobar JV, Garza C, Alonso JC, Castillo R
702 - 705 Crystallization behaviors and electric properties of (Pb0.8Ca0.2)TiO3 thin films prepared by a sol-gel route
Chi QG, Zhu HF, Lin JQ, Chen CT, Wang X, Chen Y, Lei QQ
706 - 716 Synthesis, characterization, and mercury adsorption properties of hybrid mesoporous aluminosilicate sieve prepared with fly ash
Liu MM, Hou LA, Xi BD, Zhao Y, Xia XF
717 - 722 Thermoplastic polymers surfaces for Dip-Pen Nanolithography of oligonucleotides
Suriano R, Biella S, Cesura F, Levi M, Turri S
723 - 729 Effect of [Al] and [In] molar ratio in solutions on the growth and microstructure of electrodeposition Cu(In,Al)Se-2 films
Huang KC, Liu CL, Hung PK, Houng MP
730 - 734 Regular growth combined with lateral etching in diamond deposited over silicon substrate by using hot filament chemical vapor deposition technique
Ali M, Urgen M
735 - 747 Impact of proton diffusion and the hydrogen photospillover upon the photochromic sensitivity of the WO3 films and the WO3 double-layer structures
Gavrilyuk AI
748 - 757 Synthesis of silver-incorporated hydroxyapatite nanocomposites for antimicrobial implant coatings
Liu XM, Mou YA, Wu SL, Man HC
758 - 768 A synergistic combination of tetraethylorthosilicate and multiphosphonic acid offers excellent corrosion protection to AA1100 aluminum alloy
Dalmoro V, dos Santos JHZ, Armelin E, Aleman C, Azambuja DS
769 - 775 Preparation and characterization of PVA-I complex doped mesoporous TiO2 by hydrothermal method
Shi Q, Jiang CY, Wang YP, Yang WB, Yang C
776 - 786 Highly transparent and thermally stable superhydrophobic coatings from the deposition of silica aerogels
Lin JB, Chen HL, Fei T, Liu C, Zhang JL
787 - 798 Active screen plasma nitriding enhances cell attachment to polymer surfaces
Kaklamani G, Bowen J, Mehrban N, Dong HS, Grover LM, Stamboulis A
799 - 805 Comparative investigation on HVOF sprayed carbide-based coatings
Xie MX, Zhang SH, Li MX
806 - 815 Realizing a variety of carbon nanostructures at low temperature using MW-PECVD of (CH4 + H-2) plasma
Banerjee A, Das D
816 - 823 Nanoindentation behaviors of amorphous carbon films containing nanocrystalline graphite and diamond clusters prepared by radio frequency sputtering
Fan X, Nose K, Diao DF, Yoshida T
824 - 835 Preparation and characterization of ZnO-deposited DBD plasma-treated PP packaging film with antibacterial activities
Paisoonsin S, Pornsunthorntawee O, Rujiravanit R
836 - 840 Formation of complex bis(beta-mercaptobenzothiazole)-zinc(II) films by pulsed laser deposition
Zhang KJ, Yarmolenko MA, Rogachev AA, Zhou B, Jiang XH, Shen RQ, Liu XH