Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.271 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Research on cell behavior related to anodized and hydrothermally treated titanium surface
Chen CS, Tsao YL, Wang DJ, Ou SF, Cheng HY, Chiang YC, Ou KL
7 - 11 Microstructures of Ni-AlN composite coatings prepared by pulse electrodeposition technology
Xia FF, Xu HB, Liu C, Wang JW, Ding JJ, Ma CH
12 - 18 Influence of Hf doping on interfacial layers of Ta2O5 stacks studied by ellipsometry
Karmakov Y, Paskaleva A
19 - 31 The change of steel surface chemistry regarding oxygen partial pressure and dew point
Norden M, Blumenau M, Wuttke T, Peters KJ
32 - 38 Effect of buffer layer deposition on diameter and alignment of carbon nanotubes in water-assisted chemical vapor deposition
Patole SP, Jeong JH, Yu SM, Kim HJ, Han JH, Han IT, Yoo JB
39 - 44 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of nitrogen doped TiO2 photocatalysts sensitized by metallo Co, Ni-porphyrins
Niu JF, Yao BH, Chen YQ, Peng C, Yu XJ, Zhang J, Bai GH
45 - 51 Aldoses on Ni/Pd(111) surfaces: A TPD study
McManus JR, Vohs JM
52 - 59 Microstructure, thermal shock resistance and thermal emissivity of plasma sprayed LaMAl11O19 (M = Mg, Fe) coatings for metallic thermal protection systems
Liu HZ, Ouyang JH, Liu ZG, Wang YM
60 - 69 Association of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) containing nucleobase multiple hydrogen bonding of adenine for DNA recognition
Yang HW, Chen JK, Cheng CC, Kuo SW
70 - 76 Effect of the oxidation temperature on microstructure and conductivity of ZnxNy thin films and their conversion into p-type ZnO:N films
Erdogan NH, Kara K, Ozdamar H, Esen R, Kavak H
77 - 85 Tunable surface free energies of functionalized molecular layers on Si surfaces for microfluidic immunosensor applications
Chepyala R, Panda S
86 - 92 Mixed phase, sp(2)-sp(3) bonded, and disordered few layer graphene-like nanocarbon: Synthesis and characterizations
Kumar A, Patil S, Joshi A, Bhoraskar V, Datar S, Alegaonkar P
93 - 97 Surface modification of 2205 duplex stainless steel by low temperature salt bath nitrocarburizing at 430 degrees C
Huang RB, Wang J, Zhong S, Li MX, Xiong J, Fan HY
98 - 104 A novel and simple electrochemical sensor for electrocatalytic reduction of nitrite and oxidation of phenylhydrazine based on poly (o-anisidine) film using ionic liquid carbon paste electrode
Ojani R, Raoof JB, Zamani S
105 - 112 Visible-light photocatalytic decolorization of reactive brilliant red X-3B on Cu2O/crosslinked-chitosan nanocomposites prepared via one step process
Cao CH, Xiao L, Liu L, Zhu HY, Chen CH, Gao L
113 - 117 Critical tuning of magnetron sputtering process parameters for optimized solar selective absorption of NiCrOx cermet coatings on aluminium substrate
Gaouyat L, Mirabella F, Deparis O
118 - 124 Synthesis, characterization and magnetic properties of carbon nanotubes decorated with magnetic (MFe2O4)-Fe-II nanoparticles
Ali SD, Hussain ST, Gilani SR
125 - 130 Large-scale uniform Ag-NW tip array with enriched sub-10-nm gaps as SERS substrate for rapid determination of trace PCB77
Xu W, Meng GW, Huang Q, Hu XY, Huang ZL, Tang HB, Zhang JX
131 - 135 Subsurface measurement of nanostructures on GaAs by electrostatic force microscopy
Yamada F, Kamiya I
136 - 140 Size effect and enhanced photocatalytic activity of CuO sheet-like nanostructures prepared by a room temperature solution phase chemical method
Wang LJ, Zhou Q, Liang YJ, Shi HL, Zhang GL, Wang BS, Zhang WW, Lei B, Wang WZ
141 - 148 An integrated experimental and computational approach to laser surface nitriding of Ti-6Al-4V
Dahotre SN, Vora HD, Pavani K, Banerjee R
149 - 155 A new method for preparing bionic multi scale superhydrophobic functional surface on X70 pipeline steel
Yu SR, Wang XL, Wang W, Yao Q, Xu J, Xiong W
156 - 163 Microstructural evolution during nitriding, finite element simulation and experimental assessment
Hassani-Gangaraj SM, Guagliano M
164 - 170 Humidity effect on photocatalytic activity of TiO2 and regeneration of deactivated photocatalysts
Jeong MG, Park EJ, Seo HO, Kim KD, Kim YD, Lim DC
171 - 181 Photocatalytic activity of Cd1-xZnxS/K2Ti4O9 for Rhodamine B degradation under visible light irradiation
Cui WQ, Ma SS, Liu L, Hu JS, Liang YH, McEvoy JG
182 - 192 Facile and fast fabrication of superhydrophobic surface on magnesium alloy
Wang ZW, Li Q, She ZX, Chen FN, Li LQ, Zhang XX, Zhang P
193 - 201 Facile chemical synthesis of nanoporous layered delta-MnO2 thin film for high-performance flexible electrochemical capacitors
Hu Y, Wang J, Jiang XH, Zheng YF, Chen ZX
202 - 209 Green emission in ZnO nanostructures-Examination of the roles of oxygen and zinc vacancies
Leung YH, Chen XY, Ng AMC, Guo MY, Liu FZ, Djurisic AB, Chan WK, Shi XQ, Van Hove MA
210 - 215 Effects of electroless composite plating Ni-Cu-P on the electrochemical properties of La-Mg-Ni-based hydrogen storage alloy
Yang SQ, Liu HP, Han SM, Li Y, Shen WZ
216 - 222 Effect of sputtering power on the properties of ZnO:Ga transparent conductive oxide films deposited by pulsed DC magnetron sputtering with a rotating cylindrical target
Ahn KJ, Park JH, Shin BK, Lee W, Yeom GY, Myoung JM
223 - 227 Characterization of direct- and back-scribing laser patterning of SnO2:F for a-Si:H PV module fabrication
Canteli D, Torres I, Garcia-Ballesteros JJ, Carabe J, Molpeceres C, Gandia JJ
228 - 233 Comparative study of interfacial reaction between superalloy substrate and glass coating with and without alumina particles incorporation
Chen MH, Shen ML, Zhu SL, Wang FH
234 - 239 Electrical properties improvement of multicrystalline silicon solar cells using a combination of porous silicon and vanadium oxide treatment
Derbali L, Ezzaouia H
240 - 247 Preparation of high-capacity, weak anion-exchange membranes by surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization of poly(glycidyl methacrylate) and subsequent derivatization with diethylamine
Qian XL, Fan H, Wang CZ, Wei YM
248 - 252 Incorporation effect of Y2O3 on the structure and optical properties of HfO2 thin films
Chen XY, Song LX, You LJ, Zhao LL
253 - 259 Microstructure and wear properties of Fe-15Cr-2.5Ti-2C-xB wt.% hardfacing alloys
Liu DS, Liu RP, Wei YH, Ma Y, Zhu K
260 - 264 Structural and optical characterisation of undoped and chromium doped tin oxide prepared by sol-gel method
Ibrahim NB, Abdi MH, Abdullah MH, Baqiah H
265 - 270 Preparation of graphene oxide-Ag3PO4 composite photocatalyst with high visible light photocatalytic activity
Ao YH, Wang PF, Wang C, Hou J, Qian J
271 - 275 Effects of sealing treatment on corrosion resistance and degradation behavior of micro-arc oxidized magnesium alloy wires
Chu CL, Han X, Xue F, Bai J, Chu PK
276 - 283 Synthesis of C, Ag co-modified TiO2 photocatalyst and its application in waste water purification
Liu H, Dong XN, Li GJ, Su X, Zhu ZF
284 - 290 Synthesis and surface activities of a novel di-hydroxyl-sulfate-betaine-type zwitterionic gemini surfactants
Geng XF, Hu XQ, Xia JJ, Jia XC
291 - 298 Theoretical study of the adsorption and dissociation mechanism for methylamine on Pd(111)
Liu JH, Lv CQ, Guo Y, Wang GC
299 - 302 Electrodeposition of porous hydroxyapatite/calcium silicate composite coating on titanium for biomedical applications
Huang Y, Han SG, Pang XF, Ding QQ, Yan YJ
303 - 310 Adhesion improvement of electroless copper plating on phenolic resin matrix composite through a tin-free sensitization process
Wang Y, Bian C, Jing XL
311 - 316 The effect of silicon on the oxidation behavior of NiAlHf coating system
Dai PC, Wu Q, Ma Y, Li SS, Gong SK
317 - 328 Atomic force microscopy and tribology study of the adsorption of alcohols on diamond-like carbon coatings and steel
Kalin M, Simic R
329 - 336 Effect of thermal fatigue on the wear resistance of graphite cast iron with bionic units processed by laser cladding WC
Jing ZJ, Zhou H, Zhang P, Wang CW, Meng C, Cong DL
337 - 343 Non-isothermal oxidation of aluminum nanopowder coated by hydrocarbons and fluorohydrocarbons
Sossi A, Duranti E, Paravan C, DeLuca LT, Vorozhtsov AB, Gromov AA, Pautova YI, Lerner MI, Rodkevich NG
344 - 351 Perfluorinated poly(dimethylsiloxane) via the covalent attachment of perfluoroalkylsilanes on the oxidized surface: Effects on zeta-potential values
Sun PL, Horton JH
352 - 356 Assistance of partially reduced MoO3 interlayer to hole-injection at iron phthalocyanine/ITO interface evidenced by photoemission study
Liu LY, Wan L, Cao L, Han YY, Zhang WH, Chen TX, Guo PP, Wang K, Xu FQ
357 - 361 Low-temperature synthesis of anatase C-N-TiO2 photocatalyst with enhanced visible-light-induced photocatalytic activity
Wu DY, Wang LZ
362 - 368 Properties of Ba-hexaferrite thin films with different thicknesses
Xu ZY, Lan ZW, Sun K, Guo RD, Yu Z, Jiang XN, Zhu GW
369 - 372 Anti-wetting Cu/Cr coating with micro-posts array structure fabricated by electrochemical approaches
Zhou YF, Hang T, Li F, Li M
373 - 380 Thermal fatigue resistance of H13 steel treated by selective laser surface melting and CrNi alloying
Tong X, Dai MJ, Zhang ZH
381 - 389 Interlayer formation of diamond-like carbon coatings on industrial polyethylene: Thickness dependent surface characterization by SEM, AFM and NEXAFS
Fischer CB, Rohrbeck M, Wehner S, Richter M, Schmeisser D
390 - 393 Graded/soft/graded exchange-coupled thin films fabricated by [FePt/C] 5/Fe/[C/FePt](5) multilayer deposition and post-annealing
Wang F, Zhang J, Zhang J, Wang CL, Wang ZF, Zeng H, Zhang MG, Xu XH
394 - 401 Structural morphology study of Cd2+ induced Langmuir Blodgett multilayer films of arachidic acid
Roy D, Das NM, Gupta PS
402 - 406 Antireflective nanostructures fabricated by reactive ion etching method on pyramid-structured silicon surface
Yue ZH, Shen HL, Jiang Y
407 - 411 A study of copper oxide based resistive switching memory by conductive atom force microscope
Zhou QF, Lu Q, Zhang X, Song YL, Lin YY, Wu XJ
412 - 420 Surface functionalization of 3D glass-ceramic porous scaffolds for enhanced mineralization in vitro
Ferraris S, Vitale-Brovarone C, Bretcanu O, Cassinelli C, Verne E
421 - 423 Enhanced room temperature ferromagnetism in hydrogenated Zn0.98Mn0.02O
Zhang H, Qin S, Cao YQ, Yang ZX, Si LF, Zhong W, Wu D, Xu MX, Xu QY
424 - 428 Synthesis of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes on carbon fiber
Rahmanian S, Suraya AR, Zahari R, Zainudin ES