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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Food contact surfaces coated with nitrogen-doped titanium dioxide: effect on Listeria monocytogenes survival under different light sources
Rodrigues D, Teixeira P, Tavares CJ, Azeredo J
6 - 15 Controllable fabrication of 2D colloidal-crystal films with polystyrene nanospheres of various diameters by spin-coating
Chen J, Dong PT, Di D, Wang CG, Wang HX, Wang JF, Wu XZ
16 - 24 Chemical evolution of InP/InGaAs/InGaAsP microstructures irradiated in air and deionized water with ArF and KrF lasers
Liu N, Dubowski JJ
25 - 32 A first-principles study of the adsorption behavior of CO on Al- and Ga-doped single-walled BN nanotubes
Peyghan AA, Soltani A, Pahlevani AA, Kanani Y, Khajeh S
33 - 38 Evaluation of shape and size effects on optical properties of ZnO pigment
Kiomarsipour N, Razavi RS, Ghani K, Kioumarsipour M
39 - 43 Effect of double source Titanium deposited in nitriding steels on their mechanical properties
Rosales I, Martinez H, Guardian R, Sosa-Coeto BA
44 - 48 Penetration depth profiling of proton-irradiated 4H-SiC at 6 MeV and 8 MeV by micro-Raman spectroscopy
Kim HY, Kim J, Freitas JA
49 - 57 Effect of dry and wet ambient environment on the pulsed laser ablation of titanium
Ali N, Bashir S, Umm-i-Kalsoom, Akram M, Mahmood K
58 - 63 The effect of multi-scale laser textured surface on lubrication regime
Segu DZ, Choi SG, Choi JH, Kim SS
64 - 76 A simple method for fabrication of filler-free stretchable polydimethylsiloxane surfaces
Bacharouche J, Kunemann P, Fioux P, Vallat MF, Lalevee J, Hemmerle J, Roucoules V
77 - 81 Ag2SO4 decorated with fluorescent Ag-n nanoclusters
Fang C, Shapter JG, Voelcker NH, Ellis AV
82 - 89 Investigation of the effects of atomic oxygen exposure on the electrical and field emission properties of ZnO nanowires
Zhao CX, Huang K, Deng SZ, Xu NS, Chen J
90 - 97 XPS study of the Mo effect on passivation behaviors for highly controlled stainless steels in neutral and alkaline conditions
Mesquita TJ, Chauveau E, Mantel M, Nogueira RP
98 - 103 Robust technique allowing manufacturing superoleophobic surfaces
Bormashenko E, Grynyov R, Chaniel G, Taitelbaum H, Bormashenko Y
104 - 108 Crystalline nanostructured Cu doped ZnO thin films grown at room temperature by pulsed laser deposition technique and their characterization
Drmosh QA, Rao SG, Yamani ZH, Gondal MA
109 - 114 Preparation of grass-like TiO2 nanostructure thin films: Effect of growth temperature
Umar AA, Rahman MYA, Saad SKM, Salleh MM, Oyama M
115 - 123 Investigation of H2S separation from H2S/CH4 mixtures using functionalized and non-functionalized vertically aligned carbon nanotube membranes
Gilani N, Towfighi J, Rashidi A, Mohammadi T, Omidkhah MR, Sadeghian A
124 - 127 Field emission from zinc oxide nanorod bundles grown on silicon nanoporous pillar array
Wang LL, Gong SD, Wu LH, Li XJ
128 - 132 Filling carbon nanotubes with Ni-Fe alloys via methylbenzene-oriented constant current electrodeposition for hydrazine electrocatalysis
Wang J, Dong ZP, Huang JW, Li J, Jin XD, Niu JR, Sun J, Jin J, Ma JT
133 - 138 Cation exchange synthesis of ZnS-Ag2S microspheric composites with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Zhang HL, Wei B, Zhu L, Yu JH, Sun WJ, Xu LL
139 - 144 Microstructural characterization of CIGS formation using different selenization processes
Liao KH, Su CY, Ding YT, Koo HS
145 - 149 Cr atom diffusion in tribolayer T10 steel induced by dry sliding against 20CrMnTi steel
Wang X, Mao DD, Wei XC, Wang WR
150 - 156 Corrosion resistance of CrN thin films produced by dc magnetron sputtering
Ruden A, Restrepo-Parra E, Paladines AU, Sequeda F
157 - 162 Cu induced morphology changes at Pb/Si (111) interface: Separation of "5 x 5"-Cu structure into individual domains
Shukrynau P, Mutombo P, Hietschold M, Chab V
163 - 168 Effect of annealing temperature on PL spectrum and surface morphology of zinc oxide thin films
Zendehnam A, Mirzaee M, Miri S
169 - 177 Au/TiO2 supported on ferritic stainless steel monoliths as CO oxidation catalysts
Milt VG, Ivanova S, Sanz O, Dominguez MI, Corrales A, Odriozola JA, Centeno MA
178 - 183 Low-temperature synthesis of hexagonal transition metal ion doped ZnS nanoparticles by a simple colloidal method
Wang LP, Huang SA, Sun YJ
184 - 189 Study of behaviors of aluminum overlayers deposited on uranium via AES, EELS, and XPS
Liu KZ, Luo LZ, Zhou W, Yang JR, Xiao H, Hong ZL, Yang H
190 - 196 Various sized nanotubes on TiZr for antibacterial surfaces
Grigorescu S, Ungureanu C, Kirchgeorg R, Schmuki P, Demetrescu I
197 - 204 Effect of stationary femtosecond laser irradiation on substructures' formation on a mold stainless steel surface
Bizi-bandoki P, Valette S, Audouard E, Benayoun S
205 - 218 A critical analysis of cation adsorption from single and binary solutions on low surface area beta-MnO2
Rout K, Mohapatra M, Anand S
219 - 224 Liquid polycarbosilane derived SiC coating on silicon (111) wafer for enhanced mechanical properties
Mukherjee J, Ranjan A, Saxena AK, Das PK, Banerjee R
225 - 230 Enhancement of piezoelectric response of diluted Ta doped AlN
Liu HY, Zeng F, Tang GS, Pan F
231 - 237 Low-temperature oxidation of alkali overlayers: Ionic species and reaction kinetics
Krix D, Nienhaus H
238 - 244 Hydrothermal synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotube-TiO2 hybrid and its photocatalytic activity
Dai K, Zhang XH, Fan K, Peng TY, Wei BQ
245 - 251 Preparation and photocatalytic activity of cuprous oxide/carbon nanofibres composite films
Wang YQ, Liu L, Cai YR, Chen JJ, Yao JM
252 - 259 Electrodeposition of PdCu alloy and its application in methanol electro-oxidation
Hsieh MW, Whang TJ
260 - 266 Ultrahydrophobicity of ZnO modified CVD diamond films
Yang YZ, Wang CX, Li HD, Lin Q
267 - 271 Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of WO3/Ti photoanode due to in situ formation of a thin interfacial composite layer
Lee WJ, Shinde PS, Go GH, Doh CH
272 - 280 Effect of UV and electrochemical surface treatments on the adsorption and reaction of linear alcohols on non-porous carbon fibre
Osbeck S, Ward S, Idriss H
281 - 286 Investigation on bend displacement and surface quality induced by laser shock micro-adjustment
Gu CX, Shen ZB, Liu HX, Li P, Lu MM, Zhang Q, Wang X
287 - 291 Hydrogenated amorphous silicon-carbide thin films with high photo-sensitivity prepared by layer-by-layer hydrogen annealing technique
Li SX, Cao YQ, Xu J, Rui YJ, Li W, Chen KJ
292 - 294 Self-assembly Ag nanoparticle monolayer film as SERS Substrate for pesticide detection
Zhang L
295 - 300 Engineering the size and density of silicon agglomerates by controlling the initial surface carbonated contamination
Borowik L, Chevalier N, Mariolle D, Martinez E, Bertin F, Chabli A, Barbe JC
301 - 306 Growth of 4H-SiC epilayers with low surface roughness and morphological defects density on 4 degrees off-axis substrates
Dong L, Sun GS, Yu J, Zheng L, Liu XF, Zhang F, Yan GG, Li XG, Wang ZG
307 - 311 Structural characterization of nanoparticles-assembled titanium dioxide films produced by ultrafast laser ablation and deposition in background oxygen
Amoruso S, Tuzi S, Pallotti DK, Aruta C, Bruzzese R, Chiarella F, Fittipaldi R, Lettieri S, Maddalena P, Sambri A, Vecchione A, Wang X
312 - 318 A new precursor strategy to prepare ZnCo2O4 nanorods and their excellent catalytic activity for thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate
Jia ZG, Ren DP, Wang QZ, Zhu RS
319 - 323 In situ preparation of high dielectric constant, low-loss ferroelectric BaTiO3 films on Si at 500 degrees C
Yuan ML, Zhang W, Wang XY, Pan W, Wang L, Ouyang J
324 - 330 Effect of CH4 concentration on the growth behavior, structure, and transparent properties of ultrananocrystalline diamond films synthesized by focused microwave Ar/CH4/H-2 plasma jets
Liao WH, Lin CR, Wei DH
331 - 339 Conversion of Y-3(Al,Ga)(5)O-12:Tb3+ to Y2Si2O7:Tb3+ thin film by annealing at higher temperatures
Yousif A, Swart HC, Ntwaeaborwa OM, Coetsee E
340 - 345 Preparation and properties of KCl-doped Cu2O thin film by electrodeposition
Yu XJ, Li XM, Zheng G, Wei YC, Zhang AM, Yao BH
346 - 351 Laser-induced damage of the optical coatings due to organic contamination in vacuum
Ling XL, Wang G, Zhao YN, Liu XF, Shao JD
352 - 358 Deposition of fluorocarbon films by Pulsed Plasma Thruster on the anode side
Zhang R, Zhang DX, Zhang F, He Z, Wu JJ
359 - 363 Na adsorption on SrTiO3 (001) surface and its interaction with water: A DFT calculation
Wang JJ, Li ZS, Zou ZG
364 - 369 The influence of potassium doping on hydrogen adsorption on carbon nanocone material studied by thermal desorption and photoemission
Yu XF, Raaen S
370 - 376 Experimental and theoretical studies on the influence of water vapor on the performance of a Ce-Cu-Ti oxide SCR catalyst
Du XS, Gao X, Cui LW, Zheng ZZ, Ji PD, Luo ZY, Cen KF
377 - 381 Growth and characterization of lead-free piezoelectric BaZr0.2Ti0.8O3-Ba0.7Ca0.3TiO3 thin films on Si substrates
Luo BC, Wang DY, Duan MM, Li S
382 - 387 Direct laser writing of 3D polymer micro/nanostructures on metallic surfaces
Rekstyte S, Zukauskas A, Purlys V, Gordienko Y, Malinauskas M
388 - 394 Stable Ir/SiO2 catalyst for selective hydrogenation of crotonaldehyde
Hong X, Li B, Wang YJ, Lu JQ, Hu GS, Luo MF
395 - 404 Corrosion of Cr bearing low alloy pipeline steel in CO2 environment at static and flowing conditions
Xu LN, Guo SQ, Chang W, Chen TH, Hu LH, Lu MX
405 - 410 In situ diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy study of formaldehyde adsorption and reactions on nano gamma-Fe2O3 films
Huang KJ, Kong LC, Yuan FL, Xie CS
411 - 417 Diamond-coated ATR prism for infrared absorption spectroscopy of surface-modified diamond nanoparticles
Remes Z, Kozak H, Rezek B, Ukraintsev E, Babchenko O, Kromka A, Girard HA, Arnault JC, Bergonzo P
418 - 427 Novel high damage-tolerant, wear resistant MoSi2-based nanocomposite coatings
Xu J, Li ZY, Xie ZH, Munroe P, Lu XL, Lan XF
428 - 431 Effects of substrate temperature on structural and electrical properties of SiO2-matrix boron-doped silicon nanocrystal thin films
Huang JJ, Zeng YH, Tan RQ, Wang WY, Yang Y, Dai N, Song WJ
432 - 438 Synthesis of hollow carbonyl iron microspheres via pitting corrosion method and their microwave absorption properties
Yin CL, Cao YB, Fan JM, Bai LY, Ding F, Yuan FL
439 - 444 Effect of indium doping level on certain physical properties of CdS films deposited using an improved SILAR technique
Ravichandran K, Senthamilselvi V
445 - 451 Effects of solution pH on the structure and biocompatibility of Mg-containing TiO2 layer fabricated on titanium by hydrothermal treatment
Shi XL, Tsuru K, Xu LL, Kawachi G, Ishikawa K
452 - 456 Effects of pre-sputtered Al interlayer on the atomic layer deposition of Al2O3 films on Mg-10Li-0.5Zn alloy
Wang PC, Cheng TC, Lin HC, Chen MJ, Lin KM, Yeh MT
457 - 461 Oriented TiO2 nanowire array grown on curved surface of Ti wire with superior photoelectrochemical properties
Dong X, Li YY, Lin ZW, Ge J, Qiu JB
462 - 466 Flexible dye-sensitized solar cell fabricated on plastic substrate by laser-detachment and press method
Kim C, Kim S, Lee M
467 - 472 Blue-green and red luminescence from non-polar ZnO:Pb films
Li XB, Ma SY, Li FM, Yang FC, Liu J, Zhang XL, Zhao Q, Yang XH, Wang CY, Zhu J, Zhu CT, Wang X
473 - 479 Surface chemical functionalities affect the behavior of human adipose-derived stem cells in vitro
Liu XJ, Feng QL, Bachhuka A, Vasilev K
480 - 485 Performance of Cr-doped ZnO for acetone sensing
Al-Hardan NH, Abdullah MJ, Aziz AA
486 - 494 Analysis of copper surface features obtained using TEA CO2 laser at reduced air pressure
Momcilovic M, Trtica M, Ciganovic J, Savovic J, Stasic J, Kuzmanovic M
495 - 502 A facile route of microwave to fabricate PVA-coating Ag nanofilm used as NIR-SERS active substrate
Liu RM, Feng MJ, Zhang DQ, Su YB, Cai CB, Si MZ
503 - 512 A study on grinding surface waviness of woven ceramic matrix composites
Cao XY, Lin B, Zhang XF
513 - 518 Fabrication of visible-light-responsive titanium dioxide layer on titanium using anodic oxidization in nitric acid
Ohtsu N, Kanno H, Komiya S, Mizukoshi Y, Masahashi N
519 - 525 Microstructure and properties of duplex (Ti:N)-DLC/MAO coating on magnesium alloy
Yang W, Ke PL, Fang Y, Zheng H, Wang AY
526 - 530 Laser surface cleaning of carbonaceous deposits on diesel engine piston
Guan YC, Ng GKL, Zheng HY, Hong MH, Hong X, Zhang Z
531 - 538 15-(4-Carboxyphenyl)-10,15,20-triphenylporphyrin manganese(III) chloride grafted on magnetic polyglycidyl methacrylate as biomimetic catalyst and their catalytic activity
Wang Y, Jiang PP, Zhang WJ, Zheng JW
539 - 544 Growth of Mn3O4 on cellulose matrix: Nanohybrid as a solid phase adsorbent for trivalent chromium
Asiri AM, Khan SB, Alamry KA, Marwani HM, Rahman MM
545 - 552 Effect of magnetism on the ethanol sensitivity of undoped and Mn-doped CuO nanoflakes
Mariammal RN, Ramachandran K, Kalaiselvan G, Arumugam S, Renganathan B, Sastikumar D
553 - 560 Surface properties of polyurethane composites for biomedical applications
Dulinska-Molak I, Lekka M, Kurzydlowski KJ
561 - 571 Surface functionalization of hexagonal boron nitride and its effect on the structure and performance of composites
Jin WQ, Zhang W, Gao YW, Liang GZ, Gu AJ, Yuan L
572 - 577 Study on the effects of different sulfur vaporization temperature on the properties of CuInS2 thin films
Shin SW, Han JH, Lee JY, Park YC, Agawane GL, Moholkar AV, Gang MG, Jeong CH, Kim JH, Yun JH
578 - 583 Concentration dependent structural and optical properties of electrochemically grown ZnO thin films and nanostructures
Singh T, Pandya DK, Singh R
584 - 589 First-principles calculations on Mg/Al4C3 interfaces
Li K, Sun ZG, Wang F, Zhou NG, Hu XW
590 - 595 Alkali-hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of W-MCM-41 mesoporous materials with various Si/W molar ratios
Wu HY, Zhang XL, Yang CY, Chen X, Zheng XC
596 - 603 Investigation of morphology, structure and composition of biomass-oil soot particles
Hu EZ, Hu XG, Liu TX, Liu YM, Song RH, Chen YZ
604 - 610 The influence of post-annealing treatment on the wettability of Ag+/Na+ ion-exchanged soda-lime glasses
Razzaghi A, Maleki M, Azizian-Kalandaragh Y
611 - 616 The improvement of wave-absorbing ability of silicon carbide fibers by depositing boron nitride coating
Ye F, Zhang LT, Yin XW, Liu YS, Cheng LF
617 - 620 Synthesis and characterization of AgI nanoparticles in beta-CD/PAN nanofibers by electrospinning method
Liang HO, Li CP, Bai J, Zhang LJ, Guo LP, Huang YR
621 - 626 The in situ preparation of novel alpha-Fe2O3 nanorods/CNTs composites and their greatly enhanced field emission properties
Guo F, Ye Y, Yang ZX, Hong CY, Hu LQ, Wu CX, Guo TL
627 - 633 Effects of different fluorination routes on aramid fiber surface structures and interlaminar shear strength of its composites
Gao J, Dai YY, Wang X, Huang JY, Yao J, Yang J, Liu XY
634 - 647 Gas-phase noncovalent functionalization of carbon nanotubes with a Ni(II) tetraaza[14]annulene complex
Basiuk VA, Henao-Holguin LV, Alvarez-Zauco E, Bassiouk M, Basiuk EV
648 - 654 Self-assembled monolayers assisted thin film growth of aluminum doped zinc oxide by spray pyrolysis method
Aklilu M, Tai Y
655 - 660 Visible-light photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue with Fe doped CdS nanoparticles
Chauhan R, Kumar A, Chaudhary RP
661 - 666 In situ RHEED study of epitaxial gold nanocrystals on TiO2 (110) surfaces
Chen X, Gao WP, Sivaramakrishnan S, Hu HF, Zuo JM
667 - 674 A study on in vitro and in vivo bioactivity of HA/45S5 composite films by pulsed laser deposition
Wang DG, Chen CZ, Ma QS, Jin QP, Li HC
675 - 684 Combined modification of a TiO2 photocatalyst with two different carbon forms
Anson-Casaos A, Tacchini I, Unzue A, Martinez MT
685 - 689 Facile hydrothermal synthesis of Bi2WO6 microdiscs with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Wang XJ, Chang LL, Wang JR, Song NN, Liu HL, Wan XL
690 - 696 Surface recrystallization of a gamma-TiAl alloy induced by shot peening and subsequent annealing treatments
Zhao WY, Liu YZ, Liu L, Yu YX, Ma Y, Gong SK
697 - 706 Template-confined dewetting of Au and Ag nanoscale films on mica substrate
Ruffino F, Grimaldi MG
707 - 711 Electrochemical growth and characterization of CdTe nanorod arrays
Li Q, Tian LC, Chi KL, Yang HB, Sun ML, Fu WY
712 - 717 Influence of SiO2 layer thickness on plasmon enhanced upconversion in hybrid Ag/SiO2/NaYF4:Yb, Er, Gd structures
Shen J, Li ZQ, Chen YR, Chen XH, Chen YW, Sun Z, Huang SM
718 - 721 Photoelectrochemical behavior of mixed ZnO and GaN (ZnO:GaN) thin films prepared by sputtering technique
Shet S, Yan YF, Ravindra N, Turner J, Al-Jassim M
722 - 727 Core-shell heterostructures of SnM (M = (Fe, Ni, and Cr) or Cu) alloy nanowires @ CNTs on metallic substrates
Zhong Y, Zhang Y, Cai M, Balogh MP, Li RY, Sun XL
728 - 736 Influence of the hydroxylation of gamma-Al2O3 surfaces on the stability and growth of Cu for Cu/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst: A DFT study
Li JR, Zhang RG, Wang BJ
737 - 740 The study of the substrate temperature depended growth properties of microcrystalline silicon films deposited by VHF-PECVD method
Chen YS, Chen XP, Hao XL, Lu JX, Yang SE
741 - 745 Effect of substrate on evaluation of the photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanocrystals with exposed {001} facets
Ye HP, Lu SM
746 - 750 Y2O3-Lu2O3 co-doped molybdenum secondary emission material
Yang F, Wang JS, Liu W, Liu X, Zhou ML
751 - 754 Enhanced growth of highly lattice-mismatched CdSe on GaAs substrates by molecular beam epitaxy
Wang JS, Tsai YH, Wang HH, Ke HX, Tong SC, Yang CS, Wu CH, Shen JL
755 - 762 Effect of cold work on surface reactivity and nano-hardness of alloy 800 in corroding environments
Zhu RK, Lu BT, Luo JL, Lu YC
763 - 766 Large volume ablation of Sapphire with ultra-short laser pulses
Shamir A, Ishaaya AA
767 - 776 Hydrous ferric oxide doped alginate beads for fluoride removal: Adsorption kinetics and equilibrium studies
Sujana MG, Mishra A, Acharya BC
777 - 783 XPS analysis of aluminosilicate microspheres bioactivity tested in vitro
Todea M, Vanea E, Bran S, Berce P, Simon S