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1 - 1 Progress in Applied Surface, Interface and Thin Film Science 2012 Solar Renewable Energy News III, May 14-18, 2012, Florence, Italy (SURFINT-SREN III) Preface
Pincik E
2 - 6 Kinetics of atomic smoothing GaAs(001) surface in equilibrium conditions
Akhundov IO, Alperovich VL, Latyshev AV, Terekhov AS
7 - 11 The electronic properties of nickel phosphide surfaces: Angle-resolved and resonant photoemission studies
Edamoto K
12 - 16 Evolution of the structure and hydrogen bonding configuration in annealed hydrogenated a-Si/a-Ge multilayers and layers
Frigeri C, Serenyi M, Csik A, Szekrenyes Z, Kamaras K, Nasi L, Khanh NQ
17 - 22 Huge field-effect surface charge injection and conductance modulation in metallic thin films by electrochemical gating
Tortello M, Sola A, Sharda K, Paolucci F, Nair JR, Gerbaldi C, Daghero D, Gonnelli RS
23 - 28 Charging behavior of silicon nitride based non-volatile memory structures with embedded semiconductor nanocrystals
Horvath ZJ, Basa P, Jaszi T, Molnar KZ, Pap AE, Molnar G
29 - 32 The distribution of elements in sequentially prepared MgB2 on SiC buffered Si substrate and possible pinning mechanisms
Chromik S, Nishida A, Strbik V, Gregor M, Espinos JP, Liday J, Durny R
33 - 36 Interaction of non-equilibrium oxygen plasma with sintered graphite
Cvelbar U
37 - 40 Structural and electroluminescent properties of Si quantum dots/SiC multilayers
Rui YJ, Li SX, Cao YQ, Xu J, Li W, Chen KJ
41 - 44 First principles calculations of magnetic properties of Rh-doped SnO2(110) surfaces
Bouamra F, Boumeddiene A, Rerat M, Belkhir H
45 - 49 On the difference between optically and electrically determined resistivity of ultra-thin titanium nitride films
Van Bui H, Kovalgin AY, Wolters RAM
50 - 54 Acoustic spectroscopy and electrical characterization of Si/NAOS-SiO2/HfO2 structures
Bury P, Matsumoto T, Bellan I, Janek M, Kobayashi H
55 - 59 Modeling the reactive sputter deposition of N-doped TiO2 for application in dye-sensitized solar cells: Effect of the O-2 flow rate on the substitutional N concentration
Duarte DA, Sagas JC, Sobrinho ASD, Massi M
60 - 64 Ohmic contacts to p-GaP/n-ZnO core/shell nanowires based on Au metallization
Dujavova-Laurencikova A, Hasenohrl S, Elias P, Stoklas R, Blaho M, Novotny I, Krizanova Z, Novak J
65 - 71 Influence of deposition conditions on electrical and mechanical properties of Sm2O3-doped CeO2 thin films prepared by EB-PVD ( plus IBAD) methods. Part 1: Effective relative permittivity
Hartmanova M, Nadazdy V, Kundracik F, Mansilla C
72 - 76 Zinc-doped gallium phosphide nanowires for photovoltaic structures
Hasenohrl S, Elias P, Soltys J, Stoklas R, Dujavova-Laurencikova A, Novak J
77 - 80 Structure analysis of CoFeBSiNb(Ga) pseudobulk metallic glasses
Hosko J, Janotova I, Svec P, Matko I, Janickovic D, Svec P
81 - 87 Sputtered ITO for application in thin-film silicon solar cells: Relationship between structural and electrical properties
Hotovy J, Hupkes J, Bottler W, Marins E, Spiess L, Kups T, Smirnov V, Hotovy I, Kovac J
88 - 91 The effect of neutron irradiation on the properties of SiC and SiC(N) layer prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Huran J, Valovic A, Bohacek P, Shvetsov VN, Kobzev AP, Borzakov SB, Kleinova A, Sekacova M, Arbet J, Sasinkova V
92 - 97 Characteristics of the electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness of Al-doped ZnO thin films deposited by atomic layer deposition
Choi YJ, Gong SC, Johnson DC, Golledge S, Yeom GY, Park HH
98 - 101 Significant increasing of onset temperature of FM transition in LSMO thin films
Chromik S, Strbik V, Dobrocka E, Dujavova A, Reiffers M, Liday J, Spankova M
102 - 105 The study of structure of Fe-B-P based metallic glasses
Janotova I, Hosko J, Svec P, Matko I, Janickovic D, Svec P, Gemming T, Stoica M
106 - 109 FT IR spectroscopy of silicon oxide layers prepared with perchloric acid
Kopani M, Mikula M, Takahashi M, Rusnak J, Pincik E
110 - 115 Sputtered TiO2 thin films with NiO additives for hydrogen detection
Kosc I, Hotovy I, Rehacek V, Griesseler R, Predanocy M, Wilke M, Spiess L
116 - 119 2D irregular structure in the LED surface patterned by NSOM lithography
Kubicova I, Pudis D, Skriniarova J, Kovac J, Jaroslav K, Jakabovic J, Suslik L, Novak J, Kuzma A
120 - 124 Plume study by ion probe and morphology control during pulsed laser deposition of Sm1-xNdxNiO3
Lafane S, Kerdja T, Ngom BD, Abdelli-Messaci S, Malek S
125 - 128 The effect of multiwalled carbon nanotube doping on the CO gas sensitivity of TiO2 xerogel composite film
Lee JS, Ha TJ, Hong MH, Park CS, Park HH
129 - 133 Optical absorption and charging effect in nano-crystalline Ge/SiNx multilayers
Li C, Xu J, Xu L, Li W, Jiang XF, Sun SH, Chen KJ
134 - 137 Asymptotic properties of the variables of the roughness surface
Macurova A, Macura D
138 - 142 Quantification of InxGa1-xP composition modulation by nanometric scale HAADF simulations
Pastore CE, Gutierrez M, Araujo D, Rodriguez-Messmer E
143 - 147 Behaviour of amorphous silicon carbide in Au/a-SiC/Si heterostructures prepared by PECVD technology using two different RF modes
Perny M, Mikolasek M, Saly V, Ruzinsky M, Durman V, Pavuk M, Huran J, Orszagh J, Matejcik S
148 - 154 About electrical properties of passivated SiO2/Si structures prepared electro-chemically in HClO4 solutions
Pincik E, Kobayashi H, Rusnak J, Takahashi M, Brunner R
155 - 160 Quantitative analysis of cathodoluminescence phenomena in InGaN/GaN QW by Monte Carlo method
Priesol J, Satka A, Uherek F, Donoval D, Shields P, Allsopp DWE
161 - 165 Effect of 2D photonic structure patterned in the LED surface on emission properties
Pudis D, Suslik L, Skriniarova J, Kovac J, Kovac J, Kubicova I, Martincek I, Hascik S, Schaaf P
166 - 170 GlyHisGlyHis immobilization on silicon surface for copper detection
Sam S, Gouget-Laemmel AC, Chazalviel JN, Ozanam F, Gabouze N
171 - 174 Electrocatalytic and photocatalytic activity of Pt-TiO2 films on boron-doped diamond substrate
Spataru T, Marcu M, Spataru N
175 - 179 Electrical characterization of the A(III)B(V)-N heterostructures by capacitance methods
Stuchlikova L, Harmatha L, Petrus M, Rybar J, Sebok J, Sciana B, Radziewicz D, Pucicki D, Tlaczala M, Kosa A, Benko P, Kovac J, Juhasz P
180 - 183 Electrochemical gas sensors based on polypyrrole-porous silicon
Tebizi-Tighilt FZ, Zane F, Belhaneche-Bensemra N, Belhousse S, Sam S, Gabouze NE
184 - 187 Surface potential patterning of hydroxyapatite films by focused electron beam: Influence of the electron energy
Truchly M, Plecenik T, Secianska K, Gregor M, Zahoran M, Vargova M, Mikula M, Grancic B, Plesch G, Tofail SAM, Kus P, Plecenik A