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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Thermal stability of InN epilayers grown by high pressure chemical vapor deposition
Acharya AR, Gamage S, Senevirathna MKI, Alevli M, Bahadir K, Melton AG, Ferguson I, Dietz N, Thoms BD
6 - 10 Etching of long fiber polymeric composite materials by nanosecond laser induced water breakdown plasma
Cao YF, Shin YC, Pipes RB
11 - 15 Growth of carbon structured over Pd, Pt and Ni: A comparative DFT study
Quiroga MA
16 - 21 Initial stages of the adsorption of Sc and ScN thin films on GaN(0001): First principles calculations
Guerrero-Sanchez J, Cocoletzi GH, Rivas-Silva JF, Takeuchi N
22 - 27 Effects of selenization parameters on growth characteristics of the Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 films deposited by sputtering with a Cu-In-Ga, Cu-In-Ga2Se3, or Cu-Ga-In2Se3 target and a subsequent selenization procedure at 550-700 degrees C
Kuo DH, Tu YC, Monsefi M
28 - 36 Enhancement of polycarbonate membrane permeability due to plasma polymerization precursors
Cokeliler D
37 - 43 Comparative study of ZnO nanorods and thin films for chemical and biosensing applications and the development of ZnO nanorods based potentiometric strontium ion sensor
Khun K, Ibupoto ZH, Chey CO, Lu J, Nur O, Willander M
44 - 51 Effect of nanotube diameters on bioactivity of a multifunctional titanium alloy
Hao YQ, Li SJ, Hao YL, Zhao YK, Ai HJ
52 - 60 Measurement and modelling of the wettability of graphite by a silver-tin (Ag-Sn) liquid alloy
Weltsch Z, Lovas A, Takacs J, Cziraki A, Toth A, Kaptay G
61 - 72 Stability of carbon fiber surface functionality at elevated temperatures and its influence on interfacial adhesion
Vautard F, Grappe H, Ozcan S
73 - 78 Improving endothelialization on 316L stainless steel through wettability controllable coating by sol-gel technology
Wang MQ, Wang Y, Chen YJ, Gu HC
79 - 86 Influence of surface wettability on the tribological properties of laser textured Co-Cr-Mo alloy in aqueous bovine serum albumin solution
Qin LG, Lin P, Zhang YL, Dong GN, Zeng QF
87 - 91 Stability and electronic properties of polar and non-polar surfaces of CuI
Zhu JJ, Gu M, Pandey R
92 - 97 Structure and properties of silk grafted with acrylate fluoride monomers by ATRP
Li SW, Xing TL, Li ZX, Chen GQ
98 - 102 Helium atom diffraction study of low coverage phases of decanethiol self-assembled monolayers prepared by supersonic molecular beam deposition
Albayrak E, Duman S, Bracco G, Danisman MF
103 - 110 Hot corrosion behaviour of a Ni plus CrAlYSiN composite coating in Na2SO4-25 wt.% NaCl melt
Zhu LJ, Zhu SL, Wang FH
111 - 116 Observation on the Interface of alpha-Al2O3/Cr2O3: Prepared by oxidation of Al45Cr7
Cai J, Xu BJ, Ling GP
117 - 123 High-resolution photoelectron spectroscopy study of degradation of rubber-to-brass adhesion by thermal aging
Ozawa K, Kakubo T, Shimizu K, Amino N, Mase K, Izumi Y, Muro T, Komatsu T
124 - 128 Capture of carbon dioxide from flue gases by amine-functionalized TiO2 nanotubes
Song FJ, Zhao YX, Cao Y, Ding J, Bu YF, Zhong Q
129 - 135 Enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity of Bi2WO6 via modification with polypyrrole
Duan F, Zhang QH, Shi DJ, Chen MQ
136 - 140 Isothermal oxidation study on NiMnGa ferromagnetic shape memory alloy at 600-1000 degrees C
Kok M, Pirge G, Aydogdu Y
141 - 145 Solid phase growth of NiSi in polycrystalline Si on SiO2 with Cl plasma containing NiCl
Kanomata K, Momiyama K, Kubota S, Suzuki T, Hirose F
146 - 150 Influence of Co doping on structural, optical and magnetic properties of BiFeO3 films deposited on quartz substrates by sol-gel method
Peng L, Deng HM, Tian JJ, Ren Q, Peng C, Huang ZP, Yang PX, Chu JH
151 - 155 Influence of GaAs(001) pregrowth surface morphology and reconstruction on the growth of InGaAs layers
Zhou Q, Luo ZJ, Liu K, Guo X, Zhang BC, Zhou X, Wang JH, Ding Z
156 - 162 Improvement of the power conversion efficiency of organic photovoltaic cells with a P3HT layer fabricated by using a sonication process and having a vertically modulated nanoscale morphology
Lee YH, Kim DH, Arul NS, Kim TW
163 - 170 Competitive adsorption of Pb2+ and Cd2+ on magnetic modified sugarcane bagasse prepared by two simple steps
Yu JX, Wang LY, Chi RA, Zhang YF, Xu ZG, Guo J
171 - 178 Surface study of films formed on copper and brass at open circuit potential
Procaccini R, Schreiner WH, Vazquez M, Cere S
179 - 187 Quaternary ammonium salts intercalated alpha-ZrP compounds for adsorption of phenolic compounds
Wang HN, Liu WJ, Yao W, Zhang K, Zhong J, Chen RY
188 - 194 Microstructure characterization and NO2-sensing properties of porous silicon with intermediate pore size
Li MD, Hu M, Liu QL, Ma SY, Sun P
195 - 203 The plasma nitriding treatment of TiN/TiCN multilayer films
Zheng JY, Hao JY, Liu XQ, Gong QY, Liu WM
204 - 208 Enhanced photoelectric property and visible activity of nitrogen doped TiO2 synthesized from different nitrogen dopants
Cheng XW, Yu XJ, Xing ZP
209 - 212 Correlation between ZnO nanorod growth and the dislocations in AlN-based substrates
Fu QM, Wu JP, Ma ZB, Han YB, Tu YF
213 - 217 Synthesis and adsorption/photocatalysis performance of pyrite FeS2
Liu SL, Li MM, Li S, Li HL, Yan L
218 - 224 Optimizing structural and compositional properties of electrodeposited ceria coatings for enhanced oxidation resistance of a nickel-based superalloy
Bouchaud B, Balmain J, Bonnet G, Pedraza F
225 - 230 The effect of oxidation treatment by KClO3/H2SO4 system on intersurface performance of carbon fibers
Meng LH, Fan DP, Zhang CH, Jiang ZX, Huang YD
231 - 236 Aqueous solution-chemical derived Ni-Al2O3 solar selective absorbing coatings. 2. Wetting agents and spreading of aqueous solutions on aluminum substrate
Li ZX, Zhao JX
237 - 245 Fabrication and photocatalytic properties of spheres-in-spheres ZnO/ZnAl2O4 composite hollow microspheres
Zhang L, Yan JH, Zhou MJ, Yang YH, Liu YN
246 - 251 Structure and redox properties of perovskite Y0.9Sr0.1Cr1-xFexO3-delta
Xu DD, Bu YF, Tan WY, Zhong Q
252 - 258 Enhancement of visible-light-induced photodegradation over hierarchical porous TiO2 by nonmetal doping and water-mediated dye sensitization
Pan L, Zou JJ, Wang SB, Huang ZF, Zhang XW, Wang L
259 - 264 Adsorption of chitosan on BN nanotubes: A DFT investigation
Juarez AR, Anota EC, Cocoletzi HH, Riveros AF
265 - 269 Synthesis of well-adhered SiO2-Al2O3 glass-ceramic coating on NiCrFe alloy supports
Niu XW, Zhang H, Hu XJ, Han W
270 - 273 Roughness scaling in titanium thin films: A three-dimensional molecular dynamics study of rotational and static glancing angle deposition
Backholm M, Foss M, Nordlund K
274 - 277 Fabrication, characterization and photocatalytic activity of cubic-like ZnMn2O4
Zhao L, Li XY, Zhao J
278 - 287 Identification of surface composition and chemical states in composites comprised of phases with fluorite and perovskite structures by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Konysheva EY, Francis SM
288 - 296 Effect of gas composition on corrosion behavior and growth of apatite on plasma nitrided titanium alloy Beta-21S
Mohan L, Anandan C
297 - 301 Fabrication of Ketjen black-polybenzoxazine superhydrophobic conductive composite coatings
Shen L, Ding HL, Wang W, Guo QP
302 - 311 Effects of different polypyrrole/TiO2 nanocomposite morphologies in polyvinyl butyral coatings for preventing the corrosion of mild steel
Mahmoudian MR, Alias Y, Basirun WJ, Ebadi M
312 - 316 High response solar-blind ultraviolet photodetector based on Zr0.5Ti0.5O2 film
Zhang M, Gu XH, Lv KB, Dong W, Ruan SP, Chen Y, Zhang HF
317 - 322 Impact of chemical treatment on the surface, structure, optical and electrical properties of SnS thin films
Reddy NK, Devika M, Hahn YB, Gunasekhar KR
323 - 326 Surface defects impeded excitons in Alq(3) based hetero junction OLEDs
Jesuraj PJ, Jeganathan K
327 - 331 Structure and electrical properties of Mn doped Bi(Mg1/2Ti1/2)O-3-PbTiO3 ferroelectric thin films
Liu LD, Zuo RZ, Sun Q, Liang Q
332 - 336 Low temperature plasma vapor treatment of thermo-sensitive poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) and its application
Chen Y, Tang XL, Chen BT, Qiu G
337 - 342 Effect of surface pre-treatment on the hydrophilicity and adhesive properties of multilayered laminate used for lithium battery packaging
Xia F, Xu SA
343 - 348 Morphological modifications of electrodeposited calcium phosphate coatings under amino acids effect
Drevet R, Lemelle A, Untereiner V, Manfait M, Sockalingum GD, Benhayoune H
349 - 354 Improvement on the storage performance of LiMn2O4 with the mixed additives of ethanolamine and heptamethyldisilazane
Wu XW, Li XH, Wang ZX, Guo HJ, Yue P, Zhang YH
355 - 367 Adsorption of pH-responsive amphiphilic copolymer micelles and gel on membrane surface as an approach for antifouling coating
Muppalla R, Rana HH, Devi S, Jewrajka SK
368 - 372 Low-temperature solid state bonding method based on surface Cu-Ni alloying microcones
Lu Q, Chen Z, Zhang WJ, Hu AM, Li M
373 - 380 Synthesis and characterization of self-crosslinking fluorinated polyacrylate soap-free latices with core-shell structure
Xu W, An QF, Hao LF, Zhang D, Zhang M
381 - 386 Effect of Ti-OH groups on microstructure and bioactivity of TiO2 coating prepared by micro-arc oxidation
Zhang P, Zhang ZG, Li W, Zhu M
387 - 390 The evolution of Cu3N films irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses
Wang SY, Qiu JH, Wang XQ, Yuan NY, Ding JN, Huang WH
391 - 396 Effects of duty cycle on properties of CIGS thin films fabricated by pulse-reverse electrodeposition technique
Jadhav HS, Kalubarme RS, Ahn S, Yun JH, Park CJ
397 - 409 Time dependent statistics of plasma discharge parameters during bulk AC plasma electrolytic oxidation of aluminium
Dunleavy S, Curran JA, Clyne TW
410 - 415 Surface modification of nanosheet oxide photocatalysts
Blair VL, Nichols EJ, Liu J, Misture ST
416 - 424 Defect analysis and mechanical performance of plasma-deposited thin films on flexible polycarbonate substrates
Patel RP, Wolden CA
425 - 431 Preparation of Pt nanoparticles on different carbonaceous structure and their applications to methanol electro-oxidation
Jehng JM, Liu WJ, Pan TC, Dai YM
432 - 435 Supramolecular interactions of anthraquinone networks on Au(111): Hydrogen bonds and van der Waals interactions
Kim JY, Jang WJ, Kim H, Yoon JK, Park J, Kahng SJ, Lee J, Han S
436 - 441 A DFT study on the functionalization of a BN nanosheet with PC-X, (PC = phenyl carbamate, X = OCH3, CH3, NH2, NO2 and CN)
Beheshtian J, Soleymanabadi H, Peyghan AA, Bagheri Z
442 - 449 The impact of rubbing fabric type on surface roughness and tribological properties of some semi-alicyclic polyimides evaluated from atomic force measurements
Stoica I, Barzic AI, Hulubei C
450 - 457 Tuning the resistance of polycarbonate membranes by plasma-induced graft surface modification
Baumann L, Hegemann D, de Courten D, Wolf M, Rossi RM, Meier WP, Scherer LJ
458 - 463 Synthesis and magnetic property of Fe doped LaPO4 nanorods
Guo DL, Hu CG, Xi Y
464 - 471 Superhydrophobic nanostructured Kapton (R) surfaces fabricated through Ar + O-2 plasma treatment: Effects of different environments on wetting behaviour
Barshilia HC, Ananth A, Gupta N, Anandan C
472 - 476 Temperature and size effects on electrical properties and thermoelectric power of Bismuth Telluride thin films deposited by co-sputtering
Zeng ZG, Yang PH, Hu ZY
477 - 488 Improved functionalization of electrospun PLLA/gelatin scaffold by alternate soaking method for bone tissue engineering
Jaiswal AK, Kadam SS, Soni VP, Bellare JR
489 - 495 The facile preparation for temperature sensitive silica/PNIPAAm composite microspheres
Tai XM, Ma JH, Du ZP, Wang WX
496 - 506 Characterization of surface oxides on water-atomized steel powder by XPS/AES depth profiling and nano-scale lateral surface analysis
Chasoglou D, Hryha E, Norell M, Nyborg L
507 - 515 Growth of silver on ZnO and SnO2 thin films intended for low emissivity applications
Alvarez R, Gonzalez JC, Espinos JP, Gonzalez-Elipe AR, Cueva A, Villuendas F
516 - 523 Ion irradiation induced solid-state amorphous reaction in Ni/Ti multilayers
Milosavljevic M, Toprek D, Obradovic M, Grce A, Perusko D, Drazic G, Kovac J, Homewood KP
524 - 528 Size dependence of plasmon absorption of Ni nanoparticles embedded in BaTiO3/SrTiO3 superlattices
Xiong ZW, Chen XR, Wang XM, Peng LP, Yan DW, Lei HW, Fu YJ, Wu JB, Li ZL, An XY, Wu WD
529 - 534 Mold-free fabrication of 3D microfeatures using laser-induced shock pressure
Nagarajan B, Castagne S, Wang ZK
535 - 540 The characterization of CrCe-doped on TiO2-pillared clay nanocomposites for NO oxidation and the promotion effect of CeOx
Zhang JX, Zhang SL, Cai W, Zhong Q
541 - 546 A green and efficient method to produce graphene for electrochemical capacitors from graphene oxide using sodium carbonate as a reducing agent
Jin YH, Huang S, Zhang M, Jia MQ, Hu D
547 - 555 Surface modification of hydroturbine steel using friction stir processing
Grewal HS, Arora HS, Singh H, Agrawal A
556 - 560 Effect of annealing temperature on thermochromic properties of vanadium dioxide thin films deposited by organic sol-gel method
Wu J, Huang WX, Shi QW, Cai JH, Zhao D, Zhang YB, Yan JZ
561 - 565 Synthesis of rod-cluster ZnO nanostructures and their application to dye-sensitized solar cells
Meng YM, Lin Y, Yang JY
566 - 570 Adsorption properties of biomass-based activated carbon prepared with spent coffee grounds and pomelo skin by phosphoric acid activation
Ma XD, Ouyang F
571 - 578 Rutile microtubes assembly from nanostructures obtained by ultra-short laser ablation of titanium in liquid
De Bonis A, Galasso A, Ibris N, Laurita A, Santagata A, Teghil R
579 - 587 Microstructure and water-lubricated friction and wear properties of CrN(C) coatings with different carbon contents
Wang QZ, Zhou F, Ding XD, Zhou ZF, Wang CD, Zhang WJ, Li LKY, Lee ST
588 - 600 Synthesis of metal-incorporated graphitic microporous carbon terminated with highly-ordered graphene walls-Controlling the number of graphene layers by ambient-temperature metal sputtering
Banerjee AN, Min BK, Joo SW