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Applied Surface Science, Vol.267 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 3 Electronic structure of SnSb2Te4 and PbSb2Te4 topological insulators
Menshchikova TV, Eremeev SV, Chulkov EV
4 - 7 CO adsorption on the Ni2Pb/Ni(111) surface alloy: A DFT study
Kosmider K, Kucharczyk R, Jurczyszyn L
8 - 11 Structural and electronic properties of graphene-based junctions for spin-filtering: The graphene/Al/Ni(111) intercalation-like system
Generalov AV, Voloshina EN, Dedkov YS
12 - 16 Copper-ceria interaction: A combined photoemission and DFT study
Szabova L, Skala T, Matolinova I, Fabris S, Camellone MF, Matolin V
17 - 20 Si(111) surface functionalized with H-bonded SAM: A theoretical study
Risplendi F, Cicero G
21 - 25 New insight into the structure of saturated chlorine layer on Ag(111): LT-STM and DFT study
Andryushechkin BV, Cherkez VV, Gladchenko EV, Zhidomirov GM, Kierren B, Fagot-Revurat Y, Malterre D, Eltsov KN
26 - 29 Probing organic nanostructures by photoelectron-emission microscopy
Wagner T, Fritz DR, Zeppenfeld P
30 - 34 Hydrogen behaviour in amorphous Si/Ge nano-structures after annealing
Frigeri C, Serenyi M, Khanh NQ, Csik A, Nasi L, Erdelyi Z, Beke DL, Boyen HG
35 - 39 The 2 root 3 x 2 root 3R30 surface reconstruction of alkali/Si(111):B semiconducting surfaces
Tournier-Colletta C, Chaput L, Tejeda A, Cardenas LA, Kierren B, Malterre D, Fagot-Revurat Y, Le Fevre P, Bertran F, Taleb-Ibrahimi A
40 - 44 Surface morphology of Si layers grown on SiO2
Shklyaev AA, Kozhukhov AS, Armbrister VA, Gulyaev DV
45 - 47 Spectral studies on sulfur poisoning of Pd/Mg6Ni by NEXAFS and XPS
Yagi S, Nambu M, Tsukada C, Ogawa S, Kutluk G, Namatame H, Taniguchi M
48 - 52 Morphological and spectroscopic studies on enlargement of Pd nanoparticle in L-cysteine aqueous solution by AFM and XPS
Tsukada C, Ogawa S, Niwa H, Nomoto T, Kutluk G, Namatame H, Taniguchi M, Yagi S
53 - 57 Formation mechanism of peculiar structures on vicinal Si(110) surfaces
Yamashita M, Nakamura Y, Sugimoto R, Kikkawa J, Izunome K, Sakai A
58 - 61 SHG enhancement by roughness-induced surface plasmon excitation in alkali-metal overlayers grown on Si(111)-7 x 7
Suzuki T, Fujiwara K, Kokabu A, Momose T, Okamoto H, Tanaka M
62 - 65 The complex nature of phthalocyanine/gold interfaces
Lindner S, Treske U, Knupfer M
66 - 69 Electronic structures in unoccupied states of Bi thin film studied with two-photon photoemission spectroscopy
Imamura M, Fujimasa S, Takahashi K, Yamamoto I, Azuma J, Kamada M
70 - 73 First-principles study of chlorine atom diffusion on Si(111)-5 x 5 reconstructed surfaces
Asari Y, Nara J, Ohno T
74 - 76 Bandgap formation in graphene on Ir(111) through oxidation
Schulte K, Vinogradov NA, Ng ML, Martensson N, Preobrajenski AB
77 - 80 TEM-study of free-standing self-assembled InSb quantum dots grown on InAs surface
Bert NA, Nevedomsky VN, Dement'ev PA, Moiseev KD
81 - 85 Mapping of X-ray induced luminescence using a SNOM probe
Jandard F, Fauquet C, Dehlinger M, Ranguis A, Bjeoumikhov A, Ferrero S, Pailharey D, Dahmani B, Tonneau D
86 - 89 Structural characterization of GaAs self-assembled quantum dots grown by Droplet Epitaxy on Ge virtual substrates on Si
Frigeri C, Bietti S, Isella G, Sanguinetti S
90 - 92 Preparation of clean and well-ordered hydrogen-terminated Si(110)-(1 x 1) surfaces and the measurements of vibrational modes
Suto S, Matsui K, Matsushita SY, Kato H, Nakaya H, Taoka T, Kasuya A, Yamada T
93 - 96 Substrate surface polariton splitting due to thin zinc oxide and aluminum nitride films presence
Novikova NN, Yakovlev VA, Vinogradov EA, Ng SS, Hassan Z, Abu Hassan H
97 - 100 Near surface layer evolution in Zn+ ions implanted Si upon annealing treatments
Saraykin VV, Shcherbachev KD, Petrov DV, Privezentsev VV
101 - 105 Diameter dependence of 1/f noise in carbon nanotube field effect transistors using noise spectroscopy
Kawahara T, Yamaguchi S, Ohno Y, Maehashi K, Matsumoto K, Mizutani S, Itaka K
106 - 111 Structure, reactivity, electronic configuration and magnetism of samarium atomic layers deposited on Si(001) by molecular beam epitaxy
Gheorghe NG, Lungu GA, Husanu MA, Costescu RM, Macovei D, Teodorescu CM
112 - 114 Two-dimensional metal nano-particles and layers in dielectric calcium fluoride crystals
Angervaks AE, Shcheulin AS, Ryskin AI, Fedorov PP, Gainutdinov RV
115 - 118 Theoretical study of the influence of vacancies in the magnetic stability of V-, Cr-, and Mn-doped SnO2
Borges PD, Scolfaro LMR, Alves HWL, da Silva EF, Assali LVC
119 - 123 Nanostructured Pt-CeO2 thin film catalyst grown on graphite foil by magnetron sputtering
Vorokhta M, Khalakhan I, Matolinova I, Kobata M, Yoshikawa H, Kobayashi K, Matolin V
124 - 127 Study of solid/liquid and solid/gas interfaces in Cu-isoleucine complex by surface X-ray diffraction
Ferrer P, Rubio-Zuazo J, Castro GR
128 - 131 Evolution of subsurface nanocavities in copper under argon bombardment and annealing
Kulikov DV, Kurnosikov O, Kharlamov VS, Trushin YV
132 - 135 Features of metal atom 2p excitations and electronic structure of 3d-metal phthalocyanines studied by X-ray absorption and resonant photoemission
Simonov KA, Vinogradov AS, Brzhezinskaya MM, Preobrajenski AB, Generalov AV, Klyushin AY
136 - 140 Structural analysis of vicinal Si(110) surfaces with various off-angles
Yamashita M, Nakamura Y, Yamamoto A, Kikkawa J, Izunome K, Sakai A
141 - 145 X-ray photoemission spectroscopy investigation of the early stages of the oxygen aided Cr growth on Fe(001)
Brambilla A, Calloni A, Picone A, Finazzi M, Duo L, Ciccacci F
146 - 149 Bulk and surface electronic structure of SnBi4Te7 topological insulator
Vergniory MG, Menshchikova TV, Eremeev SV, Chulkov EV
150 - 153 Au-CeO2 nanoporous films/carbon nanotubes composites prepared by magnetron sputtering
Khalakhan I, Vorokhta M, Chundak M, Matolin V
154 - 158 Time-resolved two-photon photoemission study of silicon surface at initial stage of oxidation
Takahashi K, Ishibashi K, Kurahashi Y, Imamura M, Azuma J, Kamada M
159 - 163 Impact of Ir gate interfacial oxide layers on performance of AlGaN/GaN HEMT
Vallo M, Lalinsky T, Dobrocka E, Vanko G, Vincze A, Ryger I
164 - 168 Decay of photo-induced conductivity in Sb-doped SnO2 thin films, using monochromatic light of about bandgap energy
Floriano EA, Scalvi LVA, Sambrano JR, de Andrade A
169 - 172 Influence of the Ge-Sb sublattice atomic composition on the topological electronic properties of Ge2Sb2Te5
Silkin IV, Koroteev YM, Bihlmayer G, Chulkov EV
173 - 176 Contribution analysis of the van der Waals term on electronic structures of carbon related systems
Ono Y, Ohno T
177 - 180 Electronic properties of a single heterojunction in InSb/InAs quantum dot system
Dement'ev PA, Moiseev KD
181 - 184 Structural features and surface morphology of AlxGayIn1-x-yAszP1-z/GaAs(100) heterostructures
Seredin PV, Glotov AV, Domashevskaya EP, Arsentyev IN, Vinokurov DA, Tarasov IS
185 - 188 Effect of surface treatment with different sulfide solutions on the ultrafast dynamics of photogenerated carriers in GaAs(100)
Lebedev MV, Ikeda K, Noguchi H, Abe Y, Uosaki K
189 - 191 Electrons scattering and conductivity in monolayer graphene
Firsova NE, Ktitorov SA
192 - 195 Nanoscale Si template for the growth of self-organized one-dimensional nanostructures
Masson L, Sahaf H, Amsalem P, Dettoni F, Moyen E, Koch N, Hanbucken M
196 - 199 Magnetic anisotropy of cobalt nanoparticle 2D arrays grown on corrugated MnF2(110) and CaF2(110) surfaces
Baranov DA, Krichevtsov BB, Gastev SV, Banschikov AG, Fedorov VV, Koshmak KV, Suturin SM, Sokolov NS
200 - 205 Interface formation of nanostructured heterojunction SnO2:Eu/GaAs and electronic transport properties
Pineiz TF, de Morais EA, Scalvi LVA, Bueno CF
206 - 211 Very low drift and high sensitivity of nanocrystal-TiO2 sensing membrane on pH-ISFET fabricated by CMOS compatible process
Bunjongpru W, Sungthong A, Porntheeraphat S, Rayanasukha Y, Pankiew A, Jeamsaksiri W, Srisuwan A, Chaisriratanakul W, Chaowicharat E, Klunngien N, Hruanun C, Poyai A, Nukeaw J
212 - 215 EXAFS analysis of LiFePO4 and Li4Ti5O12 samples produced via chemical technique
Sharkov MD, Agafonov DV, Bobyl AV, Boiko ME, Ershenko EM, Konnikov SG, Pogrebitsky KJ, Zubavichus YV
216 - 218 Microscopy of carbon steels: Combined AFM and EBSD study
Ulyanov PG, Usachov DY, Fedorov AV, Bondarenko AS, Senkovskiy BV, Vyvenko OF, Pushko SV, Balizh KS, Maltcev AA, Borygina KI, Dobrotvorskii AM, Adamchuk VK
219 - 223 High resolution STM imaging with oriented single crystalline tips
Chaika AN, Nazin SS, Semenov VN, Orlova NN, Bozhko SI, Lubben O, Krasnikov SA, Radican K, Shvets IV
224 - 228 Charge-controlled fixation of DNA molecules on silicon surface and electro-physical properties of Au-DNA-Si interface
Bazlov NV, Vyvenko OF, Sokolov PA, Kas'yanenko NA, Petrov YV
229 - 229 Chemical densification of plasma sprayed yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) coatings for high temperature wear and corrosion resistance (Retraction of vol 263, pg 827, 2012)
Ye YP, Fehr KT, Faulstich M, Wolf G