Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.266 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 4 Crystalline silicon solar cells with micro/nano texture
Dimitrov DZ, Du CH
5 - 16 Interphase chemistry of Si electrodes used as anodes in Li-ion batteries
Pereira-Nabais C, Swiatowska J, Chagnes A, Ozanam F, Gohier A, Tran-Van P, Cojocaru CS, Cassir M, Marcus P
17 - 21 Reaction between NiO and Al2O3 in NiO/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts probed by positronium atom
Li CY, Zhang HJ, Chen ZQ
22 - 26 Ultrasonic-assisted synthesis of core-shell structure CePO4:Tb/GdPO4 and GdPO4/CePO4:Tb nanophosphors and their photoluminescence properties
Fan YY, Hu ZC, Yang J, Zhang C, Zhu L
27 - 32 Superhydrophobic surfaces by replication of micro/nano-structures fabricated by ultrafast-laser-microtexturing
Nayak BK, Caffrey PO, Speck CR, Gupta MC
33 - 38 Preparation of polystyrene/SiO2 microsphere via Pickering emulsion polymerization: Synergistic effect of SiO2 concentrations and initiator sorts
Zhou HO, Shi TJ, Zhou X
39 - 45 Single-phase and well-dispersed Cu1.75S nanocrystals by ambient pressure diethylene glycol solution synthesis
Zheng XR, Jin ZG, Liu H, Wang YQ, Wang X, Du HY
46 - 50 Characterization for N- and P-type 3C-SiC on Si (100) substrate with thermal anneal and pulsed excimer laser anneal
Lee KY, Chang YH, Huang YH, Huang CF, Chung CY, Zhao F
51 - 56 Improving hydrophobicity of laser textured SiC surface with micro-square convexes
Ma CH, Bai SX, Peng XD, Meng YG
57 - 61 The biocompatibility of hydroxyapatite film deposition on micro-arc oxidation Ti6Al4V alloy
Luo R, Liu ZD, Yan FX, Kong Y, Zhang YT
62 - 66 Substrate surface effect on the structure of cubic BN thin films from synchrotron-based X-ray diffraction and reflection
Zhang XM, Wen W, Li XL, He Q, Zhou XT
67 - 72 Antibacterial action of silver-doped activated carbon prepared by vacuum impregnation
Zhao Y, Wang ZQ, Zhao X, Li W, Liu SX
73 - 80 Microscopic observations of osteoblast growth on micro-arc oxidized beta titanium
Chen HT, Chung CJ, Yang TC, Tang CH, He JL
81 - 88 Construct Scaffold-like delivery system with poly (lactic-co-glycolic) microspheres on micro-arc oxidation titanium
Wang L, Zheng HD, Du C, Shi ZF, Ren L, Wang YJ
89 - 93 Improvement in electrical characteristics of HfO2 gate dielectrics treated by remote NH3 plasma
Huang LT, Chang ML, Huang JJ, Lin HC, Kuo CL, Lee MH, Liu CW, Chen MJ
94 - 99 Preparation of aqueous dispersion of thermoplastic sizing agent for carbon fiber by emulsion/solvent evaporation
Giraud I, Franceschi-Messant S, Perez E, Lacabanne C, Dantras E
100 - 104 Structural and magnetic properties of annealed FePt/Ag/FePt thin films
Pavlova OP, Verbitska TI, Vladymyrskyi IA, Sidorenko SI, Katona GL, Beke DL, Beddies G, Albrecht M, Makogon IM
105 - 109 A simple approach to fabricate stable superhydrophobic glass surfaces
Ji HY, Chen G, Yang J, Hu J, Song HJ, Zhao YT
110 - 117 Effect of thermoplastic coating on interfacial adhesion of oxygen-plasma-pretreated PBO/PPESK composites
Zhang XY, Chen P, Han DB, Yu Q, Ding ZF, Zhu XL
118 - 125 Surface modification of oil fly ash and its application in selective capturing of carbon dioxide
Yaumi AL, Hussien IA, Shawabkeh RA
126 - 131 Fabrication of TiO2 film with different morphologies on Ni anode and application in photoassisted water electrolysis
He HB, Chen AP, Lv H, Dong HJ, Chang M, Li CZ
132 - 140 Controllable atomic layer deposition of one-dimensional nanotubular TiO2
Meng XB, Banis MN, Geng DS, Li XF, Zhang Y, Li RY, Abou-Rachid H, Sun XL
141 - 147 Hydrophilicity, photocatalytic activity and stability of tetraethyl orthosilicate modified TiO2 film on glazed ceramic surface
Zhang P, Tian J, Xu RF, Ma GJ
148 - 154 Fe2O3 particles enwrapped by graphene with excellent cyclability and rate capability as anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Xiao W, Wang ZX, Guo HJ, Li XH, Wang JX, Huang SL, Gan L
155 - 160 Preparation of amino-functionalized silica in aqueous conditions
Cuoq F, Masion A, Labille J, Rose J, Ziarelli F, Prelot B, Bottero JY
161 - 169 Nanostructured Ag4O4 thin films produced by ion beam oxidation of silver
Dellasega D, Casari CS, Vario F, Conti C, Bottani CE, Bassi AL
170 - 175 Titanium interlayer to improve the adhesion of multilayer amorphous boron carbide coating on silicon substrate
Vassallo E, Caniello R, Cremona A, Dellasega D, Miorin E
176 - 181 Cell viability and adhesion on diamond-like carbon films containing titanium dioxide nanoparticles
Wachesk CC, Pires CAF, Ramos BC, Trava-Airoldi VJ, Lobo AO, Pacheco-Soares C, Marciano FR, Da-Silva NS
182 - 187 DFT study on the functionalization of a BN nanotube with sulfamide
Beheshtian J, Peyghan AA, Tabar MB, Bagheri Z
188 - 193 Synthesis of silver nanoparticles on reduced graphene oxide under microwave irradiation with starch as an ideal reductant and stabilizer
Han YJ, Luo ZM, Yuwen LH, Tian J, Zhu XR, Wang LH
194 - 198 Room temperature radio-frequency plasma-enhanced pulsed laser deposition of ZnO thin films
Huang SH, Chou YC, Chou CM, Hsiao VKS
199 - 204 Effect of strontium ions on the early formation of biomimetic apatite on single crystalline rutile
Lindahl C, Engqvist H, Xia W
205 - 208 Nickel adsorption and incorporation on a 2 x 2-T-4 GaN(0001) surface: A DFT study
Gonzalez-Hernandez R, Lopez-Perez W, Rodriguez JA
209 - 213 Thermal stability and effect of substrate temperature of TiSiBC hard nanocomposite coatings on microstructure, mechanical, thermal behaviour deposited by magnetron sputtering
Mishra SK, Mahato P, Mahato B, Pathak LC
214 - 218 Preparation of magnetic nickel hollow fibers with a trilobe structure using cellulose acetate fibers as templates
Zeng CF, Li P, Zhang LX
219 - 224 Simple quantification of surface carboxylic acids on chemically oxidized multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Gong H, Kim ST, Lee JD, Yim S
225 - 229 Superhydrophobicity determines the buoyancy performance of kapok fiber aggregates
Zhang XY, Fu WY, Duan CT, Xiao H, Shi MW, Zhao N, Xu J
230 - 234 Investigation on the sulfur state and phase transformation of spent and regenerated S zorb sorbents using XPS and XRD
Qiu LM, Zou K, Xu GT
235 - 238 Hydrophobic acrylic hard coating by surface segregation of hyper-branched polymers
Haraguchi M, Hirai T, Ozawa M, Miyaji K, Tanaka K
239 - 244 A new striped-phase of decanethiol self-assembled monolayers on Au(111) formed at a high solution temperature
Azzam W, Al-Momani L
245 - 249 Key technique for texturing a uniform pyramid structure with a layer of silicon nitride on monocrystalline silicon wafer
Huang BR, Yang YK, Yang WL
250 - 255 Formation and characterization of titania coatings with cortex-like slots formed on Ti by micro-arc oxidation treatment
Liu ZF, Wang WQ, Liu HY, Wang TY, Qi M
256 - 267 Application of multireflection grazing incidence method for stress measurements in polished Al-Mg alloy and CrN coating
Marciszko M, Baczmanski A, Wierzbanowski K, Wrobel M, Braham C, Chopart JP, Lodini A, Bonarski J, Tarkowski L, Zazi N
268 - 271 Impact of n-heptane as surfactant in the formation of CdO nanowires through microwave combustion
Raj DS, Jayaprakash R, Prakash T, Kumar S, Neri G, Krishnakumar T
272 - 279 Adsorption behavior of antimony(III) oxyanions on magnetite surface in aqueous organic acid environment
Mittal VK, Bera S, Narasimhan SV, Velmurugan S
280 - 287 Effective water disinfection using silver nanoparticle containing silica beads
Quang DV, Sarawade PB, Jeon SJ, Kim SH, Kim JK, Chai YG, Kim HT
288 - 293 Relationship between the electrochemical behavior of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) loaded with CuO and the photocatalytic activity of Eosin Y-MWNTs-CuO system
Bui DN, Kang SZ, Qin LX, Li XQ, Mu J
294 - 299 Surface acid etching of (BiO)(2)CO3 to construct (BiO)(2)CO3/BiOX (X = Cl, Br, I) heterostructure for methyl orange removal under visible light
Cao J, Li X, Lin HL, Xu BY, Chen SF, Guan QM
300 - 305 Hierarchical structure of Co3O4 nanoparticles on Si nanowires array films for lithium-ion battery applications
Sun F, Huang K, Liu YP, Gao T, Han YA, Zhong JX
306 - 312 Interfacial microstructure and properties of poly (phenylene benzobisoxazole) fiber grafted with graphene oxide via solvothermal method
Li YW, Zhao F, Song YJ, Li J, Hu Z, Huang YD
313 - 318 Poly(acrylic acid) brushes pattern as a 3D functional biosensor surface for microchips
Wang YM, Cui Y, Cheng ZQ, Song LS, Wang ZY, Han BH, Zhu JS
319 - 325 Lotus-like paper/paperboard packaging prepared with nano-modified overprint varnish
Chen WT, Wang XL, Tao QS, Wang JF, Zheng Z, Wang XL
326 - 331 Spectral and nonlinear optical transmission studies of Zr4+-doped TiO2 nanoparticles
Rahulan KM, Stephen LD, Kanakam CC
332 - 336 Ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared photoresponse properties of solution processed graphene oxide
Qi X, Zou XH, Huang ZY, Ren L, Hao GL, Liu YD, Wei XL, Zhong JX
337 - 343 Silver nanoparticles incorporated onto ordered mesoporous silica from Tollen's reagent
Zienkiewicz-Strzalka M, Pasieczna-Patkowska S, Kozak M, Pikus S
344 - 349 Evaporation and removal mechanism of phosphorus from the surface of silicon melt during electron beam melting
Shi S, Dong W, Peng X, Jiang DC, Tan Y
350 - 354 Theoretical study of oxidation-reduction reaction of Fe2O3 supported on MgO during chemical looping combustion
Qin W, Chen QL, Wang Y, Dong CQ, Zhang JJ, Li WY, Yang YP
355 - 359 Structural and dielectric properties of Ti and Er co-doped HfO2 gate dielectrics grown by RF sputtering
Khaskheli MA, Wu P, Chand R, Li XF, Wang H, Zhang SP, Chen S, Pei YL
360 - 367 Functionalized graphene nanoplatelets for enhanced mechanical and thermal properties of polyurethane nanocomposites
Yadav SK, Cho JW
368 - 374 The effect of adding PDMS-OH and silica nanoparticles on sol-gel properties and effectiveness in stone protection
Li D, Xu FG, Liu ZH, Zhu JQ, Zhang QJ, Shao L
375 - 379 Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles prepared by using an improved polyol method
Zhang BL, Tu ZJ, Zhao FY, Wang J
380 - 385 Study on the electron structure and optical properties of Ga0.5Al0.5As(100) beta(2)(2 x 4) reconstruction surface
Yu XH, Du YJ, Chang BK, Ge ZH, Wang HG, Wang MS
386 - 394 Fabrication of millimeter scale nanochannels using the AFM tip-based nanomachining method
Geng YQ, Yan YD, Zhao XS, Hu ZJ, Liang YC, Sun T, Dong S
395 - 399 The fabrication of controlled coral-like Cu2O films and their hydrophobic property
Ding YB, Li Y, Yang LL, Li ZY, Xin WH, Liu X, Pan L, Zhao JP
400 - 404 The impact of thermal annealing on the morphology of sputter deposited platinum clusters into anodic aluminum oxide pores
Wu SJ, Brault P, Wang C, Courtois B
405 - 409 Adsorption of formaldehyde and formyl intermediates on Pt, PtRu-, and PtRuMo-alloy surfaces: A density functional study
Cahyanto WT, Shukri G, Agusta MK, Kasai H
410 - 419 Preparation of photoactive nitrogen-doped rutile
Dolat D, Moszynski D, Guskos N, Ohtani B, Morawski AW
420 - 425 Influence of surface nitriding treatment on rolling contact behavior of Fe-based plasma sprayed coating
Piao ZY, Xu BS, Wang HD, Wen DH
426 - 432 Physicochemical properties of phospholipid model membranes hydrolyzed by phospholipase A(2) (PLA(2)) in the presence of cholesterol at different temperatures
Jurak M, Szczes A, Chibowski E
433 - 439 Facile single-step ammonia heat-treatment and quenching process for the synthesis of improved Pt/N-graphene catalysts
Xiong B, Zhou YK, O'Hayre R, Shao ZP
440 - 444 Effects of power on properties of ZnO thin films grown by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Zhao YJ, Jiang DY, Zhao M, Deng R, Qin JM, Gao S, Liang QC, Zhao JX
445 - 450 A simple immersion approach for fabricating superhydrophobic Mg alloy surfaces
Song JL, Lu Y, Huang S, Liu X, Wu LB, Xu WJ