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1 - 3 Morphology and growth of hafnium silicide on Si(111)
Beimborn A, Henschel E, Westphal C
4 - 9 Fabrication, characterization, and application in nanoenergetic materials of uncracked nano porous silicon thick films
Wang SX, Shen RQ, Yang C, Ye YH, Hu Y, Li CX
10 - 23 High temperature degradation behavior of sputtered nanostructured Co-Al coatings on superalloy
Rahman A, Jayaganthan R, Chandra R, Ambardar R
24 - 29 ZnO nanowire-based glucose biosensors with different coupling agents
Jung J, Lim S
30 - 35 Characterization of hydroxyapatite coating by pulse laser deposition technique on stainless steel 316 L by varying laser energy
Khandelwal H, Singh G, Agrawal K, Prakash S, Agarwal RD
36 - 40 A direct synthesis of B-doped TiO2 and its photocatalytic performance on degradation of RhB
Li L, Yang YL, Liu XR, Fan RQ, Shi Y, Li S, Zhang LY, Fan X, Tang PX, Xu R, Zhang WZ, Wang YZ, Ma LQ
41 - 49 Novel doped hydroxyapatite thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition
Duta L, Oktar FN, Stan GE, Popescu-Pelin G, Serban N, Luculescu C, Mihailescu IN
50 - 59 Surface tension and density of liquid In-Sn-Zn alloys
Pstrus J
60 - 65 Synthesis and characterization of Ti-Si-C-N nanocomposite coatings prepared by a filtered vacuum arc method
Thangavel E, Lee S, Nam KS, Kim JK, Kim DG
66 - 70 Triple layered core-shell structure with surface fluorinated ZnO-carbon nanotube composites and its electron emission properties
Wang HY, Chua DHC
71 - 77 XPS quantification of the hetero-junction interface energy
Ma ZS, Wang Y, Huang YL, Zhou ZF, Zhou YC, Zheng WT, Sun CQ
78 - 87 Synthesis of platinum-polyaniline composite, its evaluation as a performance boosting interphase in the electrode assembly of proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Jayasree R, Mohanraju K, Cindrella L
88 - 93 Advancing and receding angles - Dynamic contact angle measurements on mixed alkyl monolayers
Polster D, Graaf H
94 - 100 Si-rich a-Si1-xCx thin films by d.c. magnetron co-sputtering of silicon and silicon carbide: Structural and optical properties
Ouadfel MA, Keffous A, Brighet A, Gabouze N, Hadjersi T, Cheriet A, Kechouane M, Boukezzata A, Boukennous Y, Belkacem Y, Menari H
101 - 107 Electrostatic self-assembly: An innovative approach to fabricate novel-structured magnetic liposomes
Zhao W, Zhang H, Lu TL, Liu WL, Ma YF, Chen T
108 - 113 Gas sensing enhancement of aluminum-doped ZnO nanovase structure with many gas facile diffusivity paths
Yu LM, Fan XH, Cao L, Qi LJ, Yan W
114 - 119 Enhanced electrochemical performance of FeS coated by Ag as anode for lithium-ion batteries
Dong CC, Zheng XD, Huang B, Lu M
120 - 123 Substitutional adsorption mechanism and controllable magnetic properties of Mn on PbTe(111) surface
Wu HF, Wang Y, Lu YH, Feng YP, He PM
124 - 129 Study of ion beam synthesized nanostructured PbTe surface
Gupta S, Agarwal DC, Tripathi SK, Tripathi A, Neeleshwar S, Avasthi DK
130 - 136 Preparation of amorphous and crystalline Ag/TiO2 nanocomposite thin films
Viana MM, Mohallem NDS, Miquita DR, Balzuweit K, Silva-Pinto E
137 - 144 Electron spectroscopy imaging and surface defect configuration of zinc oxide nanostructures under different annealing ambient
Ann LC, Mahmud S, Bakhori SKM
145 - 148 Effects of H-2/O-2 mixed gas plasma treatment on electrical and optical property of indium tin oxide
Kim JY, Lee DM, Kim JK, Yang SH, Lee JM
149 - 156 A simple and efficient combined AC-DC electrodeposition method for fabrication of highly ordered Au nanowires in AAO template
Wu Z, Zhang YW, Du K
157 - 161 Domain-selective photochemical reaction on oriented ferroelectric Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)O-3-Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-PbTiO3 single crystals
Lau K, Liu Y, Li Q, Li ZR, Withers RL, Xu Z
162 - 168 Effect of substrate on surface morphology and photocatalysis of large-scale TiO2 films
Lopez L, Daoud WA, Dutta D, Panther BC, Turney TW
169 - 175 Investigations on opto-electronical properties of DC reactive magnetron sputtered zinc aluminum oxide thin films annealed at different temperatures
Kumar BR, Rao TS
176 - 179 Electrical anisotropy properties of ZnO nanorods analyzed by conductive atomic force microscopy
Wu YF, Yu NS, Liu DP, He YY, Liu YD, Liang HW, Du GT
180 - 186 Optical and structural characterization of pulsed laser deposited ruby thin films for temperature sensing application
Kumari S, Khare A
187 - 191 Constructing Ag nanoparticles-single wall carbon hybrid nanostructure to improve field emission properties
Chen LF, Wang L, Yu XG, Zhang SJ, Li D, Xu C, Zeng LS, Zhou S, Zhao JJ, Guo F, Hu LQ, Yang DR
192 - 200 Investigation of humidity-dependent nanotribology behaviors of Si(1 0 0)/SiO2 pair moving from stick to slip
Yu JX, Chen L, Qian LM, Song DL, Cai Y
201 - 204 Imaging of Ti0.87O2 nanosheets using scanning tunneling spectroscopy
Kumar A, Palanisamy SKC, Boter JM, Hellenthal C, ten Elshof JE, Zandvliet HJW
205 - 213 Electrochemical deposition and behavior of mixed-valent molybdenum oxide film at glassy carbon and ITO electrodes
Kocak S, Ertas FN, Dursun Z
214 - 221 Fabrication and electrocatalytic application of functionalized nanoporous carbon material with different transition metal oxides
Samiee L, Shoghi F, Vinu A
222 - 225 Electrospray deposited Pt film for hydrogen evolution reaction: Effect of solvent solution
Yadav JB, Joo OS
226 - 233 Characterization of the plasma electrolytic oxidation of titanium in sodium metasilicate
Stojadinovic S, Vasilic R, Petkovic M, Kasalica B, Belca I, Zekic A, Zekovic LJ
234 - 238 Influence of electric field on laser damage properties of DLC films by unbalanced magnetron sputtering
Xu JQ, Su JH, Hang LX, Cheng YJ
239 - 244 An innovative method for joining materials at low temperature using silver (nano) particles derived from [AgO2C(CH2OCH2)(3)H]
Oestreicher A, Rohrich T, Wilden J, Lerch M, Jakob A, Lang H
245 - 249 Deposition of titanium nitride layers by electric arc - Reactive plasma spraying method
Serban VA, Rosu RA, Bucur AI, Pascu DR
250 - 256 Dense and porous titanium substrates with a biomimetic calcium phosphate coating
Ribeiro AA, Balestra RM, Rocha MN, Peripolli SB, Andrade MC, Pereira LC, Oliveira MV
257 - 263 Synthesis of Al2O3 thin films using laser assisted spray pyrolysis (LASP)
Dhonge BP, Mathews T, Sundari ST, Krishnan R, Balamurugan AK, Kamruddin M, Subbarao RV, Dash S, Tyagi AK
264 - 273 Investigation of the bond coats for thermal barrier coatings on Mg alloy
Fan XZ, Zou BL, Gu LJ, Wang CJ, Wang Y, Huang WZ, Zhu L, Cao XQ
274 - 280 Investigation on NOx adsorption in [M']-MAPO-5 (M = Si, Ti; M' = Ag, Cu) by density functional theory calculation
Liu JX, Zhang XG
281 - 285 Surface characterization and assessment of cell attachment capabilities of thin films fabricated by ion-beam irradiation of poly(L-lactic acid) substrates
Tanaka T, Suzuki Y, Tsuchiya K, Yajima H
286 - 290 Thermodynamics of the formation of face-centered-cubic silicon nanocrystals in silicon-rich SiC thin films annealed using rapid thermal annealing
Zeng YH, Chen XB, Cheng Q, Zhao JH, Song WJ, Dai N
291 - 295 Growth and structure of Si and Ge in vanadium oxide nanomesh on Pd(1 1 1) studied by STM and DFT
Chan LH, Hayazaki S, Ogawa K, Yuhara J
296 - 301 Effect of SHI irradiation on NBT-BT ceramics: Transformation of relaxor ferroelectric to ferroelectric nature
Sundari SS, Kumar B, Asokan K, Dhanasekaran R
302 - 308 Micromachining of copper by femtosecond laser pulses
Wang SY, Ren Y, Cheng CW, Chen JK, Tzou DY
309 - 316 TiO2 nanotubes supported NiW hydrodesulphurization catalysts: Characterization and activity
Palcheva R, Dimitrov L, Tyuliev G, Spojakina A, Jiratova K
317 - 323 Production of stable hydrosols of crystalline TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized at relatively low temperatures in diverse media
Burunkaya E, Akarsu M, Camurlu HE, Kesmez O, Yesil Z, Asilturk M, Arpac E
324 - 328 Optical properties of nanocrystal-silicon thin films on silicon nanopillar arrays after thermal annealing
Li YL, Qian B, Li C, Xu J, Jiang CP
329 - 333 Formation of alpha-TeO2 pearl-like microwires templated on porous microtubes through thermal oxidation of Te microtubes
Filippo E, Siciliano T, Genga A, Micocci G, Siciliano M, Tepore M
334 - 338 Composition-phase structure relationship and thickness-dependent ferroelectricity of rhombohedral phase in [1 1 1]-textured Nb-doped Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3 thin films
Yu Q, Li JF, Sun W
339 - 345 First-principles based phenomenological study of Ni nanocubes: The effects of nanostructuring on carbon poisoning of Ni(0 0 1) nanofacets
Zhao R, Lee SJ, Son IH, Lee H, Soon A
346 - 351 Ag nanoparticles as multifunctional SERS substrate for the adsorption, degradation and detection of dye molecules
Ma YM, Ding QQ, Yang LB, Zhang L, Shen YH
352 - 357 Fabrication of novel micro-nano carbonous composites based on self-made hollow activated carbon fibers
Kong YX, Qiu TT, Qiu J
358 - 362 Quantification of strain through linear dichroism in the Si 1s edge X-ray absorption spectra of strained Si1-xGex thin films
Cao W, Masnadi M, Eger S, Martinson M, Xiao QF, Hu YF, Baribeau JM, Woicik JC, Hitchcock AP, Urquhart SG
363 - 368 Mechanism for wettability alteration of ZnO nanorod arrays via thermal annealing in vacuum and air
Zhang J, Liu YR, Wei ZY, Zhang JY
369 - 374 Characterization of electrodeposited Ni-SiC-C-g nanocomposite coating
Rostami M, Fahami A, Nasiri-Tabrizi B, Ebrahimi-Kahrizsangi R, Saatchi A
375 - 378 The calculation of surface free energy based on embedded atom method for solid nickel
Luo WH, Hu WY, Su KL, Liu FS
379 - 384 Co3O4/ZnO nanocomposites for gas-sensing applications
Liu YJ, Zhu GX, Chen JZ, Xu H, Shen XP, Yuan AH
385 - 388 Mechanical stresses in silicon carbonitride films obtained by PECVD from hexamethyldisilazane
Shayapov VR, Rumyantsev YM, Dzyuba AA, Ayupov BM, Fainer NI
389 - 392 Structural analysis of nitride layer formed on uranium metal by glow plasma surface nitriding
Liu KZ, Bin R, Xiao H, Long Z, Hong ZL, Yang H, Wu S
393 - 398 Preparation and characterization of ammonium-functionalized silica nanoparticle as a new adsorbent to remove methyl orange from aqueous solution
Liu JS, Ma S, Zang LJ
399 - 404 Low-temperature growth of InxGa1-xN films by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering
Wang J, Shi XJ, Zhu J
405 - 411 Facile fabrication of nano-structured silica hybrid film with superhydrophobicity by one-step VAFS approach
Jia Y, Yue RL, Liu G, Yang J, Ni Y, Wu XF, Chen YF
412 - 417 Response of Si- and Al-doped graphenes toward HCN: A computational study
Rastegar SF, Peyghan AA, Hadipour NL
418 - 423 Toughening effect of Ni on nc-CrAlN/a-SiNx hard nanocomposite
Wang YX, Zhang S, Lee JW, Lew WS, Li B
424 - 430 Self-assembly and enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic activities of Bi2MoO6 by tungsten substitution
Yu HG, Zhu ZF, Zhou JH, Wang J, Li JQ, Zhang YL
431 - 437 Effect of high temperature oxidation prefab film on formation of micro-arc oxidation coatings on 6061 aluminum alloy
Shen DJ, Zou J, Wu LL, Liu FF, Li GL, Cai JR, He DL, Ma HJ, Jiang GR
438 - 442 Enhanced performance of {0 0 1} facets dominated mesoporous TiO2 photocatalyst composed of high-reactive nanocrystals and mesoporous spheres
Wang W, Lu CH, Ni YR, Peng FP, Xu ZZ
443 - 451 Reaction mechanism for methanol oxidation on Au(1 1 1): A density functional theory study
Liu SP, Jin P, Zhang DH, Hao C, Yang XM
452 - 457 Surface modification and biocompatible improvement of polystyrene film by Ar, O-2 and Ar + O-2 plasma
Chen YS, Gao Q, Wan HY, Yi JH, Wei YL, Liu P
458 - 464 Enhanced NH3 gas sensing properties of a QCM sensor by increasing the length of vertically orientated ZnO nanorods
Minh VA, Tuan LA, Huy TQ, Hung VN, Quy NV
465 - 469 Study of electrodepositing Au on hollow polystyrene microspheres
Jin R, Zhang YW, Zhang L, Wei CF, Guo JJ
470 - 474 Optical characterization of polysilazane based silica thin films on silicon substrates
Ricci PC, Gulleri G, Fumagalli F, Carbonaro CM, Corpino R
475 - 479 Synthesis, characterization and microwave properties of strontium hexaferrite thin films prepared by chemical bath deposition
Ruikar DV, Kashid PB, Patil VR, Puri V
480 - 488 Bioinspired micro/nano fabrication on dental implant-bone interface
Wang F, Shi L, He WX, Han D, Yan Y, Niu ZY, Shi SG
489 - 494 Differential ion beam sputtering of segregated phases in aluminum casting alloys
Nguyen CL, Wirtz T, Fleming Y, Metson JB
495 - 499 On the interfacial interaction between bituminous binders and mineral surfaces as present in asphalt mixtures
Fischer HR, Dillingh EC, Hermse CGM
500 - 509 Preparation of palladium nanoparticles on alumina surface by chemical co-precipitation method and catalytic applications
Kumar AP, Kumar BP, Kumar ABVK, Huy BT, Lee YI
510 - 518 Structure, morphology and optical properties of multilayered sol-gel BaTi0.85Zr0.15O3 thin films
Vasilescu CA, Crisan M, Ianculescu AC, Raileanu M, Gartner M, Anastasescu M, Dragan N, Crisan D, Gavrila R, Trusca R
519 - 526 The influence of the short-term ultraviolet radiation on the structure and properties of poly(p-phenylene terephthalaramide) fibers
Li SN, Gu AJ, Xue J, Liang GZ, Yuan L
527 - 531 A homogeneous Ni-P coating with a unique scalelike structure deposited on VGCNFs by an electroless deposition method
Kim JH, Kim JD, Park HM, Lee SB, Yi JW, Jung SI
532 - 536 Preparation of superhydrophobic coating using modified CaCO3
Zheng YS, He Y, Qing YQ, Hu CB, Mo Q
537 - 545 Effects of cathodic current density and temperature on morphology and microstructure of iridium coating prepared by electrodeposition in molten salt under the air atmosphere
Zhu L, Bai SX, Zhang H, Ye YC
546 - 552 Hydrophobic and ice-retarding properties of doped silicone rubber coatings
Arianpour F, Farzaneh M, Kulinich SA
553 - 557 Morphology evolution of a-plane ZnO films on r-plane sapphire with growth by pulsed laser deposition
Peng CY, Tian JS, Wang WL, Ho YT, Chang L
558 - 563 RF-plasma vapor deposition of siloxane on paper. Part 1: Physical evolution of paper surface
Sahin HT
564 - 569 RF-plasma vapor deposition of siloxane on paper. Part 2: Chemical evolution of paper surface
Sahin HT
570 - 577 Study of polymer-magnetic electrode interfaces using XPS
Morley NA, Al Qahtani HRH, Hodges MH, Gibbs MRJ, Grell M, Dediu V, Morgan DJ
578 - 584 Surface plasmon resonance induced reduction of high quality Ag/graphene composite at water/toluene phase for reduction of H2O2
Zhang FJ, Zhang KH, Xie FZ, Liu J, Dong HF, Zhao W, Meng ZD
585 - 590 Infrared spectroscopic evidence of a direct addition reaction between palygorskite and pyromellitic dianhydride
Yan WC, Yuan P, Chen M, Wang LJ, Liu D
591 - 596 Simple and large scale refluxing method for preparation of Ce-doped ZnO nanostructures as highly efficient photocatalyst
Rezaei M, Habibi-Yangjeh A
597 - 602 Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces on zinc substrates by displacement deposition of Sn
Cao L, Liu J, Huang W, Li ZL
603 - 609 Preparation of anti-oxidative SiC/SiO2 coating on carbon fibers from vinyltriethoxysilane by sol-gel method
Xia KD, Lu CX, Yang Y
610 - 614 Selective laser densification of lithium aluminosilicate glass ceramic tapes
Zocca A, Colombo P, Gunster J, Muhler T, Heinrich JG
615 - 629 Indirect interaction in Ag and Pd adsorbed layers on the Mo(1 1 2) surface
Sliwinski J, Wiejak M, Kolaczkiewicz J, Yakovkin IN
630 - 636 Development of an opto-hydrodynamic process to remove nanoparticles from solid surfaces
Ahn D, Ha J, Kim D
637 - 641 Effects of nanosecond laser irradiation on photoelectric properties of AZO/FTO composite films
Li BJ, Zhou M, Ma M, Zhang W, Tang WY
642 - 647 TOF-SIMS study on surface modification of reed switch blades by pulsing nitrogen plasma
Arushanov KA, Drozdov MN, Karabanov SM, Zeltser IA, Tolstogouzov A
648 - 652 Laser-induced front side etching of CaF2 crystals with KrF excimer laser
Lorenz P, Ehrhardt M, Zimmer K
653 - 662 Microstructure and mechanical behavior of pulsed laser surface melted AISI D2 cold work tool steel
Yasavol N, Abdollah-zadeh A, Ganjali M, Alidokht SA
663 - 670 The double effects of silver nanoparticles on the PVDF membrane: Surface hydrophilicity and antifouling performance
Li JH, Shao XS, Zhou Q, Li MZ, Zhang QQ
671 - 676 Surface alloying method of ultrasonic shot peening on iron surface
Zhang T, Wang DP, Wang Y, Deng CY, Gong BM
677 - 685 Biotemplated synthesis of high specific surface area copper-doped hollow spherical titania and its photocatalytic research for degradating chlorotetracycline
Bu D, Zhuang HS
686 - 687 Comment on'SEM/EDX and XPS Studies of Niobium after Electropolishing' by T. Hryniewicz, K. Rokosz, H.R. Zschommler Sandim (Appl. Surf. Sci. 263 (2012) 357-361)
Muller F, Grandthyll S, Lessel M, Hufner S
688 - 696 Wetting behaviour of femtosecond laser textured Ti-6Al-4V surfaces
Cunha A, Serro AP, Oliveira V, Almeida A, Vilar R, Durrieu MC
697 - 703 Chitosan coatings onto polyethylene terephthalate for the development of potential active packaging material
Zemljic LF, Tkavc T, Vesel A, Sauperl O
704 - 708 Tennis core strings of polyamide-6 modified by surface-capped nano-silica
Liu J, Yi HL, Lin H, Zheng BC
709 - 713 Evaluation of optical parameters and characterization of ultrasonically sprayed MgO films by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Kurtaran S, Akyuz I, Atay F
714 - 719 Adherent diamond film deposited on Cu substrate by carbon transport from nanodiamond buried under Pt interlayer
Liu XZ, Wei QP, Yu ZM, Yang TM, Zhai H
720 - 730 Insights into the preference of CHx(x=1-3) formation from CO hydrogenation on Cu(111) surface
Sun XC, Zhang RG, Wang BJ
731 - 737 Microstructure and surface properties of lignocellulosic-based activated carbons
Gonzalez-Garcia P, Centeno TA, Urones-Garrote E, Avila-Brande D, Otero-Diaz LC
738 - 744 Transparent and conductive indium doped cadmium oxide thin films prepared by pulsed filtered cathodic arc deposition
Zhu YK, Mendelsberg RJ, Zhu JQ, Han JC, Anders A
745 - 749 Annealing effect on the structural and optical properties of Cr/alpha-Cr2O3 monodispersed particles based solar absorbers
Khamlich S, McCrindle R, Nuru ZY, Cingo N, Maaza M
750 - 757 Influence of the source gas ratio on the hydrogen and deuterium content of a-C:H and a-C:D films: Plasma-enhanced CVD with CH4/H-2, CH4/D-2, CD4/H-2 and CD4/D-2
Ozeki K, Sekiba D, Suzuki T, Kanda K, Niibe M, Hirakuri KK, Masuzawa T
758 - 763 Mechanical characterization of aluminum doped zinc oxide (Al:ZnO) nanorods prepared by sol-gel method
Kumar A, Huang N, Staedler T, Sun C, Jiang X
764 - 770 Electrochemical investigation of copper passivation kinetics and its application to low-pressure CMP modeling
Li J, Liu YH, Wang TQ, Lu XC, Luo JB
771 - 777 Phase- and shape-controlled hydrothermal synthesis of CdS nanoparticles, and oriented attachment growth of its hierarchical architectures
Cao YL, Hu PF, Jia DZ
778 - 783 Solvothermal synthesis of carbon coated N-doped TiO2 nanostructures with enhanced visible light catalytic activity
Yan XM, Kang JL, Gao L, Xiong L, Mei P
784 - 789 Formation of superhydrophobic soda-lime glass surface using femtosecond laser pulses
Ahsan MS, Dewanda F, Lee MS, Sekita H, Sumiyoshi T
790 - 795 Iron migration from the anode surface in alumina electrolysis
Zhuravleva EN, Drozdova TN, Ponomareva SV, Kirik SD
796 - 801 Enhancement of stability of N-doped TiO2 photocatalysts with Ag loading
Gao YP, Fang PF, Chen FT, Liu Y, Liu Z, Wang DH, Dai YQ
802 - 809 Electrochemical tuned scattering of gold nanostructure
Huang Y, Xia LP, Yang Z, Liu Y, Xie WY, Zhang H
810 - 816 Influence of valence state, radius of ion and molar ratio of directing salt on WO3 center dot 0.33H(2)O crystal morphology
He XY, Hu CG, Xi Y, Yi QN, Hua H
817 - 822 Photoemission study of cerium silicate model systems
Skala T, Matolin V
823 - 832 Effect of regular surface textures generated by laser on tribological behavior of Si3N4/TiC ceramic
Xing YQ, Deng JX, Wu Z, Cheng HW
833 - 838 Thermal processing of strained silicon-on-insulator for atomically precise silicon device fabrication
Lee WCT, Bishop N, Thompson DL, Xue K, Scappucci G, Cederberg JG, Gray JK, Han SM, Celler GK, Carroll MS, Simmons MY
839 - 849 Studies on the electrodeposition of tin from acidic chloride-gluconate solutions
Rudnik E, Wloch G
850 - 859 Tribological and cutting behavior of silicon nitride tools coated with monolayer- and multilayer-microcrystalline HFCVD diamond films
Chen NC, Shen B, Yang GD, Sun FH
860 - 864 Antiferromagnetic-paramagnetic state transition of NiO synthesized by pulsed laser deposition
Nkosi SS, Yalisi B, Motaung DE, Keartland J, Sideras-Haddad E, Forbes A, Mwakikunga BW
865 - 869 Water spray assisted ultrashort laser pulse ablation
Silvennoinen M, Kaakkunen JJJ, Paivasaari K, Vahimaa P
870 - 877 Investigation of structural, optical and electronic properties in Al-Sn co-doped ZnO thin films
Pan ZC, Tian XL, Wu SK, Yu X, Li ZL, Deng JF, Xiao CM, Hu GH, Wei ZG
878 - 888 In vitro corrosion behavior and cellular response of thermally oxidized Zr-3Sn alloy
Zhou FY, Wang BL, Qiu KJ, Li HF, Li L, Zheng YF, Han Y
889 - 894 Different K+-Na+ inter-diffusion kinetics between the air side and tin side of an ion-exchanged float aluminosilicate glass
Jiang LB, Guo XT, Li XY, Li L, Zhang GL, Yan Y
895 - 903 Some higher N-substituted 1,3-thiazolidine-2,4-diones and 5,5-diphenylhydantoins, their synthesis and corrosion preventive properties in mineral oil medium
Ozturk S, Yildirim A, Cetin M
904 - 911 Synthesis of photoactive AgCl/SBA-15 by conversion of silver nanoparticles into stable AgCl nanoparticles
Zienkiewicz-Strzalka M, Pikus S
912 - 918 Nonmetal species in the carbon modified TiO2 and its visible light photocatalytic activity
Shi YF, Chen F, Zhang JL
919 - 924 Surface and porous characterisation of activated carbons made from a novel biomass precursor, the esparto grass
Nabais JMV, Laginhas C, Carrott MMLR, Carrott PJM, Amoros JEC, Gisbert AVN
925 - 928 Effect of partial UV illumination on a mixture of water and a methylene blue solution in a microchannel coated with TiO2
Sakai M, Morii Y, Kobayashi D, Furuta T, Isobe T, Matsushita S, Fujishima A, Nakajima A
929 - 930 Comments on "Multifractal analysis of the fracture surfaces of foamed polypropylene/polyethylene blends"
Doroudiani S
931 - 934 SEM/EDX and XPS studies of niobium after electropolishing (vol 263, pg 357, 2012)
Hryniewicz T, Rokosz K