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Applied Surface Science, Vol.264 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Hybrid structure for efficiency enhancement of photodetectors
Malekmohammad M, Soltanolkotabi M, Asadi R, Naderi MH, Erfanian A, Zahedinejad M, Bagheri S, Khaje M
7 - 10 Influence of annealing atmosphere on room temperature ferromagnetism of Mn-doped ZnO nanoparticles
Gao QQ, Yu QX, Yuan K, Fu XN, Chen B, Zhu CX, Zhu H
11 - 16 Polycrystalline silicon thin films by aluminum induced crystallization of amorphous silicon
Wang T, Yan H, Zhang M, Song X, Pan Q, He T, Hu Z, Jia H, Mai Y
17 - 20 Low temperature method for synthesis of ZnS quantum dots and its luminescence characterization studies
Senthilkumara K, Kalaivani T, Kanagesan S, Balasubramanian V
21 - 26 Low temperature SiNx:H films deposited by inductively coupled plasma for solar cell applications
Zhou HP, Wei DY, Xu LX, Guo YN, Xiao SQ, Huang SY, Xu S
27 - 30 Comparison of in situ and ex situ bioconjugation of Au nanoparticles generated by laser ablation
Mutisya S, Franzel L, Barnstein BO, Faber TW, Ryan JJ, Bertino MF
31 - 35 Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) using Ag nanoparticle films produced by pulsed laser deposition
Smyth CA, Mirza I, Lunney JG, McCabe EM
36 - 44 Reverse atom transfer radical polymerization (RATRP) for anti-clotting PU-LaCl3-g-P(MPC) films
Lu CY, Zhou NL, Xiao YH, Tang YD, Jin SX, Wu Y, Shen J
45 - 51 Tribological behavior of electron beam D6ac weldment
Wu SC, Tseng KH, Wen HC, Wu MJ, Chou CP
52 - 55 Refining femtosecond laser induced periodical surface structures with liquid assist
Jiao LS, Ng EYK, Zheng HY
56 - 60 Control of the graphene growth rate on capped SiC surface under strong Si confinement
Celebi C, Yanik C, Demirkol AG, Kaya II
61 - 69 UV-assisted surface modification of PET fiber for adhesion improvement
Liu XD, Sheng DK, Gao XM, Li TB, Yang YM
70 - 78 Effect of microstructure on the zinc phosphate conversion coatings on magnesium alloy AZ91
Phuong NV, Moon S, Chang D, Lee KH
79 - 87 Determination of irradiation parameters for laser-induced periodic surface structures
Eichstadt J, Romer GRBE, In't Veld AJH
88 - 93 Effect of LaB6 on the thermal shock property of MoSi2-SiC coating for carbon/carbon composites
Li T, Li HJ, Shi XH
94 - 99 Preparation and characterization of boron-doped titania nano-materials with antibacterial activity
Xue XX, Wang YZ, Yang H
100 - 104 Microstructure properties of tempered D6ac steel
Lian DM
105 - 110 Effect of surfactant concentration on characteristics of mesoporous bioactive glass prepared by evaporation induced self-assembly process
Shih CC, Chien CS, Kung JC, Chen JC, Chang SS, Lu PS, Shih CJ
111 - 116 Photocatalytic activity and reusability study of nanocrystalline TiO2 films prepared by sputtering technique
Barrocas B, Monteiro OC, Jorge MEM, Serio S
117 - 127 Structural analysis of heat-treated birch (Betule papyrifera) surface during artificial weathering
Huang XA, Kocaefe D, Kocaefe Y, Boluk Y, Krause C
128 - 132 Nano-SiC/SiC anti-oxidant coating on the surface of graphite
Jafari H, Ehsani N, Khalifeh-Soltani SA, Jalaly M
133 - 138 Effect of post-sulfurization on the composition, structure and optical properties of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films deposited by sputtering from a single quaternary target
He J, Sun L, Zhang KZ, Wang WJ, Jiang JC, Chen Y, Yang PX, Chu JH
139 - 147 The study of visible light active bismuth modified nitrogen doped titanium dioxide photocatlysts: Role of bismuth
Bagwasi S, Niu YX, Nasir M, Tian BZ, Zhang JL
148 - 156 Material removal mechanism during porous silica cluster impact on crystal silicon substrate studied by molecular dynamics simulation
Chen RL, Jiang RR, Lei H, Liang M
157 - 161 Synthesis and enhanced photoelectrocatalytic activity of p-n junction Co3O4/TiO2 nanotube arrays
Dai GP, Liu SQ, Liang Y, Luo TX
162 - 170 Growth of flower-like ZnO on ZnO nanorod arrays created on zinc substrate through low-temperature hydrothermal synthesis
Shi RX, Yang P, Dong XB, Ma Q, Zhang AY
171 - 175 Durable antimicrobial finishing of cellulose with QSA silicone by supercritical adsorption
Chen Y, Niu MQ, Yuan S, Teng HN
176 - 183 Study on feasibility of producing an amorphous surface layer of Fe49Cr18Mo7B16C4Nb3 by pulsed Nd:YAG laser surface melting
Mojaver R, Mojtahedi F, Shahverdi HR, Torkamany MJ
184 - 190 Effect of post annealing on structural, optical and dielectric properties of MgTiO3 thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering
Kumar TS, Bhuyan RK, Pamu D
191 - 196 A new way to synthesize carbon nanofiber film on bulk titanium via hybrid surface mechanical attrition treatment
Yang XF, Lu J
197 - 201 Significant effect of substrate temperature on the phase structure, optical and electrical properties of RF sputtered CIGS films
Yu Z, Yan Y, Li SS, Zhang YX, Yan CP, Liu L, Zhang Y, Zhao Y
202 - 206 Electronic structure of chromium-containing amorphous hydrogenated carbon thin films studied by X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Cheng HY, Chiou JW, Ting JM, Chen JM, Lee JF, Tzeng Y
207 - 212 The microstructure and mechanical properties of multilayer diamond-like carbon films with different modulation ratios
Xu ZY, Zheng YJ, Jiang F, Leng YX, Sun H, Huang N
213 - 218 Effect of deposition variables on properties of CBD ZnS thin films prepared in chemical bath of ZnSO4/SC(NH2)(2)/Na3C3H5O7/NH4OH
Liu WL, Yang CS, Hsieh SH, Chen WJ, Fern CL
219 - 224 Dependence of core-level XPS spectra on iron silicide phase
Ohtsu N, Oku M, Satoh K, Wagatsuma K
225 - 228 Structural and electrical characterization of La0.72Ca0.28MnO3 ceramic and thin films
Ma J, Theingia M, Zhang H, Ding X, Chen QM
229 - 236 Laser-induced colour marking-Sensitivity scaling for a stainless steel
Antonczak AJ, Kocon D, Nowak M, Koziol P, Abramski KM
237 - 241 X-ray absorption spectroscopy and photoluminescence study of rare earth ions doped strontium sulphide phosphors
Vij A, Gautam S, Kumar V, Brajpuriya R, Kumar R, Singh N, Chae KH
242 - 246 Synthesis of a sugar-organometallic compound 1,1'-difurfurylferrocene and its microwave preparation of carbon/iron oxide nanocomposite
Zhao SY, Cooper DC, Xu HX, Zhu PH, Suggs JW
247 - 254 Dissociation and reconstruction of O-2 on Al (111) studied by First-principles
Guo JX, Wei LJ, Ge DY, Guan L, Wang YL, Liu BT
255 - 260 Fabrication of one-dimensional mesoporous alpha-Fe2O3 nanostructure via self-sacrificial template and its enhanced Cr(VI) adsorption capacity
Jia ZG, Wang QZ, Ren DP, Zhu RS
261 - 268 Effects of acid treatment on structure, properties and biocompatibility of carbon nanotubes
Dong CB, Campell AS, Eldawud R, Perhinschi G, Rojanasakul Y, Dinu CZ
269 - 272 Crystallization characteristics of Mg-doped Ge2Sb2Te5 films for phase change memory applications
Fu J, Shen X, Nie QH, Wang GX, Wu LC, Dai SX, Xu TF, Wang RP
273 - 279 Laser-induced surface alloying in nanosized Ni/Ti multilayer structures
Petrovic S, Radak B, Perusko D, Pelicon P, Kovac J, Mitric M, Gakovic B, Trtica M
280 - 285 Fabrication of nanoscale alumina on NiAl(100) with a scanning tunneling microscope
Lin CW, Wang CT, Luo MF
286 - 296 Different plasma-based strategies to improve the interaction of anionic dyes with polyester fabrics surface
Salem T, Pleul D, Nitschke M, Muller M, Simon F
297 - 304 High-resolution photoelectron spectroscopy analysis of sulfidation of brass at the rubber/brass interface
Ozawa K, Kakubo T, Shimizu K, Amino N, Mase K, Komatsu T
305 - 311 Platinum-nickel catalyst: The effect of promoters in cis-oleic acid adsorption
Simonetti S, Martirena M, Ulacco S, Brizuela G
312 - 319 High temperature oxidation behavior of AISI 304L stainless steel-Effect of surface working operations
Ghosh S, Kumar MK, Kain V
320 - 328 Density functional theory study of the effects of alloying additions on sulfur adsorption on nickel surfaces
Malyi OI, Chen Z, Kulish VV, Bai KW, Wu P
329 - 334 Graphene sheets synthesized by ionic-liquid-assisted electrolysis for application in water purification
Chang CF, Truong QD, Chen JR
335 - 343 Influence of activated carbon characteristics on toluene and hexane adsorption: Application of surface response methodology
Izquierdo MT, de Yuso AM, Valenciano R, Rubio B, Pino MR
344 - 348 Hydrophobic/hydrophilic switching on zinc oxide micro-textured surface
Myint MTZ, Kumar NS, Hornyak GL, Dutta J
349 - 357 Study of spatial homogeneity and nitridation of an Al nanopattern template with spectroscopic photoemission and low energy electron microscopy
Qi B, Olafsson S, Zakharov AA, Gothelid M, Agnarsson B, Gislason HP
358 - 363 Copper phthalocyanine growth on hydrogen-terminated Si(100) surfaces: Contrasted molecular arrangements revealed by X-ray photoelectron studies
Ben Hamada B, Akremi A, Arbi I, Menzli S, Themlin JM, Porte L, Chefi C
364 - 367 Spontaneous and dense assemblies of nanoparticles within micro-channels by the bubble deposition method
Costa-Coquelard C, Azevedo J, Ardiaca F, Benattar JJ
368 - 374 Incorporation of dithiooxamide as a complexing agent into cellulose for the removal and pre-concentration of Cu(II) and Cd(II) ions from natural water samples
Jorgetto AO, Silva RIV, Longo MM, Saeki MJ, Padilha PM, Martines MAU, Rocha BP, Castro GR
375 - 382 Hydrothermal in situ preparation of TiO2 particles onto poly(lactic acid) electrospun nanofibres
Gupta KK, Mishra PK, Srivastava P, Gangwar M, Nath G, Maiti P
383 - 390 Facile synthesis of large-scale Ag nanosheet-assembled films with sub-10 nm gaps as highly active and homogeneous SERS substrates
Li ZB, Meng GW, Liang T, Zhang Z, Zhu XG
391 - 398 Electrochemically deposited cobalt/platinum (Co/Pt) film into porous silicon: Structural investigation and magnetic properties
Harraz FA, Salem AM, Mohamed BA, Kandil A, Ibrahim IA
399 - 403 Transmission electron microscopy and Raman characterization of copper (I) oxide microspheres composed of nanoparticles
Wang WZ, Tu Y, Wang LJ, Liang YJ, Shi HL
404 - 409 UV laser direct texturing for high efficiency multicrystalline silicon solar cell
Kim KR, Kim TH, Park HA, Kim SY, Cho SH, Yi J, Choi BD
410 - 418 Electrochemical behavior of anodized AA6063-T6 alloys affected by matrix structures
Huang YS, Shih TS, Wu CE
419 - 423 Temperature dependent capacity contribution of thermally treated anode current collectors in lithium ion batteries
Kim TK, Li XF, Wang CL
424 - 432 First-principles investigation of H2O on HfO2 (110) surface
Li L, Huang X, Zhang YF, Guo X, Chen WK
433 - 442 Effect of the surface oxygen groups on methane adsorption on coals
Hao SX, Wen J, Yu XP, Chu W
443 - 447 Preparation and characterization of fully separated gold nanowire arrays
Siegel J, Heitz J, Reznickova A, Svorcik V
448 - 452 Transparent and conductive electrodes combining AZO and ATO thin films for enhanced light scattering and electrical performance
Guillen C, Montero J, Herrero J
453 - 458 Improved mechanical properties of solution-cast silicone film reinforced with electrospun polyurethane nanofiber containing carbon nanotubes
Tijing LD, Park CH, Kang SJ, Amarjargal A, Kim TH, Pant HR, Kim HJ, Lee DH, Kim CS
459 - 463 Effect of rapid thermal annealing on the compositional ratio and interface of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cells by XPS
Chen DS, Yang J, Xu F, Zhou PH, Du HW, Shi JW, Yu ZS, Zhang YH, Bartholomeusz B, Ma ZQ
464 - 469 Study of the aluminum doping of zinc oxide films prepared by atomic layer deposition at low temperature
Genevee P, Donsanti F, Renou G, Lincot D
470 - 475 Water effect on the surface morphology of TiO2 thin film modified by polyethylene glycol
Wang SH, Wang KH, Dai YM, Jehng JM
476 - 484 Enhanced photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic performance of single-crystalline anatase TiO2 (101) nanobelts arrays originating from nanotubes arrays
Chen QH, Liu HL, Xin YJ, Cheng XW, Li JJ
485 - 491 Structural and mechanical properties of the coral and nacre and the potentiality of their use as bone substitutes
Hamza S, Slimane N, Azari Z, Pluvinage G
492 - 499 Surface properties of pillared acid-activated bentonite as catalyst for selective production of linear alkylbenzene
Faghihian H, Mohammadi MH
500 - 506 Structure and conformation of poly(ethylene glycol) in confined space of montmorillonite
Zhu SP, Chen JY, Li HL, Cao Y
507 - 515 Adsorption behavior of glycidoxypropyl-trimethoxy-silane on titanium alloy Ti-6.5Al-1Mo-1V-2Zr
Liu JH, Zhan ZW, Yu M, Li SM
516 - 521 Tribological characteristics of electroless Ni-P-MoS2 composite coatings at elevated temperatures
Li Z, Wang JB, Lu JJ, Meng JH
522 - 526 Effects of CdZnTe buffer layer thickness on properties of HgCdTe thin film grown by pulsed laser deposition
Liu M, Bi D, Man BY, Kong DM, Xu XY
527 - 532 Fabrication of biomimetic hydrophobic films with corrosion resistance on magnesium alloy by immersion process
Liu Y, Lu GL, Liu JD, Han ZW, Liu ZN
533 - 537 Influence of the sputtering reactive gas on the oxide and oxynitride La-Ti-O-N deposition by RF magnetron sputtering
Lu Y, Le Paven-Thivet C, Benzerga R, Le Gendre L, Sharaiha A, Tessier F, Chevire F
538 - 544 Infrared transmissive and rain-erosion resistant performances of GeC/GaP double-layer thin films on ZnS substrates
Li YP, Wang N, Che XS, Chen HB, Liu ZT
545 - 551 Effect of critical plasma spray parameter on complex permittivity and microstructure by plasma spraying Cr/Al2O3 coatings
Zhao D, Luo F, Zhou WC, Zhu DM
552 - 556 Onset of shadowing-dominated growth of Ag films in glancing angle deposition: Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation
Chen SH, Liang JS, Mo YJ, Luo DF, Jiang SJ
557 - 562 Research on manganese oxide catalysts surface pretreated with non-thermal plasma for NO catalytic oxidation capacity enhancement
Li K, Tang XL, Yi HH, Ning P, Xiang Y, Wang JG, Wang C, Peng X
563 - 569 Atomistic simulation for the gamma'-phase volume fraction dependence of the interfacial behavior of Ni- base superalloy
Yang XY, Hu WY, Zhang XM
570 - 573 Structural stability and electronic properties of LaO- and NiO2-terminated LaNiO3 (001) surface
Guan L, Zuo JG, Jia GQ, Liu QB, Wei W, Guo JX, Dai XH, Liu BT, Wang YL, Fu GS
574 - 580 Bulk and surface structure characterization of nanoscopic silver doped lanthanum chromites
Desai PA, Joshi PN, Patil KR, Athawale AA
581 - 588 High photocatalytic performance of BiOI/Bi2WO6 toward toluene and Reactive Brilliant Red
Li HQ, Cui YM, Hong WS
589 - 592 A simple approach for surface hardening of polystyrene
Tsuruta H, Ikinaga Y, Fujii Y, Tanaka K
593 - 597 Effect of MWNT electroless Ag plating on field emission properties of MWNT/Ag nanocomposite cathodes
Ye Y, Guo TL
598 - 604 Polyvinyl alcohol functionalized cobalt ferrite nanoparticles for biomedical applications
Salunkhe AB, Khot VM, Thorat ND, Phadatare MR, Sathish CI, Dhawale DS, Pawar SH
605 - 610 Nanoporous alumina formed by self-organized two-step anodization of Ni3Al intermetallic alloy in citric acid
Stepniowski WJ, Cieslak G, Norek M, Karczewski K, Michalska-Domanska M, Zasada D, Polkowski W, Jozwik P, Bojar Z
611 - 615 Femtosecond-laser-induced nanostructure formed on nitrided stainless steel
Yasumaru N, Sentoku E, Miyazaki K, Kiuchi J
616 - 620 Study of defect creation in self assembled ZnO nanostructures with electrically charged nanoparticles
Dwivedi C, Dutta V
621 - 624 Formation of nanostructured emitter for silicon solar cells using catalytic silver nanoparticles
Li D, Wang L, Li DS, Zhou N, Feng ZQ, Zhong XP, Yang DR
625 - 632 Effects of pulse bias on structure and properties of silicon/nitrogen-incorporated diamond-like carbon films prepared by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Nakazawa H, Miura S, Kamata R, Okuno S, Suemitsu M, Abe T
633 - 635 Influence of pulsed electron beam treatment on microstructure and properties of TA15 titanium alloy
Gao YK
636 - 643 Synthesis and characterization of asymmetric polymer/inorganic nanocomposites with pH/temperature sensitivity
Zhang XJ, Gao CM, Liu MZ, Huang YJ, Yu XY, Ding EY
644 - 652 Surface imprinting on nano-TiO2 as sacrificial material for the preparation of hollow chlorogenic acid imprinted polymer and its recognition behavior
Li H, Li G, Li ZP, Lu CM, Li YA, Tan XZ
653 - 663 Fabrication of micro-pin array with high aspect ratio on stainless steel using nanosecond laser beam machining
Lee SW, Shin HS, Chu CN
664 - 669 Elucidation of the reaction mechanism during the removal of copper oxide by halogen surfactant at the surface of copper plate
Yokoyama S, Takahashi H, Itoh T, Motomiya K, Tohji K
670 - 673 Surface modification of TiO2 nanoparticles via photocataliticaly induced reaction: Influence of functionality of silane coupling agent
Tomovska R, Daniloska V, Asua JM
674 - 680 Plasma focus assisted damage studies on tungsten
Bhuyan M, Mohanty SR, Rao CVS, Rayjada PA, Raole PM
681 - 686 An XPS study of bromine in methanol etching and hydrogen peroxide passivation treatments for cadmium zinc telluride radiation detectors
Babar S, Sellin PJ, Watts JF, Baker MA
687 - 691 Self-assembly growth of ZnO-based axial and radial junctions via a two-step method
Chang YQ, Lu YD, Wang MW, Long Y, Ye RC
692 - 698 Examining the ground layer of St. Anthony from Padua 19th century oil painting by Raman spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction
Vanco L, Kadlecikova M, Breza J, Caplovic L, Gregor M
699 - 706 Carbon nitride nanotube as a sensor for alkali and alkaline earth cations
Beheshtian J, Baei MT, Bagheri Z, Peyghan AA
707 - 712 Effect of nanosilica on characteristics of carbonizates of phenol-formaldehyde resin - Fe(acac)(3)
Gun'ko VM, Bogatyrov VM, Oranska OI, Galaburda MV, Polshin EV, Urubkov IV, Leboda R, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Charmas B
713 - 717 Nanowelding configuration between carbon nanotubes in axial direction
Cui JL, Yang LJ, Wang Y
718 - 726 Utilization of tin and titanium incorporated rice husk silica nanocomposite as photocatalyst and adsorbent for the removal of methylene blue in aqueous medium
Adam F, Appaturi JN, Khanam Z, Thankappan R, Nawi MAM
727 - 731 Effects of surface impurities on epitaxial graphene growth
del Campo V, Henriquez R, Haberle P
732 - 736 Characterization and kinetic investigation of electroless deposition of pure cobalt thin films on silicon substrates
Cheng SL, Hsu TL, Lee T, Lee SW, Hu JC, Chen LT
737 - 742 Synthesis, phase to phase deposition and characterization of rutile nanocrystalline titanium dioxide (TiO2) thin films
Gupta SK, Singh J, Anbalagan K, Kothari P, Bhatia RR, Mishra PK, Manjuladevi V, Gupta RK, Akhtar J
743 - 747 Production of ceramic layers on aluminum alloys by plasma electrolytic oxidation in alkaline silicate electrolytes
Lugovskoy A, Zinigrad M, Kossenko A, Kazanski B
748 - 755 Self-assembling of strain-induced Y2O3 nanostructures grown on LaAlO3 by photo-assisted MOCVD
Li W, Li SW, Li GX, Zhang BL, Chou PC
756 - 760 Investigation into conductivity of silver-coated cenosphere composites prepared by a modified electroless process
Cao XG, Zhang HY
761 - 766 Differences in etching characteristics of TMAH and KOH on preparing inverted pyramids for silicon solar cells
Fan YJ, Han PD, Liang P, Xing YP, Ye Z, Hu SX
767 - 771 Effect of surface modification on the porous silicon infiltrated with biomolecules
Lawrence B, Alagumanikumaran N, Prithivikumaran N, Jeyakumaran N, Ramadas V, Natarajan B
772 - 778 Study on lotus-type porous copper electroplated with a Ni coating on inner surface of pores
Du H, Song GH, Nakajima H, Zhao YH, Xiao JQ, Xiong TY
779 - 782 Tuning the optical properties of gold nanostructures fabricated on flexible substrates
Nikov R, Nedyalkov N, Atanasov PA, Terakawa M, Shimizu H, Obara M
783 - 786 Improved interfacial and electrical properties of atomic layer deposition HfO2 films on Ge with La2O3 passivation
Li XF, Liu XJ, Cao YQ, Li AD, Li H, Wu D
787 - 793 Preparation of stable aqueous dispersion of graphene nanosheets and their electrochemical capacitive properties
Jin YH, Jia MQ, Zhang M, Wen QQ
794 - 800 Effect of surface area of substrates aiming the optimization of carbon nanotube production from ferrocene
Osorio AG, Bergmann CP
801 - 810 Preparation and properties of homogeneous-reinforced polyvinylidene fluoride hollow fiber membrane
Zhang XL, Xiao CF, Hu XY, Bai QQ
811 - 815 Surface electronic properties of polycrystalline bulk and thin film In2O3(ZnO)(k) compounds
Hopper EM, Zhu QM, Gassmann J, Klein A, Mason TO
816 - 822 Preparation and characterization of HA microflowers coating on AZ31 magnesium alloy by micro-arc oxidation and a solution treatment
Tang H, Yu DZ, Luo Y, Wang FP
823 - 831 Hard and relaxed a-SiNxHy films prepared by PECVD: Structure analysis and formation mechanism
Xu XD, He Q, Fan TJ, Jiang YD, Huang L, Ao TH, Ma CQ
832 - 837 Properties of competitively adsorbed BSA and fibrinogen from their mixture on mixed and hybrid surfaces
Pandey LM, Pattanayek SK
838 - 844 Preparation of a boron nitride single layer on a polycrystalline Rh surface
Kiss J, Revesz K, Klivenyi G, Solymosi F
845 - 852 Origin of the visible-light photoactivity of NH3-treated TiO2: Effect of nitrogen doping and oxygen vacancies
Chen YL, Cao XX, Lin BZ, Gao BF
853 - 863 Oxidative pit formation in pristine, hydrogenated and dehydrogenated graphene
Jones JD, Morris CF, Verbeck GF, Perez JM
864 - 871 Grafting process of ethyltrimethoxysilane and polyphosphoric acid on calcium carbonate surface
Kiehl J, Ben-Azzouz C, Dentel D, Derivaz M, Bischoff JL, Delaite C, Bistac S
872 - 878 Fabrication of the superhydrophobic surface on aluminum alloy by anodizing and polymeric coating
Liu WY, Luo YT, Sun LY, Wu RM, Jiang HY, Liu YJ
879 - 885 Synthesis and characterization of in situ TiC-TiB2 composite coatings by reactive plasma spraying on a magnesium alloy
Zou BL, Tao SY, Huang WZ, Khan ZS, Fan XZ, Gu LJ, Wang Y, Xu JY, Cai XL, Ma HM, Cao XQ
886 - 891 Surface modification of calcium-copper hydroxyapatites using polyaspartic acid
Othmani M, Aissa A, Bachoua H, Debbabi M
892 - 901 Effect of laser operating mode in paint removal with a fiber laser
Madhukar YK, Mullick S, Shukla DK, Kumar S, Nath AK
902 - 902 Effect of surface modification on carbon fiber and its reinforced phenolic matrix composite (vol 259, pg 288, 2012)
Yuan H, Wang CG, Zhang S, Lin X
903 - 904 Study of methanol oxidation of hydrothermally synthesized PtRuMo on multi wall carbon nanotubes (vol 257, pg 8433, 2011)
Kakati N, Maiti J, Oh JY, Yoon YS