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1 - 7 Effects of surface acidities of MCM-41 modified with MoO3 on adsorptive desulfurization of gasoline
Shao XC, Zhang XT, Yu WG, Wu YY, Qin YC, Sun ZL, Song LJ
8 - 13 Water-based preparation of highly oleophobic thin films through aggregation of nanoparticles using layer-by-layer treatment
Nishizawa S, Shiratori S
14 - 17 The growth and photocatalytic property of ZnO nanofibers synthesized by atom layer deposition using PVP nanofibers as templates
Fang X, Li S, Wang XH, Fang F, Chu XY, Wei ZP, Li JH, Chen XY, Wang F
18 - 24 Electrodeposition of diamond-like carbon films on titanium alloy using organic liquids: Corrosion and wear resistance
Falcade T, Shmitzhaus TE, dos Reis OG, Vargas ALM, Hubler R, Muller IL, Malfatti CD
25 - 28 Observation of pitting due to field enhanced surface absorption during laser assisted cleaning of translucent particulates off metal surfaces
Nilaya JP, Prasad MBS, Biswas DJ
29 - 37 Electrochemical investigation of passive film in pre-deformation AISI 304 stainless steels
Lv JL, Luo HY
38 - 44 Study on synthesis of ultrafine Cu-Ag core-shell powders with high electrical conductivity
Peng YH, Yang CH, Chen KT, Popuri SR, Lee CH, Tang BS
45 - 49 Comparison of structures and hydrophobicity of femtosecond and nanosecond laser-etched surfaces on silicon
Li BJ, Zhou M, Zhang W, Amoako G, Gao CY
50 - 53 High-quality GaN nanowires grown on Si and porous silicon by thermal evaporation
Shekari L, Ramizy A, Omar K, Abu Hassan H, Hassan Z
54 - 57 Flexible free-standing TiO2/graphene/PVdF films as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Ren HM, Ding YH, Chang FH, He X, Feng JQ, Wang CF, Jiang Y, Zhang P
58 - 61 Synthesis and characterization of multi-element oxynitride semiconductor film prepared by reactive sputtering deposition
Yu RS, Huang RH, Lee CM, Shieu FS
62 - 68 AlN films prepared on 6H-SiC substrates under various sputtering pressures by RF reactive magnetron sputtering
Kuang XP, Zhang HY, Wang GG, Cui L, Zhu C, Jin L, Sun R, Han JC
69 - 72 Fabrication of TiO2/SiO2 multilayer film structure by the sol-gel process with efficient thermal treatment methods
Han K, Kim JH
73 - 78 Self-assembly of dendronized non-planar conjugated molecules on a HOPG surface
Yang Y, Miao XR, Liu G, Xu L, Wu TT, Deng WL
79 - 85 The adsorption of acrolein on a Pt (111): A study of chemical bonding and electronic structure
Pirillo S, Lopez-Corral I, German E, Juan A
86 - 94 Factors affecting the wettability of different surface materials with vegetable oil at high temperatures and its relation to cleanability
Ashokkumar S, Adler-Nissen J, Moller P
95 - 99 Effects of TiOx seeding layer upon the growth and light emission properties of ZnO nanowires
Cao Y, Zeng HD, Zhang F, Chen YL, Hang L, Tang ZH, Jiang Q, Wang XY
100 - 103 Structural, catalytic and magnetic properties of Cu1-XCoXFe2O4
Briceno S, Del Castillo H, Sagredo V, Bramer-Escamilla W, Silva P
104 - 110 Control of the lateral interactions of immobilized proteins using surface nanoporous-patterning
Chai C, Takhistov P
111 - 114 Titanium dioxide thin films deposited by pulsed laser deposition and integration in radio frequency devices: Study of structure, optical and dielectric properties
Orlianges JC, Crunteanu A, Pothier A, Merle-Mejean T, Blondy P, Champeaux C
115 - 123 Surface studies of microcrystalline chitosan/poly(vinyl alcohol) mixtures
Lewandowska K
124 - 131 Direct fabrication of organic carbon coated VO2(B) (VO2(B)@C) core-shell structured nanobelts by one step hydrothermal route and its formation mechanism
Zhang YF, Zhang JC, Zhong YL, Yu L, Deng Y, Huang C, Liu XH
132 - 138 Preparation and characterization of lactate-intercalated Co-Fe layered double hydroxides and exfoliated nanosheet film with low infrared emissivity
Zhu YX, Zhou YM, Zhang T, He M, Wang YJ, Yang XM, Yang Y
139 - 142 Assembling three-dimensional nanostructures on metal surfaces with a reversible vertical single-atom manipulation: A theoretical modeling
Yang TX, Ye X, Huang L, Xie YQ, Ke SH
143 - 148 The role of small probability measure in the analysis about desulfurization limestone particles multi-fractal surface structure
Shang JY, Liu ZL, Wang SL, Wang CB, Feng YF
149 - 156 Development of high performance electroless Ni-P-HNT composite coatings
Ranganatha S, Venkatesha TV, Vathsala K
157 - 162 Preparation and water-splitting photocatalytic behavior of S-doped WO3
Li WZ, Li J, Wang X, Chen QY
163 - 173 Na-doped hydroxyapatite coating on carbon/carbon composites: Preparation, in vitro bioactivity and biocompatibility
Li HJ, Zhao XN, Cao S, Li KZ, Chen MD, Xu ZW, Lu JH, Zhang LL
174 - 181 Verification of surface polarity of O-face ZnO(000(1)over-bar) by quantitative modeling analysis of Auger electron spectroscopy
Su CW, Huang MS, Tsai TH, Chang SC
182 - 186 First-principles study of hydrogen storage on Ti (Sc)-decorated boron-carbon-nitride sheet
Song NH, Wang YS, Sun Q, Jia Y
187 - 194 Research of the surface properties of the thermoplastic copolymer of vinilidene fluoride and tetrafluoroethylene modified with radio-frequency magnetron sputtering for medical application
Tverdokhlebov SI, Bolbasov EN, Shesterikov EV, Malchikhina AI, Novikov VA, Anissimov YG
195 - 201 Antibody immobilization on a nanoporous aluminum surface for immunosensor development
Chai C, Lee J, Park J, Takhistov P
202 - 209 Substrate effects on formation and hydrogenation of Mg-Ni films
Lelis M, Milcius D, Noreus D
210 - 214 Tailoring the refractive index of aluminum doped zinc oxide thin films by co-doping with titanium
Wei TF, Lan PJ, Yang Y, Zhang XP, Tan RQ, Li Y, Song WJ
215 - 222 The effect of thermal cycling by electron-beam surfacing on structure and wear resistance of deposited M2 steel
Gnyusov SF, Ignatov AA, Durakov VG, Tarasov SY
223 - 229 Effect of preparation conditions on characteristics of hollow TiO2 fibers fabricated by chemical deposition and template method
Cheng LJ, Kang Y, Tong F
230 - 235 Relationship between the catalytic activity of Pt/alumina and the relaxation process of the photoexcited electrons
Ito J, Hanaki Y, Shen Q, Toyoda T
236 - 241 Microwave synthesized nanostructured TiO2-activated carbon composite electrodes for supercapacitor
Selvakumar M, Bhat DK
242 - 246 Autocatalytic growth of Co on pure Co surfaces using Co-2(CO)(8) precursor
Cordoba R, Sese J, Ibarra MR, De Teresa JM
247 - 253 Effects of pretreatment on the surface chemistry and pore size properties of nitrogen functionalized and alkylated granular activated carbon
Chen JJ, Zhai YB, Chen HM, Li CT, Zeng GM, Pang DX, Lu P
254 - 259 Synthesis and photocatalytic properties of visible light responsive La/TiO2-graphene composites
Khalid NR, Ahmed E, Hong ZL, Ahmad M
260 - 265 Photocatalytic property of Fe doped anatase and rutile TiO2 nanocrystal particles prepared by sol-gel technique
Wang S, Lian JS, Zheng WT, Jiang Q
266 - 272 A stable single-crystal Bi3NbO7 nanoplates superstructure for effective visible-light-driven photocatalytic removal of nitric oxide
Ai ZH, Ho WK, Lee S
273 - 276 Carbon doped TiO2 nanowire arrays with improved photoelectrochemical water splitting performance
Cheng CW, Sun Y
277 - 283 One-pot synthesis and electrochemical reactivity of carbon coated LiFePO4 spindles
Yu JJ, Hu JC, Li JL
284 - 290 Effect of the oxygen partial pressure on the toughness of tetragonal zirconia thin films for optical applications
Andrieux M, Ribot P, Gasqueres C, Servet B, Garry G
291 - 296 Fabrication of protein-resistant blend based on PVDF-HFP and amphiphilic brush copolymer made from PMMA and PEGMA
Hwangbo KH, Kim YJ, Cho KY
297 - 301 Preparation of superhydrophobic titanium surfaces via electrochemical etching and fluorosilane modification
Lu Y, Xu WJ, Song JL, Liu X, Xing YJ, Sun J
302 - 306 Microstructure changes of polyimide/MMT-AlN composite hybrid films under corona aging
Chen MH, Yin JH, Bu WB, Liu XX, Su B, Lei QQ
307 - 313 Sputtering characteristics, crystal structures, and transparent conductive properties of TiOxNy films deposited on alpha-Al2O3(0001) and glass substrates
Akazawa H
314 - 319 Synthesis and tribological behaviour of electroless Ni-P-WS2 composite coatings
Sivandipoor I, Ashrafizadeh F
320 - 325 Magnetic and microwave absorption properties of electrospun Co0.5Ni0.5Fe2O4 nanofibers
Xiang J, Chu YQ, Zhang XH, Shen XQ
326 - 333 Comparison of sizing effect of T700 grade carbon fiber on interfacial properties of fiber/BMI and fiber/epoxy
Yao LR, Li M, Wu Q, Dai ZS, Gu YZ, Li YX, Zhang ZG
334 - 338 Optical characterization of poly(methyl methacrylate) implanted with low energy ions
Gupta R, Kumar V, Goyal PK, Kumar S
339 - 344 Molecular dynamics simulation of hydrogenated carbon film growth from CH radicals
Quan WL, Sun XW, Song Q, Fu ZJ, Guo P, Tian JH, Chen JM
345 - 351 Enhanced photocatalytic decomposition of methylene blue by the heterostructure of PdO nanoflakes and TiO2 nanoparticles
Huang CJ, Pan FM, Chang IC
352 - 356 Platinum nanocluster growth on vertically aligned carbon nanofiber arrays: Sputtering experiments and molecular dynamics simulations
Brault P, Caillard A, Charles C, Boswell RW, Graves DB
357 - 361 SEM/EDX and XPS studies of niobium after electropolishing
Hryniewicz T, Rokosz K, Sandim HRZ
362 - 366 Effects of substrate material on carbon films grown by laser molecular beam epitaxy
Liu M, Xu XY, Man BY, Kong DM, Xu SC
367 - 372 Growth of amorphous SiC film on Si by means of ion beam induced mixing
Barna A, Gurban S, Kotis L, Labar J, Sulyok A, Toth AL, Menyhard M, Kovac J, Panjan P
373 - 381 Effect of pyridine on the electrocrystallization and corrosion behavior of Ni-W alloy coated from citrate-ammonia media
Sassi W, Dhouibi L, Bercot P, Rezrazi M, Triki E
382 - 388 Preparation, characterization and visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity of Fe-incorporated TiO2 microspheres photocatalysts
Li JQ, Wang DF, Guo ZY, Zhu ZF
389 - 396 Hydrogen peroxide generation and photocatalytic degradation of estrone by microstructural controlled ZnO nanorod arrays
Liu YS, Han J, Qiu W, Gao W
397 - 404 Self-assembled manganese oxide structures through direct oxidation
Zhao C, Wang QX, Yang Y, Zhang B, Zhang XX
405 - 409 Laser-induced hydrophobicity on single crystal zinc oxide surface
Xie SJ, Zhao Y, Jiang YJ
410 - 415 Site-controlled synthesis and mechanism of three-dimensional Mo2S3 flowers
Zhong Y, Zhang Y, Zhang GX, Li RY, Sun XL
416 - 422 Anisotropic wetting of copper alloys induced by one-step laser micro-patterning
Hans M, Muller F, Grandthyll S, Hufner S, Mucklich F
423 - 429 Two-wavelength Raman study of poly(ethylene terephthalate) surfaces modified by helium plasma-based ion implantation
Veres M, Toth A, Mohai M, Bertoti I, Szepvolgyi J, Toth S, Himics L, Koos M
430 - 435 Fabrication of size-tunable, periodic Si nanohole arrays by plasma modified nanosphere lithography and anisotropic wet etching
Cheng SL, Lin YH, Lee SW, Lee T, Chen H, Hu JC, Chen LT
436 - 439 Unclassical ripple patterns in single-crystal silicon produced by femtosecond laser irradiation
Zhang W, Cheng GG, Feng Q
440 - 444 Chemically deposited In2S3-Ag2S layers to obtain AgInS2 thin films by thermal annealing
Lugo S, Pena Y, Calixto-Rodriguez M, Lopez-Mata C, Ramon ML, Gomez I, Acosta A
445 - 448 Effect of treatment duration on surface nanocrystallization induced by fast multiple rotation rolling and its thermal stability
Chui PF, Liu Y, Liang YJ, Li Y, Fan SH, Sun KN
449 - 456 Preparation of AgInS2 nanoparticles by a facile microwave heating technique; study of effective parameters, optical and photovoltaic characteristics
Tadjarodi A, Cheshmekhavar AH, Imani M
457 - 464 Phase formation and microstructure evolution of arc ion deposited Cr2AlC coating after heat treatment
Li JJ, Qian YH, Niu D, Zhang MM, Liu ZM, Li MS
465 - 470 A study of photocurrent spectrum of porous ZnO film sensitized by metal chloride solutions
Yang QC, Li HY, Xie CS, Zhu Q
471 - 475 Gold on amine-functionalized magnetic nanoparticles: A novel and efficient catalyst for hydrogenation reactions
Zhang FW, Liu N, Zhao P, Sun J, Wang P, Ding W, Liu JT, Jin J, Ma JT
476 - 480 Microstructural revolution of CIGS thin film using CuInGa ternary target during sputtering process
Liao KH, Su CY, Ding YT, Pan CT
481 - 485 Synthesis of highly luminescent graphitized carbon dots and the application in the Hg2+ detection
Liu Y, Liu CY, Zhang ZY
486 - 490 Electrical transport properties of Al-doped ZnO films
Liu XD, Liu J, Chen S, Li ZQ
491 - 496 Novel synthesis of beta-cyclodextrin functionalized CdTe quantum dots as luminescent probes
Chen XF, Zhou M, Chang YP, Ren CL, Chen HL, Chen XG
497 - 501 The combination self-cleaning effect of trimethylaluminium and tetrakis (dimethyl-amino) hafnium pretreatments on GaAs
Cao YQ, Li XF, Li AD, Li H, Wu D
502 - 507 Structure of NO dimer monolayer on Rh(111)
Wu TQ, Zhu P, Jiao ZW, Wang XY, Luo HL
508 - 512 Morphology evolvement of CeO2 cap layer for coated conductors
Xia YD, Xiong J, Zhang F, Xue Y, Wang LL, Guo P, Xu PJ, Zhao XH, Tao BW
513 - 522 The role of tin-promoted Pd/MWNTs via the management of carbonaceous species in selective hydrogenation of high concentration acetylene
Esmaeili E, Mortazavi Y, Khodadadi AA, Rashidi AM, Rashidzadeh M
523 - 531 Frequency analysis of micropillar structured surfaces: A characterization and design tool for surface texturing
Vepsalainen L, Paakkonen P, Suvanto M, Pakkanen TA
532 - 535 Synthesis and properties of PANI/SiO2 organic-inorganic hybrid films
Yu QJ, Xu JM, Liu J, Li BX, Liu YJ, Han YY
536 - 545 Structural refinement and photocatalytic activity of Fe-doped anatase TiO2 nanoparticles
Delekar SD, Yadav HM, Achary SN, Meena SS, Pawar SH
546 - 552 Investigation of ZnS-SiO2/Ag/ZnS-SiO2 as high stable transparent and conductive multilayer films
Long GY, Geng YY
553 - 562 Theoretical investigation of pristine and functionalized AlN and SiC single walled nanotubes as an adsorption candidate for methane
Mahdavifar Z, Haghbayan M
563 - 572 Nd:YVO4 laser removal of graffiti from granite. Influence of paint and rock properties on cleaning efficacy
Rivas T, Pozo S, Fiorucci MP, Lopez AJ, Ramil A
573 - 578 Synthesis and electrochemical performance of CoO/graphene nanocomposite as anode for lithium ion batteries
Zhang M, Jia MQ, Jin YH, Shi XR
579 - 585 Laser-induced novel patterns: As smart strain actuators for new-age dental implant surfaces
Celen S, Ozden H
586 - 590 Swift heavy ion induced topography changes of Tin oxide thin films
Jaiswal MK, Kumar A, Kanjilal D, Mohanty T
591 - 596 Effects of Ti and TiC ceramic powder on laser-cladded Ti-6Al-4V in situ intermetallic composite
Ochonogor OF, Meacock C, Abdulwahab M, Pityana S, Popoola API
597 - 607 High temperature oxidation and corrosion behaviour of Ni/Ni-Co-Al composite coatings
Srivastava M, Balaraju JN, Ravisankar B, Anandan C, Grips VKW
608 - 612 Improved corrosion resistance on biodegradable magnesium by zinc and aluminum ion implantation
Xu RZ, Yang XB, Suen KW, Wu GS, Li PH, Chu PK
613 - 618 Study on the effect of surface modifier on self-aggregation behavior of Ag nano-particle
Li S, Liu P, Wang QS
619 - 625 Ab initio investigation of Al- and Ga-doped single-walled boron nitride nanotubes as ammonia sensor
Soltani A, Raz SG, Rezaei VJ, Khalaji AD, Savar M
626 - 632 Modeling of altered layer formation during reactive ion etching of GaAs
Mutzke A, Rai A, Schneider R, Angelin EJ, Hippler R
633 - 639 The role of trivalent cations and interlayer anions on the formation of layered double hydroxides in an oxic-CO2 medium
Paikaray S, Hendry MJ
640 - 647 Experimental study on the formation and growth of electroless nickel-boron coatings from borohydride-reduced bath on mild steel
Vitry V, Sens A, Kanta AF, Delaunoisa F
648 - 654 Dual-scale artificial lotus leaf fabricated by fully nonlithographic simple approach based on sandblasting and anodic aluminum oxidation techniques
Kim SJ, Kim TH, Kong JH, Kim Y, Cho CR, Kim SH, Lee DW, Park JK, Lee D, Kim JM
655 - 659 Preparation and tribological properties of surface-modified nano-Y2O3 as additive in liquid paraffin
Yu L, Zhang L, Ye F, Sun M, Cheng XL, Diao GQ
660 - 665 Preparation, performance and adsorption activity of TiO2 nanoparticles entrapped PVDF hybrid membranes
Zhang X, Wang Y, You YT, Meng H, Zhang JH, Xu XX
666 - 670 Interfacial mixing in as-deposited Si/Ni/Si layers analyzed by x-ray and polarized neutron reflectometry
Bhattacharya D, Basu S, Singh S, Roy S, Dev BN
671 - 677 Structural; morphological; optical and magnetic properties of Mn doped ferromagnetic ZnO thin film
Karmakar R, Neogi SK, Banerjee A, Bandyopadhyay S
678 - 681 Resistive switching in reactive cosputtered MFe2O4 (M=Co, Ni) films
Jin C, Zheng DX, Li P, Mi WB, Bai HL
682 - 687 Shape-controlled synthesis of GaN microrods by ammonolysis route
Bao KY, Liu WM, Wang AH, Liu XD, Guo RT, Wu YP
688 - 695 Microporous TiO2-WO3/TiO2 films with visible-light photocatalytic activity synthesized by micro arc oxidation and DC magnetron sputtering
Wu KR, Hung CH, Yeh CW, Wu JK
696 - 703 Improvement of Ag(I) adsorption onto chitosan/triethanolamine composite sorbent by an ion-imprinted technology
Zhang L, Yang SW, Han T, Zhong LL, Ma CL, Zhou YZ, Han XL
704 - 711 Fabrication and photocatalytic activities of ZnO arrays with different nanostructures
Sun FZ, Qiao XL, Tan FT, Wang W, Qiu XL
712 - 721 Palladium nanoparticles on hierarchical carbon surfaces: A new architecture for robust nano-catalysts
Vijwani H, Mukhopadhyay SM
722 - 729 Wettability and optical properties of O-2 and CF4 plasma treated biaxially oriented semicrystalline poly(ethylene terephthalate) films
Jucius D, Grigaliunas V, Kopustinskas V, Lazauskas A, Guobiene A
730 - 736 Formation of nanostructured NiAl coating on carbon steel by using mechanical alloying
Mohammadnezhad M, Shamanian M, Enayati MH
737 - 744 The effects of processing conditions on the surface morphology and hydrophobicity of polyvinylidene fluoride membranes prepared via vapor-induced phase separation
Peng YL, Fan HW, Ge J, Wang SB, Chen P, Jiang Q
745 - 752 Synthesis, structure characterization and catalytic activity of nickel tungstate nanoparticles
Pourmortazavi SM, Rahimi-Nasrabadi M, Khalilian-Shalamzari M, Zahedi MM, Hajimirsadeghi SS, Omrani I
753 - 762 Tailoring fly ash activated with bentonite as adsorbent for complex wastewater treatment
Visa M
763 - 768 Surface modification of NiTi by plasma based ion implantation for application in harsh environments
Oliveira RM, Fernandes BB, Carreri FC, Goncalves JAN, Ueda M, Silva MMNF, Silva MM, Pichon L, Camargo EN, Otubo J
769 - 776 Highly uniform CeO2 hierarchical microstructures: Facile synthesis and catalytic activity evaluation
Wang L, Zhang LF, Zhong SL, Xu AW
777 - 782 Improvement of surface properties of SLM parts by atmospheric plasma spraying coating
Zhang BC, Zhu L, Liao HL, Coddet C
783 - 787 Superhydrophobic chitosan-based coatings for textile processing
Ivanova NA, Philipchenko AB
788 - 794 Novel BN/Pd composite films for stable liquid petroleum gas sensor
Ghosh D, Ghosh B, Hussain S, Chaudhuri S, Bhar R, Pal AK
795 - 803 Magnetically recoverable Ni@carbon nanocomposites: Solid-state synthesis and the application as excellent adsorbents for heavy metal ions
Xiao ZH, Zhang R, Chen XY, Li XL, Zhou TF
804 - 809 Laser surface modification treatment of aluminum bronze with B4C
Yilbas BS, Matthews A, Leyland A, Karatas C, Akhtar SS, Aleem BJA
810 - 815 Improving oxidation resistance and thermal insulation of thermal barrier coatings by intense pulsed electron beam irradiation
Mei XX, Liu XF, Wang CX, Wang YN, Dong C
816 - 820 Synthesis of hollow spherical TiO2 for dye-sensitized solar cells with enhanced performance
Lin XP, Song DM, Gu XQ, Zhao YL, Qiang YH
821 - 824 Super-hydrophilicity to super-hydrophobicity transition of a surface with Ni micro-nano cones array
Geng WY, Hu AM, Li M
825 - 826 Direct monophasic replacement of fatty acid by DMSA on SPION surface (vol 258, pg 9685, 2012)
Gogoi M, Deb P, Vasan G, Keil P, Kostka A, Erbe A
827 - 827 Chemical Densification of Plasma Sprayed Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Coatings for High Temperature Wear and Corrosion Resistance (Retracted article. See vol. 267, pg. 229, 2013)
Ye YP, Fehr KT, Faulstich M, Wolf G