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1 - 1 Surface and interface of biomaterials - Structure and effect from macro to nano Preface
Watari F
2 - 7 Characterization and fatigue damage of TiO2 layer on spark-anodized titanium before and after hot water treatment
Chen ZX, Wang WX, Takao Y, Matsubara T, Ren LM
8 - 12 Arrangement techniques of proteins and cells using amorphous calcium phosphate nanofiber scaffolds
Nonoyama T, Kinoshita T, Higuchi M, Nagata K, Tanaka M, Kamada M, Sato K, Kato K
13 - 18 Rapid and non-destructive analysis of metallic dental restorations using X-ray fluorescence spectra and light-element sampling tools
Furuhashi K, Uo M, Kitagawa Y, Watari F
19 - 23 Protein adsorption kinetics from single- and binary-solution
Barnthip N, Vogler EA
24 - 27 Carbon nanotube-coating accelerated cell adhesion and proliferation on poly (L-lactide)
Hirata E, Akasaka T, Uo M, Takita H, Watari F, Yokoyama A
28 - 33 Ionically crosslinked alginate-carboxymethyl cellulose beads for the delivery of protein therapeutics
Kim MS, Park SJ, Gu BK, Kim CH
34 - 38 Micro-arc oxidation treatment to improve the hard-tissue compatibility of Ti-29Nb-13Ta-4.6Zr alloy
Tsutsumi Y, Niinomi M, Nakai M, Tsutsumi H, Doi H, Nomura N, Hanawa T
39 - 44 Solvent-free formation of hydroxyapatite coated biodegradable particles via nanoparticle-stabilized emulsion route
Okada M, Fujii S, Nishimura T, Nakamura Y, Takeda S, Furuzono T
45 - 50 Surface properties of Al2O3-YSZ ceramic composites modified by a combination of biomimetic coatings and electric polarization
Nagai A, Ma CF, Kishi S, Inuzuka M, Nakamura M, Horiuchi N, Nishio K, Yamashita K
51 - 55 Surface structure and biocompatibility of demineralized dentin matrix granules soaked in a simulated body fluid
Akazawa T, Murata M, Hino J, Nagano F, Shigyo T, Nomura T, Inano H, Itabashi K, Yamagishi T, Nakamura K, Takahashi T, Iida S, Kashiwazaki H
56 - 59 The effect of enhancing the hydrophobicity of OMMT on the characteristics of PMMA/OMMT nanocomposites
Yamagata S, Hamba Y, Akasaka T, Ushijima N, Uo M, Iida J, Watari F
60 - 63 Effects of implantation of three-dimensional engineered bone tissue with a vascular-like structure on repair of bone defects
Nishi M, Matsumoto R, Dong J, Uemura T
64 - 68 Confocal laser scanning microscopy in study of bone calcification
Nishikawa T, Kokubu M, Kato H, Imai K, Tanaka A
69 - 75 Characterization of silica particles prepared via urease-catalyzed urea hydrolysis and activity of urease in sol-gel silica matrix
Kato K, Nishida M, Ito K, Tomita M
76 - 80 Synthesis and antibacterial properties of water-dispersible silver nanoparticles stabilized by metal-carbon sigma-bonds
Kawai K, Narushima T, Kaneko K, Kawakami H, Matsumoto M, Hyono A, Nishihara H, Yonezawa T
81 - 88 A comparative biomechanical study of bone ingrowth in two porous hydroxyapatite bioceramics
Ren LM, Todo M, Arahira T, Yoshikawa H, Myoui A
89 - 94 Characterization and morphology analysis of degradable poly(L-lactide) film in in-vitro gastric juice incubation
Chang HM, Huang CC, Tsai HC, Imae T, Hong PD
95 - 101 Thermo-responsive wound dressings by grafting chitosan and poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) to plasma-induced graft polymerization modified non-woven fabrics
Chen JP, Kuo CY, Lee WL
102 - 106 The effects of general anesthetics on ESR spectra of spin labels in phosphatidylcholine vesicles containing purified Na,K-ATPase or microsomal protein
Shibuya M, Hiraoki T, Kimura K, Fukushima K, Suzuki K
107 - 109 Surface characteristics and osteoblastic cell response to titanium-8tantalum-3neobium alloy
Cui DZ, Park KD, Lee KK, Jung YS, Lee BA, Lee YJ, Kim OS, Chung HJ, Kim YJ
110 - 113 Fabrication of carbon nanotubes/hydroxyapatite nanocomposites via an in situ process
Lu XY, Zhang NY, Wei L, Wei JW, Deng QY, Lu X, Duan K, Weng J
114 - 119 Integrating sol-gel with cold plasmas modified porous polycaprolactone membranes for the drug-release of silver-sulfadiazine and ketoprofen
Mangindaan D, Chen CT, Wang MJ
120 - 124 Phytotoxicity of multi-walled carbon nanotubes assessed by selected plant species in the seedling stage
Begum P, Ikhtiari R, Fugetsu B, Matsuoka M, Akasaka T, Watari F
125 - 128 Investigation of biodistribution behavior of platinum particles in mice: Correlation between inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy and X-ray scanning analytical microscopy
Abe S, Koyama C, Mutoh M, Akasaka T, Uo M, Watari F
129 - 133 Self-assembly of gold nanoparticles on a single crystalline sapphire substrate
Takahashi H, Shirahata N, Narushima T, Yonezawa T
134 - 139 Induction of classical activation of macrophage in vitro by water soluble chitin
Jeon DW, Ahn WS, You SJ, Chae GT, Shim YB, Chun HJ
140 - 145 Effect of nano-hydroxyapatite on bone morphogenetic protein-2-induced hard tissue formation and dentin resorption on a dentin surface
Tamagawa H, Tenkumo T, Sugaya T, Kawanami M
146 - 152 Instrumental studies on silicone oil adsorption to the surface of intraocular lenses
Kim CH, Joo CK, Chun HJ, Yoo BR, Noh DI, Shim YB
153 - 155 Thermodynamic aspects of calcium binding by poly(alpha-L-guluronate) chains. A molecular simulation study
Plazinski W, Drach M
156 - 158 Deposition of TiC film on titanium for abrasion resistant implant material by ion-enhanced triode plasma CVD
Zhu YH, Wang W, Jia XY, Akasaka T, Liao S, Watari F
159 - 162 Choice of biomaterials-Do soft occlusal splints influence jaw-muscle activity during sleep? A preliminary report
Arima T, Takeuchi T, Tomonaga A, Yachida W, Ohata N, Svensson P
163 - 167 Ti-6Al-4V alloy surface modification for medical applications
Fojt J
168 - 175 Study on drug release of and biological response to UHMWPE wear debris carrying estradiol
Qu SX, Liu AQ, Liu XM, Bai YL, Weng J
176 - 183 Preparation and characterization of hydroxyapatite/gelatin composite membranes for immunoisolation
Chen JP, Chang FN
184 - 187 Aggregation mechanism of Pd nanoparticles in L-cysteine aqueous solution studied by NEXAFS and AFM
Tsukada C, Ogawa S, Mizutani T, Kutluk G, Namatame H, Taniguchi M, Yagi S
188 - 193 Repair of segmental bone defects with bone marrow and BMP-2 adenovirus in the rabbit radius
Cheng LJ, Lu XF, Shi YJ, Li L, Xue J, Zhang L, Xia J, Wang YJ, Zhang XD, Bu H
194 - 199 Carbon nanotubes/hydroxyapatite nanocomposites fabricated by spark plasma sintering for bonegraft applications
Wang W, Zhu YH, Watari F, Liao S, Yokoyama A, Omori M, Ai HJ, Cui FZ
200 - 206 Ectopic bone formation cannot occur by hydroxyapatite/beta-tricalcium phosphate bioceramics in green fluorescent protein chimeric mice
Cheng LJ, Duan X, Xiang Z, Shi YJ, Lu XF, Ye F, Bu H
207 - 211 Preliminary study on the effect of wear process on drug release of ALN-loaded UHMWPE
Yang D, Qu SX, Lin SZ, Huang J, Fu R, Zhou ZR
212 - 217 Preparation of Ag nanoparticle dispersed silk fibroin compact
Yu WD, Kuzuya T, Hirai S, Tamada Y, Sawada K, Iwasa T
218 - 221 Porous chitosan scaffold cross-linked by chemical and natural procedure applied to investigate cell regeneration
Yao CK, Liao JD, Chung CW, Sung WI, Chang NJ
222 - 226 Quantitative analysis on orientation of human bone integrated with midpalatal implant by micro X-ray diffractometer
Murata M, Akazawa T, Yuasa T, Okayama M, Tazaki J, Hanawa T, Arisue M, Mizoguchi I
227 - 230 Preparation of foam-like carbon nanotubes/hydroxyapatite composite scaffolds with superparamagnetic properties
Lu XY, Qiu T, Wang XF, Zhang M, Gao XL, Li RX, Lu X, Weng J
231 - 233 Adsorption behavior of L-cysteine on Ag nanoparticles under water environment studied by S K-edge NEXAFS
Tsukada C, Yagi S, Nomoto T, Mizutani T, Ogawa S, Nameki H, Nakanishi Y, Kutluk G, Namatame H, Taniguchi M
234 - 239 The effect of porosity on barrier properties of DLC layers for dental implants
Joska L, Fojt J
240 - 247 Enhanced compatibility of chemically modified titanium surface with periodontal ligament cells
Kado T, Hidaka T, Aita H, Endo K, Furuichi Y
248 - 252 Morphology, size distribution and elemental composition of several dental debris
Abe S, Iwadera N, Esaki M, Aoyama KI, Akasaka T, Uo M, Morita M, Yawaka Y, Watari F
253 - 257 SEM observation and wettability of variously processed and fractured surface of dental zirconia
Tarumi N, Uo M, Yamaga E, Watari F
258 - 262 A useful and non-invasive microanalysis method for dental restoration materials
Hosoki M, Satsuma T, Nishigawa K, Takeuchi H, Asaoka K
263 - 266 Novel low temperature processing techniques for apatite ceramics and chitosan polymer composite bulk materials and its mechanical properties
Onoki T, Nakahira A, Tago T, Hasegawa Y, Kuno T