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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Improvement in antibacterial properties of Ti by electrodeposition of biomimetic Ca-P apatite coat on anodized titania
El-Rabb SMFG, Fadl-allah SA, Montser AA
8 - 13 Improved performance of dye-sensitized solar cells: An TiO2-nano-SiO2 hybrid photoanode with post-treatment of TiCl4 aqueous solution
Liu L, Niu HH, Zhang SW, Wan L, Miao SD, Xu JZ
14 - 20 Immobilization of Tin (IV) molybdophosphate onto mesoporous silica SBA-15 and its application on strontium removal from aqueous solution
Aghayan H, Mahjoub AR, Khanchi AR
21 - 24 Cathodoluminescence of Cr-doped diamond-like carbon film by filtered cathodic vacuum arc plasma
Huang MW, Jao JY, Lin CC, Hsieh WJ, Yang YH, Cheng LS, Shieu FS, Shih HC
25 - 30 Osteoblast growth behavior on porous-structure titanium surface
Tian Y, Ding SY, Peng H, Lu SM, Wang GP, Xia L, Wang PZ
31 - 36 Preparation of porous monolayer film by immersing the stearic acid Langmuir-Blodgett monolayer on mica in salt solution
Wang S, Li YL, Zhao HL, Liang H, Liu B, Pan S
37 - 42 MAO-derived hydroxyapatite/TiO2 nanostructured multi-layer coatings on titanium substrate
Abbasi S, Golestani-Fard F, Rezaie HR, Mirhosseini SMM
43 - 51 Oxygen plasma induced hydrophilicity of Parylene-C thin films
Trantidou T, Prodromakis T, Toumazou C
52 - 58 Cobalt doped antimony oxide nano-particles based chemical sensor and photo-catalyst for environmental pollutants
Jamal A, Rahman MM, Khan SB, Faisal M, Akhtar K, Rub MA, Asiri AM, Al-Youbi AO
59 - 67 Characteristics and corrosion studies of vanadate conversion coating formed on Mg-14 wt%Li-1 wt%Al-0.1 wt%Ce alloy
Ma YB, Li N, Li DY, Zhang ML, Huang XM
68 - 74 F-2-laser modification and patterning of silicone films
Syring A, Fricke-Begemann T, Ihlemann J
75 - 82 Porous structure and surface chemistry of phosphoric acid activated carbon from corncob
Sych NV, Trofymenko SI, Poddubnaya OI, Tsyba MM, Sapsay VI, Klymchuk DO, Puziy AM
83 - 87 The extremely narrow hysteresis width of phase transition in nanocrystalline VO2 thin films with the flake grain structures
Xu XF, He XF, Wang HY, Gu QJ, Shi SX, Xing HZ, Wang CR, Zhang J, Chen XS, Chu JH
88 - 91 Preferential growth of Si films on 6H-SiC(0001) C-face
Xie LF, Chen ZM, Li LB, Yang C, He XM, Ye N
92 - 100 Biodegradation behavior of micro-arc oxidized AZ31 magnesium alloys formed in two different electrolytes
Seyfoori A, Mirdamadi S, Khavandi A, Raufi ZS
101 - 109 Effect of ambient environment on excimer laser induced micro and nano-structuring of stainless steel
Umm-i-Kalsoom, Bashir S, Ali N, Akram M, Mahmood K, Ahmad R
110 - 117 Optimization of sputtering parameters for Sm-Co thin films using design of experiments
Ramana GV, Saravanan P, Kamat SV, Aparna Y
118 - 122 Preparation of Y2O3:Er,Yb nanoparticles by laser ablation in liquid
Nunokawa T, Onodera Y, Hara M, Kitamoto Y, Odawara O, Wada H
123 - 127 Near ultraviolet photodetector fabricated from polyvinyl-alcohol coated In2O3 nanoparticles
Shao DL, Qin LQ, Sawyer S
128 - 136 Impact of sintering temperature on the structural, electrical, and optical properties of doped ZnO nanoparticle-based discs
Sendi RK, Mahmud S
137 - 146 Exploring the critical dependence of adsorption of various dyes on the degradation rate using Ln(3+)-TiO2 surface under UV/solar light
Devi LG, Kumar SG
147 - 154 Influence of atmospheric pressure plasma treatment on surface properties of PBO fiber
Zhang RY, Pan XL, Jiang MW, Peng SJ, Qiu YP
155 - 158 Novel investigation on nanostructure Ni-P-Ag composite coatings
Alirezaei S, Vaghefi SMM, Urgen M, Saatchi A, Kazmanli K
159 - 165 Carbon spheres surface modification and dispersion in polymer matrix
Guo XM, Yang YZ, Zhao XX, Liu XG
166 - 173 An optimization analysis on electroless deposition of Al2O3/Cu core-shell nanostructures
Beygi H, Sajjadi SA, Zebarjad SM
174 - 181 Pre-ablation features formed by focusing a femtosecond laser beam with dual axicons to c-Si in vacuum
Odachi G, Hara K, Sakamoto R, Yagi T
182 - 188 Synthesis and characterization of calcium hydroxy and fluoroapatite functionalized with methyl phosphonic dichloride
Agougui H, Aissa A, Debbabi M
189 - 192 Preparation of Cu2ZnSnS4 film by sulfurizing solution deposited precursors
Gao C, Shen HL, Jiang F, Guan H
193 - 200 The anodizing behavior of aluminum in malonic acid solution and morphology of the anodic films
Ren JJ, Zuo Y
201 - 208 The effect of powder composition on the morphology of in situ TiC composite coating deposited by Laser-Assisted Powder Deposition (LAPD)
Emamian A, Corbin SF, Khajepour A
209 - 213 The effect of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy measurement on P(VDF-TrFE) copolymer thin films
Mandal D, Muller K, Henkel K, Schmeisser D
214 - 218 Adsorption of atomic oxygen on HfC and TaC (110) surface from first principles
Liu DL, Deng JG, Jin YZ, He C
219 - 222 Fabrication and electron field-emission of carbon nanofibers grown on silicon nanoporous pillar array
Wang HY, Wang YQ, Xue RZ, Kang LP, Li XJ
223 - 230 Enhancement of field emission and hydrophobic properties of silicon nanowires by chemical vapor deposited carbon nanoflakes coating
Banerjee D, Das NS, Chattopadhyay KK
231 - 236 Multifractal, structural, and optical properties of Mn-doped ZnO films
Ma CY, Wang WJ, Li SL, Miao CY, Zhang QY
237 - 241 Adsorption kinetics of 3-alkoxy-2-hydroxypropyl trimethyl ammonium chloride at oil-water interface
Wei XL, Wang XH, Liu J, Sun DZ, Yin BL, Wang XJ
242 - 246 Investigation of adsorption of polymers on metallic nanowires: A molecular dynamics study
Mirabbaszadeh K, Zaminpayma E
247 - 254 Preparation and surface characterization of activated carbons from Euphorbia rigida by chemical activation with ZnCl2, K2CO3, NaOH and H3PO4
Kilic M, Apaydin-Varol E, Putun AE
255 - 261 Study on silk anti-crease finishing with polycarboxyl-terminated trichlorotriazine derivatives by surface analysis methods
Liu XS, Xing TL, Xu DM, Chen GQ
262 - 267 Theoretical investigation of OCN- adsorption onto boron nitride nanotubes
Soltani A, Ahmadian N, Amirazami A, Masoodi A, Lemeski ET, Moradi AV
268 - 275 Study of ZnO:Al films for silicon thin film solar cells
Zhu H, Hupkes J, Bunte E, Huang SM
276 - 286 Study on the bonding strength between calcium phosphate/chitosan composite coatings and a Mg alloy substrate
Zhang J, Dai CS, Wei J, Wen ZH
287 - 297 The role of formation of continues thermally grown oxide layer on the nanostructured NiCrAlY bond coat during thermal exposure in air
Daroonparvar M, Hussain MS, Yajid MAM
298 - 305 Fe3O4/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite as high performance anode for lithium ion batteries
Zhang M, Jia MQ, Jin YH
306 - 311 Electrochemical performance and safety features of high-safety lithium ion battery using novel branched additive for internal short protection
Li YH, Lee ML, Wang FM, Yang CR, Chu PPJ, Yau SL, Pan JP
312 - 319 Preparation and bioactivity of TiO2 nanotube arrays containing calcium and phosphorus
Xiao XF, Liang JH, Tang HZ, Yang XJ, Liu RF, Chen YR
320 - 326 Optimization of electrospun TSF nanofiber alignment and diameter to promote growth and migration of mesenchymal stem cells
Qu J, Zhou DD, Xu XJ, Zhang F, He LH, Ye R, Zhu ZY, Zuo BQ, Zhang HX
327 - 331 Structural phototransformation of WO3 thin films detected by photoacoustic analysis
Pacheco AP, de Oca COM, Castaneda-Guzman R, Garcia AE
332 - 336 Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles by pulsed laser ablation
Franzel L, Bertino MF, Huba ZJ, Carpenter EE
337 - 342 Biocompatibility of the micro-patterned NiTi surface produced by femtosecond laser
Liang CY, Wang HS, Yang JJ, Li B, Yang Y, Li HP
343 - 352 Preparation of highly porous TiO2 nanofibers for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) by electro-spinning
Jung WH, Kwak NS, Hwang TS, Yi KB
353 - 359 Properties of different temperature annealed Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 and Cu(In,Ga)(2)Se-3.5 films prepared by RF sputtering
Yu Z, Liu L, Yan Y, Zhang YX, Li SS, Yan CP, Zhang Y, Zhao Y
360 - 363 Transparent Al-doped ZnO anodes in organic light-emitting diodes investigated using a hole-only device
Tseng ZL, Kao PC, Yang CS, Juang YD, Chu SY
364 - 368 Crystallization behavior of MgB2 films fabricated on copper cathodes via electrochemical technique
Yang HZ, Sun XG, Yu XM, Qi Y
369 - 374 In situ ATR-IR spectroscopy study of adsorbed protein: Visible light denaturation of bovine serum albumin on TiO2
Bouhekka A, Burgi T
375 - 384 Diverse 2D structures obtained by adsorption of charged ABA triblock copolymer on different surfaces
Kontturi KS, Vesterinen AH, Seppala J, Laine J
385 - 389 Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of comb-like CdS nanobelt/ZnO nanorod heterostructures
Lan CY, Gong JF, Liu CM
390 - 395 Rhenium coating prepared on carbon substrate by chemical vapor deposition
Tong YG, Bai SX, Zhang H, Ye YC
396 - 404 Effect of relative humidity constraint on the metal exchanged montmorillonite performance: An XRD profile modeling approach
Oueslati W, Ben Rhaiem H, Amara ABH
405 - 410 Influence of simultaneous doping of Cd and F on certain physical properties of ZnO nanopowders synthesized via a simple soft chemical route
Ravichandran K, Saravanakumar K, Chandramohan R, Nandhakumar V
411 - 414 Effect of QPQ nitriding time on wear and corrosion behavior of 45 carbon steel
Cai W, Meng FN, Gao XY, Hu J
415 - 421 Comparison studies of surface cleaning methods for PAN-based carbon fibers with acetone, supercritical acetone and subcritical alkali aqueous solutions
Meng LH, Fan DP, Huang YD, Jiang ZX, Zhang CH
422 - 430 The effect of ion implantation on the oxidation resistance of vacuum plasma sprayed CoNiCrAlY coatings
Jiang J, Zhao HY, Zhou XM, Tao SY, Ding CX
431 - 435 Adsorption of 2,6-di-t-butyl-p-hydroxytoluene (BHT) on gold nanoparticles: Assignment and interpretation of surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Sun YY, Xie YF, Wang HY, Qian H, Yao WR
436 - 440 Preparation of flexible BOPP/SiOx/TiO2 multilayer film for photodegradation of organic contamination
Zhao CW, Yao XL, Ma YH, Yuan PF, Yang WT
441 - 446 Anti-adhesion treatment for nanoimprint stamps using atmospheric pressure plasma CVD (APPCVD)
Wu CL, Yang CY, An TP, Lin JW, Sung CK
447 - 453 Preparation and characterization of TaNbTiW multi-element alloy films
Feng XG, Tang GZ, Gu L, Ma XX, Sun MR, Wang LQ
454 - 457 Phase and morphological transformations of GaS single crystal surface by thermal treatment
Filippo E, Siciliano T, Genga A, Micocci G, Siciliano M, Tepore A
458 - 463 Surface modification of the patterned Al6061/SUS304 metal plates using the large electron beam
Kim DM, Kim J, Park SS, Park HW, Ki H
464 - 469 Investigation of shadow effect in laser-focused atomic deposition
Deng X, Ma Y, Zhang PP, Zhang WJ, Chen S, Xiao SW, Li TB
470 - 472 One-step process to fabrication of transparent superhydrophobic SiO2 paper
Li J, Wan HQ, Ye YP, Zhou HD, Chen JM
473 - 480 Influence of the carbon fiber surface microstructure on the surface chemistry generated by a thermo-chemical surface treatment
Vautard F, Ozcan S, Paulauskas F, Spruiell JE, Meyer H, Lance MJ
481 - 487 Structural, optical and chemical characterization of Rhodamine (B) doped poly (vinyl) alcohol films
Tripathi J, Keller JM, Das K, Tripathi S, Fatima A, Shripathi T
488 - 492 Irradiation of the graphite-like carbon films by ns-laser pulse
Marcinauskas L, Grigonis A, Valatkevicius P, Medvid A
493 - 498 Characterization and electrochemical properties of Ni(Si)/Ni5Si2 multiphase coatings prepared by HVOF spraying
Verdian MM, Raeissi K, Salehi M
499 - 503 Functionalization of electrospun beta-cyclodextrin/polyacrylonitrile (PAN) with silver nanoparticles: Broad-spectrum antibacterial property
Wang S, Bai J, Li CP, Zhang JB
504 - 509 Preparation and characterization of Fe3O4/graphene nanocomposite and investigation of its adsorption performance for aniline and p-chloroaniline
Chang YP, Ren CL, Qu JC, Chen XG
510 - 514 Preparation and characterization of Sb2Se3 thin films by electrodeposition and annealing treatment
Lai YQ, Chen ZW, Han C, Jiang LX, Liu FY, Li J, Liu YX
515 - 519 Molten salt synthesis and characterization of Li4Ti5-xMnxO12 (x=0.0, 0.05 and 0.1) as anodes for Li-ion batteries
Nithya VD, Selvan RK, Vediappan K, Sharmila S, Lee CW
520 - 527 A comparative study on wear behavior of TiN and diamond coated WC-Co substrates against hypereutectic Al-Si alloys
Chakravarthy GV, Chandran M, Bhattacharya SS, Rao MSR, Kamaraj M
528 - 535 Manipulating poly(lactic acid) surface morphology by solvent-induced crystallization
Gao J, Duan LY, Yang GH, Zhang Q, Yang MB, Fu Q
536 - 546 Biocorrosion behavior and cell viability of adhesive polymer coated magnesium based alloys for medical implants
Abdal-Hay A, Dewidar M, Lim JK
547 - 553 Fractal and multifractal analysis of LiF thin film surface
Yadav RP, Dwivedi S, Mittal AK, Kumar M, Pandey AC
554 - 560 Inkjet printing of silver citrate conductive ink on PET substrate
Nie XL, Wang H, Zou J
561 - 566 A facile method to fabricate superhydrophobic cotton fabrics
Zhang M, Wang SL, Wang CY, Li J
567 - 573 Effects of minor elements in Al alloy on zincate pretreatment
Egoshi S, Azumi K, Konno H, Ebihara K, Taguchi Y
574 - 583 Sulfonated mesoporous silica-carbon composites and their use as solid acid catalysts
Valle-Vigon P, Sevilla M, Fuertes AB
584 - 592 Composition versus friction and wear behavior of plasma sprayed WC-(W,Cr)(2)C-Ni/Ag/BaF2-CaF2 self-lubricating composite coatings for use up to 600 degrees C
Chen JM, Hou GL, Chen J, An YL, Zhou HD, Zhao XQ, Yang J
593 - 597 Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic activities of ZrWMoO8/Ag composites with core-shell structure
Liu QQ, Sun S, Li HH, Yang XF, Shen H, Cheng XN, Dong SB
598 - 604 Chemical and biochemical activities of sonochemically synthesized poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide)/silica nanocomposite
Chowdhury P, Saha SK, Guha A, Saha SK
605 - 609 Hot spots engineering in hierarchical silver nanocap array for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Wang J, Huang LQ, Zhai LP, Yuan L, Zhao LH, Zhang WW, Shan DZ, Hao AW, Feng XH, Zhu J
610 - 615 Effect of the nanoscratch resistance of indium nitride thin films in the etching duration
Hsu WN, Shih TS
616 - 622 The study of palladium ions incorporation into the mesoporous ordered silicates
Zienkiewicz-Strzalka M, Pikus S
623 - 627 Synthesis of PbSO4 crystals by hydrogel template on postprocessing strategy for secondary pollution
Han B, Xie AJ, Yu QB, Huang FZ, Shen YH, Zhu L
628 - 632 Facile approach in fabricating superhydrophobic SiO2/polymer nanocomposite coating
Chen HZ, Zhang X, Zhang PY, Zhang ZJ
633 - 639 Effects of ultrathin layers on the growth of vertically aligned wurtzite ZnO nanostructures on perovskite single-crystal substrates
Liang YC, Hu CY, Zhong H
640 - 646 Can methanol be synthesized from CO by direct hydrogenation over Cu/ZnO catalysts?
Zuo ZJ, Han PD, Li Z, Hu JS, Huang W
647 - 652 Peculiarities of iron-containing microplasma coating deposition on aluminum in homogeneous electrolyte
Rogov AB, Slonova AI, Shayapov VR
653 - 658 Photoluminescence and reflectivity of polymethylmethacrylate implanted by low-energy carbon ions at high fluences
Wang J, Zhu F, Zhang B, Liu HX, Jia GY, Liu CL
659 - 664 Density functional study of adsorption properties of NO and NH3 over CuO/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst
Cao F, Su S, Xiang J, Sun LS, Hu S, Zhao QS, Wang PY, Lei SY
665 - 670 The preparation and cathodoluminescence of ZnS nanowires grown by chemical vapor deposition
Huang MW, Cheng YW, Pan KY, Chang CC, Shieu FS, Shih HC
671 - 678 Characterization of Pd catalyst-electrodes deposited on YSZ: Influence of the preparation technique and the presence of a ceria interlayer
Jimenez-Borja C, Matei F, Dorado F, Valverde JL
679 - 689 Polishing and local planarization of plastic spherical capsules using tumble finishing
Suratwala TI, Steele WA, Feit MD, Moreno K, Stadermann M, Fair J, Chen K, Nikroo A, Youngblood K, Wu K
690 - 696 Growth and properties of Cu thin film deposited on Si(001) substrate: A molecular dynamics simulation study
Zhang J, Liu C, Shu YH, Fan J
697 - 704 Pt-decorated graphene as superior media for H2S adsorption: A first-principles study
Ganji MD, Sharifi N, Ardjmand M, Ahangari MG
705 - 707 Femtosecond laser ablation of wide band-gap materials
Takayama H, Maruyama T
708 - 716 Carbon dioxide adsorption on polyacrylamide-impregnated silica gel and breakthrough modeling
Zhao Y, Shen YM, Bai L, Ni SQ
717 - 721 TEA-assisted synthesis of single-crystalline Mn3O4 octahedrons and their magnetic properties
Li L, Liang J, Kang H, Fang JZ, Luo M, Jin XY
722 - 726 An alternative approach for femtosecond laser induced black silicon in ambient air
Ma YC, Ren H, Si JH, Sun XH, Shi HT, Chen T, Chen F, Hou X
727 - 729 Phase transition in sputtered HfO2 thin films: A qualitative Raman study
Belo GS, Nakagomi F, Minko A, da Silva SW, Morais PC, Buchanan DA
730 - 734 Sunlight-initiated self-assembly of cyclodextrin networks
Han S, Yoon S, Nichols WT
735 - 741 Characterisation of samarium and nitrogen co-doped TiO2 films prepared by chemical spray pyrolysis
Acik IO, Kiisk V, Krunks M, Sildos I, Junolainen A, Danilson M, Mere A, Mikli V
742 - 748 A simple surface treatment and characterization of AA 6061 aluminum alloy surface for adhesive bonding applications
Saleema N, Sarkar DK, Paynter RW, Gallant D, Eskandarian M
749 - 752 Titanium nitride thin film as an adhesion layer for surface plasmon resonance sensor chips
Kim WM, Kim SH, Lee KS, Lee TS, Kim IH
753 - 758 Green synthesis of graphene/Ag nanocomposites
Yuan WH, Gu YJ, Li L
759 - 763 Facile synthesis of ZnO micro-nanostructures with controllable morphology and their applications in dye-sensitized solar cells
Zhou Y, Li D, Zhang XC, Chen JL, Zhang SY
764 - 769 Fabrication of coral-like superhydrophobic coating on filter paper for water-oil separation
Zhang M, Wang CY, Wang SL, Shi YL, Li J
770 - 773 Fabrication of Gd2O3 nanofibers by electrospinning technique using PVA as a structure directing template
Thangappan R, Kalaiselvam S, Elayaperumal A, Jayavel R
774 - 782 Characterization and mechanical properties of coatings on magnesium by micro arc oxidation
Durdu S, Usta M
783 - 788 Extruded expanded polystyrene sheets coated by TiO2 as new photocatalytic materials for foodstuffs packaging
Loddo V, Marci G, Palmisano G, Yurdakal S, Brazzoli M, Garavaglia L, Palmisano L
789 - 799 Effect of nickel incorporation on microstructural and optical properties of electrodeposited diamond like carbon (DLC) thin films
Pandey B, Pal PP, Bera S, Ray SK, Kar AK
800 - 806 Cyclic oxidation behavior of plasma surface chromising coating on titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V
Wei DB, Zhang PZ, Yao ZJ, Zhou JT, Wei XF, Zhou P
807 - 814 Surface studies on superhydrophobic and oleophobic polydimethylsiloxane-silica nanocomposite coating system
Basu BJ, Kumar VD, Anandan C
815 - 823 Influence of the substrate and nitrogen amount on the microstructural and optical properties of thin r.f.-sputtered ZnO films treated by rapid thermal annealing
Nicolescu M, Anastasescu M, Preda S, Stroescu H, Stoica M, Teodorescu VS, Aperathitis E, Kampylafka V, Modreanu M, Zaharescu M, Gartner M
824 - 829 Experimental characterizations of non-seizing solutions for plastic moulding tools
Jacquet P, Golabczak M, Lourdin P
830 - 834 Synthesis and luminescence properties of ZnGa2O4 spinel doped with Co2+ and Eu3+ ions
Duan XL, Yu FP, Wu YC
835 - 841 Photocatalytic activity and characterization of sol-gel-derived Ni-doped TiO2-coated active carbon composites
Bhosale RR, Pujari SR, Lande MK, Arbad BR, Pawar SB, Gambhire AB
842 - 850 Surface modifications on InAs decrease indium and arsenic leaching under physiological conditions
Jewett SA, Yoder JA, Ivanisevic A
851 - 856 Die-casting effect on surface characteristics of thin-walled AZ91D magnesium components
Hu LF, Chen SP, Miao Y, Meng QS
857 - 862 Zinc oxide (ZnO) grown on sapphire substrate using dual-plasma-enhanced metal organic vapor deposition (DPEMOCVD) and its application
Lei PH, Wu HM, Hsu CM, Lee YC
863 - 867 Investigation on hydrophobic films from a hydrophobic powder
Zhu LQ, Hao GF, Chen Y, Chen YZ
868 - 872 Graphitization of boron predeposited 6H-SiC(0001) surface
Okonogi Y, Aoki Y, Hirayama H
873 - 879 Magic size effects of small Cu clusters diffusion on Ag(111) surface
Wang CQ, Wang F, Zhang YS, Sun Q, Jia Y
880 - 889 Photo selective protein immobilization using bovine serum albumin
Kim WJ, Kim A, Huh C, Park CW, Ah CS, Kim BK, Yang JH, Chung KH, Choi YH, Hong J, Sung GY
890 - 895 Enhanced ethanol sensing properties of Zn-doped SnO2 porous hollow microspheres
Wang WC, Tian YT, Li XJ, Wang XC, He H, Xu YR, He C
896 - 901 Amorphous structure evolution of high power diode laser cladded Fe-Co-B-Si-Nb coatings
Zhu YY, Li ZG, Huang J, Li M, Li RF, Wu YX
902 - 907 Adsorption properties and mechanism of mesoporous adsorbents prepared with fly ash for removal of Cu(II) in aqueous solution
Wu XW, Ma HW, Zhang LT, Wang FJ
908 - 915 Solid-state densification of spun-cast self-assembled monolayers for use in ultra-thin hybrid dielectrics
Hutchins DO, Acton O, Weidner T, Cernetic N, Baio JE, Castner DG, Ma H, Jen AKY