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Applied Surface Science, Vol.259 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Investigation on the paraffin prevention performance of lanthanum-modified zinc powder
Wang ZW, Zhu LQ, Liu HC, Li WP
7 - 12 Photoreactive mesoporous carbon/Bi2WO6 composites: Synthesis and reactivity
Chen SH, Yin Z, Luo SL, Li XJ, Yang LX, Deng F
13 - 20 The numerical analysis of the spherical carbon adsorbents obtained from ion-exchange resins in one-step steam pyrolysis
Kwiatkowski M, Wisniewski M, Rychlicki G
21 - 28 Facile thermal explosion synthesis and optical properties of Al-doped flatted 3C-SiC microcrystals with 4H-SiC quantum interlayers
Li Y, Li JT, Chen CX, Yang ZC, Yang Y, Lin ZM
29 - 33 Effect of heterogeneous interface on the microwave dielectric properties of Ca(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3/CaTiO3 thin films
Zhou J, Li RR, Li R, Chen W
34 - 38 RHEED study of the growth of cerium oxide on Cu(111)
Masek K, Beran J, Matolin V
39 - 43 Chemical synthesis of spinel cobalt ferrite (CoFe2O4) nano-flakes for supercapacitor application
Kumbhar VS, Jagadale AD, Shinde NM, Lokhande CD
44 - 48 Arrays of nanostructured antidot in Ni80Fe20 magnetic thin films by photolithography of polystyrene nanospheres
Tibertoa P, Boarino L, Celegato F, Barrera G, De Leo N, Coisson M, Vinai F, Allia P
49 - 54 Raman and NMR studies of aged LiFePO4 cathode
Nagpure SC, Bhushan B, Babu SS
55 - 58 Sorbitol as an efficient reducing agent for laser-induced copper deposition
Kochemirovsky VA, Logunov LS, Safonov SV, Tumkin II, Tver'yanovich YS, Menchikov LG
59 - 65 c-axis orientation and piezoelectric coefficients of AlN thin films sputter-deposited on titanium bottom electrodes
Ababneh A, Alsumady M, Seidel H, Manzaneque T, Hernando-Garcia J, Sanchez-Rojas JL, Bittner A, Schmid U
66 - 71 Research on the effects of machining-induced subsurface damages on mono-crystalline silicon via molecular dynamics simulation
Zhao HW, Shi CL, Zhang P, Zhang L, Huang H, Yan JW
72 - 78 Effect of n-HA with different surface-modified on the properties of n-HA/PLGA composite
Jiang LY, Xiong CD, Chen DL, Jiang LX, Pang XB
79 - 82 Synthesis and field emission of beta-SiC nanowires on silicon nanoporous pillar array
Wang HY, Li ZJ, Kang LP, Li XJ
83 - 92 Mechanism analysis of improved DLC films friction behaviors with liquid sulfidation treatment
Zeng QF, Yu F, Dong GN, Mao JH
93 - 98 Surface properties of bionic micro-pillar arrays with various shapes of tips
Wang DP, Zhao AW, Jiang R, Li D, Zhang MF, Gan ZB, Tao WY, Guo HY, Mei T
99 - 104 Controllable electrochemical synthesis of ZnO nanorod arrays on flexible ITO/PET substrate and their structural and optical properties
Ko YH, Kim MS, Yu JS
105 - 109 Inductively coupled plasma etching to fabricate sensing window for polymer waveguide biosensor application
Wang XB, Meng J, Sun XQ, Yang TF, Sun J, Chen CM, Zheng CT, Zhang DM
110 - 117 Preparation of superhydrophobic and UV blocking cotton fabric via sol-gel method and self-assembly
Pan CY, Shen L, Shang SM, Xing YJ
118 - 123 Enhanced photocatalytic H-2-production activity of CdxZn1-xS nanocrystals by surface loading MS (M = Ni, Co, Cu) species
Wang J, Li B, Chen JZ, Li N, Zheng JF, Zhao JH, Zhu ZP
124 - 134 A statistical approach for the characterization of self-assembled hexagonal lattices
Pourfard M, Faez K
135 - 141 Changes in ionization potentials of MgO and CaO films upon heating in air and vacuum investigated by metastable de-excitation spectroscopy
Yoshino K, Morita Y, Nagatomi T, Terauchi M, Tsujita T, Doi Y, Nakayama T, Yamauchi Y, Nishitani M, Kitagawa M, Yamauchi Y, Takai Y
142 - 146 Preparation and characterization of gradient wettability surface depending on controlling Cu(OH)(2) nanoribbon arrays growth on copper substrate
Huang ZH, Zhang JR, Cheng J, Xu SP, Pi PH, Cai ZQ, Wen XF, Yang ZR
147 - 152 Enhanced tribology durability of a self-assembled monolayer of alkylphosphonic acid on a textured copper substrate
Wan Y, Wang YH, Zhang Q, Wang ZQ, Xu Z, Liu CS, Zhang JY
153 - 158 The effect of lizardite surface characteristics on pyrite flotation
Feng B, Feng QM, Lu YP
159 - 165 Preparation of nanosensors based on organic functionalized MWCNT for H2S detection
Mohammadzadeh F, Jahanshahi M, Rashidi AM
166 - 171 Atomic arrangement and magnetism of iron silicide on Fe(100) surface
Suzuki TT, Hishita S
172 - 177 Physical properties and surface/interface analysis of nanocrystalline WO3 films grown under variable oxygen gas flow rates
Vemuri RS, Carbjal-Franco G, Ferrer DA, Engelhard MH, Ramana CV
178 - 185 High-speed epitaxial growth of BaTi2O5 thick films and their in-plane orientations
Guo DY, Ito A, Tu R, Goto T
186 - 194 On the shot peening surface coverage and its assessment by means of finite element simulation: A critical review and some original developments
Bagherifard S, Ghelichi R, Guagliano M
195 - 200 Density functional study the interaction of oxygen molecule with defect sites of graphene
Qi XJ, Guo X, Zheng CG
201 - 207 Preparation and characterization of magnetic gene vectors for targeting gene delivery
Zheng SW, Liu G, Hong RY, Li HZ, Li YG, Wei DG
208 - 212 Anisotropic magnetization of epitaxial Ni nanogroove-arrays prepared by reduction of self-organized oxides
Matsuda A, Yamauchi R, Tan G, Nakai H, Koyama K, Sunakawa K, Kaneko S, Yoshimoto M
213 - 218 Annealing effects on the microstructure and magnetic domain structures of duplex stainless steel studied by in situ technique
Guo LQ, Zhao XM, Li M, Zhang WJ, Bai Y, Qiao LJ
219 - 224 Synthesis and characterization of platinum nanoparticles on carbon nanosheets with enhanced electrocatalytic activity toward methanol oxidation
Wang ZP, Shoji M, Ogata H
225 - 230 Local elasticity and adhesion of nanostructures on Drosophila melanogaster wing membrane studied using atomic force microscopy
Wagner R, Pittendrigh BR, Raman A
231 - 237 Pulse electrodeposition and characterization of nano Ni-W alloy deposits
Kumar KA, Kalaignan GP, Muralidharan VS
238 - 244 Effect of ammonium-salt solutions on the surface properties of carbon fibers in electrochemical anodic oxidation
Qian X, Wang XF, Ouyang Q, Chen YS, Yan Q
245 - 251 A mechanochemical approach to get stunningly uniform particles of magnesium-aluminum-layered double hydroxides
Zhang XQ, Qi FL, Li SP, Wei SH, Zhou JH
252 - 255 On the formation of surface gallium hydride species in supported gallium catalysts
Serykh AI
256 - 260 Effects of porous nano-structure on the metal-insulator transition in VO2 films
Xu YJ, Huang WX, Shi QW, Zhang Y, Zhang YB, Song LW, Zhang YX
261 - 269 Surface modification of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fabric via photo-chemical reaction of dimethylaminopropyl methacrylamide
Mohamed NH, Bahners T, Wego A, Gutmann JS, Ulbricht M
270 - 275 Characterization and hydrogen gas sensing properties of TiO2 thin films prepared by sol-gel method
Haidry AA, Puskelova J, Plecenik T, Durina P, Gregus J, Truchly M, Roch T, Zahoran M, Vargova M, Kus P, Plecenik A, Plesch G
276 - 282 Briefly brominated Ag thin films: XRD, FESEM, and optical studies of surface modification
Rajesh D, Sunandana CS
283 - 287 Influence of mechanical and chemical surface treatments on the formation of bone-like structure in cpTi for endosseous dental implants
Parsikia F, Amini P, Asgari S
288 - 293 Effect of surface modification on carbon fiber and its reinforced phenolic matrix composite
Yuan H, Wang CG, Zhang S, Lin X
294 - 300 Deformation behavior of the oxide film on the surface of cold sprayed powder particle
Yin S, Wang XF, Li WY, Liao HL, Jie HE
301 - 305 Enhanced spectral emissivity of CeO2 coating with cauliflower-like microstructure
Huang JP, Li YB, He XD, Song GP, Fan CL, Sun Y, Fei WD, Du SY
306 - 310 Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of single crystalline Cu-doped alpha-FeOOH nanowires
Shen NM, Xiang XM, She XC, Yang Y, Li YW
311 - 319 Titanium alloy nanosecond vs. femtosecond laser marking
Rusu S, Buzaianu A, Ionel L, Ursescu D, Galusca DG
320 - 323 Electronic resonance and photoemission study of nitrogen doped TiO2 rutile (110) single crystals
Takahashi I
324 - 330 Fabrication of anodic aluminum oxide with incorporated chromate ions
Stepniowski WJ, Norek M, Michalska-Domanska M, Bombalska A, Nowak-Stepniowska A, Kwasny M, Bojar Z
331 - 337 Tunable ion-swelling for nanopatterning of macroscopic surfaces: The role of proximity effects
Nagy N, Zolnai Z, Fulop E, Deak A, Barsony I
338 - 342 Measuring the adhesion of alumina coatings onto Fecralloy supports using a mechanical testing system
Adegbite SA
343 - 348 Reactive wetting of AgCuTi filler metal on the TiAl-based alloy substrate
Li YL, Liu W, Sekulic DP, He P
349 - 355 Environmental remediation and superhydrophilicity of ultrafine antibacterial tungsten oxide-based nanofibers under visible light source
Srisitthiratkul C, Yaipimai W, Intasanta V
356 - 361 Phosphoric chemical conversion coating with excellent wax-repellent performance
Guo YZ, Li WP, Zhu LQ, Wang ZW, Liu HC
362 - 366 High-compactness coating grown by plasma electrolytic oxidation on AZ31 magnesium alloy in the solution of silicate-borax
Shen MJ, Wang XJ, Zhang MF
367 - 370 FT-IR spectroscopic and thermodynamic study on the adsorption of carbon dioxide and dinitrogen in the alkaline zeolite K-L
Arean CO, Bibiloni GF, Delgado MR
371 - 375 The chemical characterization and reflectivity of the Al(1.0%wtSi)/Zr periodic multilayer
Zhong Q, Zhang Z, Zhu JT, Wang ZS, Jonnard P, Le Guen K, Andre JM
376 - 384 Adsorption and release of amino acids mixture onto apatitic calcium phosphates analogous to bone mineral
El Rhilassi A, Mourabet M, El Boujaady H, Bennani-Ziatni M, El Hamri R, Taitai A
385 - 392 Angle resolved XPS of monomolecular layer of 5-chlorobenzotriazole on oxidized metallic surface
Kazansky IP, Selyaninov IA, Kuznetsov YI
393 - 398 The effects of ZnO layer and annealing temperature on the structure, optical and film-substrate cohesion properties of SiGe thin films prepared by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Liu JS, Li ZQ, Zhu KJ, He MX, Cong MQ, Zhang S, Peng J, Liu YN
399 - 405 Comparative study of the ZnO and Zn1-xCdxO nanorod emitters hydrothermally synthesized and electrodeposited on p-GaN
Lupan O, Pauporte T, Chow L, Chai G, Viana B, Ursaki VV, Monaico E, Tiginyanu IM
406 - 415 Ultra-fast photo-patterning of hydroxamic acid layers adsorbed on TiAlN: The challenge of modeling thermally induced desorption
Hemgesberg M, Schutz S, Muller C, Schlorholz M, Latzel H, Sun Y, Ziegler C, Thiel WR
416 - 423 Characterization of a poly(ether urethane)-based controlled release membrane system for delivery of ketoprofen
Macocinschi D, Filip D, Vlad S, Oprea AM, Gafitanu CA
424 - 432 Hydrophilic property of 316L stainless steel after treatment by atmospheric pressure corona streamer plasma using surface-sensitive analyses
Al-Hamarneh I, Pedrow P, Eskhan A, Abu-Lail N
433 - 440 Uranium (VI) sorption by multiwalled carbon nanotubes from aqueous solution
Fasfous II, Dawoud JN
441 - 447 Decoration of BiOI quantum size nanoparticles with reduced graphene oxide in enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic studies
Liu Z, Xu WC, Fang JZ, Xu XX, Wu SX, Zhu XM, Chen ZH
448 - 453 Effects of negative substrate bias voltage on the structure and properties of aluminum oxide films prepared by DC reactive magnetron sputtering
Tang XF, Luo F, Ou F, Zhou WC, Zhu DM, Huang ZB
454 - 459 Effect of Ar bubbling during plasma electrolytic oxidation of AZ31B magnesium alloy in silicate electrolyte
Lee J, Kim Y, Chung W
460 - 464 Optoelectronic properties of graphene oxide thin film processed by cost-effective route
Chowdhury FA, Morisaki T, Otsuki J, Alam MS
465 - 476 Solvent-free covalent functionalization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes and nanodiamond with diamines: Looking for cross-linking effects
Basiuk EV, Basiuk VA, Meza-Laguna V, Contreras-Torres FF, Martinez M, Rojas-Aguilar A, Salerno M, Zavala G, Falqui A, Brescia R
477 - 485 Structural investigation of nC-Si/SiOx:H thin films from He diluted (SiH4+CO2) plasma at low temperature
Samanta A, Das D
486 - 493 Preparation and electromagnetic properties of Polyaniline(polypyrrole)-BaFe12O19/Ni0.8Zn0.2Fe2O4 ferrite nanocomposites
Wang Y, Huang Y, Wang QF, He Q, Chen L
494 - 500 Surface modification of polyimide (PI) film using water cathode atmospheric pressure glow discharge plasma
Zheng PC, Liu KM, Wang JM, Dai Y, Yu B, Zhou XJ, Hao HG, Luo Y
501 - 507 Ultrasound assisted deposition of silica coatings on titanium
Kas R, Ertas FS, Birer O
508 - 514 Microstructural characterization and mechanical properties of nitrided layers on aluminum substrate prepared by nitrogen arc
Zheng XY, Ren ZA, Li X, Wang Y
515 - 523 Dropwise condensation rate of water breath figures on polymer surfaces having similar surface free energies
Ucar IO, Erbil HY
524 - 537 Influence of Li-doping on structural characteristics and photocatalytic activity of ZnO nano-powder formed in a novel solution pyro-hydrolysis route
Ganesh I, Sekhar PSC, Padmanabham G, Sundararajan G
538 - 541 Stability of FDTS monolayer coating on aluminum injection molding tools
Cech J, Taboryski R
542 - 546 Self-supporting superhydrophobic thin polymer sheets that mimic the nature's petal effect
Karaman M, Cabuk N, Ozyurt D, Koysuren O
547 - 556 Mixed matrix membranes with HF acid etched ZSM-5 for ethanol/water separation: Preparation and pervaporation performance
Zhan X, Lu J, Tan TT, Li JD
557 - 561 Photocatalytic properties of hierarchical ZnO flowers synthesized by a sucrose-assisted hydrothermal method
Lv W, Wei B, Xu LL, Zhao Y, Gao H, Liu J
562 - 565 Optimal Zn/O ratio in vapor phase for the synthesis of high quality ZnO tetrapod nanocrystals via thermal evaporation of Zn in Air
Lee GH
566 - 573 One-pot hydrothermal synthesis of a mesoporous SiO2-graphene hybrid with tunable surface area and pore size
Zhou X, Shi TJ
574 - 581 Size characterisation of noble-metal nano-crystals formed in sapphire by ion irradiation and subsequent thermal annealing
Mota-Santiago PE, Crespo-Sosa A, Jimenez-Hernandez JL, Silva-Pereyra HG, Reyes-Esqueda JA, Oliver A
582 - 589 Reactive sputtering of ZnO:Al thin films from rotatable dual metallic targets
Zhu H, Hupkes J, Bunte E, Huang SM
590 - 595 Electron backscatter diffraction analysis of ZnO:Al thin films
Garcia CB, Ariza E, Tavares CJ, Villechaise P
596 - 599 Effect of deposition temperature on the properties of Al-doped ZnO films prepared by pulsed DC magnetron sputtering for transparent electrodes in thin-film solar cells
Kim DS, Park JH, Shin BK, Moon KJ, Son M, Ham MH, Lee W, Myoung JM
600 - 609 Enhancement of photovoltaic characteristics of nanocrystalline 2,3-naphthalocyanine thin film-based organic devices
Farag AAM, Osiris WG, Ammar AH
610 - 615 A new ion exchange behavior of protonated titanate nanotubes after deprotonation and the study on their morphology and optical properties
Zhang HB, Cao LX, Liu W, Su G
616 - 623 Friction and wear properties of Ti6Al4V/WC-Co in cold atmospheric plasma jet
Xu WJ, Liu X, Song JL, Wu LB, Sun J
624 - 630 Effect of reaction time on the synthesis and electrochemical properties of Mn3O4 nanoparticles by microwave assisted reflux method
Sankar KV, Senthilkumar ST, Berchmans LJ, Sanjeeviraja C, Selvan RK
631 - 636 Quantum chemical study of fluorinated AlN nano-cage
Beheshtian J, Peyghan AA, Bagheri Z
637 - 642 A first-principles study of the SCN- chemisorption on the surface of AlN, AlP, and BP nanotubes
Soltani A, Taghartapeh MR, Mighani H, Pahlevani AA, Mashkoor R
643 - 649 Hydrothermal fabrication of hydroxyapatite on the PEG-grafted surface of wood from Chinese Glossy Privet
Wang N, Cai CJ, Cai DQ, Cheng JJ, Li SL, Wu ZY
650 - 656 Adsorption study of anionic reactive dye from aqueous solution to Mg-Fe-CO3 layered double hydroxide (LDH)
Ahmed IM, Gasser MS
657 - 663 Photocatalytic performance of cylindrical reactor inserted with UV light-emitting-diodes for purification of low-level toxic volatile organic compounds
Jo WK, Kang HJ
664 - 670 Synergy effect of naphthenic acid corrosion and sulfur corrosion in crude oil distillation unit
Huang BS, Yin WF, Sang DH, Jiang ZY
671 - 673 Citric acid-assisted hydrothermal synthesis and luminescence of monodisperse NdPO4 nanorods
Fan T, Lu JT
674 - 684 Microstructure and elevated-temperature erosion-oxidation behaviour of aluminized 9Cr-1Mo Steel
Huttunen-Saarivirta E, Honkanen M, Tsipas SA, Omar H, Tsipas D
685 - 690 Effect of propane/silane ratio on the growth of 3C-SiC thin films on Si(100) substrates by APCVD
Shi BA, Liu XC, Zhu MX, Yang JH, Shi EW
691 - 697 Pulsed DC discharge for synthesis of conjugated plasma polymerized aniline thin film
Barman T, Pal AR
698 - 704 Preparation high photocatalytic activity of CdS/halloysite nanotubes (HNTs) nanocomposites with hydrothermal method
Xing WN, Ni L, Huo PW, Lu ZY, Liu XL, Luo YY, Yan YS
705 - 710 Multiscaled hierarchical nanostructures for enhancing the conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon solar cells
Liu BF, Qiu SY, Hu RY, Liao YB, Chen N, Du GP
711 - 718 Formation and characterization of wear-resistant PEO coatings formed on beta-titanium alloy at different electrolyte temperatures
Habazaki H, Tsunekawa S, Tsuji E, Nakayama T
719 - 725 Synthesis and characterization of superhydrophobic and superparamagnetic film based on maghemite-polystyrene composite nanoparticles
Zhang LD, Liu WL, Xu WH, Yao JS, Zhao L, Wang XQ, Wu YZ
726 - 730 Influence of multi-hit capability on quantitative measurement of NiPtSi thin film with laser-assisted atom probe tomography
Kinno T, Akutsu H, Tomita M, Kawanaka S, Sonehara T, Hokazono A, Renaud L, Martin I, Benbalagh R, Salle B, Takeno S
731 - 739 Paper surfaces for metal nanoparticle inkjet printing
Ohlund T, Ortegren J, Forsberg S, Nilsson HE
740 - 746 Effect of UV laser irradiation on the hardness and structural parameters of AgxPd1-x (0.4 <= x <= 0.6) alloys
Butt MZ, Bashir F, Arooj S
747 - 753 Substrate-tilt angle effect on structural and optical properties of sputtered ZnO film
Pang HF, Zhang GA, Tang YL, Fu YQ, Wang LP, Zu XT, Placido F
754 - 757 Effect of atomic deuterium irradiation on initial growth of Sn and Ge1-xSnx on Ge(001) substrates
Shinoda T, Nakatsuka O, Shimura Y, Takeuchi S, Zaima S
758 - 763 A study of ZnO:B films for thin film silicon solar cells
Yin J, Zhu H, Wang Y, Wang Z, Gao J, Mai Y, Ma Y, Wan M, Huang Y
764 - 768 Preparation and anti-icing of superhydrophobic PVDF coating on a wind turbine blade
Peng CY, Xing SL, Yuan ZQ, Xiao JY, Wang CQ, Zeng JC
769 - 773 Electrostatic spray deposition of nanoporous CoO/Co composite thin films as anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Sun Y, Du C, Feng XY, Yu Y, Lieberwirth I, Chen CH
774 - 779 Hydrophobically modified sodium humate surfactant: Ultra-low interfacial tension at the oil/water interface
Zhang JM, Li G, Yang F, Xu N, Fan HX, Yuan T, Chen L
780 - 790 Numerical prediction of heat affected layer in the EDM of aeronautical alloys
Izquierdo B, Plaza S, Sanchez JA, Pombo I, Ortega N
791 - 798 Influence of the surface morphology on the early stages of Cu oxidation
Luo LL, Kang YH, Yang JC, Zhou GW
799 - 805 Bioactive glass-ceramic coating for enhancing the in vitro corrosion resistance of biodegradable Mg alloy
Ye XY, Cai S, Dou Y, Xu GH, Huang K, Ren MG, Wang XX
806 - 810 Room temperature pulsed laser deposited ZnO thin films as photoluminiscence gas sensors
Padilla-Rueda D, Vadillo JM, Laserna JJ
811 - 815 Magnetron sputtering SiC films on nickel photonic crystals with high emissivity for high temperature applications
Li ZY, Yang LL, Ge DT, Ding YB, Pan L, Zhao JP, Li Y
816 - 823 Effect of Zn content on the chemical conversion treatments of AZ91D magnesium alloy
Hu LF, Meng QS, Chen SP, Wang H
824 - 830 Preparation and tribological properties of water-soluble copper/silica nanocomposite as a water-based lubricant additive
Zhang CL, Zhang SM, Yu LG, Zhang ZJ, Wu ZS, Zhang PY
831 - 839 DRIFTS study of CO adsorption on praseodymium modified Pt/Al2O3
Tankov I, Cassinelli WH, Bueno JMC, Arishtirova K, Damyanova S
840 - 846 Air plasma processing of poly(methyl methacrylate) micro-beads: Surface characterisations
Liu CZ, Cui NY, Osbeck S, Liang H
847 - 852 Super-hydrophilic surfaces by photo-induced micro-folding
Bahners T, Prager L, Kriehn S, Gutmann JS
853 - 860 Impact of X-ray irradiation on PMMA thin films
Iqbal S, Rafique MS, Anjum S, Hayat A, Iqbal N
861 - 861 'Structural characteristics of mixed oxides MOx/SiO2 affecting photocatalytic decomposition of methylene blue' (vol 258, pg 6288, 2012)
Gun'ko VM, Blitz JP, Bandaranayake B, Pakhlov EM, Zarko VI, Sulym IY, Kulyk KS, Galaburda MV, Bogatyrev VM, Oranska OI, Borysenko MV, Leboda R, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Janusz W