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Applied Surface Science, Vol.258, No.8 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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3333 - 3339 Preparation of hybrid bimodal mesoporous silicas loaded with various capacity of 1,8-naphthalic anhydride and their luminescent properties
Li YZ, Sun JH, Zhang L, Gao L, Wu X
3340 - 3349 Synthesis of efficient TiO2-based photocatalysts by phosphate surface modification and the activity-enhanced mechanisms
Jing LQ, Qin X, Luan YB, Qu YC, Xie MZ
3350 - 3353 A threshold of Vo(+)/Vo(++) to room temperature ferromagnetism of hydrogenated Mn doped ZnO nanoparticles
Yuan K, Yu QX, Gao QQ, Wang J, Zhang XT
3354 - 3363 Fresnel absorption of 1 mu m- and 10 mu m-laser beams at the keyhole wall during laser beam welding: Comparison between smooth and wavy surfaces
Kaplan AFH
3364 - 3367 A DFT study the solvent effects of H-2 adsorption on Cu(h k l) surface
Zuo ZJ, Huang W, Han PD
3368 - 3372 Study on Fe-Al-Si in situ composite coating fabricated by laser cladding
Zhao LZ, Zhao MJ, Li DY, Zhang J, Xiong GY
3373 - 3377 Self-assembly growth and electron work function of copper phthalocyanine films on indium tin oxide glass
Xue MS, Jiang ZH, Li W, Bi GL, Ou JF, Wang FJ, Li CQ
3378 - 3385 Interaction of platelets, fibrinogen and endothelial cells with plasma deposited PEO-like films
Yang ZL, Wang J, Li X, Tu QF, Sun H, Huang N
3386 - 3392 TiO2 activation using acid-treated vermiculite as a support: Characteristics and photoreactivity
Jin L, Dai B
3393 - 3404 Resistivity of thin gold films on mica induced by electron-surface scattering: Application of quantitative scanning tunneling microscopy
Robles ME, Gonzalez-Fuentes CA, Henriquez R, Kremer G, Moraga L, Oyarzun S, Suarez MA, Flores M, Munoz RC
3405 - 3409 Enhancing the hydrogen storage capacity of Pd-functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Singh P, Kulkarni MV, Gokhale SP, Chikkali SH, Kulkarni CV
3410 - 3414 Metal-nanoparticle-induced crystallization of amorphous Ge film using ferritin
Uenuma M, Zheng B, Imazawa T, Horita M, Nishida T, Ishikawa Y, Watanabe H, Yamashita I, Uraoka Y
3415 - 3419 Correlation between bioactivity and structural properties of titanium dioxide coatings grown by atomic layer deposition
Grigal IP, Markeev AM, Gudkova SA, Chernikova AG, Mityaev AS, Alekhin AP
3420 - 3427 In vitro corrosion and biocompatibility study of phytic acid modified WE43 magnesium alloy
Ye CH, Zheng YF, Wang SQ, Xi TF, Li YD
3428 - 3432 Solvent-free synthesis of oxides for CuInSe2 thin films fabrication
Chen GL, Jiang GS, Liu WF, Chen XZ, Zhu CF
3433 - 3437 Enhancement of Ti-containing hydrogenated carbon (Ti-C:H) films by high-power plasma-sputtering
Gwo J, Chu CL, Tsai MJ, Lee S
3438 - 3443 Highly concentrated, stable nitrogen-doped graphene for supercapacitors: Simultaneous doping and reduction
Jiang BJ, Tian CG, Wang L, Sun L, Chen C, Nong XZ, Qiao YJ, Fu HG
3444 - 3449 Stability of La2O3 and GeO2 passivated Ge surfaces during ALD of ZrO2 high-k dielectric
Bethge O, Henkel C, Abermann S, Pozzovivo G, Stoeger-Pollach M, Werner WSM, Smoliner J, Bertagnolli E
3450 - 3454 Structural and electrical properties of AlN films deposited using reactive RF magnetron sputtering for solar concentrator application
Kale A, Brusa RS, Miotello A
3455 - 3461 Structural and electronic properties of cubic SrHfO3 surface: First-principles calculations
Liu QJ, Liu ZT, Chen JC, Feng LP, Tian H, Zeng W
3462 - 3468 Effect of oxyfluorination on gas sensing behavior of polyaniline-coated multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Yun J, Im JS, Kim HI, Lee YS
3469 - 3474 Preparation of continuous TiO2 fibers by sol-gel method and its photocatalytic degradation on formaldehyde
You Y, Zhang SY, Wan L, Xu DF
3475 - 3484 Comparative investigation of the c(2 x 2)-Si/Cu(0 1 1) and (root 3 x root 3)R30 degrees-Cu2Si/Cu(1 1 1) surface alloys using DFT
Shuttleworth IG
3485 - 3489 ZnO hedgehog-like structures for control cell cultivation
Neykova N, Broz A, Remes Z, Hruska K, Kalbacova M, Kromka A, Vanecek M
3490 - 3496 Surface sprouting growth of Na2Nb2O6 center dot H2O nanowires and fabrication of NaNbO3 nanostructures with controlled morphologies
Yu A, Qian JS, Liu L, Pan H, Zhou XF
3497 - 3501 Efficient fluorescence of dissolved CaF2:Tb3+ and CaF2:Ce3+, Tb3+ nanoparticles through surface coating sensitization
Song LM, Xue L
3502 - 3508 Fractal analysis and atomic force microscopy measurements of surface roughness for Hastelloy C276 substrates and amorphous alumina buffer layers in coated conductors
Feng F, Shi K, Xiao SZ, Zhang YY, Zhao ZJ, Wang Z, Wei JJ, Han Z
3509 - 3512 Migration of indium ions in amorphous indium-gallium-zinc-oxide thin film transistors
Kang J, Moon KJ, Lee TI, Lee W, Myoung JM
3513 - 3518 Chitosan hydrogel films as a template for mild biosynthesis of CdS quantum dots with highly efficient photocatalytic activity
Jiang R, Zhu HY, Yao J, Fu YQ, Guan YJ
3519 - 3523 Silver nanostructure arrays abundant in sub-5 nm gaps as highly Raman-enhancing substrates
Wang J, Huang LQ, Yuan L, Zhao LH, Feng XH, Zhang WW, Zhai LP, Zhu J
3524 - 3531 The role of poly(methacrylic acid) conformation on dispersion behavior of nano TiO2 powder
Singh BP, Nayak S, Samal S, Bhattacharjee S, Besra L
3532 - 3539 Investigation of the pore blockage of a Brazilian dolomite during the sulfation reaction
Avila I, Crnkovic PM, Milioli FE, Luo KH
3540 - 3551 Finite element simulation of stress distribution and development in 8YSZ and double-ceramic-layer La2Zr2O7/8YSZ thermal barrier coatings during thermal shock
Wang L, Wang Y, Zhang WQ, Sun XG, He JQ, Pan ZY, Wang CH
3552 - 3556 Thickness measurement of a thin hetero-oxide film with an interfacial oxide layer by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Kim KJ, Lee SM, Jang JS, Moret M
3557 - 3564 Studies on wettability, mechanical and tribological properties of the polyurethane composites filled with talc
Zhao G, Wang TM, Wang QH
3565 - 3570 Effect of growth pressure on the morphology evolution and doping characteristics in nonpolar a-plane GaN
Song KM, Kim JM, Kang BK, Shin CS, Ko CG, Kong BH, Cho HK, Yoon DH, Kim H, Hwang SM
3571 - 3577 In vitro corrosion behavior of Ti-O film deposited on fluoride-treated Mg-Zn-Y-Nd alloy
Hou SS, Zhang RR, Guan SK, Ren CX, Gao JH, Lu QB, Cui XZ
3578 - 3583 Water-dispersible hydroxyapatite nanoparticles synthesized in aqueous solution containing grape seed extract
Zhou RC, Si SX, Zhang QY
3584 - 3588 Effect of surface roughness on nucleation and growth of vanadium pentoxide nanowires
Tien LC, Chen YJ
3589 - 3597 Multipulse irradiation of silicon by femtosecond laser pulses: Variation of surface morphology
Lugomer S, Maksimovic A, Farkas B, Geretovszky Z, Szorenyi T, Toth AL, Zolnai Z, Barsony I
3598 - 3603 Effect of pulse repetition rate and number of pulses in the analysis of polypropylene and high density polyethylene by nanosecond infrared laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
Leme FO, Godoi Q, Kiyataka PHM, Santos D, Agnelli JAM, Krug FJ
3604 - 3610 Synthesis of snowflake-like multi-layered ZnO with controllable pore sizes and its photocatalytic property
Jing Q, Fu WY, Li WC, Yang HB, Li MH, Ma JW, Zhou XM, Sun ML, Zhao H, Zhang YY, Zhao WY, Zhang LN, Chen H
3611 - 3616 Influence of Sb in synthesize of ZnO nanowire using sandwich type substrate in carbothermal evaporation method
Palani IA, Okazaki K, Nakamura D, Sakai K, Higashihata M, Okada T
3617 - 3623 Adsorption of ammonia on vanadium-antimony mixed oxides
Seitz H, German E, Juan A, Irigoyen B
3624 - 3628 Adsorption of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene on carboxylated porous polystyrene microspheres
Ye ZF, Meng QQ, Lu ST
3629 - 3636 Influence of deposition parameters on hard Cr-Al-N coatings deposited by multi-arc ion plating
Wang L, Zhang SH, Chen Z, Li JL, Li MX
3637 - 3642 Evolution of self-assembled Ge/Si island grown by ion beam sputtering deposition
Yang J, Jin YX, Wang C, Li L, Tao DP, Yang Y
3643 - 3646 Superhydrophobic nickel films fabricated by electro and electroless deposition
Tian FF, Hu AM, Li M, Mao DL
3647 - 3651 Highly ordered anodic TiO2 nanotube arrays and their stabilities as photo(electro)catalysts
Li LJ, Zhou ZQ, Lei JL, He JX, Zhang ST, Pan FS
3652 - 3658 A novel methodology based on contact angle hysteresis approach for surface changes monitoring in model PMMA-Corega Tabs system
Pogorzelski SJ, Berezowski Z, Rochowski P, Szurkowski J
3659 - 3666 Preparation, magnetic and electromagnetic properties of polyaniline/strontium ferrite/multiwalled carbon nanotubes composite
Li YQ, Huang Y, Qi SH, Niu L, Zhang YL, Wu YF
3667 - 3673 Removal of lead from aqueous solutions by using the natural and Fe(III)-modified zeolite
Kragovic M, Dakovic A, Sekulic Z, Trgo M, Ugrina M, Peric J, Gatta GD
3674 - 3678 Characterization of Zr-Si-N films deposited by cathodic vacuum arc with different N-2/SiH4 flow rates
Zhang GP, Niu EW, Wang XQ, Lv GH, Zhou L, Pang H, Huang J, Chen W, Yang SZ
3679 - 3688 Single step thermal decomposition approach to prepare supported gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticles
Sharma G, Jeevanandam P
3689 - 3694 Synthesis and characterization of core-shell structured SiO2@YVO4:Yb3+, Er3+ microspheres
Liang YJ, Ouyang J, Wang HY, Wang WL, Chui PF, Sun KN
3695 - 3702 Zinc oxide's hierarchical nanostructure and its photocatalytic properties
Kanjwal MA, Sheikh FA, Barakat NAM, Li XQ, Kim HY, Chronakis IS
3703 - 3709 Surface decoration of carbon nanosheets with amino-functionalized organosilica nanoparticles
Baikousi M, Dimos K, Bourlinos AB, Zboril R, Papadas I, Deligiannakis Y, Karakassides MA
3710 - 3713 Preparation and characterization of Mg-doped ZnO thin films by sol-gel method
Huang K, Tang Z, Zhang L, Yu JY, Lv JG, Liu XS, Liu F
3714 - 3722 The dehydrogenation of CH4 on Rh(1 1 1), Rh(1 1 0) and Rh(1 0 0) surfaces: A density functional theory study
Wang BJ, Song LZ, Zhang RG
3723 - 3725 Magnetic irreversibility of the Fe antidot arrays film by depositing on the porous alumina templates
Jiang CJ, Wei WW, Liu QF, Guo DW, Xue DS
3726 - 3731 Graphene oxide with improved electrical conductivity for supercapacitor electrodes
Li ZJ, Yang BC, Zhang SR, Zhao CM
3732 - 3737 Influence of various thickness metallic interlayers on opto-electric and mechanical properties of AZO thin films on PET substrates
Chang RC, Li TC, Lin CW
3738 - 3743 The role of copper species on Cu/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts for NH3-SCO reaction
Liang CX, Li XY, Qu ZP, Tade M, Liu SM
3744 - 3749 Color-tunable magnetic and luminescent hybrid nanoparticles: Synthesis, optical and magnetic properties
Lou L, Yu K, Wang YT, Zhu ZQ
3750 - 3756 Synthesis and conformational characterization of functional di-block copolymer brushes for microarray technology
Di Carlo G, Damin F, Armelao L, Maccato C, Unlu S, Spuhler PS, Chiari M
3757 - 3762 Microstructure and wear behaviors of laser clad NiCr/Cr3C2-WS2 high temperature self-lubricating wear-resistant composite coating
Yang MS, Liu XB, Fan JW, He XM, Shi SH, Fu GY, Wang MD, Chen SF
3763 - 3770 Polymer-templated mesoporous carbons synthesized in the presence of nickel nanoparticles, nickel oxide nanoparticles, and nickel nitrate
Choma J, Jedynak K, Marszewski M, Jaroniec M
3771 - 3778 Microemulsion synthesis, characterization of bismuth oxyiodine/titanium dioxide hybrid nanoparticles with outstanding photocatalytic performance under visible light irradiation
Liu Z, Xu XX, Fang JZ, Zhu XM, Chu JH, Li BJ
3779 - 3784 Surface-initiated addition polymerization of norbornene by a Pd(II) catalyst bearing acetylacetone ligand on the glass slide
He XH, Wang KT, Chen YW, Yuan B
3785 - 3788 Plasmon based antireflection coatings containing nanostructured Ag and silica medium
Sun XX, Chen XH, Zhang ZJ, Sun Z
3789 - 3794 Fabrication and characterization of electrospun orthorhombic InVO4 nanofibers
Song LJ, Liu SW, Lu QF, Zhao G
3795 - 3799 The investigation of room temperature ferromagnetism in (1 0 0) oriented BaNb2O6 PLD films on LaAlO3 (1 0 0) substrate
Cao ES, Zhang YJ, Ju L, Sun LH, Qin HW, Hu JF
3800 - 3804 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of cubic boron nitride single crystals grown under high pressure and high temperature
Hou LX, Chen ZG, Liu XH, Gao YJ, Jia G
3805 - 3814 Improvement of mechanical and tribological properties in steel surfaces by using titanium-aluminum/titanium-aluminum nitride multilayered system
Ipaz L, Caicedo JC, Esteve J, Espinoza-Beltran FJ, Zambrano G
3815 - 3822 An ion-imprinted amino-functionalized silica gel sorbent prepared by hydrothermal assisted surface imprinting technique for selective removal of cadmium (II) from aqueous solution
Fan HT, Li J, Li ZC, Sun T
3823 - 3828 Evaluation of copper ion of antibacterial effect on Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella typhimurium and Helicobacter pylori and optical, mechanical properties
Kim YH, Choi YR, Kim KM, Choi SY
3829 - 3834 Optical properties and chemical structures of Kapton-H film after proton irradiation by immersion in a hydrogen plasma
Shi JW, Gong CZ, Tian XB, Yang SQ, Chu PK
3835 - 3840 A superoleophobic textile repellent towards impacting drops of alkanes
Artus GRJ, Zimmermann J, Reifler FA, Brewer SA, Seeger S
3841 - 3845 Nanoporous structures of polyimide induced by Ar ion beam irradiation
Ahmed SF, Lee KR, Yoon JI, Moon MW
3846 - 3853 Scanning transmission X-ray microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and cyclic voltammetry study on the enhanced visible photocatalytic mechanism of carbon-TiO2 nanohybrids
Ming H, Zhang HC, Ma Z, Huang H, Lian SY, Wei Y, Liu Y, Kang ZH
3854 - 3858 Electrochemical performance of Sn-Sb-Cu film anodes prepared by layer-by-layer electrodeposition
Jiang QL, Xue RS, Jia MQ
3859 - 3863 Improvement of amine-modification with piperazine for the adsorption of CO2
Xue QM, Wu D, Zhou YP, Zhou L
3864 - 3870 Influence of substrate bias voltage on structure and properties of the CrAlN films deposited by unbalanced magnetron sputtering
Lv YH, Ji L, Liu XH, Li HX, Zhou HD, Chen JM
3871 - 3876 Deposition of titanium nitride and hydroxyapatite-based biocompatible composite by reactive plasma spraying
Rosu RA, Serban VA, Bucur AI, Dragos U
3877 - 3881 Optical and electrical properties of nonstoichiometric a-Ge1-xCx films prepared by magnetron co-sputtering
Zhu JQ, Jiang CZ, Han JC, Yu HL, Wang JZ, Jia ZC, Chen RR
3882 - 3887 Influence of [S2O32-]/[Sm3+] on Sm2S3 thin films deposited by liquid phase deposition method on self-assembled monolayers
Hou YC, Huang JF, Zhou X, Cao LY, Wu JP
3888 - 3896 Contact ratio of rough surfaces with multiple asperities in mixed lubrication at high pressures
Xiao HP, Guo D, Liu SH, Pan GS, Lu XC
3897 - 3902 A simplified method for synthesis of Fe3O4@PAA nanoparticles and its application for the removal of basic dyes
Xu YY, Zhou M, Geng HJ, Hao JJ, Ou QQ, Qi SD, Chen HL, Chen XG
3903 - 3906 Effects of electron irradiation on the properties of GZO films deposited with RF magnetron sputtering
Kim YS, Heo SB, Lee HM, Lee YJ, Kim IS, Kang MS, Choi DH, Lee BH, Kim MG, Kim D
3907 - 3912 Nucleation, growth and properties of Co nanostructures electrodeposited on n-Si(1 1 1)
Khelladi MR, Mentar L, Azizi A, Kadirgan F, Schmerber G, Dinia A
3913 - 3919 Sputter deposition of indium tin oxide onto zinc pthalocyanine: Chemical and electronic properties of the interface studied by photoelectron spectroscopy
Gassmann J, Brotz J, Klein A
3920 - 3926 Surface grafting density analysis of high anti-clotting PU-Si-g-P(MPC) films
Lu CY, Zhou NL, Xiao YH, Tang YD, Jin SX, Wu Y, Zhang J, Shen J
3927 - 3935 Synthesis, characterization and application of iodine modified titanium dioxide in phototcatalytical reactions under visible light irradiation
Bagwasi S, Tian BZ, Chen F, Zhang JL
3936 - 3947 The effect of riblets in rectangular duct flow
Dean B, Bhushan B
3948 - 3955 Effect of degumming time on silkworm silk fibre for biodegradable polymer composites
Ho MP, Wang H, Lau KT
3956 - 3961 Electrochemical and SERS spectroscopic investigations of 4-methyl-4H-1,2,4-triazole-3-thiol monolayers self-assembled on copper surface
Pan YC, Wen Y, Zhang R, Wang YY, Zhang ZR, Yang HF
3962 - 3966 Microstructure and electromagnetic characteristics of BaTiO3/Ni hybrid particles prepared by electroless plating
Wang GQ, Ma LX, Chang YF, Liu C
3967 - 3974 Ion irradiation induced evolution of nanostructure in a graded multi-trilayer system
Roy S, Ghatak J, Dev BN
3975 - 3979 Numerical investigation on thermal properties at Cu-Al interface in micro/nano manufacturing
Zhang LQ, Yang P, Chen M, Liao NB
3980 - 3985 Reaction mechanism for CO oxidation on Cu(3 1 1): A density functional theory study
Liu SP, Jin P, Hao C, Zhang DH, Yang XM, Chen SL
3986 - 3990 Effect of oxygen atmosphere on the structure and refractive index dispersive behavior of KTa0.5Nb0.5O3 thin films prepared by PLD on Si(0 0 1) substrates
Yang WL, Zhou ZX, Yang B, Jiang YY, Pei YB, Sun HG, Wang Y
3991 - 3999 Study of high-temperature hydrogen reduced Pt-0/TiO2 by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy combined with argon ion sputtering-Diffusion-encapsulation effect in relation to strong metal-support interaction
Zhang JW, Zhang M, Jin ZS, Wang JJ, Zhang ZJ
4000 - 4004 Buffer-layer enhanced crystal growth of BaB6 (100) thin films on MgO (100) substrates by laser molecular beam epitaxy
Kato Y, Yamauchi R, Arai H, Tan G, Tsuchimine N, Kobayashi S, Saeki K, Takezawa N, Mitsuhashi M, Kaneko S, Yoshimoto M
4005 - 4010 Electrodeposited Ni-Co films from electrolytes with different Co contents
Karpuz A, Kockar H, Alper M, Karaagac O, Haciismailoglu M
4011 - 4015 Acetic acid mediated interactions between alumina surfaces
Sato K, Yilmaz H, Ijuin A, Hotta Y, Watari K
4016 - 4022 Low-temperature solvothermal synthesis of visible-light-responsive S-doped TiO2 nanocrystal
Yang GD, Yan ZF, Xiao TC
4023 - 4027 Preparation and characterization of bipolar membranes modified by photocatalyst nano-ZnO and nano-CeO2
Zhou TJ, Hu YY, Chen RY, Zheng X, Chen X, Chen Z, Zhong JQ
4028 - 4034 The influence of annealing treatments on the properties of Ag:TiO2 nanocomposite films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Adochite RC, Munteanu D, Torrell M, Cunha L, Alves E, Barradas NP, Cavaleiro A, Riviere JP, Le Bourhis E, Eyidi D, Vaz F
4035 - 4040 Electrochemical corrosion behavior of Ti-24Nb-4Zr-8Sn alloy in a simulated physiological environment
Bai Y, Li SJ, Prima F, Hao YL, Yang R
4041 - 4047 In vitro biocompatibility evaluation of ePTFE graft with controlled release of heparin from mesoporous material
Li K, Zhou Y, Yang JY, Zhu JH, Liu CJ
4048 - 4053 A comparative study of pyrolyzed and doped cobalt-polypyrrole eletrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction
Feng W, Li HY, Cheng X, Jao TC, Weng FB, Su A, Chiang YC
4054 - 4062 Preparation and characterization of montmorillonite modified by phosphorus-nitrogen containing quaternary ammonium salts
Huang GB, Gao JR, Wang X
4063 - 4068 Water condensation on superhydrophobic aluminum surfaces with different low-surface-energy coatings
Yin L, Wang YY, Ding JF, Wang QJ, Chen QM
4069 - 4072 Molecular gating of transistors by amine-terminated layers
Shaya O, Amit I, Einati H, Burstein L, Shacham-Diamand Y, Rosenwaks Y
4073 - 4078 Features of structural reorganization in bulk III-V compounds induced by weak magnetic fields
Red'ko R
4079 - 4084 Improvement of suspension stability and electrophoresis of nanodiamond powder by fluorination
Huang H, Wang YH, Zang JB, Bian LY
4085 - 4090 Desorption and photodegradation of methylene blue from modified sugarcane bagasse surface by acid TiO2 hydrosol
Yu JX, Chi RA, Guo J, Zhang YF, Xu ZG, Xiao CQ
4091 - 4091 Finite element simulation and analytical analysis for nano field emission sources that terminate with a single atom: A new perspective on nanotips (vol 258, pg 1750, 2011)
Rezeq M
4092 - 4096 Natively textured surface Al-doped ZnO-TCO layers with gradual oxygen growth for thin film solar cells via magnetron sputtering
Chen XL, Wang F, Geng XH, Zhang DK, Wei CC, Zhang XD, Zhao Y
4097 - 4099 Tailoring phase and oxidation states of Cu by varying oxygen gas flow rates in rf sputter deposition for photovoltaic devices
Lim K, Park J, Ramsier RD, Kim DG, Kang JW, Kang YC