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Applied Surface Science, Vol.258, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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2211 - 2218 Drop shaped zinc oxide quantum dots and their self-assembly into dendritic nanostructures: Liquid assisted pulsed laser ablation and characterizations
Singh SC, Gopal R
2219 - 2225 The effects of carbon nanotube addition and oxyfluorination on the glucose-sensing capabilities of glucose oxidase-coated carbon fiber electrodes
Im JS, Yun J, Kim JG, Bae TS, Lee YS
2226 - 2230 Structural stability of nano-sized crystals of HMX: A molecular dynamics simulation study
Akkbarzade H, Parsafar GA, Bayat Y
2231 - 2236 Layer-by-layer assembly and tribological property of multilayer ultrathin films constructed by modified graphene sheets and polyethyleneimine
Liu S, Ou JF, Li ZP, Yang SR, Wang JQ
2237 - 2245 Conductivity modification of ZnO film by low energy Fe10+ ion implantation
Kumar A, Krishna JBM, Das D, Keshri S
2246 - 2254 Electroless silver plating on tetraethoxy silane-bridged fiber glass
Lien WF, Huang PC, Tseng SC, Cheng CH, Lai SM, Liaw WC
2255 - 2265 Growth of epitaxially oriented Ag nanoislands on air-oxidized Si(111)-(7 x 7) surfaces: Influence of short-range order on the substrate
Roy A, Bhattacharjee K, Ghatak J, Dev BN
2266 - 2269 Tailoring the wettability of nanocrystalline TiO2 films
Liang QY, Chen Y, Fan YZ, Hu Y, Wu YD, Zhao ZQ, Meng QB
2270 - 2274 Highly flexible transparent and conductive ZnS/Ag/ZnS multilayer films prepared by ion beam assisted deposition
Yu ZN, Leng J, Xue W, Zhang T, Jiang YR, Zhang J, Zhang DP
2275 - 2282 Development of rf plasma sputtered Al2O3-TiO2 multilayer broad band antireflecting coatings and its correlation with plasma parameters
Laha P, Panda AB, Mahapatra SK, Barhai PK, Das AK, Banerjee I
2283 - 2288 Influence of mesoporous substrate morphology on the structural, optical and electrical properties of RF sputtered ZnO layer deposited over porous silicon nanostructure
Kumar Y, Garcia JE, Singh F, Olive-Mendez SF, Sivakumar VV, Kanjilal D, Agarwal V
2289 - 2296 Laser assisted embedding of nanoparticles into metallic materials
Lin D, Suslov S, Ye C, Liao YL, Liu CR, Cheng GJ
2297 - 2300 Morphological transition of ZnO nanostructures influenced by magnesium doping
Premkumar T, Zhou YS, Gao Y, Baskar K, Jiang L, Lu YF
2301 - 2306 In vitro biocompatibility study of electrospun copolymer ethylene carbonate-epsilon-caprolactone and vascular endothelial growth factor blended nanofibrous scaffolds
Zhang XM, Shi ZY, Fu WG, Liu ZJ, Fang ZD, Lu WF, Wang YQ, Chen F
2307 - 2311 Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of Ti-doped hematite thin films prepared by the sol-gel method
Lian XJ, Yang X, Liu SJ, Xu Y, Jiang CP, Chen JW, Wang RL
2312 - 2318 Synthesis and properties of side-chain-type ion exchange membrane PEEK-g-StSO(3)Na for bipolar membranes
Huang XH, Huang DB, Ou XJ, Ding FC, Chen Z
2319 - 2323 Porous ceramic membrane with superhydrophobic and superoleophilic surface for reclaiming oil from oily water
Su CH, Xu YQ, Zhang W, Liu Y, Li J
2324 - 2331 Study of temperature effects on the conduction and trapping of charges in the alkali-silicate glass under electron beam irradiation
Fakhfakh S, Elsafi B, Fakhfakh Z, Jbara O
2332 - 2338 Influence of He/O-2 atmospheric pressure plasma jet treatment on subsequent wet desizing of polyacrylate on PET fabrics
Li XM, Lin J, Qiu YP
2339 - 2343 Micro-punching process based on spallation delamination induced by laser driven-flyer
Di JK, Zhou M, Li J, Li C, Zhang W, Amoako G
2344 - 2349 Surface modification of poly(styrene-b-(ethylene-co-butylene)-b-styrene) elastomer via photo-initiated graft polymerization of poly(ethylene glycol)
Li XM, Luan SF, Yang HW, Shi HC, Zhao J, Jin J, Yin JH, Stagnaro P
2350 - 2355 Microtribological study of perfluoropolyether with different functional groups coated on hydrogen terminated Si
Minn M, Satyanarayana N, Sinha SK, Kondo H
2356 - 2361 Interactions of ferrimagnetic glass/glass-ceramics with bovine serum albumin
Sharma K, Bhattacharya S, Murali C, Bhushan KG, Kothiyal GP
2362 - 2367 Effect of surface film on sliding friction and wear of copper-impregnated metallized carbon against a Cu-Cr-Zr alloy
Wang YA, Li JX, Yan Y, Qiao LJ
2368 - 2372 Depositing nanoparticles inside millimeter-size hollow tubing
Friedman A, Perkas N, Koltypin Y, Gedanken A
2373 - 2377 Photo-induced growth of silver nanoparticles using UV sensitivity of cellulose fibers
Omrani AA, Taghavinia N
2378 - 2383 Wetting mode transition of nanoliter scale water droplets during evaporation on superhydrophobic surfaces with random roughness structure
Furuta T, Isobe T, Sakai M, Matsushita S, Nakajima A
2384 - 2392 Theoretical study of breaking and slipping processes for HMX/graphite interface
Long Y, Liu YG, Nie FD, Chen J
2393 - 2396 Synthesis of TiO2 rutile nanoparticles by PLA in solution
Caratto V, Ferretti M, Setti L
2397 - 2403 Modification of laser induced damage threshold of ZrO2 thin films by using time-temperature gradient annealing
Bananej A, Hassanpour A
2404 - 2409 Surface modification of magnesium aluminum hydroxide nanoparticles with poly(methyl methacrylate) via one-pot in situ polymerization
Guo XJ, Zhao LH, Zhang L, Li J
2410 - 2415 N-containing carbons from styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer by urea treatment
Zhuravsky SV, Kartel MT, Tarasenko YO, Villar-Rodil S, Dobos G, Toth A, Tascon JMD, Laszlo K
2416 - 2423 Preparation of ceramic coating on Ti substrate by plasma electrolytic oxidation in different electrolytes and evaluation of its corrosion resistance: Part II
Shokouhfar M, Dehghanian C, Montazeri M, Baradaran A
2424 - 2432 Plasma modification of polypropylene surfaces and its alloying with styrene in situ
Ma GQ, Liu B, Li C, Huang DH, Sheng J
2433 - 2438 Tribological properties of Ti-doped DLC coatings under ionic liquids lubricated conditions
Feng X, Xia YQ
2439 - 2446 The effect of carbon nanotubes on the corrosion and tribological behavior of electroless Ni-P-CNT composite coating
Alishahi M, Monirvaghefi SM, Saatchi A, Hosseini SM
2447 - 2453 SMA-g-MPEG comb-like polymer as a dispersant for Al2O3 suspensions
Ran QP, Qiao M, Liu JP, Miao CW
2454 - 2458 Surface properties and water treatment capacity of surface engineered silica coated with 3-(2-aminoethyl) aminopropyltrimethoxysilane
Majewski P, Keegan A
2459 - 2463 Structural, optical and electrical properties of Cd-doped SnO2 thin films grown by RF reactive magnetron co-sputtering
de Moure-Flores F, Quinones-Galvan JG, Hernandez-Hernandez A, Guillen-Cervantes A, Santana-Aranda MA, Olvera MD, Melendez-Lira M
2464 - 2467 Optical and hydrophilic properties of Cr doped TiO2-SiO2 nanostructure thin film
Eshaghi A, Eshaghi A
2468 - 2472 Superhydrophobic conductive textiles with antibacterial property by coating fibers with silver nanoparticles
Xue CH, Chen J, Yin W, Jia ST, Ma JZ
2473 - 2478 Graphene-CdS composite, synthesis and enhanced photocatalytic activity
Gao ZY, Liu N, Wu DP, Tao WG, Xu F, Jiang K
2479 - 2485 Effect of annealing temperature and annealing atmosphere on the structure and optical properties of ZnO thin films on sapphire (0 0 0 1) substrates by magnetron sputtering
Cui L, Zhang HY, Wang GG, Yang FX, Kuang XP, Sun R, Han JC
2486 - 2489 Theoretical studies of the structure of C2H2 adsorbed on Si(0 0 1)
Wu TQ, Zhu P
2490 - 2497 An upgraded TOF-SIMS VG Ionex IX23LS: Study on the negative secondary ion emission of III-V compound semiconductors with prior neutral cesium deposition
Ghumman CAA, Moutinho AMC, Santos A, Teodoro OMND, Tolstogouzov A
2498 - 2509 Hydrogen storage in different carbon materials: Influence of the porosity development by chemical activation
Jimenez V, Ramirez-Lucas A, Sanchez P, Valverde JL, Romero A
2510 - 2514 Hydrothermal synthesis of highly nitrogen-doped carbon powder
Zhang DY, Hao Y, Ma Y, Feng HX
2515 - 2521 Photocatalytic activity of multielement doped TiO2 in the degradation of congo red
Ramakrishnan R, Kalaivani S, Joice JAI, Sivakumar T
2522 - 2528 Classification of stacking faults and dislocations observed in nonpolar a-plane GaN epilayers using transmission electron microscopy
Kong BH, Sun Q, Han J, Lee IH, Cho HK
2529 - 2533 Hydrophobic modification of wood via surface-initiated ARGET ATRP of MMA
Fu YC, Li G, Yu HP, Liu YX
2534 - 2539 Simultaneous determination of cation exchange capacity and surface area of acid activated bentonite powders by methylene blue sorption
Yener N, Bicer C, Onal M, Sarikaya Y
2540 - 2543 Synthesis of nanocomposites based on nanotubes and silicates
Breza J, Pastorkova K, Kadlecikova M, Jesenak K, Caplovicova M, Kolmacka M, Lazist'an F
2544 - 2550 Fabrication of superhydrophobic coating via a facile and versatile method based on nanoparticle aggregates
He ZK, Ma M, Xu XC, Wang JY, Chen F, Deng H, Wang K, Zhang Q, Fu Q
2551 - 2561 Studies on adsorptions of metallic ions in water by zirconium glyphosate (ZrGP): Behaviors and mechanisms
Jia YJ, Zhang YJ, Wang RW, Fan FY, Xu QH
2562 - 2569 Deep reduction behavior of iron oxide and its effect on direct CO oxidation
Dong CQ, Liu XL, Qin W, Lu Q, Wang XQ, Shi SM, Yang YP
2570 - 2575 Synthesis of water-soluble FeOOH nanospindles and their performance for magnetic resonance imaging
Zeng LY, Ren WZ, Zheng JJ, Wu AG, Cui P
2576 - 2579 Experimental and numerical study of surface alloying by femtosecond laser radiation
Gurevich EL, Kittel S, Hergenroder R
2580 - 2583 Modelling the formation of nanostructures on metal surface induced by femtosecond laser ablation
Djouder M, Itina TE, Deghiche D, Lamrous O
2584 - 2590 Facile fabrication of SERS-active substrates based on discarded silver compact disks
Song YH, Luo D, Ye SH, Hou HQ, Wang L
2591 - 2596 Effect of humidity and UV-assistance on the preparation of erbium doped alumina by aerosol MOCVD process
Salhi R, Jimenez C, Chaudouet P, Maalej R, Fourati M, Deschanvres JL
2597 - 2601 Preparation of the Ni-P composite coating co-deposited by nano TiC particles and evaluation of it's corrosion property
Afroukhteh S, Dehghanian C, Emamy M
2602 - 2606 First-principles study on the catalytic role of Ag in the oxygen adsorption of LaMnO3(0 0 1) surface
Zhou YJ, Lu Z, Guo PZ, Tian YT, Huang XQ, Su WH
2607 - 2611 Synthesis and photocatalytic properties of porous TiO2 films prepared by ODA/sol-gel method
Zhang WJ, Bai JW
2612 - 2619 The role of target-to-substrate distance on the DC magnetron sputtered zirconia thin films' bioactivity
Thaveedeetrakul A, Witit-anun N, Boonamnuayvitaya V
2620 - 2626 Study on the nano machining process with a vibrating AFM tip on the polymer surface
Liu WT, Yan YD, Hu ZJ, Zhao XS, Yan JC, Dong S
2627 - 2631 Synthesis and characterization of Co/cenosphere core-shell structure composites
Meng XF, Shen XQ, Liu W
2632 - 2638 Bioactivity and cytocompatibility of dicalcium phosphate/poly (amino acid) biocomposite with degradability
Zhang YF, Shan WP, Li XD, Wei J, Li H, Ma J, Yan YG
2639 - 2642 Site-specific electron-induced cross-linking of ortho-carborane to form semiconducting boron carbide
Pasquale FL, Kelber JA
2643 - 2647 The effect of pretreatment on adhesive strength of Cu-plated liquid crystal polymer (LCP)
Zhou MS, Zhang WL, Ding DY, Li M
2648 - 2654 Molybdate and molybdate/permanganate conversion coatings on Mg-8.5Li alloy
Wang GX, Zhang ML, Wu RZ
2655 - 2660 In-situ formation of silver nanoparticles stabilized by amphiphilic star-shaped copolymer and their catalytic application
Huang XJ, Xiao Y, Zhang W, Lang MD
2661 - 2666 The growth of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on natural clay minerals (kaolinite, nontronite and sepiolite)
Pastorkova K, Jesenak K, Kadlecikova M, Breza J, Kolmacka M, Caplovicova M, Lazist'an F, Michalka M
2667 - 2673 Preparation and characterization of inorganic colored coating layers on lamellar mica-titania substrate
Ren M, Yin HB, Ge CQ, Huo JC, Li X, Wang AL, Yu LB, Jiang TS, Wu ZN
2674 - 2678 Effect of deposition temperature on orientation and electrical properties of (K0.5Na0.5)NbO3 thin films by pulsed laser deposition
Tian AF, Ren W, Wang LY, Shi P, Chen XF, Wu XQ, Yao X
2679 - 2685 Dependence of developing magnetic hysteresis characteristics on stages of evolving microstructure in polycrystalline yttrium iron garnet
Rodziah N, Hashim M, Idza IR, Ismayadi I, Hapishah AN, Khamirul MA
2686 - 2690 Surface oxidability of pure liquid metals and alloys
Arato E, Bernardi M, Giuranno D, Ricci E
2691 - 2696 Plasma sprayed Al2O3/FeCrAl composite coatings for electromagnetic wave absorption application
Zhou L, Zhou WC, Su JB, Luo F, Zhu DM, Dong YL
2697 - 2706 Double-chain phospholipid end-capped polyurethanes: Synthesis, characterization and platelet adhesion study
Tan DS, Zhang XQ, Li JH, Tan H, Fu Q
2707 - 2716 A new model for thermodynamic analysis on wetting behavior of superhydrophobic surfaces
Zhang HY, Li W, Fang GP
2717 - 2723 Ag-deposited silica-coated Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles catalyzed reduction of p-nitrophenol
Du XY, He J, Zhu J, Sun LJ, An SS
2724 - 2731 Ageing of nickel used as sensitive material for early detection of sudomotor dysfunction
Ayoub H, Lair V, Griveau S, Galtayries A, Brunswick P, Bedioui F, Cassir M
2732 - 2740 Effect of precursor concentration and bath temperature on the growth of chemical bath deposited tin sulphide thin films
Jayasree Y, Chalapathi U, Bhaskar PU, Raja VS
2741 - 2748 Surface modification of the titanium implant using TEA CO2 laser pulses in controllable gas atmospheres - Comparative study
Ciganovic J, Stasic J, Gakovic B, Momcilovic M, Milovanovic D, Bokorov M, Trtica M
2749 - 2756 Hydrogen adsorption on activated carbon nanotubes with an atomic-sized vanadium catalyst investigated by electrical resistance measurements
Im JS, Yun J, Kang SC, Lee SK, Lee YS
2757 - 2760 Preferential surface oxidation of Gd in Gd5Ge4
Yuen CD, Miller GJ, Thiel PA
2761 - 2765 Iron-containing coatings obtained by microplasma method on aluminum with usage of homogeneous electrolytes
Rogov AB, Terleeva OP, Mironov IV, Slonova AI
2766 - 2770 Photocatalytic properties of TiO2 thin films obtained by glancing angle deposition
Li ZC, Zhu Y, Zhou Q, Ni J, Zhang ZJ
2771 - 2777 Molecular dynamics investigation of deposition and annealing behaviors of Cu atoms onto Cu(0 0 1) substrate
Jing XB, Liu ZL, Yao KL
2778 - 2782 Preparation and tribological properties of stearic acid-modified hierarchical anatase TiO2 microcrystals
Qian JH, Yin XY, Wang N, Liu L, Xing JJ
2783 - 2787 Enzymes immobilization on Fe3O4-gold nanoparticles
Kalska-Szostko B, Rogowska M, Dubis A, Szymanski K
2788 - 2795 Electrochemical synthesis of Ag nanoparticles supported on glassy carbon electrode by means of p-isopropyl calix[6]arene matrix and its application for electrocatalytic reduction of H2O2
Raoof JB, Ojani R, Hasheminejad E, Rashid-Nadimi S
2796 - 2801 Visible-light photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue with laser-induced Ag/ZnO nanoparticles
Whang TJ, Hsieh MT, Chen HH
2802 - 2807 Hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on gold nanoparticles/thionine/gold nanoparticles/multi-walled carbon nanotubes-chitosans composite film-modified electrode
Li SF, Zhu XY, Zhang W, Xie GM, Feng WL
2808 - 2815 Thermodynamic evolution of antiphase boundaries in GaP/Si epilayers evidenced by advanced X-ray scattering
Guo W, Bondi A, Cornet C, Letoublon A, Durand O, Rohel T, Boyer-Richard S, Bertru N, Loualiche S, Even J, Le Corre A
2816 - 2822 Synthesis and characterization of chemically anchored adenosine with PHEMA grafted gold nanoparticles
Bach LG, Islam MR, Jeong YT, Gal YS, Lim KT
2823 - 2828 Effect of precursors on structure, optical and electrical properties of chemically deposited nanocrystalline ZnO thin films
Prajapati CS, Sahay PP
2829 - 2835 Thermal radiative properties of carbon materials under high temperature and vacuum ultra-violet (VUV) radiation for the heat shield of the Solar Probe Plus mission
Balat-Pichelin M, Eck J, Sans JL
2836 - 2843 Functionalization of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes with polystyrene via surface initiated reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer polymerization
Macdonald T, Gibson CT, Constantopoulos K, Shapter JG, Ellis AV
2844 - 2849 Towards anode with low indium content as effective anode in organic solar cells
Touihri S, Cattin L, Nguyen DT, Morsli M, Louarn G, Bouteville A, Froger V, Bernede JC
2850 - 2855 Surface modification of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles by poly(L-phenylalanine) via ROP of L-phenylalanine N-carboxyanhydride (Pha-NCA)
Dai YF, Xu M, Wei JC, Zhang HB, Chen YW
2856 - 2863 Facile surface glycosylation of PVDF microporous membrane via direct surface-initiated AGET ATRP and improvement of antifouling property and biocompatibility
Yuan J, Meng JQ, Kang YL, Du QY, Zhang YF
2864 - 2868 Deposition of titanium nitride (TiN) on Co-Cr and their potential application as vascular stent
Pham VH, Jun SH, Kim HE, Koh YH
2869 - 2875 Characterization of oxide structures on stainless steel sternal wires by electrochemical reduction
Su YY, Shih CC, Chen LC, Shih CM, Lin SJ
2876 - 2882 Preparation of kapok-polyacrylonitrile core-shell composite microtube and its application as gold nanoparticles carrier
Fan HS, Yu XL, Long YH, Zhang XY, Xiang HF, Duan CT, Zhao N, Zhang XL, Xu J
2883 - 2885 Influence of Dy content on the structure and giant magnetoresistance of Dy-x(Co40Ag60)(100-x) granular films
Cheng G, Wu XF, Chen W, Geng SD, Li L, Gu ZF
2886 - 2893 Pulsed electrodeposition of Co-W amorphous and crystalline coatings
Mulukutla M, Kommineni VK, Harimkar SP
2894 - 2900 The impact of substrate properties and thermal annealing on tantalum nitride thin films
Grosser M, Munch M, Seidel H, Bienert C, Roosen A, Schmid U
2901 - 2905 The effect of SiO2-doped boron nitride multiple coatings on mechanical properties of quartz fibers
Zheng Y, Wang SB
2906 - 2909 The ferromagnetic properties of Ge magnetic quantum dots doped with Mn
Ma XY, Lou CX
2910 - 2913 Ion trajectories and shadow effects in mesh-assisted plasma immersion ion implantation of insulator
Huang YX, Tian XB, Lv SX, Yang SQ, Fu RKY, Chu PK, Leng JS, Li Y
2914 - 2919 Generation of cavities in silicon wafers by laser ablation using silicon nitride as sacrificial layer
Lerner B, Perez MS, Toro C, Lasorsa C, Rinaldi CA, Boselli A, Lamagna A
2920 - 2926 Conductive-probe AFM characterization of graphene sheets bonded to gold surfaces
Hauquier F, Alamarguy D, Viel P, Noel S, Filoramo A, Huc V, Houze F, Palacin S
2927 - 2930 Tailoring the in-plane epitaxial relationship of InN films on (1 1 1)SrTiO3 substrates by substrate pretreatment
Jia CH, Chen YH, Zhang B, Liu XL, Yang SY, Zhang WF, Wang ZG
2931 - 2934 Surface modification of diamond-like carbon films to graphene under low energy ion beam irradiation
Tinchev SS
2935 - 2938 A novel method for the preparation of Cu/Al2O3 nanocomposite
Wen YL, Huang W, Wang B
2939 - 2943 Composite coating prepared by micro-arc oxidation followed by sol-gel process and in vitro degradation properties
Zhang Y, Bai KF, Fu ZY, Zhang CL, Zhou H, Wang LG, Zhu SJ, Guan SK, Li DS, Hu JH
2944 - 2947 Room temperature oxidation of magnetron sputtered Si-C-N films
Huger E, Gao D, Markwitz A, Geckle U, Bruns M, Schmidt H
2948 - 2952 Detector surface preparation of Cd0.9Zn0.1Te for electrode patterning
Crocco J, Zheng Q, Bensalah H, Dieguez E
2953 - 2958 The structure and electrical properties of HfTaON high-k films prepared by DIBSD
Yu T, Jin CG, Yang XM, Dong YJ, Zhang HY, Zhuge LJ, Wu XM, Wu ZF
2959 - 2966 Encapsulation of Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles with poly(methyl methacrylate) via surface functionalized thiol-lactam initiated radical polymerization
Bach LG, Islam MR, Kim JT, Seo S, Lim KT
2967 - 2971 Sprayed lanthanum doped zinc oxide thin films
Bouznit Y, Beggah Y, Ynineb F
2972 - 2976 Superhydrophobic RTV silicone rubber insulator coatings
Seyedmehdi SA, Zhang H, Zhu J
2977 - 2981 Template-based synthesis of Ni nanorods on silicon substrate
Jin XY, Hu Y, Wang Y, Shen RQ, Ye YH, Wu LZ, Wang SX
2982 - 2988 Growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes from hot-implantation-formed catalytic Fe nanoparticles assisted by microwave plasma
Hoshino Y, Arima H, Saito Y, Nakata J
2989 - 2996 Influence of Si-C bond density on the properties of a-Si1-xCx thin films
Shaik H, Raman KHT, Rao GM
2997 - 3001 CuO nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization, optical properties and interaction with amino acids
El-Trass A, ElShamy H, El-Mehasseb I, El-Kemary M
3002 - 3006 Synthesis of TiN thin film on diamond surface for ferrous metal contacts by a new atom beam method
Kinoshita H, Yamamoto S, Yatani H, Nakai T, Ohmae N
3007 - 3011 The synthesis of a new kind of magnetic coating on carbon fibers by electrodeposition
Wang R, Wan YZ, He F, Qi Y, You W, Luo HL
3012 - 3018 Surface modification of CNTs and enhanced photocatalytic activity of TiO2 coated on hydrophilically modified CNTs
Yang HP, Wu S, Duan YP, Fu XF, Wu JM
3019 - 3026 Chemical and electrical passivation of Si(1 1 1) surfaces
Tian FY, Yang D, Opila RL, Teplyakov AV
3027 - 3032 Surface activation on multi-wall carbon nanotube for electrochemical capacitor applications
Dai YM, Liu WJ, Pan TC, Jehng JM
3033 - 3038 An all-silicon laser by coupling between electronic localized states and defect states of photonic crystal
Huang WQ, Huang ZM, Miao XJ, Cai CL, Liu JX, Lu Q, Liu SR, Qin CJ
3039 - 3044 Structural and optical properties of copper doped ZnO films derived by sol-gel
Caglar M, Yakuphanoglu F
3045 - 3050 A study of structure and properties of Ti-doped DLC film by reactive magnetron sputtering with ion implantation
Ma GJ, Gong SL, Lin GQ, Zhang L, Sun G
3051 - 3057 Effects of duty cycle on microstructure and corrosion behavior of TiC coatings prepared by DC pulsed plasma CVD
Shanaghi A, Rouhaghdam ARS, Ahangarani S, Chu PK, Farahani TS
3058 - 3061 Mo/Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 back interface chemical and optical properties for ultrathin CIGSe solar cells
Erfurth F, Jehl Z, Bouttemy M, Dahan N, Tran-Van P, Gerard I, Etcheberry A, Greffet JJ, Powalla M, Voorwinden G, Lincot D, Guillemoles JF, Naghavi N
3062 - 3067 Wettability and friction coefficient of micro-magnet arrayed surface
Huang W, Liao SJ, Wang XL
3068 - 3073 Application of response surface methodology for optimization of the synthesis of synthetic rutile from titania slag
Chen G, Chen J, Srinivasakannan C, Peng JH
3074 - 3081 Surface characteristics and corrosion behaviour of WE43 magnesium alloy coated by SiC film
Li M, Cheng Y, Zheng YF, Zhang X, Xi TF, Wei SC
3082 - 3085 Transparent conductive ITO/Cu/ITO films prepared on flexible substrates at room temperature
Ding XW, Yan JL, Li T, Zhang LY
3086 - 3088 Comparison and SEM-characterization of novel solvents of DNA/carbon nanotube
Sadeghi B, Vahdati RAR
3089 - 3093 Effects of the interfacial layer on electrical characteristics of Al2O3/TiO2/Al2O3 thin films for gate dielectrics
Kim CE, Yun I
3094 - 3101 The temperature effect on the adsorption mechanism of polyacrylamide on the silica surface and its stability
Wisniewska M
3102 - 3108 Easy-to-clean property and durability of superhydrophobic flaky gamma-alumina coating on stainless steel in field test at a paper machine
Zhang XX, Liu XW, Laakso J, Levanen E, Mantyla T
3109 - 3114 Optical and structural properties of ZnO nanorods grown on graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide film by hydrothermal method
Alver U, Zhou W, Belay B, Krueger R, Davis KO, Hickman NS
3115 - 3118 One-step process for the fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces with easy repairability
Li J, Wan HQ, Ye YP, Zhou HD, Chen JM
3119 - 3125 Surface chemical characterization of nanoparticle coated paperboard
Stepien M, Saarinen JJ, Teisala H, Tuominen M, Aromaa M, Kuusipalo J, Makela JM, Toivakka M
3126 - 3132 Microstructure analysis of the ferromagnetic Ag-Ni system synthesized by pulsed electrodeposition
Santhi K, Karthick SN, Kim HJ, Nidhin M, Narayanan V, Stephen A
3133 - 3138 Density functional theory study on oxygen adsorption in LaSrCoO4: An extended cathode material for solid oxide fuel cells
Zhou J, Chen G, Wu K, Cheng YH, Peng B, Guo JJ, Jiang YZ
3139 - 3146 Influence of LbL surface modification on oxygen cross-over in self-assembled thin composite membranes
Yilmazturk S, Ercan N, Deligoz H
3147 - 3151 Preparation of a spinel Li4Ti5O12 (1 1 1) surface from a rutile TiO2 single crystal
Kitta M, Akita T, Maeda Y, Kohyama M
3152 - 3157 Preparation and characterization of TiO2-cationic hybrid nanoparticles as electrophoretic particles
Li JJ, Deng LD, Xing JF, Dong AJ, Li XG
3158 - 3162 Copper diffusion barrier performance of amorphous Ta-Ni thin films
Yan H, Tay YY, Jiang YY, Yantara N, Pan JS, Liang MH, Chen Z
3163 - 3167 Adsorption of NO on MoO3 (0 1 0) surface with different location of terminal oxygen vacancy defects: A density functional theory study
Yan ZF, Zuo ZJ, Lv XY, Li Z, Li Z, Huang W
3168 - 3172 Anhydride modified silica nanoparticles: Preparation and characterization
Barabanova AI, Pryakhina TA, Afanas'ev ES, Zavin BG, Vygodskii YS, Askadskii AA, Philippova OE, Khokhlov AR
3173 - 3177 In situ formation of titanium carbide using titanium and carbon-nanotube powders by laser cladding
Savalani MM, Ng CC, Li QH, Man HC
3178 - 3183 Surface analysis correlated with the Raman measurements of a femtosecond laser irradiated Ca F-2
Rafique MS, Bashir S, Husinsky W, Hobro A, Lendl B
3184 - 3190 Microwave absorbing properties of polyaniline/multi-walled carbon nanotube composites with various polyaniline contents
Ting TH, Jau YN, Yu RP
3191 - 3196 Monolayer formation of octyltrimethoxysilane and 7-octenyltrimethoxysilane on silicon (1 0 0) covered with native oxide
Niehoff P, Ebbinghaus P, Keil P, Erbe A
3197 - 3201 Mn3N2 as a novel negative electrode material for rechargeable lithium batteries
Sun Q, Fu ZW
3202 - 3207 Properties of phase separation method synthesized superhydrophobic polystyrene films
Aruna ST, Binsy P, Richard E, Basu BJ
3208 - 3213 Preparation, structure and properties of multi-functional silk via ATRP method
Xing TL, Hu WL, Li SW, Chen GQ
3214 - 3220 Effects of WC particle size on the wear resistance of laser surface alloyed medium carbon steel
Tong X, Li FH, Kuang M, Ma WY, Chen XC, Liu M
3221 - 3226 Low-temperature (120 degrees C) growth of nanocrystalline silicon films prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition from SiCl4/H-2 gases: Microstructure characterization
Zhang L, Gao JH, Xiao JQ, Wen LS, Gong J, Sun C
3227 - 3231 In situ measurement of the kinetic friction of ZnO nanowires inside a scanning electron microscope
Polyakov B, Dorogin LM, Lohmus A, Romanov AE, Lohmus R
3232 - 3236 Morphology evolutions and optical properties of Cu2O films by an electrochemical deposition on flexible substrate
Zhai YC, Fan HQ, Li Q, Yan W
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3244 - 3248 Characterization and mechanism analysis of N doped TiO2 with visible light response and its enhanced visible activity
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3249 - 3254 The formation of neodymium conversion coating and the influence of post-treatment
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3264 - 3268 Influence of the ion type on the ion beam mixing of Cr/Al interfaces
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3276 - 3282 Effect of surface conditioning on the flowability of Ti6Al7Nb powder for selective laser melting applications
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3283 - 3288 Influence of Tm-doping on microstructure and luminescence behavior of barium strontium titanate thick films
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3298 - 3301 A periodic DFT study on binding of Pd, Pt and Au on the anatase TiO2 (0 0 1) surface and adsorption of CO on the TiO2 surface-supported Pd, Pt and Au
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3302 - 3308 Structural, electrical and optical properties of ZnO:AlF3 thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering
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3309 - 3314 Silver modified platinum surface/H+ conducting Nafion membrane for cathodic reduction of nitrate ions
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3328 - 3330 The stability boundary of group-III transition metal diboride ScB2 (0001) surfaces
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