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1895 - 1895 Preface
1896 - 1901 Enhanced emission of Er3+ from alternately Er doped Si-rich Al2O3 multilayer film with Si nanocrystals as broadband sensitizers
Wang X, Jiang ZM, Xu F, Ma ZQ, Xu R, Yu B, Li MZ, Zheng LL, Fan YL, Huang J, Lu F
1902 - 1909 Phase transition in Ising, XY and Heisenberg magnetic films
Masrour R, Hamedoun M, Benyoussef A
1910 - 1914 Preparation and size control of highly monodisperse vinyl functionalized silica spheres
Yin JB, Deng TS, Zhang GM
1915 - 1918 Self-healing coatings containing microcapsule
Zhao Y, Zhang W, Liao LP, Wang SJ, Li WJ
1919 - 1923 Analysis of laser-generated ultrasonic force source at specimen surface and display of bulk wave in transversely isotropic plate by numerical method
Wang JJ, Shi YF, Lu LZ, Xu GD, Xu BQ
1924 - 1928 Self-organization of ripples on Ti irradiated with focused ion beam
Qian HX, Zhou W
1929 - 1934 Effects of TiN coating on the corrosion of nanostructured Ti-30Ta-xZr alloys for dental implants
Kim WG, Choe HC
1935 - 1939 Morphology and photoluminescence of ultrasmall size of Ge quantum dots directly grown on Si(001) substrate
Wang KF, Zhang Y, Zhang WF
1940 - 1943 Research on tribological behaviors of composite Zn/ZnS coating under dry condition
Kang JJ, Wang CB, Wang HD, Xu BS, Liu JJ, Li GL
1944 - 1948 Microstructure and tribological properties of WS2/MoS2 multilayer films
Zhu LN, Wang CB, Wang HD, Xu BS, Zhuang DM, Liu JJ, Li GL
1949 - 1954 BiOCl nanowire with hierarchical structure and its Raman features
Tian Y, Guo CF, Guo YJ, Wang Q, Liu Q
1955 - 1957 Oxidation of Zn in UHV environment at low temperature
Noothongkaew S, Nakajima H, Tong-On A, Meevasana W, Songsiriritthigul P
1958 - 1963 Solution route to SnO2 crystals with controllable morphology
Guo YQ, Tan RQ, Li Y, Song WJ
1964 - 1970 Diverse nanowires activated self-scrolling of graphene nanoribbons
Xia D, Xue QZ, Yan KY, Lv C
1971 - 1975 Fabrication of a graphene field effect transistor array on microchannels for ethanol sensing
Chen BD, Liu HZ, Li X, Lu CX, Ding YC, Lu BH
1976 - 1980 Molecular structure and optical properties of PTFE-based nanocomposite polymer-metal coatings
Rahachou AV, Rogachev AA, Yarmolenko MA, Jiang XH, Bo LZ
1981 - 1984 Fabrication of Zr and Zr-N surface alloying layers and hardness improvement of Ti-6Al-4V alloy by plasma surface alloying technique
Li XY, Tang B, Ye JR
1985 - 1990 First-principles study of electron transport in Si atom wires under finite bias voltage
Kusaka H, Kobayashi N
1991 - 1994 Synthesis and gas sensing characteristic based on metal oxide modification multi wall carbon nanotube composites
Liu HZ, Ma H, Zhou WM, Liu WH, Jie Z, Li X
1995 - 1999 Dynamic wettability of wood surface modified by acidic dyestuff and fixing agent
Wei SY, Shi JY, Gu JY, Wang D, Zhang YH
2000 - 2005 Process optimization studies of 10-Hydroxycamptothecin (HCPT)-loaded folate-conjugated chitosan nanoparticles by SAS-ionic crosslink combination using response surface methodology (RSM)
Zhao XH, Jiang R, Zu YG, Wang Y, Zhao Q, Zu BS, Zhao DM, Wang MX, Sun ZQ
2006 - 2009 Dynamics of water adsorption on TiO2 monitored by work function spectroscopy
Silva AG, Bundaleski N, Moutinho AMC, Teodoro OMND
2010 - 2013 The fabrication and photoresponse of ZnO/diamond film heterojunction diode
Huang J, Wang LJ, Tang K, Zhang JJ, Xia YB, Lu XG
2014 - 2016 A molecular dynamics simulation study on resonance frequencies comparison of tunable carbon-nanotube resonators
Kang JW, Kwon OK
2017 - 2021 Preparation of electrochemical sensor for lead(II) based on molecularly imprinted film
Wang ZH, Qin YX, Wang C, Sun LJ, Lu XL, Lu XQ
2022 - 2028 Molecular dynamics simulation of nano-scale interfacial friction characteristic for different tribopair systems
Lin EQ, Niu LS, Shi HJ, Duan Z
2029 - 2033 A newly investigated approach for the control of tunnel resistance of nanogaps using field-emission-induced electromigration
Takiya K, Tomoda Y, Kume W, Ueno S, Watanabe T, Shirakashi J
2034 - 2037 Anchoring of alkyl chain molecules on oxide surface using silicon alkoxide
Narita A, Baba Y, Sekiguchi T, Shimoyama I, Hirao N, Yaita T
2038 - 2042 A simple method to prepare miniature quartz fiber boats with superhydrophobicity
Jiang ZX, Cheng XQ, Li J, Qiu WJ, Guan SA, Dong W, Ma ZY, Huang YD
2043 - 2046 Ion irradiation induced Al-Ti interaction in nano-scaled Al/Ti multilayers
Milosavljevic M, Stojanovic N, Perusko D, Timotijevic B, Toprek D, Kovac J, Drazic G, Jeynes C
2047 - 2051 Surface characterization of self-assembled N-Cu nanostructures
Cristina LJ, Moreno-Lopez JC, Sferco SJ, Passeggi MCG, Vidal RA, Ferron J
2052 - 2056 Surface modification of Al-12.6Si alloy by high current pulsed electron beam
Hao Y, Gao B, Tu GF, Cao H, Hao SZ, Dong C
2057 - 2061 Low energy Ar-ion bombardment effects on the CeO2 surface
Wang GD, Kong DD, Pan YH, Pan HB, Zhu JF
2062 - 2067 A study of TiMoN nano-multilayer coatings deposited by CFUBMSIP using DC and HIPIMS power
Yang SC, Li XY, Cooke KE, Teer DG
2068 - 2076 Numerical modeling and experimental investigation of TiC formation on titanium surface pre-coated by graphite under pulsed laser irradiation
Chehrghani A, Torkamany MJ, Hamedi MJ, Sabbaghzadeh J
2077 - 2082 Effect of chemisorption structure on the interfacial bonding characteristics of graphene-polymer composites
Lv C, Xue QZ, Xia D, Ma M
2083 - 2087 Surface phenomena of HA/TiN coatings on the nanotubular-structured beta Ti-29Nb-5Zr alloy for biomaterials
Kim EJ, Jeong YH, Choe HC, Brantley WA
2088 - 2092 Surface characteristics of TiN/ZrN coated nanotubular structure on the Ti-35Ta-xHf alloy for bio-implant applications
Moon BH, Choe HC, Brantley WA
2093 - 2097 Fabrication of functionally gradient nanocomposite coatings by plasma electrolytic oxidation based on variable duty cycle
Aliofkhazraei M, Rouhaghdam AS
2098 - 2102 Approaches to the manufacture of layered nanocomposites
Zhang Y, Evans JRG
2103 - 2106 Photocatalytic thin films containing TiO2:N nanopowders obtained by the layer-by-layer self-assembling method
Rojas-Blanco L, Urzua MD, Ramirez-Bon R, Beltran FJE
2107 - 2112 Soft X-ray photoemission study of nitrogen diffusion in TiN/HfO:N gate stacks
Martinez E, Gaumer C, Lhostis S, Licitra C, Silly M, Sirotti F, Renault O
2113 - 2116 Nano-image profiles transferred by near field phase-shifting lithography precisely simulated by finite element method and fabricated
Lai FD
2117 - 2120 Characterization of diamond films deposited on Re substrate by magnetic field-assisted hot filament chemical vapor deposition
Wu XB, Yu ZM, You XL, Tian MK, Gong YL
2121 - 2123 Bias drop and phonon emission in molecular wires
Hirose K, Ishii H, Kobayashi N
2124 - 2128 The study of magnetic properties and microstructures of nano-size FePt islands on amorphous carbon film
Shen CL, Kuo PC, Lin GP, Huang KT, Chen SC
2129 - 2136 Electrochemical and surface behavior of hydyroxyapatite/Ti film on nanotubular Ti-35Nb-xZr alloys
Jeong YH, Choe HC, Brantley WA
2137 - 2140 Effects of substrate temperature upon the properties of ZnMgTe layer grown by MOVPE
Saito K, Inoue Y, Hayashida Y, Tanaka T, Guo QX, Nishio M
2141 - 2148 Effect of gas diffusion layer and membrane properties in an annular proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Khazaee I, Ghazikhani M, Esfahani MN
2149 - 2152 Local field emission of electrons from an individual boron nanowire at nanometer electrode separation
Zhang CD, Cai JM, Gao M, Lu HL, Zou Q, Tian JF, Hu H, Shen CM, Guo HM, Gao HJ
2153 - 2156 Field-emission-induced electromigration method for the integration of single-electron transistors
Ueno S, Tomoda Y, Kume W, Hanada M, Takiya K, Shirakashi J
2157 - 2160 1-D modeling of ion transport in rectangular nanofluidic channels
Liu K, Ba DC, Gu XG, Du GY, Lin Z, Liu XH, Wang ZX, Xiao SW
2161 - 2164 Synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy study of metal-oxide thin film catalysts: Pt-CeO2 coated CNTs
Matolinova I, Fiala R, Khalakhan I, Vorokhta M, Sofer Z, Yoshikawa H, Kobayashi K, Matolin V
2165 - 2168 Simulations of structures of amorphous SixC1-x films
Lan HQ, Wang Y, Liu C
2169 - 2173 Electrodeposition of Sb2Se3 on indium-doped tin oxides substrate: Nucleation and growth
Shi XZ, Zhang X, Tian Y, Shen CM, Wang CM, Gao HJ
2174 - 2176 Effects of hydrogen etching process on the structural and optical properties of nano-crystalline diamond films
Wang LJ, Huang J, Zeng QK, Tang K, Xu R, Zhang JJ, Xia YB
2177 - 2181 The electrical, optical and magnetic properties of Si-doped ZnO films
Luo JT, Zhu XY, Chen G, Zeng F, Pan F
2182 - 2186 Fabrication of nested elliptical KB mirrors using profile coating for synchrotron radiation X-ray focusing
Liu CA, Ice GE, Liu W, Assoufid L, Qian J, Shi B, Khachatryan R, Wieczorek M, Zschack P, Tischler JZ
2187 - 2191 In situ study on the electronic structure of graphene grown on 6H-SiC (0 0 0 (1)over-bar) with synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy
Kang CY, Tang J, Li LM, Pan HB, Xu PS, Wei SQ, Chen XF, Xu XG
2192 - 2195 Microwave excitation and readout of nano- and micron scale cantilevers
Hao L, Goniszewski S, Chen J, Gallop J
2196 - 2200 Supramolecular architecture of organic molecules: PTCDA and CuPc on a Cu(111) substrate
Cottin MC, Schaffert J, Sonntag A, Karacuban H, Moller R, Bobisch CA
2201 - 2205 In-situ study on thermal decomposition of 1,3-disilabutane to silicon carbide on Si(100) surface
Jee HG, Nam SH, Boo JH, Kim SK, Lee SB
2206 - 2210 Growth, microstructure, and mechanical properties related to modulation period for ZrAlN/ZrB2 superlattice coatings
Kang YB, Li DJ, Wang HY, Yan JY, Zhang S, Deng XY