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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1643 - 1650 Enhancement of surface properties of oil fly ash by chemical treatment
Shawabkeh R, Khan MJ, Al-Juhani AA, Wahhab HIA, Hussein IA
1651 - 1655 Diffusion of Li+ ion on graphene: A DFT study
Zheng JM, Ren ZY, Guo P, Fang L, Fan J
1656 - 1661 Characterization and photocatalytic activity of Zn2+-TiO2/AC composite photocatalyst
Lu XC, Jiang JC, Sun K, Cui DD
1662 - 1665 SERS activity of Au nanoparticles coated on an array of carbon nanotube nested into silicon nanoporous pillar
Jiang WF, Zhang YF, Wang YS, Xu L, Li XJ
1666 - 1669 Use of quartz crystal nanobalance to study the binding and stabilization of albumin and doxycycline on a thin layer of hydroxyapatite
Victor SP, Sharma CP, Sreenivasan K
1670 - 1676 Bilayer porous scaffold based on poly-(epsilon-caprolactone) nanofibrous membrane and gelatin sponge for favoring cell proliferation
Zhou ZH, Zhou Y, Chen YW, Nie HR, Wang Y, Li F, Zheng Y
1677 - 1681 Carbon fractals grown from carbon nanotips by plasma-enhanced hot filament chemical vapor deposition
Wang BB, Dong GB, Xu XZ
1682 - 1688 Covalent marriage of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) and beta-cyclodextrin (beta-CD) by silicon coupling reagents
Shao L, Mu CZ, Du HP, Czech Z, Du HC, Bai YP
1689 - 1698 Analysis of machining characteristics in electrochemical etching using laser masking
Shin HS, Chung DK, Park MS, Chu CN
1699 - 1703 Effects of deposition parameters on tantalum films deposited by direct current magnetron sputtering in Ar-O-2 mixture
Zhou YM, Xie Z, Xiao HN, Hu PF, He J
1704 - 1710 Forming mechanism of nitrogen doped graphene prepared by thermal solid-state reaction of graphite oxide and urea
Mou ZG, Chen XY, Du YK, Wang XM, Yang P, Wang SD
1711 - 1718 Albumin adsorption on oxide thin films studied by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Silva-Bermudez P, Rodil SE, Muhl S
1719 - 1724 Facile synthesis and photocatalytic activity of hierarchical WO3 core-shell microspheres
Zhang L, Tang XC, Lu ZG, Wang ZM, Li LX, Xiao YH
1725 - 1732 Development of cholesterol biosensor with high sensitivity using dual-enzyme immobilization into the mesoporous silica materials
Murai K, Kato K
1733 - 1737 Decay processes of photoluminescence in a nanocrystalline SiC thin film
Yu W, Wang XZ, Geng CL, Lve XQ, Lu WB, Fu GS
1738 - 1743 Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue in water solution by multilayer TiO2 coating on HDPE
Kasanen J, Salstela J, Suvanto M, Pakkanen TT
1744 - 1749 Impedometric anion sensing behaviour of InxGa1-xN films grown by modified activated reactive evaporation
Meher SR, Biju KP, Jain MK
1750 - 1755 Finite element simulation and analytical analysis for nano field emission sources that terminate with a single atom: A new perspective on nanotips
Rezeq M
1756 - 1761 Comparison of surface damage under the dry and wet impact: Molecular dynamics simulation
Chen RL, Liang M, Luo JB, Lei H, Guo D, Hu X
1762 - 1767 Properties of nanocrystalline Al-Cu-O films reactively sputtered by DC pulse dual magnetron
Blazek J, Musil J, Stupka P, Cerstvy R, Houska J
1768 - 1771 Fabrication, structure and luminescence properties of polycrystalline Tb3+-doped Lu2SiO5 films by Pechini sol-gel method
Shen SQ, Ma Q, Xu ZB, Xie JJ, Shi Y, Wang J, Ai F
1772 - 1775 A simple solution-immersion process for the fabrication of superhydrophobic cupric stearate surface with easy repairable property
Li J, Liu XH, Ye YP, Zhou HD, Chen JM
1776 - 1783 Cystamine immobilization on TiO2 film surfaces and the influence on inhibition of collagen-induced platelet activation
Zhou YJ, Weng YJ, Zhang LP, Jing FJ, Huang N, Chen JY
1784 - 1788 Improving the visible transmittance of low-e titanium nitride based coatings for solar thermal applications
Yuste M, Galindo RE, Carvalho S, Albella JM, Sanchez O
1789 - 1796 Effect of substrate bias voltage on the structure, electric and dielectric properties of TiO2 thin films by DC magnetron sputtering
Sekhar MC, Kondaiah P, Chandra SVJ, Rao GM, Uthanna S
1797 - 1805 Fabrication of CuO/T-ZnOw nanocomposites using photo-deposition and their photocatalytic property
Wang J, Fan XM, Wu DZ, Dai J, Liu H, Liu HR, Zhou ZW
1806 - 1812 Growth behavior and magnetic property of electroless NiCoFeP films
Liu WL, Hsieh SH, Yan HC, Chen WJ
1813 - 1818 Thermal diffusion of Co into sputtered ZnO:Co thin film for enhancing visible-light-induced photo-catalytic activity
Kao CY, Liao JD, Chang CW, Wang RY
1819 - 1825 Effect of nitrogen partial pressure on Al-Ti-N films deposited by arc ion plating
Cai F, Zhang SH, Li JL, Chen Z, Li MX, Wang L
1826 - 1830 Optical properties and color generation mechanism of porous anodic alumina films
Xu Q, Sun HY, Yang YH, Liu LH, Li ZY
1831 - 1835 Electrodeposition of silver nanoparticle arrays on ITO coated glass and their application as reproducible surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate
Bian JC, Li Z, Chen ZD, He HY, Zhang XW, Li X, Han GR
1836 - 1848 Effect of ultrasound on the structural and textural properties of copper-impregnated cerium-modified zirconium-pillared bentonite
Tomul F
1849 - 1853 Laser scribing of gallium doped zinc oxide thin films using picosecond laser
Risch A, Hellmann R
1854 - 1861 Treatment of PVC using an alternative low energy ion bombardment procedure
Rangel EC, dos Santos NM, Bortoleto JRR, Durrant SF, Schreiner WH, Honda RY, Rangel RDC, Cruz NC
1862 - 1868 Possible stibnite transformation at the friction surface of the semi-metallic friction composites designed for car brake linings
Matejka V, Lu Y, Matejkova P, Smetana B, Kukutschova J, Vaculik M, Tomasek V, Zla S, Fan Y
1869 - 1875 Facile and low cost chemosynthesis of nanostructured PbS with tunable optical properties
Pawar SB, Shaikh JS, Devan RS, Ma YR, Haranath D, Bhosale PN, Patil PS
1876 - 1880 Studying the effects of the addition of TiN nanoparticles to Ni-P electroless coatings
Mafi IR, Dehghanian C
1881 - 1887 Effect of post annealing temperature on structural and optical properties of ZnCdO thin films deposited by sol-gel method
Singh A, Kumar D, Khanna PK, Joshi BC, Kumar M
1888 - 1893 Encapsulating MAl2O4:Eu2+, Dy3+ (M = Sr, Ca, Ba) phosphors with triethanolamine to enhance water resistance
Ji PT, Chen XY, Wu YQ
1894 - 1894 Effect of sizing on carbon fiber surface properties and fibers/epoxy interfacial adhesion (vol 257, pg 6980, 2011)
Dai ZS, Shi FH, Zhang BY, Li M, Zhang ZG