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III - III Prof. dr. FHPM (Frans) Habraken Nuenen (NL), February 25th, 1951-Utrecht (NL), September 6th, 2011 Obituary
Rudolph H
1283 - 1289 The structural properties of Al doped ZnO films depending on the thickness and their effect on the electrical properties
Ri KH, Wang YB, Zhou WL, Gao JX, Wang XJ, Yu J
1290 - 1293 Effects of hydrogen on photoluminescence properties of a-SiNx: H films prepared by VHF-PECVD
Song C, Huang R, Wang X, Guo YQ, Song J, Zhang YX, Zheng ZH
1294 - 1299 Mechanism of enhanced photocatalysis of TiO2 by Fe3+ in suspensions
Zhang JW, Fu DF, Gao HY, Deng L
1300 - 1305 STM studies of PTCDA supramolecular self-assembling on anisotropic surfaces of reconstructed InSb
Godlewski S, Szymonski M
1306 - 1316 The influence of pre-adsorbed water on adsorption of methane on fumed and nanoporous silicas
Gun'ko VM, Turov VV, Bogatyrev VM, Petin AY, Turov AV, Trachevskyi VV, Blitz JP
1317 - 1321 Facile synthesis of CuO hollow nanospheres assembled by nanoparticles and their electrochemical performance
Kong M, Zhang WX, Yang ZH, Weng SY, Chen ZX
1322 - 1327 Three dimensional imaging using secondary ion mass spectrometry and atomic force microscopy
Fleming Y, Wirtz T, Gysin U, Glatzel T, Wegmann U, Meyer E, Maier U, Rychen J
1328 - 1336 The structure, surface topography and mechanical properties of Si-C-N films fabricated by RF and DC magnetron sputtering
Shi ZF, Wang YJ, Du C, Huang N, Wang L, Ning CY
1337 - 1344 Preparation, characterization and dye adsorption properties of gamma-Fe2O3/SiO2/chitosan composite
Zhu HY, Jiang R, Fu YQ, Jiang JH, Xiao L, Zeng GM
1345 - 1352 Nd-laser irradiations effects and AFM-investigations on structural and surface features of optimally lutetium thorium-co-doped-2212-BSCCO
Elsabawy KM, El-Newehy MH
1353 - 1358 Preparation and characterization of SnS nanocrystals by a triethanolamine-assisted diethylene glycol solution synthesis
Ren L, Jin ZG, Wang WD, Liu H, Lai JY, Yang JX, Hong ZL
1359 - 1365 Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces on zinc substrates and their application as effective corrosion barriers
Ning T, Xu WG, Lu SX
1366 - 1372 Selective growth, characterization, and field emission performance of single-walled and few-walled carbon nanotubes by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Ionescu MI, Zhang Y, Li RY, Sun XL
1373 - 1376 Effect of non-magnetic doping on leakage and magnetic properties of BiFeO3 thin films
Wei J, Xue DS
1377 - 1384 Correlation between microstructure and property of electroless deposited Pt counter electrodes on plastic substrate for dye-sensitized solar cells
He XL, Liu M, Yang GJ, Fan SQ, Li CJ
1385 - 1389 Electrospun cross linked rosin fibers
Baek WI, Nirmala R, Barakat NAM, El-Newehy MH, Al-Deyab SS, Kim HY
1390 - 1394 BiFeO3/Zn1-xMnxO bilayered thin films
Wu JG, Wang J, Xiao DQ, Zhu JG
1395 - 1398 One-step electrodeposition process to fabricate cathodic superhydrophobic surface
Chen Z, Li F, Hao LM, Chen AQ, Kong YC
1399 - 1404 Surface microstructures and antimicrobial properties of copper plasma alloyed stainless steel
Zhang XY, Huang XB, Jiang L, Ma Y, Fan AL, Tang B
1405 - 1411 Hydrogen outgassing mechanism in titanium materials
Takeda M, Kurisu H, Yamamoto S, Nakagawa H, Ishizawa K
1412 - 1416 Synthesis and properties control of fluorinated organic-inorganic hybrid films
Yu QJ, Xu JM, Han YY
1417 - 1421 Surface chemistry and growth mechanisms studies of homo epitaxial (100) GaAs by laser molecular beam epitaxy
Yan DW, Wu WD, Zhang H, Wang XM, Zhang HL, Zhang WB, Xiong ZW, Wang YY, Shen CL, Peng LP, Han SJ, Zhou MJ
1422 - 1428 Very low pressure plasma sprayed alumina and yttria-stabilized zirconia thin dense coatings using a modified transferred arc plasma torch
Zhu L, Zhang NN, Zhang BC, Sun F, Bolot R, Planche MP, Liao HL, Coddet C
1429 - 1436 Theoretical investigation of CO adsorption on TM-doped (MgO)(12) (TM = Ni, Pd, Pt) nanotubes
Yang MX, Zhang YH, Huang SP, Liu H, Wang P, Tian HP
1437 - 1442 Photoactive thin films of polycaprolactam doped with europium (III) complex using phenylalanine as ligand
Garcia ITS, Ribeiro PV, Correa DS, da Cunha IMN, Carreno NLV, Moreira EC, Rodembusch FS
1443 - 1450 Preparation of a novel Ni/Co-based alloy gradient coating on surface of the crystallizer copper alloy by laser
Chen SY, Liang J, Liu CS, Sun K, Mazumder J
1451 - 1455 Quantifying adhesion energy of mechanical coatings at atomistic scale
Yin DQ, Peng XH, Qin Y, Feng JL, Wang ZC
1456 - 1459 In situ atomic force microscopy observation of hydrogen absorption/desorption by Palladium thin film
Matsumoto I, Sakaki K, Nakamura Y, Akiba E
1460 - 1463 Study of Ti addition in channel layers for In-Zn-O thin film transistors
Yao QJ, Li SX, Zhang Q
1464 - 1469 Engineering of hydrophilic and plasmonic properties of Ag thin film by atom beam irradiation
Singh UB, Agarwal DC, Khan SA, Kumar M, Tripathi A, Singhal R, Panigrahi BK, Avasthi DK
1470 - 1473 Preparation of silica nanowires using porous silicon as Si source
Yi L, Bai X, Yang YM, Nie EY, Liu DL, Sun CL, Feng HH, Xu JJ, Chen Y, Jin Y, Jiao ZF, Sun XS
1474 - 1479 Surface modification of porous poly(tetrafluoroethylene) film via cold plasma treatment
Shi TN, Shao ML, Zhang HR, Yang Q, Shen XY
1480 - 1487 Surface oxidation of NiCo alloy: A comparative X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study in a wide pressure range
Law YT, Dintzer T, Zafeiratos S
1488 - 1490 Surface morphology and crystalline structure of high-stable polycrystalline transparent conductive zinc oxide films
Kuchiyama T, Yamamoto K, Hasegawa S, Asahi H
1491 - 1494 Controlled synthesis of oriented ZnO nanorod arrays by seed-layer-free electrochemical deposition
Lin Y, Yang JY, Zhou XY
1495 - 1504 The influence of annealing temperature on the slip plane activity and optical properties of nanostructured ZnO films
Soleimanian V, Aghdaee SR
1505 - 1509 The preferential growth of pyrite films prepared by thermal sulfuration of Fe2O3 films
Luan ZJ, Huang LY, Wang F, Meng L
1510 - 1513 Microstructure and dielectric properties of (Ba0.6Sr0.4)TiO3 thin films grown on super smooth glazed-Al2O3 ceramics substrate
Chen HW, Yang CR, Zheng SX, Zhang JH, Zhang QZ, Lei GH, Lou FZ, Yang LJ
1514 - 1518 Surface geometry of pure iridium oxidized at 1373 K in air
Bao ZB, Murakami H, Yamabe-Mitarai Y
1519 - 1524 Assembly of single-walled carbon nanotubes on patterns of Au nanoparticles
Rao SG, Huang L, Murray J
1525 - 1530 Sorption of Sb(III) on carbon steel surface in presence of molybdate and selenite in citric acid medium
Mittal VK, Bera S, Narasimhan SV, Velmurugan S
1531 - 1534 Microstructure and mechanism of Al2O3-ZrO2 eutectic coating prepared by combustion-assisted thermal explosion spraying
Zheng YT, Li HB, Zhou T
1535 - 1540 Oxidation temperature dependent properties of MgO thin film on alumina
Patil S, Puri V
1541 - 1550 Electronic state of ruthenium deposited onto oxide supports: An XPS study taking into account the final state effects
Larichev YV, Moroz BL, Bukhtiyarov VI
1551 - 1554 Surface modification of zinc oxide nanorods for potential applications in organic materials
Zhang L, Zhong M, Ge HL
1555 - 1560 On the surface topography of ultrashort laser pulse treated steel surfaces
Obona JV, Ocelik V, Skolski JZP, Mitko VS, Romer GRBE, in't Veld AJH, De Hosson JTM
1561 - 1564 Study on selective adsorption of deuterium on boron nitride using photon-stimulated ion-desorption
Koswattage KR, Shimoyama I, Baba Y, Sekiguchi T, Nakagawa K
1565 - 1571 Effects of Cr buffer layer thickness on the microstructure and the properties of Ni thin films deposited on polyimide substrate
Xu J, Shao TM
1572 - 1580 Thermal stable superhydrophobic polyphenylsilsesquioxane/nanosilica composite coatings
Yang HW, Cheng YR, Xiao F
1581 - 1586 N-doped TiO2 photo-catalyst for the degradation of 1,2-dichloroethane under fluorescent light
Lin YH, Chiu TC, Hsueh HT, Chu H
1587 - 1591 Sol-gel preparation and enhanced photocatalytic performance of Cu-doped ZnO nanoparticles
Fu M, Li YL, Wu SW, Lu P, Liu J, Dong F
1592 - 1598 Characterization of in situ synthesized TiB2 reinforcements in iron-based composite coating
Zhang PP, Wang XB, Guo LJ, Cai LJ, Sun HL
1599 - 1604 Improving wear resistance of pure copper by laser surface modification
Li MY, Chao MJ, Liang EJ, Yu JM, Zhang JJ, Li DC
1605 - 1612 A spectroscopic study of water-soluble pyronin B and pyronin Y in Langmuir-Blodgett films mixed with stearic acid
Meral K, Erbil HY, Onganer Y
1613 - 1618 Effects of substrate temperature on properties of NbNx films grown on Nb by pulsed laser deposition
Farha AH, Er AO, Ufuktepe Y, Myneni G, Elsayed-Ali HE
1619 - 1623 In situ AFM and Raman spectroscopy study of the crystallization behavior of Ge2Sb2Te5 films at different temperature
Wu YK, Liu K, Li DW, Guo YN, Pan S
1624 - 1629 The microstructure, mechanical and friction properties of protective diamond like carbon films on magnesium alloy
Zou YS, Wu YF, Yang H, Cang K, Song GH, Li ZX, Zhou K
1630 - 1638 Texture change through film thickness and off-axis accommodation of (002) planes
Shetty AR, Karimi A
1639 - 1639 Numerical modeling of laser shock peening with femtosecond laser pulses and comparisons to experiments (vol 256, pg 4376, 2010)
Wu BX, Tao S, Lei ST
1640 - 1640 Photovoltaic behavior and work function of zinc oxides as solar cells (vol 257, pg 1141, 2010)
Tan XQ, Wu ZQ, Zhi W
1641 - 1641 Modification of magadiite surface by organofunctionalization for application in removing As(V) from aqueous media: Kinetic and thermodynamic (vol 256, pg 702, 2009)
Guerra DL, Pinto AA, Viana RR, Airoldi C