Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.258, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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987 - 990 Microscopic observation of lateral diffusion at Si-SiO2 interface by photoelectron emission microscopy using synchrotron radiation
Hirao N, Baba Y, Sekiguchi T, Shimoyama I, Honda M
991 - 998 Organic-inorganic hybrid superhydrophobic surfaces using methyltriethoxysilane and tetraethoxysilane sol-gel derived materials in emulsion
Wen XF, Wang K, Pi PH, Yang JX, Cai ZQ, Zhang LJ, Qian Y, Yang ZR, Zheng DF, Cheng J
999 - 1003 Formation of alpha-Si1-xCx:H and nc-SiC films grown by HWCVD under different process pressure
Wu TR, Shen HL, Cheng B, Pan YY, Liu B, Shen JC
1004 - 1007 A novel simple approach to preparation of superhydrophobic surfaces of aluminum alloys
Xie DG, Li W
1008 - 1013 Preparation of porous super-hydrophobic and super-oleophilic polyvinyl chloride surface with corrosion resistance property
Kang YK, Wang JY, Yang GB, Xiong XJ, Chen XH, Yu LG, Zhang PY
1014 - 1020 Copper coated nickel foam as current collector for H2S-containing syngas solid oxide fuel cells
Low QX, Huang WS, Fu XZ, Melnik J, Luo JL, Chuang KT, Sanger AR
1021 - 1026 Microstructure and mechanical properties of reactive magnetron sputtered Ti-B-C-N nanocomposite coatings
Luo QH, Lu YH
1027 - 1032 A new strategy to assemble CdSe/ZnS quantum dots with multi-walled carbon nanotubes for potential application in imaging and photosensitization
Kim GB, Ramaraj B, Yoon KR
1033 - 1037 Effect of deposition and annealing temperature on mechanical properties of TaN film
Liu X, Ma GJ, Sun G, Duan YP, Liu SH
1038 - 1044 Improving protein resistance of alpha-Al2O3 membranes by modification with POEGMA brushes
He HT, Jing WH, Xing WH, Fan YQ
1045 - 1051 Effect of reaction parameters on the growth of MWCNTs using mesoporous Sb/MCM-41 by chemical vapour deposition
Atchudan R, Pandurangan A, Subramanian K
1052 - 1057 Theoretical study of cisplatin adsorption on silica
Simonetti S, Company AD, Brizuela G, Juan A
1058 - 1061 Broadband antireflection of silicon nanorod arrays prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Wang DS, Yang ZB, Li F, Liu DQ, Wang P, He DY
1062 - 1068 Porous WO3 from anodized sputtered tungsten thin films for NO2 detection
Hu M, Zeng J, Wang WD, Chen HQ, Qin YX
1069 - 1076 Preparation of vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays grown onto carbon fiber fabric and evaluating its wettability on effect of composite
An F, Lu CX, Guo JH, He SQ, Lu HB, Yang Y
1077 - 1081 Surface adhesion properties of graphene and graphene oxide studied by colloid-probe atomic force microscopy
Ding YH, Zhang P, Ren HM, Zhuo Q, Yang ZM, Jiang X, Jiang Y
1082 - 1090 Highly selective epoxidation of styrene over mesoporous Au-Ti-SBA-15 via photocatalysis process: Synthesis, characterization, and catalytic application
Guo YJ, Liu ZW, Wang GJ, Huang YH, Kang FF
1091 - 1096 Spray pyrolytic deposition of transparent aluminum oxide (Al2O3) films
Dhonge BP, Mathews T, Sundari ST, Thinaharan C, Kamruddin M, Dash S, Tyagi AK
1097 - 1102 Effects of proton and electron irradiation on the structural and tribological properties of MoS2/polyimide
Liu BX, Pei XQ, Wang QH, Sun XJ, Wang TM
1103 - 1108 Improvement in micro-structural and mechanical properties of zinc film by surface treatment with low temperature argon plasma
Behera D, Mishra DK, Pradhan SK, Sakthivel R, Mohanty S
1109 - 1114 A structured two-dimensional Au-Si alloy
Tang L, Li FS, Guo QM
1115 - 1125 Textural and electronic characteristics of mechanochemically activated composites with nanosilica and activated carbon
Gun'ko VM, Zaulychnyy YV, Ilkiv BI, Zarko VI, Nychiporuk YM, Pakhlov EM, Ptushinskii YG, Leboda R, Skubiszewska-Zieba J
1126 - 1131 Comparison of self-cleaning properties of three titania coatings on float glass
Piispanen M, Hupa L
1132 - 1138 One-step preparation of hierarchical superparamagnetic iron oxide/graphene composites via hydrothermal method
Ren LL, Huang S, Fan W, Liu TX
1139 - 1143 Lateral and vertical manipulations of single atoms on the Ag(1 1 1) surface with the copper single-atom and trimer-apex tips
Xie YQ, Yang TX, Ye X, Huang L
1144 - 1148 Fabrication and surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) of Ag/Au bimetallic films on Si substrates
Wang CN, Fang JH, Jin YL, Cheng MF
1149 - 1152 Cu-doped SiOxCy nanostructures induced by radio frequency plasma jet using hexamethyldisiloxane
Ke B, Chen MD, Ding F, Zheng SJ, Li H, Zhu XD
1153 - 1156 Direct-current electrodeposition and characterization of Ni5Sb2 nanowires array
Liu F, Yang YW, Chen YB, Li TY, Kong MG
1157 - 1163 The influences of plasma ion bombarded on crystallization, electrical and mechanical properties of Zn-In-Sn-O films
Chen KJ, Hung FY, Chang SJ, Liao JD, Weng CC, Hu ZS
1164 - 1174 Comparative study of titanium carbide and nitride coatings grown by cathodic vacuum arc technique
Devia DM, Restrepo-Parra E, Arango PJ
1175 - 1180 Periodic patterning of silicon by direct nanosecond laser interference ablation
Tavera T, Perez N, Rodriguez A, Yurrita P, Olaizola SM, Castano E
1181 - 1183 Modification of ferroelectric hysteresis in Pb(Nb,Zr,Ti)O-3 thin films induced by CO2 adsorption
Ramos-Moore E, Lederman D, Cabrera AL
1184 - 1191 Preparation of UV curing crosslinked polyviologen film and its photochromic and electrochromic performances
Gao LP, Ding GJ, Wang YC, Yang YL
1192 - 1198 Theoretical studies of arsenite adsorption and its oxidation mechanism on a perfect TiO2 anatase (1 0 1) surface
Wei ZG, Zhang SW, Pan ZC, Liu Y
1199 - 1205 TiO2/polyaniline nanocomposite films prepared by magnetron sputtering combined with plasma polymerization process
Pal AR, Sarma BK, Adhikary NC, Chutia J, Bailung H
1206 - 1211 Influence of high temperature annealing on the structure, hardness and tribological properties of diamond-like carbon and TiAlSiCN nanocomposite coatings
Xie ZW, Wang LP, Wang XF, Huang L, Lu Y, Yan JC
1212 - 1216 Pre-hydrolysed ethyl silicate as an alternative precursor for SiO2-coated carbon nanofibers
Barrena MI, de Salazar JMG, Soria A, Matesanz L
1217 - 1224 Preparation of monodisperse polystyrene/silica core-shell nano-composite abrasive with controllable size and its chemical mechanical polishing performance on copper
Zhang L, Wang HB, Zhang ZF, Qin F, Liu WL, Song ZT
1225 - 1234 An investigation on erosion behavior of HVOF sprayed WC-CoCr coatings
Thakur L, Arora N, Jayaganthan R, Sood R
1235 - 1241 Initial oxidation of brass induced by humidified air
Qiu P, Leygraf C
1242 - 1248 Effect of the duty ratio on the indium tin oxide (ITO) film deposited by in-line pulsed DC magnetron sputtering method for resistive touch panel
Ahn MH, Cho ES, Kwon SJ
1249 - 1255 Preparation of visible light responsive N doped TiO2 via a reduction-nitridation procedure by nonthermal plasma treatment
Hu SZ, Li FY, Fan ZP
1256 - 1260 Enhanced dielectric permittivity in poly (vinylidene) fluoride/multiwalled carbon nanotubes nanocomposite thin films fabricated by pulsed laser deposition
Chanmal C, Deo M, Jog J
1261 - 1266 Effects of post-annealing on the structural and nanomechanical properties of Ga-doped ZnO thin films deposited on glass substrate by rf-magnetron sputtering
Wang SK, Lin TC, Jian SR, Juang JY, Jang JSC, Tseng JY
1267 - 1271 Structural and optical properties of GaN thin films grown on Al2O3 substrates by MOCVD at different reactor pressures
Guillen-Cervantes A, Rivera-Alvarez Z, Lopez-Lopez M, Ponce-Pedraza A, Guarneros C, Sanchez-Resendiz VM
1272 - 1278 Surface adhesion and demolding force dependence on resist composition in ultraviolet nanoimprint lithography
Amirsadeghi A, Lee JJ, Park S
1279 - 1281 Effect of C60 ion sputtering on the compositional depth profiling in XPS for Li(Ni,Co,Mn)O-2 electrodes
Chang LS, Lin YC, Su CY, Wu HC, Pan JP