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Applied Surface Science, Vol.258, No.24 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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9501 - 9504 Synthesis and characterization of YSZ by spray pyrolysis technique
Jadhav LD, Jamale AP, Bharadwaj SR, Varma S, Bhosale CH
9505 - 9509 Preparation of thermo-responsive superhydrophobic TiO2/poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microspheres
Chen H, Pan SJ, Xiong YZ, Peng C, Pang XZ, Li L, Xiong YQ, Xu WJ
9510 - 9517 Deposition, characterization and optimization of zinc oxide thin film for piezoelectric cantilevers
Wang PH, Du HJ, Shen SN, Zhang MS, Liu B
9518 - 9525 Specific interactions of functionalised gold surfaces with ammonium perchlorate or starch; towards a chemical cartography of their mixture
Mercier D, Mercader C, Quere S, Hairault L, Methivier C, Pradier CM
9526 - 9530 Detailed evaluation of protein adsorption on alumina surface through surface plasmon resonance phenomenon
Akasaka H, Konishi M, Gawazawa N, Ohshio S, Toda I, Saitoh H
9531 - 9535 Experimental study on friction and wear behaviour of amorphous carbon coatings for mechanical seals in cryogenic environment
Wang JL, Jia Q, Yuan XY, Wang SP
9536 - 9543 Ab initio investigation of the SCN- chemisorption of single-walled boron nitride nanotubes
Soltani A, Ahmadian N, Kanani Y, Dehnokhalaji A, Mighani H
9544 - 9553 Characterization of amorphous Co-P alloy coatings electrodeposited with pulse current using gluconate bath
Bera P, Seenivasan H, Rajam KS, Grips VKW
9554 - 9558 Gas sensing properties of p-type semiconducting vanadium oxide nanotubes
Yu ML, Liu XQ, Wang Y, Zheng YB, Zhang JW, Li MY, Lan W, Su Q
9559 - 9563 Surface mechanical properties of S30432 austenitic steel after shot peening
Zhan K, Jiang CH, Ji V
9564 - 9569 Study of plasma immersion ion implantation into silicon substrate using magnetic mirror geometry
Pillaca EJDM, Ueda M, Kostov KG, Reuther H
9570 - 9578 Poly(vinylidene fluoride) reinforced by carbon fibers: Structural parameters of fibers and fiber-polymer adhesion
Wang JH, Wu DF, Li X, Zhang M, Zhou WD
9579 - 9583 Si nanoripples: A growth dynamical study
Dhillon PK, Sarkar S, Franquet A, Moussa A, Vandervorst W
9584 - 9588 Size controlled synthesis and photocatalytic activity of anatase TiO2 hollow microspheres
Dwivedi C, Dutta V
9589 - 9592 XPS analyses of Ta/MgOx/Ni81Fe19/MgOx/Ta films
Li MH, Han G, Liu Y, Feng C, Wang HC, Teng J, Yu GH
9593 - 9598 Preparation of TiO2 nanotubes coated on polyurethane and study of their photocatalytic activity
Liu P, Liu HJ, Liu GG, Yao K, Lv WY
9599 - 9603 Sn whiskers removed by energy photo flashing
Jiang N, Yang M, Novak J, Igor P, Osterman M
9604 - 9609 Effects of annealing temperature on ZnO and AZO films prepared by sol-gel technique
Ng ZN, Chan KY, Tohsophon T
9610 - 9616 Low temperature deposition of silver sulfide thin films by AACVD for gas sensor application
Hussain ST, Abu Bakar S, Saima B, Muhammad B
9617 - 9622 Ion beam sputter deposition of epitaxial Ag films on native oxide covered Si(100) substrates
Khare C, Gerlach JW, Patzig C, Rauschenbach B
9623 - 9628 Ultrathin films of Cu on Ru(1 0 (1)over-bar 0): Flat bilayers and mesa islands
Brona J, Wasielewski R, Ciszewski A
9629 - 9635 Adsorption of carbon monoxide on Ag(I)-ZSM-5 zeolite: An ab initio density functional theory study
Qiu ZZ, Yu YX, Mi JG
9636 - 9641 Surface conduction at phase transitions in (Au,Ag)/Si(111) submonolayer films
Tsukanov DA, Ryzhkova MV, Borisenko EA, Bondarenko LV, Matetskiy AV, Gruznev DV, Zotov AV, Saranin AA
9642 - 9649 Study on nanocomposite Ti-Al-Si-Cu-N films with various Si contents deposited by cathodic vacuum arc ion plating
Shi J, Muders CM, Kumar A, Jiang X, Pei ZL, Gong J, Sun C
9650 - 9655 Fabrication of V2O3/C core-shell structured composite and VC nanobelts by the thermal treatment of VO2/C composite
Zhang YF, Fan MJ, Hu L, Wu WB, Zhang JC, Liu XH, Zhong YL, Huang C
9656 - 9663 Effects of the AFM tip trace on nanobundles formation on the polymer surface
Yan YD, Sun Y, Yang YT, Hu ZJ, Zhao XS
9664 - 9667 Low-temperature synthesis of mesoporous TiO2 photocatalyst with self-cleaning strategy to remove organic templates
Chu S, Luo LL, Yang JC, Kong F, Luo S, Wang Y, Zou ZG
9668 - 9674 Experimental and theoretical studies on electrochemical synthesis of poly(3-amino-1,2,4-triazole)
Mert BD, Mert ME, Kardas G, Yazici B
9675 - 9679 Au-assisted Co silicide island growth on Si(111)
Fleurence A, Agnus G, Maroutian T, Bartenlian B, Beauvillain P
9680 - 9684 Fabrication of porous flaky electromagnetic particles by electroless plating of CoNiP on diatomite
Yuan LM, Cai J, Zhang WQ, Lian ZY, Zhang DY
9685 - 9691 Direct monophasic replacement of fatty acid by DMSA on SPION surface
Gogoi M, Deb P, Vasan G, Keil P, Kostka A, Erbe A
9692 - 9700 Electroless ternary NiCeP coatings: Preparation and characterisation
Balaraju JN, Chembath M
9701 - 9705 Chemical vapor deposition growth of InN nanostructures: Morphology regulation and field emission properties
Zhang F, Wu Q, Zhang YL, Zhu JM, Liu N, Yang J, Wang XZ, Hu Z
9706 - 9710 Effect of annealing on composition, structure and optical properties of SrHfON thin films
Feng LP, Wang YQ, Tian H, Liu ZT
9711 - 9717 Fabrication of cell outer membrane mimetic polymer brush on polysulfone surface via RAFT technique
Ma Q, Zhang H, Zhao J, Gong YK
9718 - 9722 Template-assisted fabrication of tin and antimony based nanowire arrays
Zaraska L, Kurowska E, Sulka GD, Jaskula M
9723 - 9731 Dual-scale rough multifunctional superhydrophobic ITO coatings prepared by air annealing of sputtered indium-tin alloy thin films
Gupta N, Sasikala S, Mahadik DB, Rao AV, Barshilia HC
9732 - 9736 Local absorptivity modulation of a 1 mu m-laser beam through surface waviness
Kaplan AFH
9737 - 9741 Sulfonation of polyester fabrics by gaseous sulfur oxide activated by UV irradiation
Kordoghli B, Khiari R, Mhenni MF, Sakli F, Belgacem MN
9742 - 9746 Laser-induced front side and back side etching of fused silica with KrF and XeF excimer lasers using metallic absorber layers: A comparison
Lorenz P, Ehrhardt M, Zimmer K
9747 - 9750 Triangle islands and cavities on the surface of evaporated Cu(In, Ga)Se-2 absorber layer
Han AJ, Zhang Y, Liu W, Li BY, Sun Y
9751 - 9755 Direct observation of phase transition of GeSbTe thin films by Atomic Force Microscope
Yang F, Xu L, Zhang R, Geng L, Tong L, Xu J, Su WN, Yu Y, Ma ZY, Chen KJ
9756 - 9761 Mechanical characteristics of soft-brittle HgCdTe single crystals investigated using nanoindentation and nanoscratching
Zhou HX, Qiu S, Zhang XZ, Xu CG
9762 - 9769 Effects of annealing on arrays of Ge nanocolumns formed by glancing angle deposition
Khare C, Gerlach JW, Hoche T, Fuhrmann B, Leipner HS, Rauschenbach B
9770 - 9781 Fouling propensity and separation efficiency of epoxidated polyethersulfone incorporated cellulose acetate ultrafiltration membrane in the retention of proteins
Jayalakshmi A, Rajesh S, Mohan D
9782 - 9785 Fluorocarbon thin film with superhydrophobic property prepared by pyrolysis of hexafluoropropylene oxide
Wang J, Song X, Li R, Shen JP, Yang GC, Huang H
9786 - 9791 Characteristics of phase transition and separation in a In-Ge-Sb-Te system
Park SJ, Jang MH, Park SJ, Cho MH, Ko DH
9792 - 9799 Facile morphological control of single-crystalline silicon nanowires
Wu SL, Zhang T, Zheng RT, Cheng GA
9800 - 9804 Ruthenium Grubbs' catalyst nanostructures grown by UV-excimer-laser ablation for self-healing applications
Aissa B, Nechache R, Haddad E, Jamroz W, Merle PG, Rosei F
9805 - 9809 Photocatalytic activity of Ag3PO4 nanoparticle/TiO2 nanobelt heterostructures
Liu RY, Hu PG, Chen SW
9810 - 9815 Photo-induced properties of non-annealed anatase TiO2 mesoporous film prepared by anodizing in the hot phosphate/glycerol electrolyte
Taguchi Y, Tsuji E, Aoki Y, Habazaki H
9816 - 9823 Effect of periodic surface cracks on the interfacial fracture of thermal barrier coating system
Fan XL, Xu R, Zhang WX, Wang TJ
9824 - 9831 Understanding of gas phase deposition of reactive magnetron sputtered TiO2 thin films and its correlation with bactericidal efficiency
Panda AB, Mahapatra SK, Barhai PK, Das AK, Banerjee I
9832 - 9839 Electrophoretic deposition of bioactive glass coating on 316L stainless steel and electrochemical behavior study
Mehdipour M, Afshar A, Mohebali M
9840 - 9848 The bioactivity mechanism of magnetron sputtered bioglass thin films
Berbecaru C, Stan GE, Pina S, Tulyaganov DU, Ferreira JMF
9849 - 9855 Investigation of the structure of fluoroalkylsilanes deposited on alumina surface
Cichomski M, Kosla K, Kozlowski W, Szmaja W, Balcerski J, Rogowski J, Grobelny J
9856 - 9858 Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties in VC/SiC nanomultilayers
Li YG, Li GQ, Yang D, Li GY
9859 - 9863 Formation of SiO2/polytetrafluoroethylene hybrid superhydrophobic coating
Zheng YS, He Y, Qing YQ, Zhuo ZH, Mo Q
9864 - 9875 Rapid, simple, and cost-effective treatments to achieve long-term hydrophilic PDMS surfaces
Hemmila S, Cauich-Rodriguez JV, Kreutzer J, Kallio P
9876 - 9890 DFT calculations of the CO adsorption on Mn, Fe, Co, and Au deposited at MgO (100) and CdO (100)
Eid KM, Taha HO, Kamel MA, Ashour AE, Halim WSA
9891 - 9895 The structural and optoelectronic properties of Ti-doped ZnO thin films prepared by introducing a Cr buffer layer and post-annealing
Lina YC, Hsu CY, Hung SK, Chang CH, Wen DC
9896 - 9901 Synthesis and properties of Li2SnO3/polyaniline nanocomposites as negative electrode material for lithium-ion batteries
Wang QF, Huang Y, Miao J, Zhao Y, Wang Y
9902 - 9906 The use of XPS for study of the surface layers of CrNi alloys electrodeposited from the Cr(III) plus Ni(II) bath
Surviliene S, Cesuniene A, Jasulaitiene V, Jureviciute I
9907 - 9912 Ti-B-C nanocomposite coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering
Lauridsen J, Nedfors N, Jansson U, Jensen J, Eklund P, Hultman L
9913 - 9917 Violet-blue-green emission and shift in Mg-doped ZnO films with different ratios of oxygen to argon gas flow
Chen HX, Ding JJ, Guo WG, Shi F, Li YF
9918 - 9925 Layer-by-layer assembly of type I collagen and chondroitin sulfate on aminolyzed PU for potential cartilage tissue engineering application
He XY, Wang YJ, Wu G
9926 - 9931 Influence of typical defects on thermal conductivity of graphene nanoribbons: An equilibrium molecular dynamics simulation
Yang D, Ma F, Sun YJ, Hu TW, Xu KW
9932 - 9943 A mechanistic study of H2S adsorption and dissociation on Cu2O(111) surfaces: Thermochemistry, reaction barrier
Zhang RG, Liu HY, Li JR, Linga LX, Wang BJ
9944 - 9948 Unusual pattern formation on Si(100) due to low energy ion bombardment
Basu T, Mohanty JR, Som T
9949 - 9953 Morphological study of PLD grown CuO films on SrTiO3, sapphire, quartz and MgO substrates
Kawwam M, Alharbi F, Aldwayyan A, Lebbou K
9954 - 9960 Comparative study on the effects of different annealing conditions on the surface morphology, crystallinity, and optical properties of ZnO micro/nanoparticle-based discs
Sendi RK, Mahmud S
9961 - 9968 Surface morphology of magnesium alloy irradiated by high-intensity pulsed ion beam
Li P, Peng TX
9969 - 9976 Structural, optoelectronic, luminescence and thermal properties of Ga-doped zinc oxide thin films
Shinde SS, Shinde PS, Oh YW, Haranath D, Bhosale CH, Rajpure KY
9977 - 9981 The austenite/epsilon martensite interface: A first-principles investigation of the fcc Fe(1 1 1)/hcp Fe(0 0 0 1) system
Lee SJ, Lee YK, Soon A
9982 - 9988 Effect of nitrogen ion implantation on corrosion inhibition of nickel coated 316 stainless steel and correlation with nano-structure
Grayeli-Korpi AR, Savaloni H
9989 - 9996 Novel polypyrrole-sensitized hollow TiO2/fly ash cenospheres: Synthesis, characterization, and photocatalytic ability under visible light
Wang B, Li C, Pang JF, Qing XT, Zhai JP, Li Q
9997 - 10001 Investigation of the presence of metal droplets after pulsed InN and GaN epitaxial growth using atomic force microscopy and nanoindentation
Terziyska PT, Butcher KSA, Alexandrov D
10002 - 10011 Synthesis of high-surface-area gamma-Al2O3 from aluminum scrap and its use for the adsorption of metals: Pb(II), Cd(II) and Zn(II)
Asencios YJO, Sun-Kou MR
10012 - 10016 Effect of hydrogen peroxide treatment on the properties of wool fabric
Wang X, Shen XL, Xu WL
10017 - 10021 Formation of microarc oxidation coatings on magnesium alloy with photocatalytic performance
Li WP, Tang MQ, Zhu LQ, Liu HC
10022 - 10027 Synergetic effect of ZrO2 on the oxidation-reduction reaction of Fe2O3 during chemical looping combustion
Tan QL, Qin W, Chen QL, Dong CQ, Li WY, Yang YP
10028 - 10033 Microplasma synthesis on aluminum with additions of iron and nickel soluble complexes in electrolyte
Rogov AB, Mironov IV, Terleeva OP, Slonova AI
10034 - 10041 Preparation of Fe-doped TiO2 nanoparticles immobilized on polyamide fabric
Zhang H, Zhu H
10042 - 10046 Scalable patterning on shape memory alloy by laser shock assisted direct imprinting
Ye C, Cheng GJ
10047 - 10052 Microwave absorption properties of CeO2 and Zn-modified CeO2 microstructures
Wu HJ, Wang LD, Wang YM, Guo SL
10053 - 10057 Bonding of C-f/SiC composite to Invar alloy using an active cement, Ag-Cu eutectic and Cu interlayer
Zhao L, Li XH, Hou JB, Sun Q, Zhang FL
10058 - 10063 Bactericidal behavior of Cu-containing stainless steel surfaces
Zhang XY, Huang XB, Ma Y, Lin NM, Fan AL, Tang B
10064 - 10067 Annealing effects on properties of Ag-N dual-doped ZnO films
Duan L, Zhang WX, Yu XC, Jiang ZQ, Luan LJ, Chen YN, Li DL
10068 - 10071 Synthesis of hollow nanosphere Sb2Te3 via a thermal evaporation process
Zhang GL, Liang YJ, Shi HL, Zou B, Wu JP, Zhao P, Bai WJ, Yang H, Wang WZ
10072 - 10076 Influence of seawater and its aerosols on copper patina composition
Veleva L, Farro W
10077 - 10083 High-resolution XPS spectromicroscopy study of micro-patterned gold-tin surfaces
Renault O, Garnier A, Morin J, Gambacorti N, Bertin F
10084 - 10088 Facile preparation of sol-gel-derived ultrathin and high-dielectric zirconia films for capacitor devices
You HC, Chang CM, Liu TF, Cheng CC, Chang FC, Ko FH
10089 - 10094 Colouration process of colloidal tungsten oxide nanoparticles in the presence of hydrogen gas
Garavand NT, Ranjbar M, Mahdavi SM, Zad AI
10095 - 10103 Enhanced conductivity of novel star branched liquid crystalline copolymer based on poly(ethylene oxide) for solid polymer electrolytes
Tong YF, Chen L, Chen YW, He XH
10104 - 10109 Synthesis of Pd/ZnO nanocomposites with high photocatalytic performance by a solvothermal method
Zhang YY, Wang QL, Xu J, Ma SY
10110 - 10114 Adhesion strength characterization of PVDF/HA coating on cp Ti surface modified by laser beam irradiation
Ribeiro AA, Vaz LG, Guastaldi AC, Campos JSC
10115 - 10122 Functionalization of layered double hydroxides by intumescent flame retardant: Preparation, characterization, and application in ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer
Huang GB, Fei ZD, Chen XY, Qiu FL, Wang X, Gao JR
10123 - 10127 Monitoring preparation and phase transitions of carburized W(110) by reflectance difference spectroscopy
Bachmann M, Memmel N, Bertel E, Denk M, Hohage M, Zeppenfeld P
10128 - 10134 Improvement of oxidation resistance of copper by atomic layer deposition
Chang ML, Cheng TC, Lin MC, Lin HC, Chen MJ
10135 - 10139 Magnetic and electronic properties of silicane with hydrogen vacancies on the surface
Pan L, Liu HJ, Wen YW, Tan XJ, Lv HY, Shi J, Tang XF
10140 - 10143 Plasmon-assisted photoluminescence enhancement of SiC nanocrystals by proximal silver nanoparticles
Zhang N, Dai DJ, Fan JY
10144 - 10147 Rapid preparation of highly ordered ultraflat ZnO surfaces
Gotzen J, Witte G
10148 - 10153 Mechanistic investigations on the adsorption of thiophene over Zn3NiO4 bimetallic oxide cluster
Zhang SL, Zhang YH, Huang SP, Wang P, Tian HP
10154 - 10159 Improvement of interfacial property between PBO fibers and epoxy resin by surface grafting of polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes (POSS)
Song B, Meng LH, Huang YD
10160 - 10167 Surface treatment of zinc coatings by molybdate solutions
Fachikov L, Ivanova D
10168 - 10174 Surface treatment of para-aramid fiber by argon dielectric barrier discharge plasma at atmospheric pressure
Gu RX, Yu JR, Hu CC, Chen L, Zhu J, Hu ZM
10175 - 10179 Synthesis and optical properties of three-dimensional nanowall ZnO film prepared by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition
Li ZJ, Hu ZF, Jiang L, Huang HQ, Liu FJ, Zhang XQ, Wang YS, Yin PG, Guo L
10180 - 10184 Size-controlled in situ synthesis and photo-responsive properties of silver/poly(methyl methacrylate) nanocomposite films with high silver content
Chen C, Li JG, Luo GQ, Xiong YL, Zhang QSLM
10185 - 10190 Oxygen-containing functionalities on the surface of multi-walled carbon nanotubes quantitatively determined by fluorescent labeling
Dementev N, Ronca R, Borguet E
10191 - 10194 Crystallinity improvement of hexagonal boron nitride films by molybdenum catalysts during microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition and post-annealing
Liu F, Yu J, Bai XD
10195 - 10198 Characterization of Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 films deposited by single-step electron beam evaporation for solar cell applications
Men CL, Tian Z, Shao QP, Zhang H, An ZH
10199 - 10204 Superhydrophobic surfaces fabricated by surface modification of alumina particles
Richard E, Aruna ST, Basu BJ
10205 - 10208 Water breakthrough pressure of cotton fabrics treated with fluorinated silsesquioxane/fluoroelastomer coatings
Lamison KR, Guenthner AJ