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Applied Surface Science, Vol.258, No.22 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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8431 - 8438 Controlled synthesis of ZnO hollow microspheres via precursor-template method and its gas sensing property
Tian Y, Li JC, Xiong H, Dai JN
8439 - 8443 Occurrence of two-photon absorption saturation in Ag nanocolloids, prepared by chemical reduction method
Rahulan KM, Ganesan S, Aruna P
8444 - 8447 In vitro study of cell differentiation by two type mouse embryo stem cells on mono- and multilayer nanocarbon tubes
Imai K, Akasaka T, Watari F, Tanoue A, Nakamura K, Suese K, Takashima H, Nishikawa T, Tanaka A, Takeda S
8448 - 8454 Surface functionalization of graphite and carbon nanotubes by vacuum-ultraviolet photochemical reactions
Girard-Lauriault PL, Illgen R, Ruiz JC, Wertheimer MR, Unger WES
8455 - 8459 Preparation and study on microwave absorbing materials of boron nitride coated pyrolytic carbon particles
Zhou W, Xiao P, Li Y
8460 - 8468 Wear behavior of gas tunnel type plasma sprayed Zr-based metallic glass composite coatings
Yugeswaran S, Kobayashi A, Suresh K, Rao KP, Subramanian B
8469 - 8474 Modeling the effects of particle deformation in chemical mechanical polishing
Chen XC, Zhao YW, Wang YG
8475 - 8483 Time-resolved shadowgraph imaging of femtosecond laser-induced forward transfer of solid materials
Feinaeugle M, Alloncle AP, Delaporte P, Sones CL, Eason RW
8484 - 8491 First-principles study of oxygen adsorption on Fe(110) surface
Tan XC, Zhou JC, Peng YQ
8492 - 8497 Effect of percolation on the electrical conductivity of amino molecules non-covalently coated multi-walled carbon nanotubes/epoxy composites
Zhang AB, Luan JF, Zheng YP, Sun L, Tang M
8498 - 8505 Effect of nitrogen flow rate on the properties of TiN film deposited by e beam evaporation technique
Arshi N, Lu J, Koo BH, Lee CG, Ahmed F
8506 - 8513 Gold nano-particles fixed on glass
Worsch C, Wisniewski W, Kracker M, Russel C
8514 - 8520 Atomic layer deposition and characterization of stoichiometric erbium oxide thin dielectrics on Si(100) using (CpMe)(3)Er precursor and ozone
Xu RS, Tao Q, Yang Y, Takoudis CG
8521 - 8526 Facile methods for synthesis of core-shell structured and heterostructured Fe3O4@Au nanocomposites
Lou L, Yu K, Zhang ZL, Huang R, Wang YT, Zhu ZQ
8527 - 8532 Effect of annealing temperature on properties of RF sputtered Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin films
Yu Z, Yan CP, Yan Y, Zhang YX, Huang T, Huang W, Li SS, Liu L, Zhang Y, Zhao Y
8533 - 8537 Investigation on growth process and tribological behavior of mixed alkylsilane self-assembled molecular films in aqueous solution
Liu YH, Liu PX, Xiao YQ, Luo JB
8538 - 8541 Controlled growth and photoluminescence of one-dimensional and platelike ZnS nanostructures
Lu JF, Zeng XH, Liu HF, Zhang W, Zhang Y
8542 - 8547 The effects of magnetic field on pulsed laser deposition of Mg-doped ZnO thin films
Park JJ, Song JK, Ha JS, Park SM
8548 - 8551 Mechanisms in photoluminescence enhancement of ZnO nanorod arrays by the localized surface plasmons of Ag nanoparticles
Bian JC, Yang F, Li Z, Zeng JL, Zhang XW, Chen ZD, Tan JZY, Peng RQ, He HY, Wang J
8552 - 8557 A polishing process for nonlinear optical crystal flats based on an annular polyurethane pad
Liao DF, Xie RQ, Hou J, Chen XH, Zhong B
8558 - 8563 130 MeV Au ion irradiation induced dewetting on In2Te3 thin film
Matheswaran P, Abhirami KM, Gokul B, Sathyamoorthy R, Prakash J, Asokan K, Kanjilal D
8564 - 8569 A simple two-step method to fabricate highly transparent ITO/polymer nanocomposite films
Liu HT, Zeng XF, Kong XR, Bian SG, Chen JF
8570 - 8576 Preparation and tribological properties of self-lubricating TiO2/graphite composite coating on Ti6Al4V alloy
Mu M, Zhou XJ, Xiao Q, Liang J, Huo XD
8577 - 8584 Calcium-phosphate coatings obtained biomimetically on magnesium substrates under low magnetic field
Yanovska A, Kuznetsov V, Stanislavov A, Danilchenko S, Sukhodub L
8585 - 8589 Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic ZnO nanoparticle surfaces with erasable and rewritable wettability
Li J, Wan HQ, Liu XH, Ye YP, Zhou HD, Chen JM
8590 - 8594 Performance improvement mechanisms of i-ZnO/(NH4)(2)S-x-treated AlGaN MOS diodes
Lee CT, Chiou YL, Lee HY, Chang KJ, Lin JC, Chuang HW
8595 - 8598 Microstructure, optical and electrical properties of Al-doped ZnO films grown by MOCVD
Su JF, Tang CJ, Niu Q, Zang CH, Zhang YS, Fu ZX
8599 - 8602 Preparation and electrochemical characterization of NiO nanostructure-carbon nanowall composites grown on carbon cloth
Chang HC, Chang HY, Su WJ, Lee KY, Shih WC
8603 - 8608 Preparation of Ni-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites by Pd-activated electroless deposition and their magnetic properties
Wang Y, Zhao Y, Bao TJ, Li X, Su YQ, Duan YX
8609 - 8612 Effect of polymer binder on surface texturing by photoembossing
Hughes-Brittain NF, Picot OT, Dai M, Peijs T, Bastiaansen CWM
8613 - 8618 Oxidation and diffusion processes at the Mn-doped Fe(001) and Fe(110) surfaces from first-principles
Chen S, Giorgi ML, Guillot JB, Geneste G
8619 - 8622 Preparation of hydrogenated-TiO2/Ti double layered thin films by water vapor plasma treatment
Pranevicius LL, Milcius D, Tuckute S, Gedvilas K
8623 - 8628 Controllable synthesis of functional nanocomposites: Covalently functionalize graphene sheets with biocompatible L-lysine
Mo ZL, Gou H, He JX, Yang PP, Feng C, Guo RB
8629 - 8635 Structure and mechanical properties of Ti-C films deposited using combination of pulsed DC and normal DC magnetron co-sputtering
Raman KHT, Kiran MSRN, Ramamurty U, Rao GM
8636 - 8640 Ga-grading profiles formed by incorporation of gallium into Cu(In1-xGax)Se-2 absorber thin films
Wang J, Zhang YF, Dong F, Zhu J
8641 - 8648 Evolvement of cell-substrate interaction over time for cells cultivated on a 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (gamma-APTES) modified silicon dioxide (SiO2) surface
Hsu CP, Hsu PY, Wu YL, Hsu WY, Lin JJ
8649 - 8655 Wafer-scale fabrication of silicon nanowire arrays with controllable dimensions
Wang W, Li D, Tian M, Lee YC, Yang RG
8656 - 8661 A new strategy to grow polymer brush on graphene oxide surface through microwave assisted polymer synthesis
Park MS, Ramaraj B, Yoon KR
8662 - 8666 Self assembled surface adjoined mesoscopic spheres of SnO2 quantum dots and their optical properties
Sharma S, Srivastava AK, Chawla S
8667 - 8672 Thermal behavior of Ni- and Cu-containing plasma electrolytic oxide coatings on titanium
Rudnev VS, Wybornov S, Lukiyanchuk IV, Staedler T, Jiang X, Ustinov AY, Vasilyeva MS
8673 - 8677 Oxygen-induced physical property variation of deposited ZnO films by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
Shi ZF, Zhang SK, Wu B, Cai XP, Zhang JX, Yin W, Wang H, Wang J, Xia XC, Dong X, Zhang BL, Du GT
8678 - 8682 Study on adsorption of O-2 on LaFe1-xMgxO3 (010) surface by density function theory calculation
Liu X, Cheng B, Hu JF, Qin HW
8683 - 8688 Structural and morphological modifications of the Co-thin films caused by magnetic field and pH variation
Franczak A, Levesque A, Bohr F, Douglade J, Chopart JP
8689 - 8695 Atomic force microscopy based repeatable surface nanomachining for nanochannels on silicon substrates
Dong ZX, Wejinya UC
8696 - 8703 Preparation and characterization of visible-light-driven N-F-Ta tri-doped TiO2 photocatalysts
Wang W, Lu CH, Ni YR, Su MX, Huang WJ, Xu ZZ
8704 - 8712 Preparation and characterization of SnO2/ZnO/TiO2 composite semiconductor with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Yang GD, Yan ZF, Xiao TC
8713 - 8718 Phase formation and thermal stability of periodic Ni-silicide nanocontact arrays on epitaxial Si1-xCx layers on Si(100)
Cheng SL, Tseng YC, Lee SW, Chen H
8719 - 8723 Y thin films by ultrashort pulsed laser deposition for photocathode application
Lorusso A, De Giorgi ML, Fotakis C, Maiolo B, Miglietta P, Papadopoulou EL, Perrone A
8724 - 8731 Micro/nanostructure evolution of zircaloy surface using anodization technique: Application to nuclear fuel cladding modification
Lee C, Kim H, Ahn HS, Kim MH, Kim J
8732 - 8738 Tensile property of a hot work tool steel prepared by biomimetic coupled laser remelting process with different laser input energies
Wang CW, Zhou H, Zhang ZH, Zhao Y, Zhang P, Cong DL, Meng C, Tan FX
8739 - 8746 Sticky superhydrophobic filter paper developed by dip-coating of fluorinated waterborne epoxy emulsion
Huang XX, Wen XF, Cheng J, Yang ZR
8747 - 8751 Nanoporous metallic surface: Facile fabrication and enhancement of boiling heat transfer
Tang Y, Tang B, Qing JB, Li Q, Lu LS
8752 - 8757 Crack propagation behavior of TiN coatings by laser thermal shock experiments
Choi Y, Jeon S, Jeon MS, Shin HG, Chun HH, Lee YS, Lee H
8758 - 8763 Visible laser induced positive ion emissions from NaCl nanoparticles prepared by droplet rapid drying
Sun MX, Guo DZ, Xing YJ, Zhang GM
8764 - 8768 The Influence of Ta underlayers on the structure of TiO2 thin films deposited on an unheated glass substrate
Kamiko M, Aotani K, Suenaga R, Koo JW, Nose K, Kyuno K, Ha JG
8769 - 8774 Electrical resistivity and dielectric properties of helical microorganism cells coated with silver by electroless plating
Cai J, Lan MM, Zhang DY, Zhang WQ
8775 - 8779 Characterization of delafossite-CuCrO2 thin films prepared by post-annealing using an atmospheric pressure plasma torch
Chen HY, Yang WJ, Chang KP
8780 - 8789 A comparative study on surface morphological investigations of ferric oxide for LPG and opto-electronic humidity sensors
Singh S, Verma N, Yadav BC, Prakash R
8790 - 8796 A new approach to study local corrosion processes on steel surfaces by combining different microscopic techniques
Heyer A, D'Souza F, Bruin A, Ferrari G, Mol JMC, de Wit JHW
8797 - 8801 Improvement of electrical and optical properties of molybdenum doped zinc oxide films by introducing hydrogen
Wang YF, Huang Q, Wei CC, Zhang DK, Zhao Y, Zhang XD
8802 - 8806 The corrosion behavior of electroless Ni-P coating in Cl-/H2S environment
Xu XQ, Miao J, Bai ZQ, Feng YR, Ma QR, Zhao WZ
8807 - 8813 XPS study of silver, nickel and bimetallic silver-nickel nanoparticles prepared by seed-mediated growth
Prieto P, Nistor V, Nouneh K, Oyama M, Abd-Lefdil M, Diaz R
8814 - 8818 Influence of PEG molecular weight on morphology, structure and wettability of electroless deposited Cu-Ni-P films
Zhang WJ, Feng X, Cao HY, Hu AM, Li M
8819 - 8824 Double layer structure of ZnO thin films deposited by RF-magnetron sputtering on glass substrate
Besleaga C, Stan GE, Galca AC, Ion L, Antohe S
8825 - 8830 Fabrication and reflection properties of silicon nanopillars by cesium chloride self-assembly and dry etching
Liu J, Ashmkhan M, Wang B, Yi FT
8831 - 8836 Effects of interactions between NiM (M = Mn, Fe, Co and Cu) bimetals with MgO (100) on the adsorption of CO2
Wang BJ, Yan RX, Liu HY
8837 - 8844 Fabrication of oxide-free graphene suspension and transparent thin films using amide solvent and thermal treatment
Oh SY, Kim SH, Chi YS, Kang TJ
8845 - 8852 Formation of corrugated and porous steel surfaces by femtosecond laser irradiation
Kurselis K, Kiyan R, Chichkov BN
8853 - 8860 Effect of SO3 on elemental mercury adsorption on a carbonaceous surface
He P, Wu J, Jiang XM, Pan WG, Ren JX
8861 - 8866 Antistatic modification of polypropylene by incorporating Tween/modified Tween
Zheng AN, Xu X, Xiao HN, Li N, Guan Y, Li SZ
8867 - 8873 A facile method for electrospinning of Ag nanoparticles/poly (vinyl alcohol)/carboxymethyl-chitosan nanofibers
Zhao YH, Zhou Y, Wu XM, Wang L, Xu L, Wei SC
8874 - 8879 Theoretical prediction of hydrogen storage on Li decorated planar boron sheets
Wang YS, Wang F, Li M, Xu B, Sun Q, Jia Y
8880 - 8888 The surface and electrochemical analysis of permanganate based conversion coating on alclad and unclad 2024 alloy
Yoganandan G, Balaraju JN, Grips VKW
8889 - 8894 Implications of alkaline solutions-induced etching on optical and minority carrier lifetime features of monocrystalline silicon
Bachtouli N, Aouida S, Laajimi RH, Boujmil MF, Bessais B
8895 - 8901 Characterization and investigation mechanism of hydrothermal stability for micropore-free ordered mesoporous molecular sieves
Pu HP, Han CY, Wang H, Xu SW, Zhang LY, Zhang YY, Luo YM
8902 - 8907 Pulsed direct current magnetron sputtered nanocrystalline tin oxide films
Reddy AS, Figueiredo NM, Cavaleiro A
8908 - 8914 Surface modification of copper using high intensity, 10(15)W/cm(2), femtosecond laser in vacuum
Momcilovic M, Limpouch J, Kmetik V, Redaelli R, Savovic J, Batani D, Stasic J, Panjan P, Trtica M
8915 - 8918 Urea as a long-term stable alternative to guanidium thiocyanate additive in dye-sensitized solar cell
Kim MJ, Park NG
8919 - 8927 Fabrication of porous biopolymer substrates for cell growth by UV laser: The role of pulse duration
Castillejo M, Rebollar E, Oujja M, Sanz M, Selimis A, Sigletou M, Psycharakis S, Ranella A, Fotakis C
8928 - 8933 Facile fabrication of non-sticking superhydrophobic boehmite film on Al foil
Liu LJ, Xu FY, Yu ZL, Dong P
8934 - 8939 Preparation of the NiFe2O4 electrochemical film for the solid-state reference electrode based on EB-PVD
Hong Y, Qiao GF, Song GP
8940 - 8945 Multifractal analysis of tensile toughness and filler dispersion for polypropylene-CaCO3 composites
Perez E, Bernal C, Piacquadio M
8946 - 8952 Preparation and high temperature oxidation resistance of microarc oxidation ceramic coatings formed on Ti2AlNb alloy
Wang YH, Liu ZG, Ouyang JH, Wang YM, Zhou Y
8953 - 8958 A new protocol for the carboxylic acid sidewall functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Darabi HR, Tehrani MJ, Aghapoor K, Mohsenzadeh F, Malekfar R
8959 - 8964 Facile electrochemical synthesis of ZnO/PbSe heterostructure nanorod arrays and PbSe nanotube arrays
Li HH, Yang J, Liang CL, Zhang W, Zhou M
8965 - 8969 Single crystalline Cr2O3 nanowires/nanobelts: CrCl3 assistant synthesis and novel magnetic properties
Yang SH, Liu SJ, Lan CY, Yang SG
8970 - 8973 A non-aqueous electrodeposition process for fabrication of superhydrophobic surface with hierarchical micro/nano structure
Hao LM, Chen Z, Wang RP, Guo CL, Zhang PL, Pang SF
8974 - 8979 Reliability assessment of ultra-thin HfO2 films deposited on silicon wafer
Fu WE, Chang CW, Chang YQ, Yao CK, Liao JD
8980 - 8984 Functionalization of [60] fullerene with butadienes: A DFT study
Beheshtian J, Peyghan AA, Bagheri Z
8985 - 8990 Preparation and characterization of anodic films on AZ31B Mg alloy formed in the silicate electrolytes with ethylene glycol oligomers as additives
Zhu F, Wang JW, Li SH, Zhang J
8991 - 8995 Gold nanoparticles grafting on glass surface
Kvitek O, Bot M, Svorcik V
8996 - 9004 Coalescence driven size-controlled synthesis of ITO nanospheres
Kang JH, Uthirakumar P, Katharria YS, Ryu JH, Kim HK, Kim HY, Han N, Park YJ, Beak YS, Kim SM, Hong CH
9005 - 9010 Development of natively textured surface hydrogenated Ga-doped ZnO-TCO thin films for solar cells via magnetron sputtering
Wang F, Chen XL, Geng XH, Zhang DK, Wei CC, Huang Q, Zhang XD, Zhao Y
9011 - 9017 Determination of adhesion forces between smooth and structured solids
Fischer HR, Gelinck ERM
9018 - 9024 Hydrothermal synthesis and photoelectrochemical properties of In2S3 thin films with a wedgelike structure
Zhang LN, Zhang W, Yang HB, Fu WY, Li MH, Zhao H, Ma JW
9025 - 9031 Correlation between temperature distribution and in situ formed microstructure of Fe-TiC deposited on carbon steel using laser cladding
Emamian A, Alimardani M, Khajepour A
9032 - 9040 Effect of an "in situ" hydrous strain on the ionic exchange process of dioctahedral smectite: Case of solution containing (Cu2+, Co2+) cations
Chalghaf R, Oueslati W, Ammar M, Ben Rhaiem H, Amara AB
9041 - 9046 Grain morphology and size disorder effect on the transport and magnetotransport in Sol-Gel grown nanostructured manganites
Kuberkar DG, Doshi RR, Solanki PS, Khachar U, Vagadia M, Ravalia A, Ganesan V
9047 - 9053 Preparation and performance of novel thermally stable polyamide/PPENK composite nanofiltration membranes
Hu LJ, Zhang SH, Han RL, Jian XG
9054 - 9057 rf Power dependence on the chemical and structural properties of copper oxide thin films obtained at various oxygen fractions
Lim K, Park J, Kim DG, Kim JK, Kang JW, Kang YC
9058 - 9066 Fabrication of novel thermal barrier coating on polymer composites via the combined sol-gel/sealing treatment process
Huang WZ, Zou BL, Zhao Y, Meng XS, Wang CJ, Cao XQ, Wang Z
9067 - 9072 Texturization of Si(100) substrates using tensioactive compounds
Zubel I, Granek F, Rola K, Banaszczyk K
9073 - 9079 Dealloying of single-phase Al2Au to nanoporous gold ribbon/film with tunable morphology in inorganic and organic acidic media
Wang XG, Zhang ZH, Ji H, Xu JL, Huang XB, Ma Y
9080 - 9086 Effects of vanadium ion implantation on microstructure, mechanical and tribological properties of TiN coatings
Deng B, Tao Y, Guo DL
9087 - 9091 Water adsorption behavior on metal surfaces and its influence on surface potential studied by in situ SPM
Guo LQ, Zhao XM, Bai Y, Qiao LJ
9092 - 9095 Production of few-layer graphene through liquid-phase pulsed laser exfoliation of highly ordered pyrolytic graphite
Qian M, Zhou YS, Gao Y, Feng T, Sun Z, Jiang L, Lu YF
9096 - 9102 Comparative study of supported CuOx and MnOx catalysts for the catalytic wet air oxidation of beta-naphthol
Liu J, Yu CY, Zhao PQ, Chen GX
9103 - 9103 TiAlN coatings deposited by triode magnetron sputtering varying the bias voltage (vol 257, pg 6181, 2011)
Devia DM, Restrepo-Parra E, Arango PJ, Tschiptschin AP, Velez JM
9104 - 9104 Comparative study of titanium carbide and nitride coatings grown by cathodic vacuum arc technique (vol 258, pg 1164, 2011)
Devia DM, Restrepo-Parra E, Arango PJ