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Applied Surface Science, Vol.258, No.20 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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7795 - 7800 Graphene supported nano particles of Pt-Ni for CO oxidation
Zhang C, Lv W, Yang QH, Liu Y
7801 - 7808 Chitosan/poly (vinyl pyrollidone) coatings improve the antibacterial properties of poly(ethylene terephthalate)
Wang BL, Wang JL, Li DD, Ren KF, Ji J
7809 - 7812 Influence of NiO anode buffer layer prepared by solution on performance of bulk-heterojunction solar cells
Kim KH, Takahashi C, Okubo T, Abe Y, Kawamura M
7813 - 7819 A white-emitting ZnO-Au nanocomposite and its SERS applications
Sun LL, Zhao DX, Ding M, Zhao HF, Zhang ZZ, Li BH, Shen DZ
7820 - 7825 Effect of active screen plasma nitriding pretreatment on wear behavior of TiN coating deposited by PACVD technique
Raoufi M, Mirdamadi S, Mahboubi F, Ahangarani S, Mahdipoor MS, Elmkhah H
7826 - 7832 Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of graphene/BiOBr composites under visible light
Zhang XM, Chang XF, Gondal MA, Zhang B, Liu YS, Ji GB
7833 - 7838 Effect of hydroxyl group attachment on TiO2 films for dye-sensitized solar cells
Subramanian A, Wang HW
7839 - 7843 Simonkolleite nano-platelets: Synthesis and temperature effect on hydrogen gas sensing properties
Sithole J, Ngom BD, Khamlich S, Manikanadan E, Manyala N, Saboungi ML, Knoessen D, Nemutudi R, Maaza M
7844 - 7848 Investigation of Se supply for the growth of Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1-x)(4) (x approximate to 0.02-0.05) thin films for photovoltaics
Ge J, Zuo SH, Jiang JC, Ma JH, Yang LH, Yang PX, Chu JH
7849 - 7854 Manufacture, microstructure and mechanical properties of W-Ta-N nano-structured hard films
Yang JF, Jiang Y, Yuan ZG, Wang XP, Fang QF
7855 - 7859 Effect of rapid thermal annealing on nanocrystalline TiO2 thin films synthesized by swift heavy ion irradiation
Thakurdesai M, Kanjilal D, Bhattacharyya V
7860 - 7863 Effect of laser power on orientation and microstructure of Ba2TiO4 film prepared by laser chemical vapor deposition
Guo DY, Goto T, Wang CB, Shen Q, Zhang LM
7864 - 7871 Bio-polymer coatings on neural probe surfaces: Influence of the initial sample composition
Chow WWY, Herwik S, Ruther P, Gothelid E, Oscarsson S
7872 - 7881 Effects of exposure time on variations in the structure and hydrophobicity of polyvinylidene fluoride membranes prepared via vapor-induced phase separation
Peng YL, Fan HW, Dong YJ, Song YN, Han H
7882 - 7888 Stability of hexa(ethylene glycol) SAMs towards the exposure to natural light and repeated reimmersion
Zorn S, Dettinger U, Skoda MWA, Jacobs RMJ, Peisert H, Gerlach A, Chasse T, Schreiber F
7889 - 7896 Physico-chemical characterization of functionalized polypropylenic fibers for prosthetic applications
Nistico R, Faga MG, Gautier G, Magnacca G, D'Angelo D, Ciancio E, Piacenza G, Lamberti R, Martorana S
7897 - 7906 Plasma process for development of a bulk heterojunction optoelectronic device: A highly sensitive UV detector
Sharma S, Pal AR, Chutia J, Bailung H, Sarma NS, Dass NN, Patil D
7907 - 7911 Facile approach for preparation of stable water-repellent nanoparticle coating
Zhang X, Guo YG, Zhang ZJ, Zhang PY
7912 - 7917 Time dependent thermal treatment of oxidized MWCNTs studied by the electron and mass spectroscopy methods
Stobinski L, Lesiak B, Zemek J, Jiricek P
7918 - 7921 The preparation of Al-containing amorphous carbon nanotip arrays and their excellent field emission properties
Wu ZG, Li WH, Xu L, Li SK, Zhang CY, Yan PX
7922 - 7927 A mild L-cystine-assisted hydrothermal route to metastable gamma-MnS multipods
Liu MY, Shan NN, Chen LL, Li XQ, Li BN, You WS
7928 - 7935 Online surface characterization of paper and paperboards in a wide-range of the spatial wavelength spectrum
Alam A, Thim J, O'Nils M, Manuilskiy A, Lindgren J, Liden J
7936 - 7942 Electrophoretic deposition of cobalt catalyst layer over stainless steel for the high yield synthesis of carbon nanotubes
ChandraKishore S, Pandurangan A
7943 - 7949 Wettability alteration by trimeric cationic surfactant at water-wet/oil-wet mica mineral surfaces
Zhang R, Qin N, Peng L, Tang K, Ye ZB
7950 - 7955 Novel liquid-solid adhesion superhydrophobic surface fabricated using titanium dioxide and trimethoxypropyl silane
Ramanathan R, Weibel DE
7956 - 7961 Dilution effect on the formation of amorphous phase in the laser cladded Ni-Fe-B-Si-Nb coatings after laser remelting process
Li RF, Li ZG, Huang J, Zhu YY
7962 - 7967 Effect of composition on electroless deposited Ni-Co-P alloy thin films as a diffusion barrier for copper metallization
Kumar A, Kumar M, Kumar D
7968 - 7975 Environmentally friendly process for nickel electroplating of ABS
Bazzaoui M, Martins JI, Bazzaoui EA, Albourine A
7976 - 7981 The effect of growth surface morphology on the crystal structure and magnetic property of L1(0) order PtFe layers deposited by magnetron sputtering
Ding WY, Ishiguro S, Ogatsu R, Ju DY
7982 - 7988 Production of porous PTFE-Ag composite thin films by pulsed laser deposition
Kecskemeti G, Hopp B, Smausz T, Toth Z, Szabo G
7989 - 7996 A reliable method to grow vertically-aligned silicon nanowires by a novel ramp-cooling process
Ho TW, Hong FCN
7997 - 8001 Effect of nitrogen doping on anatase-rutile phase transformation of TiO2
Bu XZ, Zhang GK, Zhang CH
8002 - 8007 Microstructuring and doping of silicon with nanosecond laser pulses
Li XH, Chang LY, Qiu R, Wen C, Li ZH, Hu SF
8008 - 8014 Electrodeposition and electrocatalytic activity of Cu2O film on stainless steel substrate
Bao M, Wang D, Liu SY, Kuang LL, Sun J, Wang F, Wen YX
8015 - 8018 Photocatalytic activity of different morphologies TiO2 nanofibers
Li SD, Dong YH, Guo MR
8019 - 8025 Growth of carbon nanotubes from titanium dioxide nanoparticles
Cai QR, Hu YL, Liu YY, Huang SM
8026 - 8031 Quantum size effect on ZnO nanoparticle-based discs synthesized by mechanical milling
Sendi RK, Mahmud S
8032 - 8039 The influence of polydimethylsiloxane curing ratio on capillary pressure in microfluidic devices
Viola I, Zacheo A, Arima V, Arico AS, Cortese B, Manca M, Zocco A, Taurino A, Rinaldi R, Gigli G
8040 - 8045 Controllability study on the preparation of pure phase BiFeO3 thin films by liquid phase self-assembled method
Ren XR, Tan GQ, Miao HY, Li ZY
8046 - 8048 Minority carrier lifetime enhancement in multicrystalline silicon by means of a dual treatment based on porous silicon and sputter-deposition of TiO2:Cr passivation layers
Hajjaji A, Ben Rabha M, Janene N, Gaidi M, Bessais B, El Khakani MA
8049 - 8054 Effect of Ag film thickness on the crystallization mechanism and photoluminescence properties of ZnO/Ag nanoflower arrays
Hu ZS, Hung FY, Chang SJ, Huang BR, Lin BC, Hsieh WK, Chen KJ
8055 - 8060 Enhancement of photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanoparticles by coupling Sb2O3
Liu DN, He GH, Zhu L, Zhou WY, Xu YH
8061 - 8064 Surface nanostructure of a directionally solidified Ni-based superalloy DZ4 induced by high intensity pulsed ion beam irradiation
Mei XX, Fu JQ, Li XN, Sun WF, Dong C, Wang YN
8065 - 8071 Material morphological characteristics in laser ablation of alpha case from titanium alloy
Yue LY, Wang ZB, Li L
8072 - 8077 Magnetoelastic coupling in multilayered ferroelectric/ferromagnetic thin films: A quantitative evaluation
Chiolerio A, Quaglio M, Lamberti A, Celegato F, Balma D, Allia P
8078 - 8082 Photoluminescence of silicon nanostructures prepared via hydrothermal growth progress
Sun CL, Hu H, Yi L, Bai X, Yang YM, Feng HH, Xu JJ, Chen Y, Jin Y, Jiao ZF, Sun XS
8083 - 8089 Hollow mesoporous titania microsphere with low shell thickness/diameter ratio and high photocatalysis
Liu JN, Zhang GW, Ao W, Yang K, Peng SX, Muller-Goymann C
8090 - 8093 Interfacial layer formation at ZnO/CdS interface
Abe Y, Komatsu A, Nohira H, Nakanishi K, Minemoto T, Ohta T, Takakura H
8094 - 8099 Ion beam deposition of DLC and nitrogen doped DLC thin films for enhanced haemocompatibility on PTFE
Srinivasan S, Tang Y, Li YS, Yang Q, Hirose A
8100 - 8108 The effect of substrate temperature on the etching properties and the etched surfaces of magnetic tunnel junction materials in a CH3OH inductively coupled plasma system
Lee M, Lee WJ
8109 - 8116 Effect of temperature on the deposition of ZnO thin films by successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction
Shei SC, Lee PY, Chang SJ
8117 - 8123 Electrodeposition of Zn-doped alpha-nickel hydroxide with flower-like nanostructure for supercapacitors
You Z, Shen K, Wu ZC, Wang XF, Kong XH
8124 - 8127 Magnetic properties and magnetization reversal process of L1(0) FePt/Fe bilayers magnetic thin films
Liu LW, Sheng W, Bai JM, Cao JW, Lou YF, Wang Y, Wei FL, Lu J
8128 - 8133 Catalytic etching of synthetic diamond crystallites by iron
Ohashi T, Sugimoto W, Takasu Y
8134 - 8138 Fabrication of superhydrophobicity on cotton fabric by sol-gel
Shi YL, Wang YS, Feng XJ, Yue GR, Yang W
8139 - 8145 Adhesive modification of indium-tin-oxide surface for template attachment for deposition of highly ordered nanostructure arrays
Gu W, Liao LS, Cai SD, Zhou DY, Jin ZM, Shi XB, Lei YL
8146 - 8152 Surface morphology effects on the light-controlled wettability of ZnO nanostructures
Khranovskyy V, Ekblad T, Yakimova R, Hultman L
8153 - 8159 Molecular dynamics simulations of peptide adsorption on self-assembled monolayers
Xie Y, Liu MF, Zhou J
8160 - 8165 In situ electrochemically etching-derived ZnO nanotube arrays for highly efficient and facilely recyclable photocatalyst
Xu F, Chen J, Guo LY, Lei SY, Ni YR
8166 - 8170 Analysis of the surface state of epi-ready Ge wafers
Gabas M, Palanco S, Bijani S, Barrigon E, Algora C, Rey-Stolle I, Garcia I, Ramos-Barrado JR
8171 - 8176 Adsorption and dissociation of Cl-2 molecule on ZnO nanocluster
Beheshtian J, Peyghan AA, Bagheri Z
8177 - 8184 Insight into CH4 dissociation on NiCu catalyst: A first-principles study
Liu HY, Zhang RG, Yan RX, Li JR, Wang BJ, Xie KC
8185 - 8191 Synthesis of HgS nanocrystals in the Lysozyme aqueous solution through biomimetic method
Zhang L, Yang GR, He GX, Wang L, Liu QR, Zhang QX, Qin DZ
8192 - 8198 Preparation and photocatalytic activity of Cu-doped ZnO thin films prepared by the sol-gel method
Jongnavakit P, Amornpitoksuk P, Suwanboon S, Ndiege N
8199 - 8208 Improvement of the tribological behavior of PTFE-anodic film composites prepared on 1050 aluminum substrate
Escobar J, Arurault L, Turq V
8209 - 8213 The effect of plasma modification on the sheet resistance of nylon fabrics coated with carbon nanotubes
Zhang W, Johnson L, Silva SRP, Lei MK
8214 - 8221 X-ray photoelectron, Cu L3MM Auger and X-ray absorption spectroscopic studies of Cu nanoparticles produced in aqueous solutions: The effect of sample preparation techniques
Saikova S, Vorobyev S, Likhatski M, Romanchenko A, Erenburg S, Trubina S, Mikhlin Y
8222 - 8227 Au/CeO2-chitosan composite film for hydrogen peroxide sensing
Zhang W, Xie GM, Li SF, Lu LS, Liu B
8228 - 8233 Wear of UHMWPE against nitrogen-ion-implanted and NbN-coated Co-Cr-Mo alloy formed by plasma immersion ion implantation and deposition for artificial joints
Park WW, Kim EK, Jeon JH, Choi JY, Moon SW, Lim SH, Han SH
8234 - 8240 The influences of high energetic oxygen negative ions and active oxygen on the microstructure and electrical properties of ZnO:Al films by MF magnetron sputtering
Hao CS, Xie B, Li M, Wang HQ, Jiang YS, Song YZ
8241 - 8246 The antibacterial and hydrophilic properties of silver-doped TiO2 thin films using sol-gel method
Wang XM, Hou XG, Luan WJ, Li DJ, Yao K
8247 - 8252 Surface modification, characterization and adsorptive properties of a coconut activated carbon
Lu XC, Jiang JC, Sun K, Xie XP, Hu YM
8253 - 8257 Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic nanostructures on aluminum foils with controlled-condensation and delayed-icing effects
Zhang YF, Yu XQ, Wu H, Wu J
8258 - 8263 One-step synthesis of highly active Ti-containing Cr-modified MCM-48 mesoporous material and the photocatalytic performance for decomposition of H2S under visible light
Wang Z, Ci XB, Dai HJ, Yin L, Shi HX
8264 - 8272 Thermal analysis of friction welding process in relation to the welding of YSZ-alumina composite and 6061 aluminum alloy
Uday MB, Fauzi MNA, Zuhailawati H, Ismail AB
8273 - 8278 Corrosion behavior of chromium and oxygen plasma-modified magnesium in sulfate solution and simulated body fluid
Xu RZ, Wu GS, Yang XB, Zhang XM, Wu ZW, Sun GY, Li GY, Chu PK
8279 - 8282 Investigation of temperature-dependent field emission from single crystal TiO2 nanorods
Chen JB, Wang CW, Kang YM, Li DS, Zhu WD, Zhou F
8283 - 8288 Preparation of magnetic Ni/wollastonite and zeolite P/Ni/wollastonite composite fibers
Jiang JL, Lu XY, Huang H, Duanmu CS, Zhou SM, Gu X, Chen J
8289 - 8297 Surface composition variation and high-vacuum performance of DLC/ILs solid-liquid lubricating coatings: Influence of space irradiation
Liu XF, Wang LP, Pu JB, Xue QJ
8298 - 8306 First observation on the feasibility of scratch formation by pad-particle mixture in CMP process
Sung IH, Kim HJ, Yeo CD
8307 - 8311 Cyclic oxidation behaviour of different treated CoNiCrAlY coatings
Marginean G, Utu D
8312 - 8318 First principles study of the adsorption of a NO molecule on N-doped anatase nanoparticles
Liu J, Liu Q, Fang PF, Pan CX, Xiao W
8319 - 8319 Structure and corrosion behavior of iron-based metallic glass coatings prepared by LPPS (vol 258, pg 5380, 2012)
Liu G, An YL, Guo ZH, Chen JM, Hou GL, Chen J
8320 - 8322 Oxidative decomposition of volatile organic compounds using thermally-excited activity of hydroxyapatite (vol 258, pg 5370, 2012)
Nishikawa H, Oka T, Asai N, Simomichi H, Shirai T, Fuji M