Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.258, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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641 - 648 Evaluation of residual iron in carbon nanotubes purified by acid treatments
Edwards ER, Antunes EF, Botelho EC, Baldan MR, Corat EJ
649 - 656 Fabrication and characterization of indium sulfide thin films deposited on SAMs modified substrates surfaces by chemical bath deposition
Meng X, Lu YJ, Zhang XL, Yang BP, Yi GW, Jia JH
657 - 661 Dual roles of amphiphilic triblock copolymer P123 in synthesis of alpha-Fe nanoparticle/ordered mesoporous silica composites
Li JS, Li HJ, Zhu Y, Hao YX, Sun XY, Wang LJ
662 - 667 Superhydrophobic brocades modified with aligned ZnO nanorods
Qi GC, Zhang H, Yuan ZH
668 - 671 Degradation factors of a new long life cathode
Zhang MC, Zhang HL, Liu PK, Li YT
672 - 677 Synthesis, characterizations, photocatalytic and sensing studies of ZnO nanocapsules
Faisal M, Khan SB, Rahman MM, Jamal A, Asiri AM, Abdullah MM
678 - 686 Effect of various lanthanum sol-gel coatings on the 330Cb (Fe-35Ni-18Cr-1Nb-2Si) oxidation at 900 degrees C
Buscail H, Issartel C, Riffard F, Rolland R, Perrier S, Fleurentin A, Josse C
687 - 694 Crystal orientation control of polycrystalline TiN thin films using ZnO under layers deposited by magnetron sputtering
Kato K, Omoto H, Takamatsu A, Tomioka T
695 - 699 Study on oxygen source and its effect on film properties of ZnO deposited by radio frequency magnetron sputtering
Kamada Y, Furuta M, Hiramatsu T, Kawaharamura T, Wang DP, Shimakawa S, Li CY, Fujita S, Hirao T
700 - 704 Influence of annealing treatment on the microstructure and mechanical performance of cold sprayed 304 stainless steel coating
Meng XM, Zhang JB, Han W, Zhao J, Liang YL
705 - 710 Density functional study of TaSin (n=1-3, 12) clusters adsorbed to graphene surface
Guo P, Zheng L, Zheng JM, Zhang RZ, Yang LN, Ren ZY
711 - 718 Shuttle-like ZnO nano/microrods: Facile synthesis, optical characterization and high formaldehyde sensing properties
Zhang LX, Zhao JH, Zheng JF, Li L, Zhu ZP
719 - 726 Thermal behavior and catalytic activity in naphthalene destruction of Ce-, Zr- and Mn-containing oxide layers on titanium
Vasilyeva MS, Rudnev VS, Wiedenmann F, Wybornov S, Yarovaya TP, Jiang X
727 - 731 Morphology, optical and electrical properties of Cu-Ni nanoparticles in a-C:H prepared by co-deposition of RF-sputtering and RF-PECVD
Ghodselahi T, Vesaghi MA, Gelali A, Zahrabi H, Solaymani S
732 - 737 Preparation and magnetic properties of polymer magnetic composites based on acrylate resin filled with nickel plating graphite nanosheets
Zhang Y, Qi SH, Zhang F, Yang YQ, Duan GC
738 - 742 Field emission characteristics of screen-printed carbon nanotubes cold cathode by hydrogen plasma treatment
Yu J, Chen J, Deng SZ, Xu NS
743 - 747 Hydrogen species within the metals: Role of molecular hydrogen ion H-2(+)
Juodkazis K, Juodkazyte J, Griguceviciene A, Juodkazis S
748 - 754 Selective gold nano-patterning on flexible polymer substrate via concurrent nanoimprinting and nanotransfer printing
Law JBK, Khoo RTT, Tan BS, Low HY
755 - 760 Chemically induced graft copolymerization of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate onto polyurethane surface for improving blood compatibility
He CL, Wang M, Cai XM, Huang XB, Li L, Zhu HM, Shen J, Yuan J
761 - 765 Fabrication of superhydrophobic wood surfaces via a solution-immersion process
Liu CY, Wang SL, Shi JY, Wang CY
766 - 773 Improving the surface properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes after irradiation with gamma rays
Safibonab B, Reyhani A, Golikand AN, Mortazavi SZ, Mirershadi S, Ghoranneviss M
774 - 779 Laser micro/nano patterning of hydrophobic surface by contact particle lens array
Khan A, Wang ZB, Sheikh MA, Whitehead DJ, Li L
780 - 785 XPS and UPS study on band alignment at Pt-Zn-terminated ZnO(0001) interface
Blumentrit P, Yoshitake M, Nemsak S, Kim T, Nagata T
786 - 790 New surface-modified zinc oxide nanoparticles with aminotriethylene oxide chains linked by 1,2,3-triazole ring: Preparation, and visible light-emitting and noncytotoxic properties
Sato M, Shimatani K, Iwasaki Y, Morito S, Tanaka H, Fujita Y, Nakamura M
791 - 799 Influence of temperature on structure as well as adhesion and friction and wear behavior of hydrogenated carbon nitride films prepared on silicon substrate
Guo JH, Zhang JW, Zhao C, Zhang JW, Zhang ZJ
800 - 805 Lithium and antimony adsorbed on graphene studied by first-principles calculations
Akturk OU, Tomak M
806 - 810 Fabrication of superhydrophobic wood surface by a sol-gel process
Wang SL, Liu CY, Liu GC, Zhang M, Li J, Wang CY
811 - 817 The surface cracking behavior in air plasma sprayed thermal barrier coating system incorporating interface roughness effect
Zhang WX, Fan XL, Wang TJ
818 - 821 A study of the optical properties and adhesion of zinc sulfide anti-reflection thin film coated on a germanium substrate
Firoozifar SAR, Behjat A, Kadivar E, Ghorashi SMB, Zarandi MB
822 - 826 A novel electrodeposited Cu-Zn-Bi film with increased corrosion resistance in a 0.05 M K2SO4 solution
Guan Y, Peng X
827 - 833 Crystal morphology variation in inkjet-printed organic materials
Ihnen AC, Petrock AM, Chou TM, Samuels PJ, Fuchs BE, Lee WY
834 - 838 Preparation of Ga-doped ZnO films by pulsed dc magnetron sputtering with cylindrical rotating target for thin film solar cell applications
Shin BK, Lee TI, Park JH, Park KI, Ahn KJ, Park SK, Lee W, Myoung JM
839 - 842 Investigations on structural and optical properties of Zn1-xGdxS nanoparticles
Divya A, Kumar KS, Reddy PS
843 - 847 Dielectric properties of continuous composition spreaded MgO-Ta2O5 thin films
Kim YH, Song JH, Kim JS, Yoon SJ, Park KB, Choi JW
848 - 859 Microstructure development and properties of the AlCuFe quasicrystalline coating on near-alpha titanium alloy
Moskalewicz T, Kot M, Wendler B
860 - 864 Interfacial bonding characteristic of nanoclay/polymer composites
Chan ML, Lau KT, Wong TT, Cardona F
865 - 872 Nano ZSM-5 type ferrisilicates as novel catalysts for ethylbenzene dehydrogenation in the presence of N2O
Khatamian M, Khandar AA, Haghighi M, Ghadiri M
873 - 882 Thermally oxidized aluminum as catalyst-support layer for vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotube growth using ethanol
Azam MA, Fujiwara A, Shimoda T
883 - 889 Highly adhesive metal plating on Zylon (R) fiber via iodine pretreatment
Fatema UK, Gotoh Y
890 - 897 Quenching of surface traps in Mn doped ZnO thin films for enhanced optical transparency
Ilyas U, Rawat RS, Roshan G, Tan TL, Lee P, Springham SV, Zhang S, Li FJ, Chen R, Sun HD
898 - 907 Solute transport and composition profile during direct metal deposition with coaxial powder injection
He XL, Song LJ, Yu G, Mazumder J
908 - 913 XPS and TPD investigation of CO adsorption on mixed Rh-V layers supported by gamma-alumina
Pis I, Matolin V, Nehasil V
914 - 918 Fabrication of textured SnO2:F thin films by spray pyrolysis
Ren Y, Zhao GY, Chen YQ
919 - 922 Facile synthesis and characterization of SnTe films
Wang YY, Cai KF, Yao X
923 - 927 Gallium-doped indium oxide nanoleaves: Structural characterization, growth mechanism and optical properties
Liu LZ, Chen YQ, Guo LL, Guo TB, Zhu YQ, Su Y, Jia C, Wei MQ, Cheng YF
928 - 934 Preparation of superhydrophobic surface with a novel sol-gel system
Su D, Huang CY, Hu Y, Jiang QW, Zhang L, Zhu YF
935 - 939 Study on crystalline to amorphous structure transition of Cr coatings by magnetron sputtering
Li HT, Jiang BL, Yang B
940 - 945 Surface-modification of TiO2 with new metalloporphyrins and their photocatalytic activity in the degradation of 4-notrophenol
Sun WJ, Li J, Yao GP, Zhang FX, Wang JL
946 - 949 Synthesis of salicylaldehyde Schiff base modified Cu nanocrystals by thermal treatment in liquid paraffin
Wen YL, Huang W, Wang B, Fan JC, Gao ZH, Yin LH
950 - 954 Adsorption of CO2 on PbO at ambient temperature
Mu WJ, Wu D, Liu J, Jia B, Sun Y, Su W, Zhou YP, Zhou L
955 - 961 Effect of drying technique on the physicochemical properties of sodium silicate-based mesoporous precipitated silica
Sarawade PB, Kim JK, Hilonga A, Quang DV, Kim HT
962 - 971 An elastic-perfectly plastic model for simulating an aluminum particle behavior during plasma thermal spraying using the finite element method
Benramoul L, El-Hadj AA
972 - 976 Synthesis and photocatalytic property of N-doped TiO2 nanorods and nanotubes with high nitrogen content
He Z, He HY
977 - 985 Surface characteristics and in vitro biocompatibility of a manganese-containing titanium oxide surface
Park JW, Kim YJ, Jang JH