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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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7245 - 7249 In-plane ordered grain boundaries inducing enhanced magnetoresistance in epitaxial manganite films
Han YX, Wu WB, Jiang GS, Zhu CF
7250 - 7254 Comparative study of the influence of two distinct sulfurization ramping rates on the properties of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films
Ge J, Wu YH, Zhang CJ, Zuo SH, Jiang JC, Ma JH, Yang PX, Chu JH
7255 - 7265 Surface modification of tungsten carbide by electrical discharge coating (EDC) using a titanium powder suspension
Janmanee P, Muttamara A
7266 - 7273 Numerical simulation of the unsteady non-linear heat transfer problems. Application on nanosecond laser annealing of Si
Bourantas GC, Korfiatis DP, Loukopoulos VC, Thoma KAT
7274 - 7279 Influence of pulsed substrate bias on the structure and properties of Ti-Al-N films deposited by cathodic vacuum arc
Zhang GP, Gao GJ, Wang XQ, Lv GH, Zhou L, Chen H, Pang H, Yang SZ
7280 - 7285 Very large-bandgap insulating monolayers of ODS on SiC
Aghdassi N, Dulson D, Linden S, Li LQ, Chi LF, Zacharias H
7286 - 7291 Corrosion and ion release behavior of Cu/Ti film prepared via physical vapor deposition in vitro as potential biomaterials for cardiovascular devices
Liu HQ, Zhang DY, Shen F, Zhang G, Song SH
7292 - 7298 On the surface characterization of an Al2O3 charge state conversion surface using ion scattering and atomic force microscope measurements
Riedo A, Ruosch M, Frenz M, Scheer JA, Wurz P
7299 - 7305 High adsorption capacity of V-doped TiO2 for decolorization of methylene blue
Nguyen TB, Hwang MJ, Ryu KS
7306 - 7313 Structural and mechanical analysis for the optimization of PVD oxide coatings for protection against metal dusting
Lopez LM, Salas O, Melo-Maximo L, Oseguera J, Lepienski CM, Soares P, Torres RD, Souza RM
7314 - 7321 Growth and characterization of Ta/Ti bi-layer films on glass and Si (111) substrates by direct current magnetron sputtering
Zhou YM, Xie Z, Ma YZ, Xia FJ, Feng SL
7322 - 7326 Well-ordered arranging of Ag nanoparticles in SiO2/Si by ion implantation
Takahiro K, Minakuchi Y, Kawaguchi K, Isshiki T, Nishio K, Sasase M, Yamamoto S, Nishiyama F
7327 - 7329 Fabrication of copper nanoparticles/graphene oxide composites for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Zhang KL
7330 - 7333 Laser-induced voltage effects in c-axis inclined NaxCoO2 thin films
Wang SF, Chen SS, Liu FQ, Yan GY, Chen JC, Li HL, Wang JL, Yu W, Fu GS
7334 - 7342 Periodic DFT study of adsorption of nitroamine molecule on alpha-Al2O3(001) surface
Zhou SQ, Ju XH, Zhao FQ, Xu SY
7343 - 7347 Controllable synthesis, characterization and photoluminescence properties of morphology-tunable CdS nanomaterials generated in thermal evaporation processes
Yang ZX, Zhong W, Zhang P, Xu MH, Deng Y, Au CT, Du YW
7348 - 7353 Microstructural study of surface melted and chromium surface alloyed ductile iron
Sohi MH, Ebrahimi M, Ghasemi HM, Shahripour A
7354 - 7358 Comparative study of potassium hexatitanate (K2Ti6O13) whiskers prepared by sol-gel and solid state reaction routes
Siddiqui MA, Chandel VS, Azam A
7359 - 7364 Fabrication of chitosan-CdSe/CdS/ZnS multilayer films by electrostatic self-assembly method
Huang FH, Lin X, Cheng C, Chen PF
7365 - 7371 Preparation of (Ba,Sr)TiO3@polystrene core-shell nanoparticles by solvent-free surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization
Yang XW, Zeng YW, Cai TX, Hu ZX
7372 - 7376 Interference of the surface plasmon polaritons with an Ag waveguide probed by dual-probe scanning near-field optical microscopy
Fujimoto R, Kaneta A, Okamoto K, Funato M, Kawakami Y
7377 - 7383 Mass transfer in "metal layer-silicon substrate" systems under the action of compression plasma flows
Uglov VV, Kudaktsin RS, Petukhou YA, Kvasov NT, Punko AV, Astashynski VM, Kuzmitski AM
7384 - 7388 Synthesis of colourless silver precursor ink for printing conductive patterns on silicon nitride substrates
Huang QJ, Shen WF, Song WJ
7389 - 7394 Cadmium(II) and lead(II) adsorption onto hetero-atom functional mesoporous silica and activated carbon
Machida M, Fotoohi B, Amamo Y, Mercier L
7395 - 7400 Raman and TEM characterization of high fluence C implanted nanometric Si on insulator
dos Reis RMS, Maltez RL, Moreira EC, Dias YP, Boudinov H
7401 - 7405 The fabrication of CoPt nanowire and nanotube arrays by alternating magnetic field during deposition
Liu HR, Lu QF, Han XF, Liu XG, Xu BS, Jia HS
7406 - 7411 Chemical states and optical properties of thermally evaporated Ge-Te and Ge-Sb-Te amorphous thin films
Kumar S, Singh D, Shandhu S, Thangaraj R
7412 - 7416 Ferroelectric domain switching investigation of BiFeO3 thin film on Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si (111) substrate
Fan F, Luo BC, Duan MM, Xing H, Jin KX, Chen CL
7417 - 7420 Studies on morphological and magnetic properties of La1-xSrxMnO3
Shinde KP, Pawar SS, Shirage PM, Pawar SH
7421 - 7424 Characteristics of microstructure and mechanical properties of Sc films as a function of substrate temperature
Wu QY, Liang JH, Liu JH, Bing WZ, Long XG, Luo SZ
7425 - 7429 Theoretical study of Cs adsorption on GaN(0001) surface
Du YJ, Chang BK, Wang XH, Zhang JJ, Li B, Wang MS
7430 - 7434 Simple and eco-friendly preparation of silver films coated on copper surface by replacement reaction
Zhao J, Zhang DM, Song XJ
7435 - 7439 Transparent conductive p-type lithium-doped nickel oxide thin films deposited by pulsed plasma deposition
Huang YW, Zhang Q, Xi JH, Ji ZG
7440 - 7447 Sintering temperature effect on photocatalytic efficiencies of ZnO/TiO2 composite plates
Konyar M, Yatmaz HC, Ozturk K
7448 - 7454 High-temperature hydrothermal synthesis of crystalline mesoporous TiO2 with superior photo catalytic activities
Liu FJ, Liu CL, Hu BW, Kong WP, Qi CZ
7455 - 7459 Fabrication of superhydrophobic vanadium pentoxide nanowires surface by chemical modification
Senthil K, Kwak G, Yong K
7460 - 7464 A corrosion-resistance superhydrophobic TiO2 film
Hu YW, Huang SY, Liu S, Pan W
7465 - 7469 Effects of hydrothermal annealing on characteristics of CuInS2 thin films by SILAR method
Shi Y, Xue FH, Li CY, Zhao QD, Qu ZP, Li XY
7470 - 7479 Surface modification of Cameroonian magnetite rich clay with Eriochrome Black T. Application for adsorption of nickel in aqueous solution
Djomgoue P, Siewe M, Djoufac E, Kenfack P, Njopwouo D
7480 - 7489 Resistance to protein and oil fouling of sulfobetaine-grafted Poly(vinylidene Fluoride) hollow fiber membrane and the electrolyte-responsive behavior in NaCl solution
Li Q, Bi QY, Liu TY, Wang XL
7490 - 7496 Tribological behavior of cold-sprayed nanocrystalline and conventional copper coatings
Liu JC, Zhou XL, Zheng X, Cui H, Zhang JS
7497 - 7502 Electrochemical degradation of electrodeposited Pt particles on mask scratched substrate using a landmark for ex situ scanning electron microscopy
Kishi A, Inoue M, Shironita S, Umeda M
7503 - 7506 Precipitation of gold nanoparticles on insulating surfaces for metallic ultra-thin film electroless deposition assistance
Livshits P, Inberg A, Shacham-Diamand Y, Malka D, Fleger Y, Zalevsky Z
7507 - 7514 Effect of surface oxide on the melting behavior of lead-free solder nanowires and nanorods
Gao F, Rajathurai K, Cui QZ, Zhou GW, NkengforAcha I, Gu ZY
7515 - 7522 Fabrication of ZnO nanoparticles based sensitive methanol sensor and efficient photocatalyst
Faisal M, Khan SB, Rahman MM, Jamal A, Abdullah MM
7523 - 7529 SBA-15 mesoporous material modified with APTES as the carrier for 2-(3-benzoylphenyl)propionic acid
Moritz M, Laniecki M
7530 - 7535 Segmented magnetic nanofibers for single cell manipulation
Liu J, Shi J, Jiang LM, Zhang F, Wang L, Yamamoto S, Takano M, Chang MJ, Zhang HL, Chen Y
7536 - 7539 Decoration of CdS nanoparticles on MWCNT's by simple solution chemistry
Baviskar P, Chavan P, Kalyankar N, Sankapal B
7540 - 7545 The surface organic modification of tourmaline powder by span-60 and its composite
Hu YM, Yang X
7546 - 7551 Investigation of the bonding of SiHn and CHn (n=1, ...,3) on Cu(111) using DFT
Shuttleworth IG
7552 - 7555 Controllable fabrication of organosilane nano-architectured surfaces with tunable wettability
Jin MH, Li SS, Wang J, Liao MY, Zhao Y
7556 - 7561 Enhanced microwave absorption of BaTiO3-based ferroelectric/ferromagnetic nanocomposite
Ma Z, Cao CT, Yuan J, Liu QF, Wang JB
7562 - 7566 Preparation of ultrathin polydimethylsiloxane-coating on Cu as oxidation-protection layer
Kim YH, Jeong MG, Seo HO, Park SY, Jeong IB, Kim KD, Cho SM, Lim DC, Kim YD
7567 - 7573 Modification of the properties of polythiophene thin films by vapor chopping
Kamat SV, Yadav JB, Puri V, Puri RK
7574 - 7580 Surface-nitriding treatment of steels using microwave-induced nitrogen plasma at atmospheric pressure
Sato S, Arai Y, Yamashita N, Kojyo A, Kodama K, Ohtsu N, Okamoto Y, Wagatsuma K
7581 - 7583 Structural, optical, and electrical properties of Cu2O nanocubes grown on indium-tin-oxide-coated glass substrates by using seed-layer-free electrochemical deposition method
No YS, Oh DH, Kim SY, Yoo KH, Kim TW
7584 - 7588 Preparation of bioactive TiO film on porous titanium by micro-arc oxidation
Fan XP, Feng B, Di YL, Lu X, Duan K, Wang JX, Weng J
7589 - 7595 Fabrication and properties of porous scaffold of magnesium phosphate/polycaprolactone biocomposite for bone tissue engineering
Wu F, Liu CS, O'Neill B, Wei J, Ngothai Y
7596 - 7600 Wetting induced fluid spread on structured surfaces at micro scale
Zhou M, Yu J, Li J, Wu B, Zhang W
7601 - 7606 Ultrashort pulse laser patterning of indium tin oxide thin films on glass by uniform diffractive beam patterns
Kuang Z, Perrie W, Liu D, Fitzsimons P, Edwardson SP, Fearon E, Dearden G, Watkins KG
7607 - 7611 Preparation of thin Ga-doped ZnO layers for core-shell GaP/ZnO nanowires
Novak J, Novotny I, Kovac J, Elias P, Hasenohrl S, Krizanova Z, Vavra I, Stoklas R
7612 - 7616 Synthesis of nano-sized lithium cobalt oxide via a sol-gel method
Li GF, Zhang J
7617 - 7624 Preparation and surface characterization of CuO and Fe2O3 catalyst
Kosa SA, El Maksod IHA, Alkhateeb L, Hegazy EZ
7625 - 7632 Selective appearance of several laser-induced periodic surface structure patterns on a metal surface using structural colors produced by femtosecond laser pulses
Yao JW, Zhang CY, Liu HY, Dai QF, Wu LJ, Lan S, Gopal AV, Trofimov VA, Lysak TM
7633 - 7638 A comparative evaluation of surface morphology, cohesive and adhesive properties of one-step and two-step thermal deposited chromium thin films on glass substrates
Lazauskas A, Grigaliunas V, Ecarla F, Caunii M
7639 - 7643 Thermal laser micro-adjustment using picosecond pulse durations
Griffiths J, Edwardson SP, Dearden G, Watkins KG
7644 - 7650 One-step synthesis of visible active C-N-S-tridoped TiO2 photocatalyst from biomolecule cystine
Cheng XW, Yu XJ, Xing ZP
7651 - 7657 Retardation of surface corrosion of biodegradable magnesium-based materials by aluminum ion implantation
Wu GS, Xu RZ, Feng K, Wu SL, Wu ZW, Sun GY, Zheng G, Li GY, Chu PK
7658 - 7663 Influence of Eu doping on the microstructure and photoluminescence of CdS nanocrystals
Zhang KX, Yu YX, Sun SQ
7664 - 7667 Segregation and morphology on the surface of ferritic stainless steel (001)
Fujiyoshi H, Matsui T, Yuhara J
7668 - 7677 Piezoelectric beta-polymorph formation and properties enhancement in graphene oxide - PVDF nanocomposite films
El Achaby M, Arrakhiz FZ, Vaudreuil S, Essassi EM, Qaiss A
7678 - 7682 Preparation of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films by sulfurizing stacked precursor thin films via successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction method
Su ZH, Yan C, Sun KW, Han ZL, Liu FY, Liu J, Lai YQ, Li J, Liu YX
7683 - 7688 Preparation and characterization of inorganic-organic trilayer core-shell polysilsesquioxane/polyacrylate/polydimethylsiloxane hybrid latex particles
Bai RQ, Qiu T, Han F, He LF, Li XY
7689 - 7698 A density functional study of NO2 adsorption on perfect and defective MgO (100) and Li/MgO (100) surfaces
Eid KM, Ammar HY
7699 - 7706 Friction and wear behaviors of compacted graphite iron with different biomimetic units fabricated by laser cladding
Sun N, Shan HY, Zhou H, Chen DR, Li XY, Xia W, Ren LQ
7707 - 7716 Magnetoactive feature of in-situ polymerised polyaniline film developed on the surface of manganese-zinc ferrite
Babayana V, Kazantseva NE, Sapurina I, Moucka R, Vilcakova J, Stejskal J
7717 - 7725 Ripple topography and roughness evolution on surface of polycrystalline gold and silver thin films under low energy Ar-ion beam sputtering
Gailly P, Petermann C, Tihon P, Fleury-Frenette K
7726 - 7731 IR study of fundamental chemical reactions in atomic layer deposition of HfO2 with tetrakis(ethylmethylamino)hafnium (TEMAH), ozone, and water vapor
Hirose F, Kinoshita Y, Kanomata K, Momiyama K, Kubota S, Hirahara K, Kimura Y, Niwano M
7732 - 7743 Adsorption of copper and nickel ions on macroporous chitosan membrane: Equilibrium study
Ghaee A, Shariaty-Niassar M, Barzin J, Zarghan A
7744 - 7750 Modeling the electroless nickel deposition on aluminum nanoparticles
Beygi H, Vafaeenezhad H, Sajjadi SA
7751 - 7754 Growth of graphene-like thin films at low temperature by dual-frequency capacitively coupled plasma
Xu YJ, Wu XM, Ye C
7755 - 7759 Effects of SF6/Ar gas-mixing ratio on the etching behavior and properties of BZN thin films
Dai LP, Zhang GJ, Wang SY, Zhong ZQ, Wang G
7760 - 7765 Dependence of structural and optical properties of sol-gel derived ZnO thin films on sol concentration
Xu LH, Zheng GG, Miao JH, Xian FL
7766 - 7773 Infrared long nanosecond laser pulse ablation of silicon: Integrated two-dimensional modeling and time-resolved experimental study
Tao S, Zhou Y, Wu BX, Gao YB
7774 - 7780 Preparation and characterization of monodispersed PS/Ag composite microspheres through modified electroless plating
Ma YH, Zhang QH
7781 - 7786 Fabrication of free-standing copper foils covered with highly-ordered copper nanowire arrays
Zaraska L, Sulka GD, Jaskula M
7787 - 7793 The application of He/O-2 atmospheric pressure plasma jet and ultrasound in desizing of blended size on cotton fabrics
Li XM, Qiu YP
7794 - 7794 Defects, stress and abnormal shift of the (0 0 2) diffraction peak for Li-doped ZnO films (vol 256, pg 7623, 2010)
Lin YJ, Wang MS, Liu CJ, Huang HJ