Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.258, No.18 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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6713 - 6722 Sensitivity analysis of nanoparticles manipulation based on different friction models
Korayem MH, Taheri M, Zakeri M
6723 - 6729 Effect of UV exposure on the surface chemistry of wood veneers treated with ionic liquids
Patachia S, Croitoru C, Friedrich C
6730 - 6734 Nanoindentation response of zinc titanate thin films deposited by co-sputtering process
Wu SC, Jeng YR, Yau WH, Wu KT, Tsai CH, Chou CP
6735 - 6738 Enhanced UV emission of Y-doped ZnO nanoparticles
Zheng JH, Song JL, Jiang Q, Lian JS
6739 - 6744 Fabrication and characterization of superhydrophobic surface by using water vapor impingement method
Han KD, Leo CP, Chai SP
6745 - 6752 Titania/zinc oxide nanocomposite coatings on glass or quartz substrate for photocatalytic degradation of direct blue 71
Habibi MH, Mikhak M
6753 - 6758 Treatment for GaSb surfaces using a sulphur blended(NH4)(2)S/(NH4)(2)SO4 solution
Murape DM, Eassa N, Neethling JH, Betz R, Coetsee E, Swart HC, Botha JR, Venter A
6759 - 6764 Study of mixed Ca-Zn hydroxyapatite surface modified by lactic acid
Turki T, Aissa A, Bac CG, Rachdi F, Debbabi M
6765 - 6771 Biodegradability study and pH influence on growth and orientation of ZnO nanorods via aqueous solution process
Kumar PS, Paik P, Raj AD, Mangalaraj D, Nataraj D, Gedanken A, Ramakrishna S
6772 - 6776 Fe3O4@ZrO2 nanoparticles magnetic solid phase extraction coupled with flame atomic absorption spectrometry for chromium(III) speciation in environmental and biological samples
Wu YW, Zhang J, Liu JF, Chen L, Deng ZL, Han MX, Wei XS, Yu AM, Zhang HL
6777 - 6784 A DFT study on the Cu (111) surface for ethyl acetate synthesis from ethanol dehydrogenation
Li RZ, Zhang MH, Yu YZ
6785 - 6792 DFT study of 2-butyne-1,4-diol adsorption on Ni(111) or Ni(100) clusters
Sakamoto T, Tachikawa H, Azumi K
6793 - 6799 Self assembled film based on hexane-1,6-diamine and 2-mercapto-ethanol on copper
Tuken T, Kicir N, Elalan NT, Sigircik G, Erbil M
6800 - 6806 Grain-size effect on the preferred orientation of TiC/alpha-C:H thin films
Su YD, Wang XM, Wang HM, Wen M, Zheng WT
6807 - 6813 Adsorption of 2-mercaptobenzothiazole on copper surface from phosphate solutions
Kazansky LP, Selyaninov IA, Kuznetsov YI
6814 - 6818 Rapid combustion method for surface modification of strontium aluminate phosphors with high water resistance
Yang Q, Liu YL, Yu CX, Zhu GX, Sha L, Yang YH, Zheng MT, Lei BF
6819 - 6822 Role of carbon in the formation of ohmic contact in Ni/4H-SiC and Ni/Ti/4H-SiC
Siad M, Abdesslam M, Chami AC
6823 - 6830 Hydroxyapatite-poly(L-lactide) nanohybrids via surface-initiated ATRP for improving bone-like apatite-formation abilities
He JQ, Yang XP, Mao JF, Xu FJ, Cai Q
6831 - 6840 Numerical and experimental analysis of surface roughness generated by shot peening
Bagherifard S, Ghelichi R, Guagliano M
6841 - 6845 Influence of saliva-coating on the ultraviolet-light-induced photocatalytic bactericidal effects on modified titanium surfaces
Lee JE, Park SY, Chang YI, Lim YJ, Ahn SJ
6846 - 6852 Synthesis of bifunctional catalysts Al-SBA-15-NH2 with high aluminum content and the catalytic application for different one-pot reactions
Wang CH, Shang FP, Yu XF, Guan JQ, Kan QB
6853 - 6863 Role of electrolyte additives on in-vitro electrochemical behavior of micro arc oxidized titania films on Cp Ti
Venkateswarlu K, Rameshbabu N, Sreekanth D, Bose AC, Muthupandi V, Babu NK, Subramanian S
6864 - 6869 Papillaes-enhanced hydrophobicity of large-sized polytetrafluoroethylene-polyphenylene sulfite soft film prepared by layer-by-layer construction
Hou CC, Wang WJ, Zhang Y, Guan ZS
6870 - 6875 Role of pH of precursor solution in taming the material properties of spray pyrolysed SnS thin films
Sajeesh TH, Jinesh KB, Kartha CS, Vijayakumar KP
6876 - 6883 A model for diffusion-driven hydrophobic recovery in plasma treated polymers
Mortazavi M, Nosonovsky M
6884 - 6890 Magnetic property and corrosion resistance of electrodeposited nanocrystalline iron-nickel alloys
Pavithra GP, Hegde AC
6891 - 6896 Hydrothermal synthesis spherical TiO2 and its photo-degradation property on salicylic acid
Guo WL, Liu XL, Huo PW, Gao X, Wu D, Lu ZY, Yan YS
6897 - 6901 Effect of negative substrate bias on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti-Si-N films deposited by a hybrid filtered cathodic arc and ion beam sputtering technique
Zhang YJ, Yang YZ, Zhai YH, Zhang PY
6902 - 6908 Microstructure and tribological behavior of amorphous and crystalline composite coatings using laser melting
Zhang PL, Yan H, Xu PQ, Yu ZH, Li CG
6909 - 6913 The influence of boron doping level on quality and stability of diamond film on Ti substrate
Wei JJ, Li CM, Gao XH, Hei LF, Lvun FX
6914 - 6922 Cellular response to poly(vinyl alcohol) nanofibers coated with biocompatible proteins and polysaccharides
Lee SY, Jang DH, Kang YO, Kim OB, Jeong L, Kang HK, Lee SJ, Lee CH, Park WH, Min BM
6923 - 6929 Hydrothermal derived Li2SnO3/C composite as negative electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Wang QF, Huang Y, Miao J, Wang Y, Zhao Y
6930 - 6937 Field emission properties of vertically aligned thin-graphite sheets/graphite-encapsulated Cu particles
Wang SM, Tian HW, Meng QN, Zhao CM, Qiao L, Bing YF, Hu CQ, Zheng WT, Liu YC
6938 - 6942 Surface adhesion and its dependence on surface roughness and humidity measured with a flat tip
Colak A, Wormeester H, Zandvliet HJW, Poelsema B
6943 - 6951 Pilot-scale production of mesoporous silica-based adsorbent for CO2 capture
Wang HC, Lu CS, Bai HL, Hwang JF, Lee HH, Chen W, Kang YH, Chen ST, Su FS, Kuo SC, Hu FC
6952 - 6957 Photocatalytic characteristics of TiO2 films deposited by magnetron sputtering on polycarbonate at room temperature
Kuo CG, Hsu CY, Wang SS, Wen DC
6958 - 6962 Characterization and field emission properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with fine crystallinity prepared by CO2 laser ablation
Yuge R, Toyama K, Ichihashi T, Ohkawa T, Aoki Y, Manako T
6963 - 6968 White light interferometry for quantitative surface characterization in ion sputtering experiments
Baryshev SV, Zinovev AV, Tripa CE, Erck RA, Veryovkin IV
6969 - 6976 Surface modification of thermoplastic poly(vinyl alcohol)/saponite nanocomposites via surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization enhanced by air dielectric discharges barrier plasma treatment
Zhen WJ, Lu CH
6977 - 6981 Direct radiative recombination in the Se-terminated nanoscale Si porous structure
Lin LH, Li ZC, Feng JY, Zhang ZJ
6982 - 6986 Synthesis of nickel oxide nanoparticles using pulsed laser ablation in liquids and their optical characterization
Gondal MA, Saleh TA, Drmosh QA
6987 - 6992 First-principles study on the electronic structure and optical properties for SnO2 with oxygen vacancy
Guo DL, Hu CG
6993 - 6999 Correlation between molecular secondary ion yield and cluster ion sputtering for samples with different stopping powers
Heile A, Muhmann C, Lipinsky D, Arlinghaus HF
7000 - 7007 Experimental and numerical study of the chemical composition of WSex thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition in vacuum and in a buffer gas atmosphere
Grigoriev SN, Fominski VY, Gnedovets AG, Romanov RI
7008 - 7015 Preparation of heteropolyacid/TiO2/fly-ash-cenosphere photocatalyst for the degradation of ciprofloxacin from aqueous solutions
Wu D, Huo PW, Lu ZY, Gao X, Liu XL, Shi WD, Yan YS
7016 - 7020 Nanometer-scale sharpening and surface roughening of ZnO nanorods by argon ion bombardment
Chatterjee S, Behera AK, Banerjee A, Tribedi LC, Som T, Ayyub P
7021 - 7030 Electrochemical depositions of fluorohydroxyapatite doped by Cu2+, Zn2+, Ag+ on stainless steel substrates
Bir F, Khireddine H, Touati A, Sidane D, Yala S, Oudadesse H
7031 - 7035 Optimal conditions for the preparation of superhydrophobic surfaces on al substrates using a simple etching approach
Ruan M, Li W, Wang BS, Luo Q, Ma FM, Yu ZL
7036 - 7038 Effects of sintering temperatures on the infrared emissivity of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3
Zhang SY, Cao QX, Ma XH, Li ZM
7039 - 7046 Photocatalytic degradation of an aqueous sulfamethoxazole over the metallic silver and Keggin unit codoped titania nanocomposites
Xu L, Wang GRLT, Ma FY, Zhao YH, Lu N, Guo YH, Yang X
7047 - 7051 In vitro assessments on bacterial adhesion and corrosion performance of TiN coating on Ti6Al4V titanium alloy synthesized by multi-arc ion plating
Lin NM, Huang XB, Zhang XY, Fan AL, Qin L, Tang B
7052 - 7058 Effect of hydrothermal reaction time on morphology and photocatalytic activity of H2Ti3O7 nanotubes obtained via a rapid synthesis route
Dong PY, Wang YH, Liu B, Guo LN, Huang YJ, Yin S
7059 - 7063 Morphology on 3D ordered macroporous metals associated to deposition depth
Xin WH, Yang LL, Zhao JP, Li Y
7064 - 7069 Size effect on shape recovery and induced strain of NiTi nanowires
Sung PH, Wu CD, Fang TH, Weng CI
7070 - 7074 Investigation of microstructures and optical properties in Mn-doped SiC films
An YK, Duan LS, Li X, Wu ZH, Liu JW
7075 - 7081 Wettability modification of rock cores by fluorinated copolymer emulsion for the enhancement of gas and oil recovery
Feng CY, Kong Y, Jiang GC, Yang JR, Pu CS, Zhang YZ
7082 - 7093 Hybrid dimension based modeling of part surface topography and identification of its characteristic parameters
Qiu C, Liu ZY, Bu WH, Tan JR
7094 - 7098 Temperature dependent field emission performances of carbon nanotube arrays: Speculation on oxygen desorption and defect annealing
Deng JH, Yang YM, Zheng RT, Cheng GA
7099 - 7104 Fabrication and surface photovoltage study of hematite microparticles with hollow spindle-shaped structure
Li H, Zhao QD, Li XY, Shi Y, Chen GH
7105 - 7111 Facile synthesis of silver nanoparticles-modified PVA/H4SiW12O40 nanofibers-based electrospinning to enhance photocatalytic activity
Sui CH, Li C, Guo XH, Cheng TX, Gao YK, Zhou GD, Gong J, Du JS
7112 - 7117 Growth of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes over self-ordered nano-porous alumina films and their surface properties
Rana K, Kucukayan-Dogu G, Bengu E
7118 - 7125 Effect of Cu ions on the morphology, structure and luminescence properties of ZnO nanorod arrays prepared by hydrothermal method
Xu JP, Liu P, Shi SB, Zhang XS, Wang LS, Ren ZR, Ge L, Li L
7126 - 7134 Functionalized periodic mesoporous organosilicas for selective adsorption of proteins
Zhu L, Liu XY, Chen T, Xu ZG, Yan WF, Zhang HX
7135 - 7139 Atmospheric pressure diffuse plasma in ambient air for ITO surface cleaning
Homola T, Matousek J, Medvecka V, Zahoranova A, Kormunda M, Kovacik D, Cernak M
7140 - 7145 Investigation on the coupling effect of thermochromism and microstructure on spectral properties of structured surfaces
Fang JF, Xuan YM, Li Q, Fan DS, Huang JG
7146 - 7153 Bismuth titanate microspheres: Directed synthesis and their visible light photocatalytic activity
Lin X, Lv P, Guan QF, Li HB, Zhai HJ, Liu CB
7154 - 7160 Insight into the adsorption and dissociation of CH4 on Pt(h k l) surfaces: A theoretical study
Zhang RG, Song LZ, Wang YH
7161 - 7165 Existence of ferromagnetism and structural characterization of nickel doped ZnO nanocrystals
Varadhaseshan R, Sundar SM
7166 - 7173 Synthesis of acid-functionalized composite via surface deposition of acid-containing amorphous carbon
Du B, Zhang X, Lou LL, Dong YL, Liu GX, Liu SX
7174 - 7180 Preparation and characterization of carbon/nickel oxide nanocomposite coatings for solar absorber applications
Roro KT, Tile N, Forbes A
7181 - 7187 One-pot aqueous synthesis of near infrared emitting PbS quantum dots
Yu YX, Zhang KX, Sun SQ
7188 - 7194 Effect of calcination temperature on the adsorption and photocatalytic activity of hydrothermally synthesized TiO2 nanotubes
Jiang F, Zheng SR, An LC, Chen H
7195 - 7201 Infrared ellipsometry as an investigation tool of thin layers grown into plasma immersion N+ implanted silicon
Gartner M, Szekeres A, Alexandrova S, Osiceanu P, Anastasescu M, Stoica M, Marin A, Vlaikova E, Halova E
7202 - 7206 Cell adhesion to cathodic arc plasma deposited CrAlSiN thin films
Kim SK, Pham VH, Kim CH
7207 - 7212 Surface characterization of polyethylene terephthalate films treated by ammonia low-temperature plasma
Zheng ZW, Ren L, Feng WJ, Zhai ZC, Wang YJ
7213 - 7218 The improvement of adhesive properties of PEEK through different pre-treatments
Hallmann L, Mehl A, Sereno N, Hammerle CHF
7219 - 7224 Effects of nano-fluorocarbon coating on icing
Wang H, He GG, Tian QQ
7225 - 7230 Ultrathin Cr added Ru film as a seedless Cu diffusion barrier for advanced Cu interconnects
Hsu KC, Perng DC, Yeh JB, Wang YC
7231 - 7237 Synthesis and characterization of photochromic Ag-embedded TiO2 nanocomposite thin films by non-reactive RF-magnetron sputter deposition
Zuo J, Keil P, Grundmeier G
7238 - 7243 Effect of copper concentration in the electrolyte on the surface morphology and the microstructure of CuInSe2 films
Hung PK, Kuo TW, Huang KC, Wang NF, Hsieh PT, Houng MP