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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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6169 - 6176 Morphology-tunable assembly of periodically aligned Si nanowire and radial pn junction arrays for solar cell applications
Li XC, Liang K, Tay BK, Teo EHT
6177 - 6183 Synthesis, characterization of core-shell carbon-coated CaSnO3 nanotubes and their performance as anode of lithium ion battery
Hu XY, Xiao T, Huang W, Tao W, Heng BJ, Chen XQ, Tang YW
6184 - 6189 Hydrothermal synthesis of beta-NaYF4 nanotubes by in situ ion exchange reaction using Y(OH)(3) nanotubes as templates
Liu LN, Zang CH, Zhang YS
6190 - 6198 Effects of anodic oxidation and hydrothermal treatment on surface characteristics and biocompatibility of Ti-30Nb-1Fe-1Hf alloy
Ou SF, Chou HH, Lin CS, Shih CJ, Wang KK, Pan YN
6199 - 6203 Growth and characterization of La0.85Sr0.15MnO3 thin films for fuel cell applications
Zhang DB, Yang L, Liu Z, Blinn K, Lee JW, Liu M
6204 - 6211 Hydrothermal preparation of ZnO-reduced graphene oxide hybrid with high performance in photocatalytic degradation
Zhou X, Shi TJ, Zhou HO
6212 - 6216 Effects of hydrogen and substrate temperature on the chemical bonding and optical properties of germanium carbon films deposited by reactive sputtering
Che XS, Liu ZT, Li YP, Wang N
6217 - 6223 Facile fabrication of freestanding through-hole ZrO2 nanotube membranes via two-step anodization methods
Fang D, Liu SQ, Luo ZP, Xiong CX, Xu WL
6224 - 6231 Thermal stability of {110} facet terminated gold nanobelts
Chen Y, Milenkovic S, Hassel AW
6232 - 6238 The effect of acidity of electrolyte on the porosity and the nanostructure morphology of electrolytic manganese dioxide
Adelkhani H
6239 - 6245 Investigation of the doped transition metal promotion effect on CO2 chemisorption on Ni (111)
Xie W, Sun WJ, Chu W, Jiang CF, Xue Y
6246 - 6256 Characterization of azo dyes on Pt and Pt/polyaniline/dispersed Pt electrodes
Molina J, Fernandez J, del Rio AI, Bonastre J, Cases F
6257 - 6260 Optoelectronic and thermoelectric properties in Ga doped beta- PbS2 nanostructured thin films
Geethu R, Jacob R, Shripathi T, Okram GS, Ganesan V, Tripathi S, Fatima A, Sreenivasan PV, Urmila KS, Pradeep B, Philip RR
6261 - 6265 The Cu2ZnSnSe4 thin films solar cells synthesized by electrodeposition route
Li J, Ma TT, Wei M, Liu WF, Jiang GS, Zhu CF
6266 - 6271 Analysis of plasma-mediated ablation in aqueous tissue
Jiao J, Guo ZX
6272 - 6280 Oxidation behavior of multiwall carbon nanotubes with different diameters and morphology
Mazov I, Kuznetsov VL, Simonova IA, Stadnichenko AI, Ishchenko AV, Romanenko AI, Tkachev EN, Anikeeva OB
6281 - 6287 Damage tolerance of Ti3SiC2 to high energy iodine irradiation
Zhang L, Qi Q, Shi LQ, O'Connor DJ, King BV, Kisi EH, Venkatachalam DK
6288 - 6296 Structural characteristics of mixed oxides MOx/SiO2 affecting photocatalytic decomposition of methylene blue
Gun'ko VM, Blitz JP, Bandaranayake B, Pakhlov EM, Zarko VI, Sulym IY, Kulyk KS, Galaburda MV, Bogatyrev VM, Oranska OI, Borysenko MV, Leboda R, Skubiszewska-Zieba J, Janush W
6297 - 6301 Effect of annealing ambient on electrical and optical properties of Ga-doped MgxZn1-xO films
Liu JM, Zhao XR, Duan LB, Sun HN, Bai XJ, Chen L, Chen CL
6302 - 6315 Combination of static time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry and infrared reflection-adsorption spectroscopy for the characterisation of a four steps built-up carbohydrate array
Leone G, Consumi M, Lamponi S, Magnani A
6316 - 6320 Effect of electroplating polyaniline on electrochemical kinetics of La-Mg-Ni-based hydrogen storage alloy
Shen WZ, Han SM, Li Y, Yang SQ, Miao Q
6321 - 6325 Modification of an enzyme electrode by electrodeposition of hydroquinone for use as the anode of a glucose fuel cell
Kuwahara T, Yamazaki H, Kondo M, Shimomura M
6326 - 6330 A simple method to synthesize modified Fe3O4 for the removal of organic pollutants on water surface
Zhu L, Li CH, Wang J, Zhang H, Zhang J, Shen YH, Li C, Wang CP, Xie AJ
6331 - 6340 Corrosion behavior of titanium alloy Beta-21S coated with diamond like carbon in Hank's solution
Mohan L, Anandan C, Grips VKW
6341 - 6344 Adsorption and surface reaction of bis-diethylaminosilane as a Si precursor on an OH-terminated Si (001) surface
Baek SB, Kim DH, Kim YC
6345 - 6352 Fly ash adsorbents for multi-cation wastewater treatment
Visa M, Isac L, Duta A
6353 - 6358 In vitro degradation of biodegradable polymer-coated magnesium under cell culture condition
Xu LP, Yamamoto A
6359 - 6365 Facile fabrication and characterization of poly(tetrafluoroethylene)@polypyrrole/nano-silver composite membranes with conducting and antibacterial property
Shi ZQ, Zhou H, Qing XT, Dai TY, Lu Y
6366 - 6372 Improving the controlled release of water-insoluble emodin from amino-functionalized mesoporous silica
Xu YQ, Wang CF, Zhou GW, Wu Y, Chen J
6373 - 6378 Alteration of Mn exchange coupling by oxygen interstitials in ZnO:Mn thin films
Ilyas U, Rawat RS, Wang Y, Tan TL, Lee P, Chen R, Sun HD, Li FJ, Zhang S
6379 - 6383 Removal of nanoparticles from a silicon wafer using plasma shockwaves excited with a femtosecond laser
Park JK, Yoon JW, Cho SH
6384 - 6390 Friction and wear behavior of nanosilica-filled epoxy resin composite coatings
Kang YK, Chen XH, Song SY, Yu LG, Zhang PY
6391 - 6397 First-principles study of CO and NO adsorption on transition metals doped (8,0) boron nitride nanotube
Xie Y, Huo YP, Zhang JM
6398 - 6405 Improved surface property of PVDF membrane with amphiphilic zwitterionic copolymer as membrane additive
Li JH, Li MZ, Miao J, Wang JB, Shao XS, Zhang QQ
6406 - 6415 Fractal analysis of engineering ceramics ground surface
Liang XH, Lin B, Han XS, Chen SG
6416 - 6424 Mechanism of wettability transition in copper metal foams: From superhydrophilic to hydrophobic
Shirazy MRS, Blais S, Frechette LG
6425 - 6430 Al-Cu intermetallic coatings processed by sequential metalorganic chemical vapour deposition and post-deposition annealing
Aloui L, Duguet T, Haidara F, Record MC, Samelor D, Senocq F, Mangelinck D, Vahlas C
6431 - 6435 Graded porous glasses for antireflective applications formed by chemical treatment
Du Y, He HB, Jin YX, Kong FY, Guan HY, Fan ZX
6436 - 6440 A combination of electroless and electrochemical etching methods for enhancing the uniformity of porous silicon substrate for light detection application
Naderi N, Hashim MR
6441 - 6450 Grafting molecularly imprinted poly(2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonic acid) onto the surface of carbon microspheres
Yang YZ, Zhang Y, Li S, Liu XG, Xu BS
6451 - 6454 Gallium vacancies related yellow luminescence in N-face GaN epitaxial film
Xu HY, Hu XB, Xu XG, Shen Y, Qu S, Wang CX, Li SQ
6455 - 6459 Self assembly of positively charged carbon nanotubes with oppositely charged metallic surface
Hwang JY, Eltohamy M, Kim HW, Shin US
6460 - 6464 Multi-modal TiO2-LaFeO3 composite films with high photocatalytic activity and hydrophilicity
Gao K, Li SD
6465 - 6471 Efficient removal of aniline by a water-compatible microporous and mesoporous hyper-cross-linked resin and XAD-4 resin: A comparative study
Xiao GQ, Long LP
6472 - 6478 Refractory nanoporous materials fabricated using tungsten atomic layer deposition on silica aerogels
Mane AU, Greene JP, Nolen JA, Sampathkumaran U, Owen TW, Winter R, Elam JW
6479 - 6484 Effects of boron doping in TiO2 nanotubes and the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells
Subramanian A, Wang HW
6485 - 6494 Chemical and structural analysis of the bone-implant interface by TOF-SIMS, SEM, FIB and TEM: Experimental study in animal
Palmquist A, Emanuelsson L, Sjovall P
6495 - 6503 Surface state of Y-3(Al,Ga)(5)O-12:Tb phosphor under electron beam bombardment
Yousif A, Swart HC, Ntwaeaborwa OM
6504 - 6511 The enhanced characteristics of osteoblast adhesion to porous Zinc-TiO2 coating prepared by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Zhang ZX, Gu BB, Zhang WJ, Kan GY, Sun JY
6512 - 6526 Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) in stainless steel heat exchanger
Huttunen-Saarivirta E, Honkanen M, Lepisto T, Kuokkala VT, Koivisto L, Berg CG
6527 - 6530 Synthesis and tribological properties of diamond-like carbon films by electrochemical anode deposition
Li Y, Zhang GF, Hou XD, Deng DW
6531 - 6536 Study on fabrication of the superhydrophobic sol-gel films based on copper wafer and its anti-corrosive properties
Fan YH, Li CZ, Chen ZJ, Chen H
6537 - 6544 Ga-doped ZnO films deposited with varying sputtering powers and substrate temperatures by pulsed DC magnetron sputtering and their property improvement potentials
Lee S, Cheon D, Kim WJ, Ham MH, Lee W
6545 - 6549 Enhanced uniformity and durability of antisticking layer in imprinting stamps
Lee MJ, Cho SU, Lee SM, Kim CS, Jeong MY
6550 - 6557 Effect of complexing agents and pH on microstructure and tribological properties of Co-W coatings produced by double pulse electrodeposition
Su FH, Liu CS, Huang P
6558 - 6563 Electrodeposited AgInSe2 onto TiO2 films for semiconductor-sensitized solar cell application: The influence of electrodeposited time
Chen LC, Ho YC, Yang RY, Chen JH, Huang CM
6564 - 6570 In situ synthesis of TiO2/polyethylene terephthalate hybrid nanocomposites at low temperature
Peng XY, Ding EY, Xue F
6571 - 6575 Molecular beam epitaxial growth and characterization of GaSb layers on GaAs (001) substrates
Li YB, Zhang Y, Zhang YW, Wang BQ, Zhu ZP, Zeng YP
6576 - 6582 Preparation and tribological characterization of amorphous carbon nitride coatings in a RF PECVD-DC PVD hybrid coating process
Wang PF, Takeno T, Adachi K, Miki H, Takagi T
6583 - 6589 Preparation and evaluation of hollow molecular imprinted polymer for adsorption of dibenzothiophene
Yang WM, Liu LK, Zhou W, Xu WZ, Zhou ZP, Huang WH
6590 - 6594 Growth and analysis of GaN nanowire on PZnO by different-gas flow
Shekari L, Abu Hassan H, Thahab SM, Ghazai AJ, Hassan Z
6595 - 6601 Study of the photocatalytic activity of nanocrystalline S, N-codoped TiO2 thin films and powders under visible and sun light irradiation
Behpour M, Atouf V
6602 - 6610 Influence of sodium borate concentration on properties of anodic coatings obtained by micro arc oxidation on magnesium alloys
Zhang RF, Zhang SF, Shen YL, Zhang LH, Liu TZ, Zhang YQ, Guo SB
6611 - 6620 Theoretical modelling of iron nitriding coupled with a nanocrystallisation treatment. Application to numerical predictions for ferritic stainless steels
Panicaud B, Chemkhi M, Roos A, Retraint D
6621 - 6626 Theoretical studies of the magnetism of the first-row adatom on the ZnO nanotube
Li F, Zhang CW, Wang PJ, Li P
6627 - 6631 Photoelectrochemical properties of polypyrrole/TiO2 nanotube arrays nanocomposite under visible light
Jia YC, Xiao P, He HC, Yao JY, Liu FL, Wang ZF, Li YH
6632 - 6636 Electrodeposition of hierarchical Ag nanostructures on ITO glass for reproducible and sensitive SERS application
Bian JC, Chen ZD, Li Z, Yang F, He HY, Wang J, Tan JZY, Zeng JL, Peng RQ, Zhang XW, Han GR
6637 - 6642 Epoxidation of soybean oil catalyzed by peroxo phosphotungstic acid supported on modified halloysite nanotubes
Jiang JQ, Zhang YW, Yan LW, Jiang PK
6643 - 6647 High performance ethanol sensing films fabricated from ZnO and In2O3 nanofibers with a double-layer structure
Zhang XJ, Qiao GJ
6648 - 6652 Synthesis, studies and growth mechanism of ferromagnetic NiFe2O4 nanosheet
Sivakumar P, Ramesh R, Ramanand A, Ponnusamy S, Muthamizhchelvan C
6653 - 6659 Effect of Ti additive on (Cr, Fe)(7)C-3 carbide in arc surfacing layer and its refined mechanism
Zhou YF, Yang YL, Yang J, Hao FF, Li D, Ren XJ, Yang QX
6660 - 6664 Synthesis and properties of core-shell magnetic molecular imprinted polymers
Chang LM, Chen SN, Li X
6665 - 6671 Structure and surface nanomechanics of poly(L-lactide) from thermally induced phase separation process
Shao JD, Chen C, Wang YJ, Chen XF, Du C
6672 - 6678 Fabrication and characterization of hybrid micro/nano-structured hydrophilic titania coatings deposited by suspension flame spraying
Yuan JH, Zhan Q, Lei Q, Ding SY, Li H
6679 - 6687 Adsorption and corrosion-inhibiting effect of 2-(2-{[2-(4-Pyridylcarbonyl)hydrazono]methyl}phenoxy)acetic acid on mild steel surface in seawater
Liu BY, Xi HX, Li Z, Xia QB
6688 - 6691 Adsorption of formaldehyde (HCOH) molecule on the SiC sheet: A first-principles study
Wang LZ
6692 - 6696 Study on structures and photoluminescence of nitrogenated carbon nanotip arrays synthesized by plasma assisted hot filament chemical vapor deposition
Dang C, Wang BB
6697 - 6704 Effect of powders refinement on the tribological behavior of Ni-based composite coatings by laser cladding
Wang LQ, Zhou JS, Yu YJ, Guo C, Chen JM
6705 - 6711 One-step solvothermal syntheses and microwave electromagnetic properties of organic magnetic resin/Fe3O4 hybrid nanospheres
Wei JJ, Zhao R, Zhan YQ, Meng FB, Yang XL, Xu MZ, Liu XB