Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.258, No.16 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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5925 - 5932 Immobilization of Chlorosulfonyl-Calix[4]arene onto the surface of silica gel through the directly estrification
Taghvaei-Ganjali S, Zadmard R, Saber-Tehrani M
5933 - 5937 Fabrication of nano-structured super-hydrophobic film on aluminum by controllable immersing method
Wu RM, Liang SQ, Pan AQ, Yuan ZQ, Tang Y, Tan XP, Guan DK, Yu Y
5938 - 5942 Li4Ti5O12-coated graphite as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Lee ML, Li YH, Liao SC, Chen JM, Yeh JW, Shih HC
5943 - 5946 Deposition Ga-doped ZnO films on PEN substrate at room temperature for thin film silicon solar cells
Tao K, Sun Y, Cai HK, Zhang DX, Xie K, Wang Y
5947 - 5954 Construction of heparinylated multilayer films on Ti-O via streptavidin/biotin interaction
Weng YJ, Jing FJ, Chen JY, Huang N
5955 - 5959 Synthesize of Cu2O-CuO/Sr3BiO5.4 and its photocatalytic activity
Zhao W, Wong KH, Hu C, Yu JC, Chan CY, Qi T, Wong PK
5960 - 5964 Preparation and properties of chrome-free colored Ti/Zr based conversion coating on aluminum alloy
Yi AH, Li WF, Du J, Mu SL
5965 - 5980 New cleaning strategies based on carbon nanomaterials applied to the deteriorated marble surfaces: A comparative study with enzyme based treatments
Valentini F, Diamanti A, Carbone M, Bauer EM, Palleschi G
5981 - 5986 The influence of annealing atmosphere on the material properties of sol-gel derived SnO2:Sb films before and after annealing
Jeng JS
5987 - 5991 A study of high-quality freestanding diamond films grown by MPCVD
Ding MQ, Li LL, Feng JJ
5992 - 5995 Preparation and characterization of ZnS:Fe/MX (M = Cd, Zn; X = S, Se) core-shell nanocrystals
Li LH, Xie RS, Gu YJ, Huang JL, Zhu JG
5996 - 6002 Microstructure and characterization of Al-doped ZnO films prepared by RF power sputtering on Al and ZnO targets
Tseng CA, Lin JC, Chang YF, Chyou SD, Peng KC
6003 - 6006 Low-temperature preparation of polycrystalline germanium thin films by Al-induced crystallization
Peng SL, Hu DK, He DY
6007 - 6012 Lithographically patterned silicon nanostructures on silicon substrates
Megouda N, Piret G, Galopin E, Coffinier Y, Hadjersi T, Elkechai O, Boukherroub R
6013 - 6017 Friction behavior of in situ hydrothermal fabrication of sulfide film on copper
Wan Y, Wang YH, Xu Z, Pu JB, Qi CX
6018 - 6023 Study of thermal stability of ZnO:B films grown by LPCVD technique
Zhu H, Jia H, Liu D, Feng Y, Zhang L, Lai B, He T, Ma Y, Wang Y, Yin J, Huang Y, Mai Y
6024 - 6028 Spray-gun deposition of catalyst for large area and versatile synthesis of carbon nanotubes
Gohier A, Kim KH, Norman ED, Gorintin L, Bondavalli P, Cojocaru CS
6029 - 6033 Composite photocatalyst containing Eosin Y and multiwalled carbon nanotubes loaded with CuO/NiO: Mixed metal oxide as an active center of H-2 evolution from water
Kang SZ, Chen LL, Li XQ, Mu J
6034 - 6039 Study of the surface modification with oleic acid of nanosized HfO2 synthesized by the polymerized complex derived sol-gel method
Ramos-Gonzalez R, Garcia-Cerda LA, Quevedo-Lopez MA
6040 - 6045 Immobilization of acetylcholinesterase via biocompatible interface of silk fibroin for detection of organophosphate and carbamate pesticides
Xue R, Kang TF, Lu LP, Cheng SY
6046 - 6051 Influence of growth temperature and deposition duration on the structure, surface morphology and optical properties of InN/YSZ (100)
Zoita NC, Grigorescu CEA
6052 - 6055 Angle resolved XPS studies on an anodic oxide formed on Ti-Nb-Sn alloy and the photo-induced change in carbon contaminants adsorbed on its surface
Ohtsu N, Masahashi N, Mizukoshi Y
6056 - 6063 Immobilization of streptavidin on 4H-SiC for biosensor development
Williams EH, Davydov AV, Motayed A, Sundaresan SG, Bocchini P, Richter LJ, Stan G, Steffens K, Zangmeister R, Schreifels JA, Rao MV
6064 - 6068 Facile synthesis of Cu31S16 and their photocatalytic property
Liu XQ, Li Z, Li F, Zhang Q
6069 - 6074 Chemical bath deposition of SnO2 and Cd2SnO4 thin films
Khallaf H, Chen CT, Chang LB, Lupan O, Dutta A, Heinrich H, Haque F, del Barco E, Chow L
6075 - 6079 Temperature-dependent phase separation during annealing of Ge2Sb2Te5 thin films in vacuum
Zhang Z, Pan JS, Fang LWW, Yeo YC, Foo YL, Zhao R, Shi LP, Tok ES
6080 - 6086 A local annular contrast based real-time inspection algorithm for steel bar surface defects
Li WB, Lu CH, Zhang JC
6087 - 6096 Long-term corrosion investigation of AISI 316L, Co-28Cr-6Mo, and Ti-6Al-4V alloys in simulated body solutions
Karimi S, Nickchi T, Alfantazi AM
6097 - 6102 Porous carbon with tailored pore size for electric double layer capacitors application
Chen H, Wang F, Tong SS, Guo SL, Pan XM
6103 - 6106 Effect of calcination temperature on the structural and optical properties of ZnO:Fe powders
Zhang WY, Liu ZZ, Liu ZJ, Zhao JG
6107 - 6110 Band offsets of epitaxial Tm2O3 high-k dielectric films on Si substrates by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Wang JJ, Fang ZB, Ji T, Ren WY, Zhu YY, He G
6111 - 6115 Atomistic simulation of twin boundaries effect on nanoindentation of Ag(111) films
Yuan L, Xu ZH, Shan DB, Guo B
6116 - 6126 Corrosion mechanism and model of pulsed DC microarc oxidation treated AZ31 alloy in simulated body fluid
Gu YH, Chen CF, Bandopadhyay S, Ning CY, Zhang YJ, Guo YJ
6127 - 6135 Preparation and characterization of poly(glycidyl methacrylate) grafted from magnesium hydroxide particles via SI-ATRP
Liu JH, Feng N, Chang SQ, Kang HL
6136 - 6141 Preparation and photocatalytic properties of N-doped nano-TiO2/muscovite composites
Zhou S, Lv J, Guo LK, Xu GQ, Wang DM, Zheng ZX, Wu YC
6142 - 6147 Effects of CdCl2 heat treatment on the morphological and chemical properties of CdTe/CdS thin films solar cells
AbuEl-Rub KM, Hahn SR, Tari S, Dissanayake MAKL
6148 - 6157 Enhancing the surface properties of the immobilized Degussa P-25 TiO2 for the efficient photocatalytic removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution
Nawi MA, Zain SM
6158 - 6168 Multifunctional mesoporous materials with acid-base frameworks and ordered channels filled with ionic liquid: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic performance of Ti-Zr-SBA-15-IL
Zhang WJ, Wang H, Han JY, Song ZQ