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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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5527 - 5532 Calculation of surface entropy of liquid transition and noble metals
Gosh RC, Amin MR, Ahmed AZZ, Syed IM, Bhuiyan GM
5533 - 5537 Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectra of three kinds of azo-dye molecules on silver nanoparticles prepared by electrolysis
Si MZ, Kang YP, Liu RM
5538 - 5542 Cleavable porous silicon based hybrid material for pre-enrichment of trace heavy metal ions
Li SY, Ma WH, Zhou Y, Wang YF, Li W, Chen XH
5543 - 5552 Immobilized trypsin onto chitosan modified monodisperse microspheres: A different way for improving carrier's surface biocompatibility
Peng G, Zhao CX, Liu BL, Ye F, Jiang HW
5553 - 5557 The effect of surface roughness on self-assembly tungsten nanoneedles induced by focused Ga+ ion beam bombardment
Ran G, Liu X, Wu JH, Zu XT, Wang LM
5558 - 5560 Adsorption of protein streptavidin to the plasma treated surface of polystyrene
Vesel A, Elersic K
5561 - 5566 Thermal etching of SiC
van der Berg NG, Malherbe JB, Botha AJ, Friedland E
5567 - 5573 Thermal stability of magnetron sputtered amorphous Si2C
Gustus R, Gruber W, Wegewitz L, Schmidt H, Maus-Friedrichs W
5574 - 5578 Influence of environmental humidity on plasma etching polyamide 6 films
Gao ZQ
5579 - 5582 Modulation of anisotropic crystalline in a-plane GaN on HT-AlN buffer layer
Long H, Yu TJ, Fang H, Yang ZJ, Zhang GY
5583 - 5592 On microstructure and flexural strength of metal-ceramic composite cladding developed through microwave heating
Sharma AK, Gupta D
5593 - 5598 Characterization of indium tin oxide films by RF-assisted DC magnetron sputtering
Houng B, Wang A
5599 - 5604 Chemical and microstructural characterization of rf-sputtered BaTiO3 nano-capacitors with Ni electrodes
Reck JN, Cortez R, Xie S, Zhang M, O'Keefe M, Dogan F
5605 - 5609 Characterization of SiC in DLC/a-Si films prepared by pulsed filtered cathodic arc using Raman spectroscopy and XPS
Srisang C, Asanithi P, Siangchaew K, Pokaipisit A, Limsuwan P
5610 - 5618 Spectroscopic characterization of ligands on the surface of water dispersible NaGdF4:Ln(3+) nanocrystals
Cichos J, Karbowiak M
5619 - 5627 Wetting properties of gas diffusion layers: Application of the Cassie-Baxter and Wenzel equations
Parry V, Berthome G, Joud JC
5628 - 5637 Metal-assisted electroless etching of silicon in aqueous NH4HF2 solution
Brahiti N, Bouanik SA, Hadjersi T
5638 - 5645 Structure and stability of transition metal nitride interfaces from first-principles: AlN/VN, AlN/TiN, and VN/TiN
Stampfl C, Freeman AJ
5646 - 5653 Photoelectron emission from Cs3Sb coated on a cathode tip
Kimoto T, Arai Y, Nagayama K
5654 - 5658 Nanoporous silicon membrane for fuel cells realized by electrochemical etching
Jaouadi M, Dimassi W, Gaidi M, Chtourou R, Ezzaouia H
5659 - 5665 Role of ion energy on growth and optical dispersion of nanocrystalline TiO2 films prepared by magnetron sputtering with ion assistance at the substrate
Sarma BK, Pal AR, Bailung H, Chutia J
5666 - 5671 Evolution of step morphology on vicinal sapphire (1-102) surfaces accompanied with self-assembly of comb-shaped chemical domains
Komurasaki H, Isono T, Tsukamoto T, Ogino T
5672 - 5676 Monitoring the formation of inorganic fullerene-like MoS2 nanostructures by laser ablation in liquid environments
Compagnini G, Sinatra MG, Messina GC, Patane G, Scalese S, Puglisi O
5677 - 5682 Effects of the melt state on the microstructure of a Sn-3.5% Ag solder at different cooling rates
Li XY, Zu FQ, Gao WL, Cui X, Wang LF, Ding GH
5683 - 5688 The effects of nanoscaled amorphous Si and SiNx protective layers on the atomic oxygen resistant and tribological properties of Ag film
Hu M, Gao XM, Sun JY, Weng LJ, Zhou F, Liu WM
5689 - 5697 Fabrication and optical characterization of Si nanowires formed by catalytic chemical etching in Ag2O/HF solution
Kato Y, Adachi S
5698 - 5702 Oxidation effect on the SIMS analysis of samples sputtered and deposited by the Storing Matter technique
Mansilla C, Wirtz T
5703 - 5706 Synthesis of flower-like SnO2 single crystals and its enhanced photocatalytic activity
Dai SD, Yao ZL
5707 - 5711 Evolution of the Al2O3/Ge(100) interface for reactively sputter-deposited films submitted to postdeposition anneals
Bom NM, Soares GV, Krug C, Pezzi RP, Baumvol IJR, Radtke C
5712 - 5715 Synthesis and characterization of monodisperse porous alpha-Al2O3 nanoparticles
Su XH, Chen SF, Zhou ZJ
5716 - 5722 Research on PEG modified Bi-doping lead dioxide electrode and mechanism
Yang WH, Yang WT, Lin XY
5723 - 5728 A ZnO-based nanocomposite coating with ultra water repellent properties
Momen G, Farzaneh M
5729 - 5732 Investigations of ZnO nanostructures grown on patterned sapphire using different precursors in aqueous solutions
Yu NS, Dong B, Yu WW, Hu BY, Zhang YQ, Cong Y
5733 - 5738 An investigation on substrate temperature and copper to sulphur molar ratios on optical and electrical properties of nanostructural CuS thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis method
Adelifard M, Eshghi H, Mohagheghi MMB
5739 - 5745 High-temperature cyclic oxidation behavior of Al2O3-YAG composite coating prepared by EPD and microwave sintering
Ren C, He YD, Wang DR
5746 - 5752 Study on microwave absorbing properties of carbonyl-iron composite coating based on PVC and Al sheet
Duan YP, Wu GL, Gu SC, Li SQ, Ma GJ
5753 - 5758 In6Se7 thin films by heating thermally evaporated indium and chemical bath deposited selenium multilayers
Ornelas RE, Avellaneda D, Shaji S, Castillo GA, Das Roy TK, Krishnan B
5759 - 5764 Effects of oxygen/argon ratio and annealing on structural and optical properties of ZnO thin films
Zhou B, Rogachev AV, Liu ZB, Piliptsou DG, Ji HJ, Jiang XH
5765 - 5769 A novel method for synthesis of size-controlled L1(0) FePt nanoparticles
Azarkharman F, Iranizad ES, Sebt SA
5770 - 5773 Orientation control in L1(0) FePt films by using magnetic field annealing around Curie temperature
Liu LW, Lv H, Sheng W, Lou YF, Bai JM, Cao JW, Ma B, Wei FL
5774 - 5777 Growth of carbon nanotubes on Si/SiO2 wafer etched by hydrofluoric acid under different etching durations
Tan LL, Chai SP, Mohamed AR
5778 - 5785 Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide adsorption on zinc oxide and zirconium hydroxide nanoparticles and the effect on photoluminescence
Singh J, Mukherjee A, Sengupta SK, Im J, Peterson GW, Whitten JE
5786 - 5789 Ultrasonic nanowelding of SiC microparticles on Al surface
Zhao B, Wang YF, Liu C, Zhang LY, Liu X, Zhang YF
5790 - 5797 Full depth profile of passive films on 316L stainless steel based on high resolution HAXPES in combination with ARXPS
Fredriksson W, Malmgren S, Gustafsson T, Gorgoi M, Edstrom K
5798 - 5802 Chemical mechanical polishing of stainless steel foil as flexible substrate
Hu XK, Song ZT, Liu WL, Qin F, Zhang ZF, Wang HB
5803 - 5809 Improvement of photocatalytic activity of brookite titanium dioxide nanorods by surface modification using chemical etching
Zhang LJ, Menendez-Flores VM, Murakami N, Ohno T
5810 - 5814 Mechanical and optical characteristics of multilayer inorganic films on polyimide for anti-atomic-oxygen erosion
Huang YX, Tian XB, Lv SX, Fu RKY, Chu PK
5815 - 5821 Superhydrophobic terpolymer nanofibers containing perfluoroethyl alkyl methacrylate by electrospinning
Cengiz U, Avci MZ, Erbil HY, Sarac AS
5822 - 5826 In situ synthesis of zero-valent silver nanoparticles in polymethylmethacrylate under high temperature
Xiong YL, Luo GQ, Chen C, Yuan H, Shen Q, Li MJ
5827 - 5834 Synergistic effects of Fe and graphene on photocatalytic activity enhancement of TiO2 under visible light
Khalid NR, Hong ZL, Ahmed E, Zhang YW, Chan H, Ahmad M
5835 - 5840 A first principles study of a piece of carbon nanoribbon on nickel along the zigzag edge
Cai Y, Zhao MT, Xiao W, Cho K
5841 - 5849 Fabrication of PP-g-PEGMA-g-heparin and its hemocompatibility: From protein adsorption to anticoagulant tendency
Jin J, Jiang W, Shi Q, Zhao J, Yin JH, Stagnaro P
5850 - 5857 Ferromagnetism in nanocrystalline nickel incorporated diamond-like carbon thin films
Paul R, Sharma MK, Chatterjee R, Hussain S, Bhar R, Pal AK
5858 - 5862 Synthesis and photocatalytic property of lead molybdate dendrites with exposed (001) facet
Hashim M, Hu CG, Wang X, Li XY, Guo DL
5863 - 5868 Anatase TiO2 hollow microspheres with exposed {001} facets: Facile synthesis and enhanced photocatalysis
Wang XL, He HL, Chen Y, Zhao JQ, Zhang XY
5869 - 5875 Preparation Al2O3/ZrO2 composite coating in an alkaline phosphate electrolyte containing K2ZrF6 on aluminum alloy by microarc oxidation
Tang MQ, Li WP, Liu HC, Zhu LQ
5876 - 5880 Liquid phase surface alloying of AZ91D magnesium alloy with Al and Ni powders
Elahi MR, Sohi MH, Safaei A
5881 - 5885 Size-dependent SERS detection of R6G by silver nanoparticles immersion-plated on silicon nanoporous pillar array
Wang YQ, Ma S, Yang QQ, Li XJ
5886 - 5891 Photon energy conversion via localized surface plasmons in ZnO/Ag/ZnO nanostructures
Xu TN, Hu L, Jin SQ, Zhang BP, Cai XK, Wu HZ, Sui CH
5892 - 5897 Effects of incident cluster size, substrate temperature, and incident energy on bombardment of Ni clusters onto Cu (001) surface studied using molecular dynamics simulation
Lin SJ, Wu CD, Fang TH, Chen GH
5898 - 5902 Laser-assisted nanostructuring of Tungsten in liquid environment
Barmina EV, Stratakis E, Barberoglou M, Stolyarov VN, Stolyarov IN, Fotakis C, Shafeev GA
5903 - 5908 Computational study of cis-oleic acid adsorption on Ni(111) surface
Simonetti S, Ulacco S, Brizuela G, Juan A
5909 - 5913 The influence of synthesis condition and aging process of silver nanocrystals on the formation of silver nanorods
Zhang WZ, Qiao XL, Chen QY, Cai YC, Chen HQ
5914 - 5922 Heat and mass transfer in laser dissimilar welding of stainless steel and nickel
Hu YW, He XL, Yu G, Ge ZF, Zheng CY, Ning WJ
5923 - 5924 "Investigation of surface properties of liquid transition metals: Surface tension and surface entropy" (vol 257, pg 261, 2010)
Korkmaz SD, Korkmaz S