Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.258, No.14 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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5305 - 5311 A facile and efficient approach for pore-opening detection of anodic aluminum oxide membranes
Cui JW, Wu YC, Wang Y, Zheng HM, Xu GQ, Zhang XY
5312 - 5318 A facile strategy to synthesize bimetallic Au/Ag nanocomposite film by layer-by-layer assembly technique
Zhang L, Wang C, Zhang Y
5319 - 5322 Optical nonlinearities of nanostructured VO2 thin films with low phase transition temperature
Wang BQ, Chen SH, Huang ZL, Fu M
5323 - 5327 Room-temperature preparation and dielectric properties of amorphous Bi3.95Er0.05Ti3O12 thin films on flexible polyimide substrates via pulsed laser deposition method
Mo Z, Wu GH, Bao DH
5328 - 5331 Environment-friendly Pd free surface activation technics for ABS surface
Shu ZN, Wang X
5332 - 5341 Influence of surface charge on lysozyme adsorption to ceria nanoparticles
Wang BH, Wu P, Yokel RA, Grulke EA
5342 - 5347 Low dielectric loss of Mg doped Ni-Cu-Zn nano-ferrites for power applications
Dar MA, Verma V, Gairola SP, Siddiqui WA, Singh RK, Kotnala K
5348 - 5353 A facile and efficient approach to decoration of graphene nanosheets with gold nanoparticles
Le ZG, Liu ZR, Qian Y, Wang CY
5354 - 5359 Effect of oxygen partial pressure on the structure and properties of Cu-Al-O thin films
Zhang YJ, Liu ZT, Feng LP, Zang DY
5360 - 5369 A spectrocolorimetric and chemical study on color modification of heat-treated wood during artificial weathering
Huang XA, Kocaefe D, Kocaefe Y, Boluk Y, Pichette A
5370 - 5374 Oxidative decomposition of volatile organic compounds using thermally-excited activity of hydroxyapatite
Nishikawa H, Oka T, Asai N, Simomichi H, Shirai T, Fuji M
5375 - 5379 Preparation of porous titanium oxide films onto indium tin oxide for application in organic photovoltaic devices
Macedo AG, Mattos LL, Spada ER, Serpa RB, Campos CS, Grova IR, Ackcelrud L, Reis FT, Sartorelli ML, Roman LS
5380 - 5386 Structure and corrosion behavior of iron-based metallic glass coatings prepared by LPPS
Liu G, An YL, Guo ZH, Chen JM, Hou GL, Chen J
5387 - 5393 Preparation and characterization of dopamine-decorated hydrophilic carbon black
Zhu LJ, Lu YL, Wang YQ, Zhang LQ, Wang WC
5394 - 5398 Effect of anodizing voltage on the sorption of water molecules on porous alumina
Vrublevsky I, Chernyakova K, Bund A, Ispas A, Schmidt U
5399 - 5404 TiO2 nanotube arrays deposited on Ti substrate by anodic oxidation and their potential as a long-term drug delivery system for antimicrobial agents
Moseke C, Hage F, Vorndran E, Gbureck U
5405 - 5411 Ultraviolet photodetectors based on ZnO sheets: The effect of sheet size on photoresponse properties
Ardakani AG, Pazoki M, Mahdavi SM, Bahrampour AR, Taghavinia N
5412 - 5417 Pinning platinum and Pt-oxide nanoparticles on graphite
Gao JZ, Guo QM
5418 - 5423 Platelet adhesion-resistance of titanium substrate with mussel-inspired adhesive polymer bearing phosphorylcholine group
Yao Y, Fukazawa K, Ma WY, Ishihara K, Huang N
5424 - 5428 Enhancement of characteristics of ZnO thin film surface acoustic wave device on glass substrate by introducing an alumina film interlayer
Shih WC, Wang TL, Pen YK
5429 - 5437 Facile preparation of dendritic Ag-Pd bimetallic nanostructures on the surface of Cu foil for application as a SERS-substrate
Yi Z, Tan XL, Niu G, Xu XB, Li XB, Ye X, Luo JS, Luo BC, Wu WD, Tang YJ, Yi YG
5438 - 5442 Prediction of surface and adhesion energies of nanoimprint lithography materials and anti-sticking layers by molecular dynamics simulation
Kang JH, Kim KS, Kim KW
5443 - 5450 Fabrication of transparent superhydrophobic silica-based film on a glass substrate
Wang SD, Luo SS
5451 - 5454 Porous-pyramids structured silicon surface with low reflectance over a broad band by electrochemical etching
Lv HJ, Shen HL, Jiang Y, Gao C, Zhao H, Yuan JR
5455 - 5461 Alkali-dependent synthesis of flower-like ZnO structures with enhanced photocatalytic activity via a facile hydrothermal method
Sun L, Shao R, Chen ZD, Tang LQ, Dai Y, Ding JF
5462 - 5466 Characterization and properties of amorphous carbon coatings prepared by middle frequency pulsed unbalanced magnetron sputtering at different substrate bias
Dai HY, Wang YQ, Cheng XR, Zhan CY, Huang NK
5467 - 5471 Influence of humidity on atmospheric pressure air plasma treatment of aluminium surfaces
Prysiazhnyi V, Zaporojchenko V, Kersten H, Cernak M
5472 - 5481 Coating pretreatment for Mg alloy AZ91D
Yang HY, Chen XB, Guo XW, Wu GH, Ding WJ, Birbilis N
5482 - 5485 Electromagnetic energy absorption potential and microwave heating capacity of SiC thin films in the 1-16 GHz frequency range
Aissa B, Tabet N, Nedil M, Therriault D, Rosei F, Nechache R
5486 - 5489 Ferromagnetic anisotropy of carbon-doped ZnO nanoneedles fabricated by ion beam technique
Wei CS, Lau SP, Tanemura M, Subramanian M, Akaike Y
5490 - 5498 Characterization of air-formed surface oxide film on a Co-Ni-Cr-Mo alloy (MP35N) and its change in Hanks' solution
Nagai A, Tsutsumi Y, Suzuki Y, Katayama K, Hanawa T, Yamashita K
5499 - 5504 Pt(II) porphyrin modified TiO2 composites as photocatalysts for efficient 4-NP degradation
Duan MY, Li J, Li M, Zhang ZQ, Wang C
5505 - 5510 Influence of plasma treatment time on plasma induced vapor phase grafting modification of PBO fiber surface
Song B, Meng LH, Huang YD
5511 - 5515 Thermal stability of magnetic characteristics in Tb-40(FeCoV)(60) films
Feng TF, Chen ZY
5516 - 5521 Adsorption of Pb(II) from aqueous solution by a poly-elemental mesoporous adsorbent
Wu XW, Ma HW, Yang J, Wang FJ, Li ZH
5522 - 5525 In situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy characterization of Al2O3/InSb interface evolution from atomic layer deposition
Zhernokletov DM, Dong H, Brennan B, Kim J, Wallace RM