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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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4213 - 4221 Spectroscopic and capacitance-voltage characterization of thin aminopropylmethoxysilane films doped with copper phthalocyanine, tris(dimethylvinylsilyloxy)-POSS and fullerene cages
Klocek J, Henkel K, Kolanek K, Zschech E, Schmeisser D
4222 - 4227 Selective adsorption of protein on micropatterned flexible poly(ethylene terephthalate) surfaces modified by vacuum ultraviolet lithography
Li SY, Wu ZK, Tang HX, Yang J
4228 - 4236 Mg-doped nano ferrihydrite-A new adsorbent for fluoride removal from aqueous solutions
Mohapatra M, Hariprasad D, Mohapatra L, Anand S, Mishra BK
4237 - 4239 Post-deposition heat-treated NixZn1-xFe2O4 films exhibiting higher resonance frequency
Guo DW, Jiang CJ, Fan XL, Shi HG, Xue DS
4240 - 4245 Separation mechanism of photogenerated charges for p-type alpha-Bi2O3 nanoparticles with surface states
Liu XY, Liu J, Zheng HW, Liu XS, Li GQ, Zhang WF
4246 - 4253 Effect of UV/ozone irradiation on the surface properties of electrospun webs and films prepared from polydimethylsiloxane-urea copolymers
Yilgor E, Kaymakci O, Isik M, Bilgin S, Yilgor I
4254 - 4259 Large scale, highly dense nanoholes on metal surfaces by underwater laser assisted hydrogen etching near nanocrystalline boundary
Lin D, Zhang MY, Ye C, Liu ZK, Liu R, Cheng GJ
4260 - 4267 Effect of particle concentration on the structure and tribological properties of submicron particle SiC reinforced Ni metal matrix composite (MMC) coatings produced by electrodeposition
Gul H, Kilic F, Uysal M, Aslan S, Alp A, Akbulut H
4268 - 4275 Contrastive study of anodic oxidation on carbon fibers and graphite fibers
Liu X, Yang CL, Lu YG
4276 - 4282 Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic flower-like polyaniline architectures by using valine as a dopant in polymerization
Sun J, Bi H
4283 - 4287 Growth of rutile TiO2 nanorods on TiO2 seed layer deposited by electron beam evaporation
Tamilselvan V, Yuvaraj D, Kumar RR, Rao KN
4288 - 4293 Microstructures and photocatalytic properties of porous ZnO films synthesized by chemical bath deposition method
Wang HH, Dong SJ, Chang Y, Zhou XP, Hu XB
4294 - 4300 A molecular dynamics simulation of self-diffusion on Fe surfaces
Wang CQ, Qin Z, Zhang YS, Sun Q, Jia Y
4301 - 4307 Preparation and characterization of aminated graphite oxide for CO2 capture
Zhao YX, Ding HL, Zhong Q
4308 - 4313 Nanomechanical properties of NbN films prepared by pulsed laser deposition using nanoindendation
Mamun MA, Farha AH, Er AO, Ufuktepe Y, Gu D, Elsayed-Ali HE, Elmustafa AA
4314 - 4321 Preparation and adsorption behavior of berberine hydrochloride imprinted polymers by using silica gel as sacrificed support material
Li H, Li YZ, Li ZP, Peng XY, Li YA, Li G, Tan XZ, Chen GX
4322 - 4327 Proliferation and differentiation of osteoblastic cells on titanium modified by ammonia plasma immersion ion implantation
Liu F, Li B, Sun JY, Li HW, Wang B, Zhang SL
4328 - 4333 Synthesis and characterization of natural zeolite supported Cr-doped TiO2 photocatalysts
Wang C, Shi HS, Li Y
4334 - 4338 Preparation of superhydrophilic mesoporous SiO2 thin films
Chen PY, Hu Y, Wei CH
4339 - 4346 The influence of surfactants on the crystalline structure, electrical and photocatalytic properties of hybrid multi-structured (SnO2, TiO2 and WO3) thin films
Enesca A, Andronic L, Duta A
4347 - 4350 Effect of UV irradiation on wear protection of TiO2 and Ni-doped TiO2 coatings
Wan Y, Sun BJ, Xu Z, Chao WL
4351 - 4359 The initial release of zinc and aluminum from non-treated Galvalume and the formation of corrosion products in chloride containing media
Zhang X, Vu TN, Volovitch P, Leygraf C, Ogle K, Wallinder IO
4360 - 4364 Preparation and characterization of graphite-dispersed styrene-acrylic emulsion composite coating on magnesium alloy
Zhang RH, Liang J, Wang Q
4365 - 4369 Novel horseshoe-shaped ZnO nanorods and their optical properties
Li JL, Zhuang HZ
4370 - 4376 Photocatalytic activity of CdS nanoparticles synthesized by a facile composite molten salt method
Li XY, Hu CG, Wang X, Xi Y
4377 - 4382 Surface characterization of alkali- and heat-treated Ti with or without prior acid etching
An SH, Matsumoto T, Miyajima H, Sasaki JI, Narayanan R, Kim KH
4383 - 4390 Solid surface dependent layering of self-arranged structures with fibril-like assemblies of alpha-synuclein
Bukauskas V, Setkus A, Simkiene I, Tumenas S, Kasalynas I, Reza A, Babonas J, Casaite V, Poviloniene S, Meskys R
4391 - 4396 Surface analysis and anti-graffiti behavior of a weathered polyurethane-based coating embedded with hydrophobic nano silica
Rabea AM, Mohseni M, Mirabedini SM, Tabatabaei MH
4397 - 4401 A detailed approach to study the antibacterial mechanisms of nanostructure
Fang F, Fang X, Li JH, Wei ZP, Wang X, Wang XH
4402 - 4410 Removal of fluoride from aqueous solution by adsorption on Apatitic tricalcium phosphate using Box-Behnken design and desirability function
Mourabet M, El Rhilassi A, El Boujaady H, Bennani-Ziatni M, El Hamri R, Taitai A
4411 - 4416 Influence of absorbed moisture on surface hydrophobization of ethanol pretreated and plasma treated ramie fibers
Zhou Z, Wang JL, Huang X, Zhang LW, Moyo S, Sun SY, Qiu YP
4417 - 4423 Influence of sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate (AOT) on zinc electrodeposition
Lehr IL, Saidman SB
4424 - 4427 Generation of the periodic surface structures on the dental Co-Cr-Mo alloy by Nd:YAG laser in an inert atmosphere
Vasylyev MA, Tinkov VA, Filatova VS, Voloshko SM, Gurin PA
4428 - 4435 Nitric oxide adsorption on Nb(110) surface
Ning H, Cai JQ, Tao XM, Tan MQ
4436 - 4443 Improvement of hydrophilic property of rubber dipping former surface with Ni/B/TiO2 nano-composite film
Sikong L, Masae M, Kooptarnond K, Taweepreda W, Saito F
4444 - 4448 Study on the inorganic-organic surface modification of potassium titanate whisker
Yun S, Song QQ, Zhao DM, Qian GM, Li XN, Li W
4449 - 4454 Sorption/desorption differences among three ferrihydrites prepared by different synthesis methods
Meng S, Liu H, Yang CH, Wei Y, Hou DL
4455 - 4459 Oxygen interstitials enhanced room temperature ferromagnetism in undoped zinc oxide
You H, Yang J, Zhu JY, Xu WF, Tang XD
4460 - 4466 Fabrication of nanostructured clay-carbon nanotube hybrid nanofiller by chemical vapour deposition
Manikandan D, Mangalaraja RV, Siddheswaran R, Avila RE, Ananthakumar S
4467 - 4472 Microwave assisted chemical bath deposition of vertically aligned ZnO nanorods on a variety of substrates seeded by PVA-Zn(OH)(2) nanocomposites
Hassan JJ, Mahdi MA, Chin CW, Hassan Z, Abu-Hassan H
4473 - 4477 Molecular dynamics simulations of the temperature effect in the hardness on Cr and CrN films
Amaya-Roncancio S, Arias-Mateus DF, Gomez-Hermida MM, Riano-Rojas JC, Restrepo-Parra E
4478 - 4482 Theoretical study of the adsorption of rhodium on a TiO2(110)-1 x 1 surface
Mutombo P, Balazs N, Majzik Z, Berko A, Chab V
4483 - 4488 Surface modification of 5083 Al alloy by electrical discharge alloying processing with a 75 mass% Si-Fe alloy electrode
Stambekova K, Lin HM, Uan JY
4489 - 4496 Preparation of artificial canine femoral stem with HA-Ti ladder-type coating on plasma-sprayed pure Ti substrate and its performance evaluation
Zeng XL, Li JF, Yang SH, Zheng QX, Zou ZW
4497 - 4506 A micro-spectroscopy study on the influence of chemical residues from nanofabrication on the nitridation chemistry of Al nanopatterns
Qi B, Olafsson S, Zakharov AA, Agnarsson B, Gislason HP, Gothelid M
4507 - 4512 Interfacial layers in Ta2O5 based stacks and constituent depth profiles by spectroscopic ellipsometry
Karmakov Y, Paskaleva A, Atanassova E
4513 - 4522 A study of estimating cutting depth for multi-pass nanoscale cutting by using atomic force microscopy
Lin ZC, Hsu YC
4523 - 4531 Influence of different buffer gases on synthesis of few-layered graphene by arc discharge method
Shen BS, Ding JJ, Yan XB, Feng WJ, Li J, Xue QJ
4532 - 4537 The influence of metal interlayers on the structural and optical properties of nano-crystalline TiO2 films
Yang Y, Zhang Q, Zhang B, Mi WB, Chen L, Li L, Zhao C, Diallo EM, Zhang XX
4538 - 4543 Effects of surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT) on a rough surface of AISI 316L stainless steel
Arifvianto B, Suyitno, Mahardika M
4544 - 4550 Effect of chemical etching on the morphology of anodic aluminum oxides in the two-step anodization process
Erdogan P, Yuksel B, Birol Y
4551 - 4557 Reduced graphene oxide-titanate hybrids: Morphologic evolution by alkali-solvothermal treatment and applications in water purification
Nguyen-Phan TD, Pham VH, Kim EJ, Oh ES, Hur SH, Chung JS, Lee B, Shin EW
4558 - 4562 Frequency dependence of magnetoelectric effect in epitaxial La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/BaTiO3 bilayer film
Li TX, Hu Z, Zhang M, Li KS, Yu DB, Yan H
4563 - 4568 Nitrogen-doping effects on the growth, structure and electrical performance of carbon nanotubes obtained by spray pyrolysis method
Ionescu MI, Zhang Y, Li RY, Abou-Rachid H, Sun XL
4569 - 4573 Improved moisture resistance of SrSO4:Sm3+ phosphors coated with SiO2
Sun JY, Sun RD, Du HY
4574 - 4580 Deposition, characterization and electrochemical evaluation of Ni-P-nano diamond composite coatings
Mazaheri H, Allahkaram SR
4581 - 4587 First-principles study of boron, carbon and nitrogen adsorption on WC(100) surface
Bi K, Liu J, Dai QX
4588 - 4591 Effects of ZnO buffer layer on GZO RRAM devices
Zhao JW, Sun J, Huang HQ, Liu FJ, Hu ZF, Zhang XQ
4592 - 4600 Visible light assisted photodecolorization of eosin-Y in aqueous solution using hesperidin modified TiO2 nanoparticles
Vignesh K, Suganthi A, Rajarajan M, Sakthivadivel R
4601 - 4606 Competition between quantum fluctuation and ferroelectric order in Eu(1-x)Ba(x)TiO3
Wei T, Zhou QJ, Yang X, Song QG, Li ZP, Qi XL, Liu JM
4607 - 4613 Mathematical characterization of oxidized crystalline silicon nanowires grown by electroless process
Mertens RG, Sundaram KB
4614 - 4623 Comparison study of PE epitaxy on carbon nanotubes and graphene oxide and PE/graphene oxide as amphiphilic molecular structure for solvent separation
He LH, Zheng XL, Xu Q, Chen ZM, Fu JW
4624 - 4631 Multiscale simulations of nanoindentation and nanoscratch of single crystal copper
Zhu PZ, Hu YZ, Fang FZ, Wang H
4632 - 4635 Transparent high-surface-work-function Al-doped CdO electrodes obtained by rf magnetron sputtering with oxygen flow
Cho WM, He GR, Su TH, Lin YJ
4636 - 4641 Microwave plasma induced grafting of oleic acid on cotton fabric surfaces
Cabrales L, Abidi N
4642 - 4644 Characterization of Si(111)root 3 x root 3-(Au,In) surface by optical second-harmonic generation
Ignatovich KV, Zotov AV, Saranin AA
4645 - 4648 Effects of carbon concentration on properties of nano-diamond films
Su QF, Shi WM, Li DM, Lai JM, Jiang LW, Wang LJ, Ding WZ, Xia YB
4649 - 4656 Rapid biomimetic deposition of octacalcium phosphate coatings on zirconia ceramics (Y-TZP) for dental implant applications
Stefanic M, Krnel K, Pribosic I, Kosmac T
4657 - 4666 Atomic layer deposition of ZnO on thermal SiO2 and Si surfaces using N-2-diluted diethylzinc and H2O2 precursors
Qian KJ, Chen S, Zhu B, Chen L, Ding SJ, Lu HL, Sun QQ, Zhang DW, Chen Z
4667 - 4671 Nano-TiO2@Ag/PVC film with enhanced antibacterial activities and photocatalytic properties
Liu FJ, Liu H, Li XY, Zhao HY, Zhu DP, Zheng YY, Li CR
4672 - 4677 Spatial variation of the number of graphene layers formed on the scratched 6H-SiC(0001) surface
Osaklung J, Euaruksakul C, Meevasana W, Songsiriritthigul P
4678 - 4686 Surface modification and characterization of impregnated paper
Wang SX, Mahlberg R, Kaukoniemi OV, Nikkola J, Mannila J, Jamsa S, Ritschkoff AC, Peltonen J
4687 - 4697 Influence of the surface chemistry on the nanotribological behaviour of (AFM tip/graphite) couples
Jradi K, Schmitt M, Bistac S
4698 - 4701 Effect of moderately high temperature heat treatment on surface morphology and structure of quartz fibers
Zheng Y, Wang SB
4702 - 4706 Effect of post-etch cleaning on Ru-capped extreme ultraviolet lithography photomask
Oh J, Park C, Seo D, Jung J, Lim S
4707 - 4717 Zwitterionic sulfobetaine-grafted poly(vinylidene fluoride) membrane surface with stably anti-protein-fouling performance via a two-step surface polymerization
Li Q, Bi QY, Zhou B, Wang XL
4718 - 4723 Promoted cell and material interaction on atmospheric pressure plasma treated titanium
Han I, Vagaska B, Seo HJ, Kang JK, Kwon BJ, Lee MH, Park JC
4724 - 4728 Corrosion behavior of superhydrophobic surfaces of Ti alloys in NaCl solutions
Ou JF, Liu MZ, Li W, Wang FJ, Xue MS, Li CQ
4729 - 4732 The study of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with different diameter as anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Zhang YP, Chen TQ, Wang JH, Min GQ, Pan LK, Song ZT, Sun Z, Zhou WM, Zhang J
4733 - 4740 Superior high-temperature oxidation resistance of a novel (Al2O3-Y2O3)/Pt laminated coating
Ma XX, He YD, Wang DR, Zhang J
4741 - 4749 Modeling validity of femtosecond laser breakdown in wide bandgap dielectrics
Jing XF, Tian Y, Zhang JC, Chen SL, Jin YX, Shao JD, Fan ZX
4750 - 4755 Hot-filament chemical vapor deposition of amorphous carbon film on diamond grits and induction brazing of the diamond grits
Ma BJ, Yu QX
4756 - 4763 Preparation of mesoporous MnO2/C catalyst for n-hexyl acetate synthesis
Yang ZH, Pan YM, Mei ZS, Zhang WX
4764 - 4769 Surface morphology, structure, magnetic and electrical transport properties of reactive sputtered polycrystalline Ti1-xFexN films
Wang XC, Mi WB, Chen GF, Chen XM, Yang BH
4770 - 4776 Interferometric pump-probe characterization of the nonlocal response of optically transparent ion implanted polymers
Stefanov IL, Hadjichristov GB
4777 - 4781 Fractal characterization of impact fracture surface of steel
Tang W, Wang Y
4782 - 4787 Palladium-free catalytic electroless copper deposition on bamboo fabric: Preparation, morphology and electromagnetic properties
Lu YX, Liang Q, Xue LL
4788 - 4793 Synthesis of a super-hydrophilic conducting polyaniline/titanium oxide hybrid with a narrow pore size distribution
Li XW, Wang Z, Li XH, Wang GC
4794 - 4800 The deposition of a thick tetrahedral amorphous carbon film by argon ion bombardment
Han L, Liu DL, Chen X, Yang L, Zhao YQ
4801 - 4805 Hydroxyapatite supported Ag3PO4 nanoparticles with higher visible light photocatalytic activity
Hong XT, Wu XH, Zhang QY, Xiao MF, Yang GL, Qiu MR, Han GC
4806 - 4812 Tuning electronic structure and photocatalytic properties by Ag incorporated on (001) surface of anatase TiO2
Zhu YT, Wei W, Dai Y, Huang BB
4813 - 4818 Application of the storing matter technique to the analysis of boron doped and implanted SiO2/Si
Mansilla C, Wirtz T
4819 - 4825 Separation of methane-nitrogen mixtures using synthesis vertically aligned carbon nanotube membranes
Gilani N, Daryan JT, Rashidi A, Omidkhah MR
4826 - 4829 Dissociation behavior and structural of ilmenite ore by microwave irradiation
Chen G, Chen J, Guo SH, Li J, Srinivasakannan C, Peng JH
4830 - 4833 Electrochemical behaviour of anodic zirconium oxide nanotubes in simulated body fluid
Wang LN, Luo JL