Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.258, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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2 - 6 Wafer-level fabrication and optical characterization of nanoscale patterned sapphire substrates
Lin YS, Hsu WC, Huang KC, Yeh JA
7 - 12 In situ ellipsometry study of atomic hydrogen etching of extreme ultraviolet induced carbon layers
Chen JQ, Louis E, Harmsen R, Tsarfati T, Wormeester H, van Kampen M, van Schaik W, van de Kruijs R, Bijkerk F
13 - 18 Structural and morphological dependence of carbon nanotube arrays on catalyst aggregation
Di JT, Yong ZZ, Yang XJ, Li QW
19 - 23 Correlation between interfacial defects and ferromagnetism of BaTiO3 nanocrystals studied by positron annihilation
Chen ZY, Chen ZQ, Wang DD, Wang SJ
24 - 29 Synthesis and surface properties of submicron barium sulfate particles
Zhang M, Zhang B, Li XH, Yin ZL, Guo XY
30 - 33 Optical property investigation of SiGe nanocrystals formed by electrochemical anodization
Pan SW, Zhou B, Chen SY, Li C, Huang W, Lai HK
34 - 37 Preparation and characterization of upconversion luminescent LaF3:Yb3+,Er3+/LaF3 core/shell nanocrystals
Qu YQ, Li MC, Zhang LY, Zhao LC
38 - 43 The preparation of c-axis epitaxial Bi-2212 films on STO(100) by sol-gel method
Yu XM, Yang HZ, Qi Y
44 - 49 Self-assembled MnS flower-like hierarchical architectures on porous alumina membrane
Wang ZJ, Tao F, Pan F, Sun YF, Cai WL, Yao LZ
50 - 57 Preparation of honeycomb porous La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-delta-Gd0.2Ce0.8O2-delta composite cathodes by breath figures method for solid oxide fuel cells
Zhang NQ, Li J, Ni D, Sun KN
58 - 63 Electrochemical behavior of amino-modified multi-walled carbon nanotubes coordinated with cobalt porphyrin for the oxidation of nitric oxide
Yan Y, Yao PP, Mu Q, Wang L, Mu J, Li XQ, Kang SZ
64 - 67 Structure and magnetism of Zn0.9Co0.1O DMS films prepared by chemical solution deposition method
Yang JH, Cheng Y, Zhang YJ, Wang YX, Liu Y
68 - 75 Formation of arsenic sulfide on GaAs surface under illumination in acidified thiourea electrolytes
Khader MM, AlJaber AS
76 - 80 The effect of pre-pattern on the morphology and growth speed of TiO2 nanotube
Xu T, Lin J, Chen JF, Chen XF
81 - 88 Constituted oxides/nitrides on nitriding 304, 430 and 17-4 PH stainless steel in salt baths over the temperature range 723 to 923 K
Shih TS, Huang YS, Chen CF
89 - 92 Preparation of nanowall Bi2S3 films by chemical bath deposition
Gao C, Shen HL, Sun L
93 - 97 Synthesis and optical properties of ZnO nanorods on indium tin oxide substrate
Zheng JH, Jiang Q, Lian JS
98 - 102 Surface modification of PMMA/O-MMT composite microfibers by TiO2 coating
Wang QQ, Wang X, Li XJ, Cai YB, Wei QF
103 - 112 Influence of Ni deposition and subsequent N+ ion implantation at different substrate temperatures on nano-structure and corrosion behaviour of type 316 and 304 stainless steels
Savaloni H, Habibi M
113 - 119 Tribological behavior of micro/nano-patterned surfaces in contact with AFM colloidal probe
Zhang XL, Wang X, Kong W, Yi GW, Jia JH
120 - 125 A comparative study of solution based CIGS thin film growth on different glass substrates
Park SJ, Lee E, Jeon HS, Ahn SJ, Oh MK, Min BK
126 - 135 Enhancement of hydrophobicity and tensile strength of muga silk fiber by radiofrequency Ar plasma discharge
Gogoi D, Choudhury AJ, Chutia J, Pal AR, Dass NN, Devi D, Patil DS
136 - 142 Effect of cross-linkable polymer on the morphology and properties of transparent multi-walled carbon nanotube conductive films
Huang YL, Tien HW, Ma CCM, Teng CC, Yu YH, Yang SY, Wei MH, Wu SY
143 - 146 Ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy of nano In clusters Schottky barriers on sputtered InP
Kumar S, Mukherjee C, Dixit VK, Singh SD, Jha SN
147 - 150 Investigation of the surface properties of gold nanowire arrays
Yao HJ, Mo D, Duan JL, Chen YH, Liu J, Sun YM, Hou MD, Schapers T
151 - 157 Structural and optical properties of Au-implanted ZnO films
Zhang XD, Wu P, Shen YY, Zhang LH, Xue YH, Zhu F, Zhang DC, Liu CL
158 - 162 Optically transparent, superhydrophobic methyltrimethoxysilane based silica coatings without silylating reagent
Kavale MS, Mahadik DB, Parale VG, Wagh PB, Gupta SC, Rao AV, Barshilia HC
163 - 168 A facile strategy for the fabrication of uniform CdS nanowires with high yield and its controlled morphological growth with the assistance of PEG in hydrothermal route
Pal K, Maiti UN, Majumder TP, Debnath SC
169 - 175 KrF laser ablation of a polyethersulfone film: Effect of pulse duration on structure formation
Pazokian H, Selimis A, Stratakis E, Mollabashi M, Barzin J, Jelvani S
176 - 181 Ion-induced secondary electron emission from ZnS thin films deposited by closed-spaced sublimation
Ashraf M, Ullah S, Hussain S, Dogar AH, Qayyum A
182 - 188 Enhanced photocatalytic activity and stability of nano-scaled TiO2 co-doped with N and Fe
Hu SZ, Li FY, Fan ZP, Chang CC
189 - 195 Template-free synthesis of ZnV2O4 hollow spheres and their application for organic dye removal
Duan F, Dong WF, Shi DJ, Chen MQ
196 - 200 The research and preparation of a novel nano biodegradable polymer external reinforcement
Zhang XM, Chen B, Fu WG, Fang ZD, Liu ZJ, Lu WF, Shi ZY, Chen LL, Chen T
201 - 206 Formation of CuO nanowires by thermal annealing copper film deposited on Ti/Si substrate
Wang Y, Shen RQ, Jin XY, Zhu P, Ye YH, Hu Y
207 - 211 Quenching influence of cell culture medium on photoluminescence and morphological structure of porous silicon
Unal B
212 - 217 Facile preparation of Au/Ag bimetallic hollow nanospheres and its application in surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Yi Z, Xu XB, Li XB, Luo JS, Wu WD, Tang YJ, Yi YG
218 - 224 The synthesis and characterization of Ti/SnO2-Sb2O3/PbO2 electrodes: The influence of morphology caused by different electrochemical deposition time
An H, Li Q, Tao DJ, Cui H, Xu XT, Ding L, Sun L, Zhai JP
225 - 229 Energy barriers for trimethylaluminum reaction with varying surface hydroxyl density
Kim DH, Baek SB, Kim YC
230 - 235 Peptide-induced patterning of gold nanoparticle thin films
Borteh HM, Ferrell NJ, Butler RT, Olesik SV, Hansford DJ
236 - 241 The effect of surfactants on the magnetic and optical properties of Co-doped SnO2 nanoparticles
Jiang H, Liu XF, Zou ZY, Wu ZB, He B, Yu RH
242 - 246 Microstructure and mechanical properties of CrN films fabricated by high power pulsed magnetron discharge plasma immersion ion implantation and deposition
Wu ZZ, Tian XB, Wang ZM, Gong CZ, Yang SQ, Tan CM, Chu PK
247 - 253 Photocatalytic mineralization study of malachite green on the surface of Mn-doped BiOCl activated by visible light under ambient condition
Pare B, Sarwan B, Jonnalagadda SB
254 - 259 Development of film sensors based on ZnO nanoparticles for amine gas detection
Xia HY, Liu TH, Gao LN, Yan LK, Wu JW
260 - 264 ZnO thin film characterization by X-ray reflectivity optimization using genetic algorithm and Fourier transformation
Solookinejad G, Rozatian ASH, Habibi MH
265 - 269 Preparation of nano/micro-scale column-like topography on PDMS surfaces via vapor deposition: Dependence on volatility solvents
Wang L, Lin CG, Yang LH, Zhang JW, Zheng JY
270 - 277 Structural and hydrophobic-hydrophilic properties of nanosilica/zirconia alone and with adsorbed PDMS
Sulym IY, Borysenko MV, Goncharuk OV, Terpilowski K, Sternik D, Chibowski E, Gun'ko VM
278 - 284 Structure and surface properties of praseodymium modified alumina
Tankov I, Pawelec B, Arishtirova K, Damyanova S
285 - 289 Fabrication of superhydrophobic polyaniline films with rapidly switchable wettability
Zhou XY, Zhang ZZ, Men XH, Yang J, Xu XH, Zhu XT, Xue QJ
290 - 296 Surface texturing of the carbon steel AISI 1045 using femtosecond laser in single pulse and scanning regime
Stasic J, Gakovic B, Perrie W, Watkins K, Petrovic S, Trtica M
297 - 303 The structure and mechanical properties of thick rutile-TiO2 films using different coating treatments
Chuang LC, Luo CH, Yang SH
304 - 311 Radio frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapor based ZnO thin film deposition on glass substrate: A novel approach towards antibacterial agent
Panigrahi J, Behera D, Mohanty I, Subudhi U, Nayak BB, Acharya BS
312 - 320 Mechanical and electrochemical characterization of vanadium nitride (VN) thin films
Caicedo JC, Zambrano G, Aperador W, Escobar-Alarcon L, Camps E
321 - 326 Investigation of the fill factor of dye-sensitized solar cell based on ZnO nanowire arrays
Tian YS, Hu CG, Wu Q, Wu XH, Li XY, Hashim M
327 - 332 Characterization of scandia doped pressed cathode fabricated by spray drying method
Cui YT, Wang JS, Liu W, Wang YM, Zhou ML
333 - 336 Growth and electron field emission of ZnO nanorods on diamond films
Sang DD, Li HD, Cheng SH
337 - 345 Organosilane modified silica/polydimethylsiloxane mixed matrix membranes for enhanced propylene/nitrogen separation
Beltran AB, Nisola GM, Cho E, Lee EED, Chung WJ
346 - 349 Electroluminescence with micro-watt output from ultra-small sized Si quantum dots/amorphous SiO2 multilayers prepared by laser crystallization method
Xu W, Sun HC, Xu J, Li W, Mu WW, Liu Y, Yan MY, Huang XF, Chen KJ
350 - 355 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis of (Ln(1-x)Sr(x)) CoO3-delta (Ln: Pr, Nd and Sm)
Kim JH
356 - 360 Effect of gas flow ratio on the microstructure and mechanical properties of boron phosphide films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering
Jia ZC, Zhu JQ, Jiang CZ, Shen WX, Han JC, Chen RR
361 - 369 Adsorption of bovine serum albumin on amorphous carbon surfaces studied with dip pen nanolithography
Yadav PK, McKavanagh F, Maguire PD, Lemoine P
370 - 376 Ti-Cu-N hard nanocomposite films prepared by pulse biased arc ion plating
Zhao YH, Wang XQ, Xiao JQ, Yu BH, Li FQ
377 - 381 Molecule oxygen-driven shaping of gold islands under thermal annealing
Yan CJ, Chen YC, Jin AZ, Wang M, Kong XD, Zhang XF, Ju Y, Han L
382 - 387 Abrasive resistance of arc sprayed carbonitride alloying self-shielded coatings
Deng Y, Yu SF, Xing SL, Huang LB, Lu Y
388 - 393 Surface wettability of atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge processed Armos fibers
Jia CX, Chen P, Wang Q, Li B, Chen MX
394 - 398 Confocal Raman spectromicroscopy for tin-core/carbon-shell nanowire heterostructure
Wang FP, Li RY, Sun XL, Ding ZF
399 - 403 Structural and mechanical properties of multi-element (TiVCrZrHf)N coatings by reactive magnetron sputtering
Liang SC, Tsai DC, Chang ZC, Sung HS, Lin YC, Yeh YJ, Deng MJ, Shieu FS
404 - 407 Effect of Cr100-xTix (x=0-19 at.%) alloy underlayers on the high coercivity of FePt thin film below the substrate temperature of 250 degrees C
Lee SH, Eun SH
408 - 413 Adsorption and dissociation of O-2 on CuCl(111) surface: A density functional theory study
Zhang RG, Liu HY, Wang BJ, Ren J, Li Z
414 - 418 Synthesis and photochromic properties of 1,3-diaminopropane-induced MoO3 powder
Shen Y, Huang R, Li Y, Yao SZ
419 - 424 Electrical characteristics of insulating aluminum nitride MIS nanostructures
Abdallah B, Al-Khawaja S, Alkhawwam A
425 - 430 Biocompatibility of polypropylene non-woven fabric membrane via UV-induced graft polymerization of 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid
Song LJ, Zhao J, Yang HW, Jin J, Li XM, Stagnaro P, Yin JH
431 - 435 Physico-chemical properties of titania nanotubes synthesized via hydrothermal and annealing treatment
Fen LB, Han TK, Nee NM, Ang BC, Johan MR
436 - 441 Laser diffusion nitriding of Ti-6Al-4V for improving hardness and wear resistance
Man HC, Bai M, Cheng FT
442 - 447 A density functional study of atomic oxygen and water molecule adsorption on Ni(111) and chromium-substituted Ni(111) surfaces
Das NK, Shoji T
448 - 455 Sol-gel based alumina powders with catalytic applications
Crisan M, Zaharescu M, Kumari VD, Subrahmanyam M, Crisan D, Dragan N, Raileanu M, Jitianu M, Rusu A, Sadanandam G, Reddy JK
456 - 460 (Ti,Al,Si,C)N nanocomposite coatings synthesized by plasma-enhanced magnetron sputtering
Wang YF, Li ZX, Du JH, Hua YF, Wang BY
461 - 465 Enhancing photoresponse time of low cost Pd/ZnO nanorods prepared by thermal evaporation techniques for UV detection
Abdulgafour HI, Hassan Z, Yam FK, AL-Heuseen K, Yusof Y
466 - 473 Surface-initiated ATRP of 2-(methacryloyloxy)ethyl 2-(trimethylammonio)ethyl phosphate on Phynox
Barthelemy B, Devillers S, Minet I, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
474 - 477 Long range interactions between micro spheres and alloy surfaces in water changed by ion implantation
Li J, Chen HS, Liu FB
478 - 481 Fabrication and adhesion performance of gold conductive patterns on silicon substrate by laser sintering
Cai ZX, Yung KC, Zeng XY
482 - 488 Characterization of poly (3-methyl thiophene) thin films prepared by modified chemical bath deposition
Kamat SV, Yadav JB, Puri V, Puri RK, Joo OS
489 - 493 Surface modification of titanium membrane by chemical vapor deposition and its electrochemical self-cleaning
Li XW, Li JX, Gao CY, Chang M
494 - 500 Effect of substrate texture on the growth of hematite nanowires
Srivastava H, Tiwari P, Srivastava AK, Rai S, Ganguli T, Deb SK
501 - 506 Drastic change in shape of tetragonal TeO2 nanowires and their application to transparent chemical gas sensors
Kim SS, Park JY, Choi SW, Na HG, Yang JC, Kwak DS, Nam HJ, Hwangbo CK, Kim HW
507 - 512 Synthesis and characterization of rodlike liquid crystalline polyester/multi-walled carbon nanotubes and study of their thermal stability
Hu WQ, Cui ZK, Jin J, Dong ZP, Li SW, Wang P, Ding W, Li R
513 - 520 Effects of air dielectric barrier discharge plasma treatment time on surface properties of PBO fiber
Wang Q, Chen P, Jia CX, Chen MX, Li B
521 - 524 Laser sintering of Cu paste film printed on polyimide substrate
Joo M, Lee B, Jeong S, Lee M
525 - 529 The important role of Mn3+ in the room-temperature ferromagnetism of Mn-doped GaN films
Hu B, Man BY, Yang C, Liu M, Chen CS, Gao XG, Xu SC, Wang CC, Sun ZC
530 - 534 Effects of rapid thermal annealing on the structural properties of TiO2 nanotubes
Lin JY, Chou YT, Shen JL, Yang MD, Wu CH, Chi GC, Chou WC, Ko CH
535 - 541 Elevated temperature dry sliding wear behavior of nickel-based composite coating on austenitic stainless steel deposited by a novel central hollow laser cladding
He XM, Liu XB, Wang MD, Yang MS, Shi SH, Fu GY, Chen SF
542 - 546 The influence of growth temperatures on the characteristics of GaN nanowires
Low LL, Yam FK, Beh KP, Hassan Z
547 - 555 Enhanced antibacterial performance of hybrid semiconductor nanomaterials: ZnO/SnO2 nanocomposite thin films
Talebian N, Nilforoushan MR, Zargar EB
556 - 564 Seed-assisted growth of epitaxial ZnO nanorod arrays with self-organized periodicity and directional alignment
Chen HG, Li ZW
565 - 571 Preparation and ablation properties of ZrC-SiC coating for carbon/carbon composites by solid phase infiltration
Li ZQ, Li HJ, Li W, Wang J, Zhang SY, Guo J
572 - 579 Interface and its effect on the interlaminate shear strength of novel glass fiber/hyperbranched polysiloxane modified maleimide-triazine resin composites
Liu P, Guan QB, Gu AJ, Liang GZ, Yuan L, Chang JF
580 - 585 Novel strategy in increasing stability and corrosion resistance for super-hydrophobic coating on aluminum alloy surfaces
Yin B, Fang L, Tang AQ, Huang QL, Hu J, Mao JH, Bai G, Bai H
586 - 589 Ultrasound-assisted anodization of aluminum in oxalic acid
Zhang R, Jiang KM, Zhu Y, Qi HY, Ding GQ
590 - 598 Synthesis, characterization and comparison of sediment electro-codeposited nickel-micro and nano SiC composites
Narasimman P, Pushpavanam M, Periasamy VM
599 - 603 Cr-doping induced ferromagnetic behavior in antiferromagnetic EuTiO3 nanoparticles
Wei T, Song QG, Zhou QJ, Li ZP, Qi XL, Liu WP, Guo YR, Liu JM
604 - 607 Effects of post-deposition rapid thermal annealing on aluminum-doped ZnO thin films grown by atomic layer deposition
Cheng YC
608 - 613 EBSD and AFM observations of the microstructural changes induced by low temperature plasma carburising on AISI 316
Gallo SC, Dong HS
614 - 617 Mechanical responses of Zn1-xMnxO epitaxial thin films
Chang TR, Tsai CH
618 - 626 Surface-initiated reverse atom transfer radical polymerization (SI-RATRP) for blood-compatible polyurethane substrates
Lu CY, Zhou NL, Xu D, Tang YD, Jin SX, Wu Y, Shen J
627 - 630 Identification of the reconstruction and bonding structure of SiC nanocrystal surface by infrared spectroscopy
Fan JY, Li HX, Zhang N, Lu RF
631 - 639 Characterization of passive film on 2205 duplex stainless steel in sodium thiosulphate solution
Luo H, Dong CF, Xiao K, Li XG