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Applied Surface Science, Vol.257, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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3817 - 3823 The fabrication of 3-D nanostructures by a low- voltage EBL
Oh SH, Kim JG, Kim CS, Choi DS, Chang S, Jeong MY
3824 - 3830 Plasma treatment of carbon fibers: Non-equilibrium dynamic adsorption and its effect on the mechanical properties of RTM fabricated composites
Ma KM, Wang BC, Chen P, Zhou X
3831 - 3835 Preparation and electroactive properties of a PVDF/nano-TiO2 composite film
An NL, Liu HZ, Ding YC, Zhang M, Tang YP
3836 - 3839 Influence of MgO and ZrO2 buffer layers on dielectric properties of Ba(Zr0.20Ti0.80)O-3 thin films prepared by sol-gel processing
Gao LN, Zhai JW, Yao X
3840 - 3842 Controllable microstructures and multiferroic properties of Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O-3-CoFe2O4 composite films
Ding LY, Wu FX, Chen YB, Gu ZB, Zhang ST
3843 - 3849 The tribological chemistry of the triazine derivative additives in rape seed oil and synthetic diester
Qiao R, Li J, Wu H, Ren TH, Zhao YD, Ma CY
3850 - 3855 Self assembled micro masking effect in the fabrication of SiC nanopillars by ICP-RIE dry etching
Kathalingam A, Kim MR, Chae YS, Sudhakar S, Mahalingam T, Rhee JK
3856 - 3860 Effect of substrate temperature on the morphology, structural and optical properties of Zn1-xCoxO thin films
Yang SY, Man BY, Liu M, Chen CS, Gao XG, Wang CC, Hu B
3861 - 3866 Fabrication and characterization of polycrystalline silicon nanowires with silver-assistance by electroless deposition
Sun XZ, Tao R, Lin LH, Li ZC, Zhang ZJ, Feng JY
3867 - 3871 Surface properties of liquid In-Zn alloys
Pstrus J, Moser Z, Gasior W
3872 - 3877 Temperature controlled synthesis of SrCO3 nanorods via a facile solid-state decomposition rout starting from a novel inorganic precursor
Davar F, Salavati-Niasari M, Baskoutas S
3878 - 3883 Modification of Pd-CeO2 catalyst by different treatments: Effect on the structure and CO oxidation activity
Wang B, Weng DA, Wu XD, Ran R
3884 - 3887 Dependence of aluminum-doped zinc oxide work function on surface cleaning method as studied by ultraviolet and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopies
Wang WY, Feng QY, Jiang KM, Huang JH, Zhang XP, Song WJ, Tan RQ
3888 - 3892 Synthesis of chitosan/hydroxyapatite membranes coated with hydroxycarbonate apatite for guided tissue regeneration purposes
Fraga AF, de Almeida E, Rigo ECD, Boschi AO
3893 - 3897 Compositional and structural characterization of nanoporous films produced by iron anodizing in ethylene glycol solution
Jagminas A, Mazeika K, Bernotas N, Klimas V, Selskis A, Baltrunas D
3898 - 3903 Properties of a-Si:H films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering at 95 degrees C
Girginoudi D, Tsiarapas C, Georgoulas N
3904 - 3912 Poly-dimethylsiloxane derivates side chains effect on syntan functionalized Polyamide fabric
Migani V, Weiss H, Massafra MR, Merlo A, Colleoni C, Rosace G
3913 - 3919 Surface modification of Al-20Si alloy by high current pulsed electron beam
Hao Y, Gao B, Tu GF, Li SW, Hao SZ, Dong C
3920 - 3923 Hydrothermal synthesis of C-doped Zn-3(OH)(2)V2O7 nanorods and their photocatalytic properties under visible light illumination
Guo HX, Chen JH, Weng W, Li SX
3924 - 3928 Scattering effects of primary electrons in Co/Cu(111) measured by Auger; elastic and loss electrons
Turko D, Morawski I, Siwiak J, Nowicki M
3929 - 3935 Sol-gel titania films on YHfAl foils and their influence on inhibition of transition aluminas during oxidation at high temperatures
Chegroune R, Keddam M, Wouters Y, Galerie A, Salhi E
3936 - 3942 Ammonia modification of activated carbon to enhance carbon dioxide adsorption: Effect of pre-oxidation
Shafeeyan MS, Daud WMAW, Houshmand A, Arami-Niya A
3943 - 3947 Formation of a high hydrophilic/hydrophobic contrast surface on PET substrates by ECR generated sulfur hexafluoride plasma
Chuang MJ, Chu AK
3948 - 3951 Leakage current and sub-bandgap photo-response of oxygen-plasma treated GaN Schottky barrier diodes
Wang FX, Lu H, Xiu XQ, Chen DJ, Han P, Zhang R, Zheng YD
3952 - 3958 Composition-dependent phase separation effects of organic solar cells using P3HT:PCBM as active layer and chromium oxide as hole transporting layer
Qin PL, Fang GJ, Sun NH, Fan X, Zheng QA, Chen F, Wan JW, Zhao XZ
3959 - 3963 Superhydrophobic alumina surface based on stearic acid modification
Feng LB, Zhang HX, Mao PZ, Wang YP, Ge Y
3964 - 3968 Structural properties and electrical characteristics of high-k Dy2O3 gate dielectrics
Pan TM, Chang WT, Chiu FC
3969 - 3973 Sputtering pressure effects on the structural and mechanical properties of TiVCr alloy coatings
Tsai DC, Huang YL, Lin SR, Jung DR, Shieu FS
3974 - 3979 Optical and electrochemical properties of Cu-doped NiO films prepared by electrochemical deposition
Zhao LL, Su G, Liu W, Cao LX, Wang J, Dong Z, Song MQ
3980 - 3984 Corrosion behaviour of sintered NdFeB coated with Al/Al2O3 multilayers by magnetron sputtering
Mao SD, Yang HX, Huang F, Xie TT, Song ZL
3985 - 3997 Microstructure and corrosion properties of diode laser melted friction stir weld of aluminum alloy 2024 T351
Kalita SJ
3998 - 4003 Structural and optical properties study of nanocrystalline Si (nc-Si) thin films deposited on porous aluminum by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Ghrib M, Gaidi M, Khedher N, Ghrib T, Ben Salem M, Ezzaouia H
4004 - 4009 DFT study on surface properties and dissolution trends of Al(100) surfaces doped with Zn, Ga, In, Sn and Pb
Liu JC, Zhang XM, Chen MA, Li L, Zhu B, Tang JG, Liu SD
4010 - 4013 Structural and optical properties of the SiCN thin films prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering
Peng YQ, Zhou JC, Zhao BX, Tan XC, Zhang ZC
4014 - 4020 Kinetics and mechanical study of plasma electrolytic carburizing for pure iron
Cavuslu F, Usta M
4021 - 4025 Enhanced dielectric and ferroelectric properties of Pb1-3x/2Lax(Zr0.5Ti0.5)O-3 thin films with low lanthanum substitution
Zhang SQ, Li WL, Wang LD, Li N, Fei WD
4026 - 4030 Thickness study of Al:ZnO film for application as a window layer in Cu(In1-xGax)Se-2 thin film solar cell
Islam MM, Ishizuka S, Yamada A, Matsubara K, Niki S, Sakurai T, Akimoto K
4031 - 4037 Structural and optical properties of ZnO thin films prepared by sol-gel method with different thickness
Xu LH, Li XY, Chen YL, Xu F
4038 - 4043 A contact angle and ToF-SIMS study of SAM-thiol interactions on polycrystalline gold
Tencer M, Nie HY, Berini P
4044 - 4050 Influence of TaCl5 partial pressure on texture structure of TaC coating deposited by chemical vapor deposition
Chen ZK, Xiong XA, Long Y
4051 - 4055 Thickness effect on the evolution of morphology and optical properties of ZnO films
Zhong AH, Tan J, Huang HL, Chen SC, Wang M, Xu S
4056 - 4061 Sonochemical synthesis, size controlling and gas sensing properties of NiO nanoparticles
Aslani A, Oroojpour V, Fallahi M
4062 - 4068 Atmospheric air-plasma treatment of polyester fiber to improve the performance of nanoemulsion silicone
Parvinzadeh M, Ebrahimi I
4069 - 4074 Effect of the surface roughness on interfacial properties of carbon fibers reinforced epoxy resin composites
Song W, Gu AJ, Liang GZ, Yuan L
4075 - 4081 Thermal stability of HfO2 nanotube arrays
Qiu XF, Howe JY, Meyer HM, Tuncer E, Paranthaman MP
4082 - 4090 Optimisation of the ammonium sulphide (NH4)(2)S passivation process on In0.53Ga0.47As
Brennan B, Milojevic M, Hinkle CL, Aguirre-Tostado FS, Hughes G, Wallace RM
4091 - 4095 Improvement of electrospun polymer fiber meshes pore size by femtosecond laser irradiation
Rebollar E, Cordero D, Martins A, Chiussi S, Reis RL, Neves NM, Leon B
4096 - 4099 Immobilization of naringinase on mesoporous molecular sieve MCM-41 and its application to debittering of white grapefruit
Lei SJ, Xu YX, Fan G, Xiao M, Pan SY
4100 - 4104 Preparation and luminescence of water soluble poly (N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone)/LaF3:Eu3+ nanocrystals
Wang JS, Li YX, Ge QQ, Yao HC, Li ZJ
4105 - 4112 Interfacial reactions and oxidation behavior of Al2O3 and Al2O3/Al coatings on an orthorhombic Ti2AlNb alloy
Li HQ, Wang QM, Gong J, Sun C
4113 - 4122 Analysis of a fibre laser welding case study, utilising a matrix flow chart
Karlsson J, Kaplan AFH
4123 - 4128 Effects of non-flat contact and interference on self-assembled monolayers under sliding friction
Wu CD, Fang TH, Huang YJ
4129 - 4132 Structure and photoluminescence of VAC-functionalized ZnO nanoparticles by plasma polymerization
Yang HH, Huang RJ, Zhang H, Li LF, Xu XD, Qian LH
4133 - 4138 Preparation and biocompatibility of electrospun poly(L-lactide-co-epsilon-caprolactone)/fibrinogen blended nanofibrous scaffolds
Fang ZD, Fu WG, Dong ZH, Zhang XM, Gao B, Guo DQ, He HB, Wang YQ
4139 - 4143 Fabrication of open-ended TiO2 nanotube arrays by anodizing a thermally evaporated Ti/Au bilayer film
Zhang ZK, Guo DZ, Xing YJ, Zhang GM
4144 - 4150 Evolution of micro-arc oxidation behaviors of the hot-dipping aluminum coatings on Q235 steel substrate
Lu LH, Shen DJ, Zhang JW, Song JA, Li LA
4151 - 4158 Deactivation of photocatalytically active ZnO nanoparticle and enhancement of its compatibility with organic compounds by surface-capping with organically modified silica
Cao Z, Zhang ZJ
4159 - 4164 Effect of Al mole fraction on structural and electrical properties of AlxGa1-xN/GaN heterostructures grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Hussein ASH, Hassan Z, Thahab SM, Ng SS, Abu Hassan H, Chin CW
4165 - 4170 Surface treatment of aramid fiber by air dielectric barrier discharge plasma at atmospheric pressure
Jia CX, Chen P, Liu W, Li B, Wang QA
4171 - 4174 The crystalline orientation and ferroelectric properties of Bi3.25La0.75Ti3O12 thin films mediated by the intermediate layer of LaNiO3
Wang JB, Li PJ, Zhong XL
4175 - 4179 Shape and size transformation of gold nanorods (GNRs) via oxidation process: A reverse growth mechanism
Chandrasekar G, Mougin K, Haidara H, Vidal L, Gnecco E
4180 - 4184 Synthesis of magnetocoated tetrapod ZnO-whiskers by polymer precursor derived method
Xing X, Li GY, Liu L, Li XD, Chu ZY, Cheng HF
4185 - 4195 On the dissolution/reaction of small-grain Bioglass (R) 45S5 and F-modified bioactive glasses in artificial saliva (AS)
Aina V, Bertinetti L, Cerrato G, Cerruti M, Lusvardi G, Malavasi G, Morterra C, Tacconi L, Menabue L
4196 - 4203 Weathering performance of the polyurethane nanocomposite coatings containing silane treated TiO2 nanoparticles
Mirabedini SM, Sabzi M, Zohuriaan-Mehr J, Atai M, Behzadnasab M
4204 - 4210 The effect of iridium precursor on oxide-supported iridium catalysts prepared by atomic layer deposition
Vuori H, Pasanen A, Lindblad M, Valden M, Niemela MV, Krause AOI
4211 - 4218 Investigations of the hydrophobic and scratch resistance behavior of polystyrene films deposited on bell metal using RF-PACVD process
Choudhury AJ, Barve SA, Chutia J, Pal AR, Chowdhury D, Kishore R, Jagannath, Mithal N, Pandey M, Patil DS
4219 - 4226 Quantification of MgO surface excess on the SnO2 nanoparticles and relationship with nanostability and growth
Gouvea D, Pereira GJ, Gengembre L, Steil MC, Roussel P, Rubbens A, Hidalgo P, Castro RHR
4227 - 4231 Structural study of sol-gel Au/TiO2 films from nanopowders
Crisan D, Dragan N, Raileanu M, Crisan M, Ianculescu A, Luca D, Nastuta A, Mardare D
4232 - 4238 A DFT study on the formation of CH3O on Cu2O(111) surface by CH3OH decomposition in the absence or presence of oxygen
Zhang RG, Liu HY, Ling LX, Li Z, Wang BJ
4239 - 4245 Co removal and phase transformations during high power diode laser irradiation of cemented carbide
Barletta M, Rubino G, Gisario A
4246 - 4249 Mechanical characteristics of Fe-based coating obtained by nanoindentation
Li HY, Li GL, Wang HD, Xu BS
4250 - 4256 Facile route for preparation of silver nanoparticle-coated precipitated silica
Quang DV, Sarawade PB, Hilonga A, Park SD, Kim JK, Kim HT
4257 - 4263 Oxidation of TiNi surface with hyperthermal oxygen molecular beams
Okada M, Souwa M, Kasai T, Teraoka Y
4264 - 4271 Assessment of barium sulphate formation and inhibition at surfaces with synchrotron X-ray diffraction (SXRD)
Mavredaki E, Neville A, Sorbie K
4272 - 4277 Effect of chemical etching on the Cu/Ni metallization of poly (ether ether ketone)/carbon fiber composites
Di LZ, Liu B, Song JJ, Shan D, Yang DA
4278 - 4284 Preparation and characterization of Cu(In,Ga)(Se,S)(2) films without selenization by co-sputtering from Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 quaternary and In2S3 targets
Lin YC, Ke JH, Yen WT, Liang SC, Wu CH, Chiang CT
4285 - 4290 Hydrodynamic size distribution of gold nanoparticles controlled by repetition rate during pulsed laser ablation in water
Menendez-Manjon A, Barcikowski S
4291 - 4295 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies of Co-doped ZnO-Ga2O3-SiO2 nano-glass-ceramic composites
Duan XL, Song CF, Yu FP, Yuan DR, Li XY
4296 - 4301 Fabrication of two biomimetic superhydrophobic polymeric surfaces
Fan ZP, Liu WL, Wei ZJ, Yao JS, Sun XL, Li M, Wang XQ
4302 - 4305 Effect of crystalline structure of TiO2 substrates on initial growth of atomic layer deposited Ru thin films
Kim SK, Han S, Han JH, Hwang CS
4306 - 4310 An interface study of crystalline Fe/Ge multilayers grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Tari S
4311 - 4316 The role of surface oxidation on luminescence degradation of porous silicon
Kayahan E
4317 - 4320 Fast epitaxial growth of a-axis- and c-axis-oriented YBa2Cu3O7-delta films on (100) LaAlO3 substrate by laser chemical vapor deposition
Zhao P, Ito A, Tu R, Goto T
4321 - 4324 Abrupt transition from wavelength structure to subwavelength structure in a single-crystal superalloy induced by femtosecond laser
Zhang W, Cheng GH, Feng QA, Cao LM, Wang FP, Hui RQ
4325 - 4330 Direct synthesis of mesoporous carbon from the carbonization of hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin/silica composite and its catalytic performance
Wang HC, Li BL, Li JT, Lin P, Bian XB, Li JA, Zhang B, Wan ZX
4331 - 4338 Improved aging performance of vapor phase deposited hydrophobic self-assembled monolayers
Gnanappa AK, O'Murchu C, Slattery O, Peters F, O'Hara T, Aszalos-Kiss B, Tofail SAM
4339 - 4343 The effect of post-annealing on surface acoustic wave devices based on ZnO thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Phan DT, Chung GS
4344 - 4349 Quantitative relation between the thermionic contrast of metal surfaces and their degree of monocrystallization
Kawano H
4350 - 4353 The improvement of moisture resistance and thermal stability of Ca3SiO4Cl2:Eu2+ phosphor coated with SiO2
Zhuang JQ, Xia ZG, Liu HK, Zhang ZP, Liao LB
4354 - 4359 In situ growth of Ge-rich poly-SiGe:H thin films on glass by RF magnetron sputtering for photovoltaic applications
Tsao CY, Liu ZH, Hao XJ, Green MA
4360 - 4364 Effect of plasma pretreatment on adhesion and mechanical properties of UV-curable coatings on plastics
Gururaj T, Subasri R, Raju KRCS, Padmanabham G
4365 - 4369 High sensitive self-assembled monolayer modified solid mounted resonator for organophosphate vapor detection
Wang JJ, Chen D, Gan YG, Sun XJ, Jin YY
4370 - 4376 Controlling wear failure of graphite-like carbon film in aqueous environment: Two feasible approaches
Wang YX, Wang LP, Xue QJ
4377 - 4383 Waterborne crackle decorative coatings and crack patterns
Zhao YC, Qiang LH, Yan JT, Dong SJ, Zhang QY, Zhang LS, Cui XJ, Wang HY
4384 - 4388 Effect of reaction systems and surfactant additives on the morphology evolution of hydroxyapatite nanorods obtained via a hydrothermal route
Ma TY, Xia ZG, Liao LB
4389 - 4397 CuO-PAA hybrid films: Chemical synthesis and supercapacitor behavior
Shaikh JS, Pawar RC, Moholkar AV, Kim JH, Patil PS
4398 - 4405 Microstructure and friction and wear behavior of laser boronizing composite coatings on titanium substrate
Guo C, Zhou JS, Zhao JR, Guo BG, Yu YJ, Zhou HD, Chen JM
4406 - 4409 Well-confined Yb:GdVO4 laser waveguide formed by MeV C3+ ion implantation
Wang LL, Cheng J, Cui XJ
4410 - 4417 Wettability of ZnO: A comparison of reactively sputtered; thermally oxidized and vacuum annealed coatings
Barshilia HC, Selvakumar N, Pillai N, Devi LM, Rajam KS
4418 - 4421 Thermal degradation of Ni-based Schottky contacts on 6H-SiC
Barda B, Machac P, Cichon S, Kudrnova M
4422 - 4427 Characterization of a controlled electroless deposition of copper thin film on germanium and silicon surfaces
Scudiero L, Fasasi A, Griffiths PR
4428 - 4431 Dehydrogenation catalyst for optical organic-hydride detection
Yoshimura K, Hakoda T, Yamamoto S, Yoshikawa M
4432 - 4438 Control of surface ripple amplitude in ion beam sputtered polycrystalline cobalt films
Colino JM, Arranz MA
4439 - 4442 Influence of SnS buffer layers on the growth and properties of nanostructured Bi2S3 films by chemical bath deposition
Gao C, Shen HL, Shen Z, Sun L
4443 - 4448 Enhanced washing durability of hydrophobic coating on cellulose fabric using polycarboxylic acids
Huang WQ, Xing YJ, Yu YY, Shang SM, Dai JJ
4449 - 4463 The role of the substrate in micro-scale scratching of epoxy-polyester films
Barletta M, Gisario A
4464 - 4467 Corrosion behavior of TiO2 films on Mg-Zn alloy in simulated body fluid
Chen SA, Guan SK, Chen B, Li W, Wang J, Wang LG, Zhu SJ, Hu JH
4468 - 4471 Flattening of low temperature epitaxial Ge1-xSnx/Ge/Si(100) alloys via mass transport during post-growth annealing
Wang W, Su SJ, Zheng J, Zhang GZ, Xue CL, Zuo YH, Cheng BW, Wang QM
4472 - 4477 A mesoporous hollow silica sphere (MHSS): Synthesis through a facile emulsion approach and application of support for high performance Pd/MHSS catalyst for phenol hydrogenation
Yang X, Liao SJ, Zeng JH, Liang ZX
4478 - 4485 Characterization of a nanometer-thick sputtered polytetrafluoroethylene film
Li L, Jones PM, Hsia YT
4486 - 4494 Effect of heat treatment, top coatings and conversion coatings on the corrosion properties of black electroless Ni-P films
Liu Y, Beckett D, Hawthorne D
4495 - 4504 Investigations of DPPC effect on Al2O3 particles in the presence of (phospho)lipases by the zeta potential and effective diameter measurements
Wiacek AE
4505 - 4509 Preparation, magnetic characterization, and optical band gap of EuTiO3 nanoparticles
Wei T, Liu HP, Chen YF, Yan HY, Liu JM
4510 - 4518 Synthesis of antimicrobial monophase silver-doped hydroxyapatite nanopowders for bone tissue engineering
Stanic V, Janackovic D, Dimitrijevic S, Tanaskovic SB, Mitric M, Pavlovic MS, Krstic A, Jovanovic D, Raicevic S
4519 - 4523 Controllable synthesis of spindle-like ZnO nanostructures by a simple low-temperature aqueous solution route
Lu HX, Zhao YL, Yu XJ, Chen DL, Zhang LW, Xu HL, Yang DY, Wang HL, Zhang R
4524 - 4528 Preparation, characterization and electromagnetic properties of carbon nanotubes/Fe3O4 inorganic hybrid material
Zhan YQ, Zhao R, Lei YJ, Meng FB, Zhong JC, Liu XB
4529 - 4531 Surfactant assisted synthesis of lamellar nanostructured LiFePO4 at 388K
Liu C, Ma DX, Ji XJ, Zhao SS, Li S
4532 - 4538 Preparation, characterization and heterogeneous catalytic activity of heteropolyanion/polyaniline nanocomposite
Salavati H, Rasouli N
4539 - 4542 Field emission arrays fabricated utilizing conjugated ZnO quantum dot/carbon nanotube hybrid nanocomposite
Wu CX, Li FS, Zhang YA, Guo TL, Qu B, Chen ZJ
4543 - 4546 Surface barrier analysis of semi-insulating and n(+)-type GaAs(001) following passivation with n-alkanethiol SAMs
Marshall GM, Bensebaa F, Dubowski JJ