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Applied Surface Science, Vol.257, No.8 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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3153 - 3157 DLC nano-dot surfaces for tribological applications in MEMS devices
Singh RA, Na K, Yi JW, Lee KR, Yoon ES
3158 - 3167 The effect of oxygen-plasma treatment on Kevlar fibers and the properties of Kevlar fibers/bismaleimide composites
Su M, Gu AJ, Liang GZ, Yuan L
3168 - 3173 Formation of carbon nanostructures containing single-crystalline cobalt carbides by ion irradiation method
Wang ZP, Yusop Z, Ghosh P, Hayashi Y, Tanemura M
3174 - 3179 Frabicating hydroxyapatite nanorods using a biomacromolecule template
Zhu AP, Lu Y, Si YF, Dai S
3180 - 3186 Microstructure and tribological performance of self-lubricating diamond/tetrahedral amorphous carbon composite film
Chen XC, Peng ZJ, Yu XA, Fu ZQ, Yue W, Wang CB
3187 - 3191 A frequency response study of thiophene adsorption on HZSM-5
Lai JL, Song LJ, Liu DS, Qin YC, Sun ZL
3192 - 3195 Effect of oxygen on the production of abnormally high heats of interaction with hydrogen chemisorbed on gold
Groszek AJ, Lalik E
3196 - 3204 Experimental study of carbon materials behavior under high temperature and VUV radiation: Application to Solar Probe(+) heat shield
Eck J, Sans JL, Balat-Pichelin M
3205 - 3210 Study of the switching phenomena of TlGaS2 single crystals
Al Ghamdi AA, Nagat AT, Bahabri FS, Al Orainy RH, Al Garni SE
3211 - 3215 Fabrication of nanoporous manganese by laser cladding and selective electrochemical de-alloying
Gu Y, Dong CS, Zhong ML, Ma MX, Li L, Liu WJ
3216 - 3219 Low-temperature ordering and enhanced coercivity of L1(0)-FePt thin films with Al underlayer
Yang FJ, Wang H, Wang HB, Wang BY, Wang XL, Gu HS, Yang CP
3220 - 3225 Effect of surface roughness and release layer on anti-adhesion performance of the imprint template
Duan YG, Li YJ, Ding YC, Li DC
3226 - 3232 Adsorption and desorption of dibenzothiophene on Ag-titania studied by the complementary temperature-programmed XPS and ESR
Samokhvalov A, Duin EC, Nair S, Tatarchuk BJ
3233 - 3235 Self-assembled tetramethylbenzidine conductive nanofibers synchronized with gold nanoparticle formation
Luong ND, Oh J, Lee Y, Huh J, Park JJ, Kim JM, Nam JD
3236 - 3242 Pseudo-template synthesis of gold nanoparticles based on polyhydrosilanes
Sacarescu L, Simionescu M, Sacarescu G
3243 - 3247 Insight into STM image contrast of n-tetradecane and n-hexadecane molecules on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite
Zhao M, Jiang P, Deng K, Yu AF, Hao YZ, Xie SS, Sun JL
3248 - 3252 Growth mechanisms for wire-like epitaxial gold silicide islands on Si(1 1 0) surfaces
Batabyal R, Patra S, Roy A, Dev BN
3253 - 3258 Hydrothermal synthesis and electrochemical characterization of VO2 (B) with controlled crystal structures
Jiang WT, Ni JA, Yu K, Zhu ZQ
3259 - 3264 An improved planar-gate triode with CNTs field emitters by electrophoretic deposition
Zhang YA, Wu CX, Lin JY, Lin ZX, Guo TL
3265 - 3268 Surface tension and density of liquid Sn-Ag alloys
Fima P
3269 - 3274 Characterization and corrosion study of NiTi laser surface alloyed with Nb or Co
Ng KW, Man HC, Yue TM
3275 - 3280 In situ ellipsometric study of electrodeposition of manganese films on copper
Li WP, Zhang ST
3281 - 3284 Laser microstructuring for fabricating superhydrophobic polymeric surfaces
Cardoso MR, Tribuzi V, Balogh DT, Misoguti L, Mendonca CR
3285 - 3290 Comparison of ZnO thin films grown on a polycrystalline 3C-SiC buffer layer by RF magnetron sputtering and a sol-gel method
Phan DT, Chung GS
3291 - 3297 The effect of substrate surface roughness on ZnO nanostructures growth
Roozbehi M, Sangpour P, Khademi A, Moshfegh AZ
3298 - 3306 Luminescence characterization and electron beam induced chemical changes on the surface of ZnAl2O4:Mn nanocrystalline phosphor
Pitale SS, Kumar V, Nagpure IM, Ntwaeaborwa OM, Swart HC
3307 - 3312 Morphology and transmittance of porous alumina on glass substrate
Guo PT, Xia ZL, Xue YY, Huang CH, Zhao LX
3313 - 3319 Electrical and optical properties of thermally-evaporated thin films from A(2)[TiO(C2O4)(2)] (A = K, PPh4) and 1,8-dihydroxyanthraquinone
Carbia-Ruelas E, Sanchez-Vergara ME, Garcia-Montalvo V, Morales-Saavedra OG, Alvarez-Bada JR
3320 - 3324 Effect of substrate temperature on gold-catalyzed silicon nanostructures growth by hot-wire chemical vapor deposition (HWCVD)
Chong SK, Goh BT, Aspanut Z, Muhamad MR, Dee CF, Rahman SA
3325 - 3330 Effect of uniaxial strain on adatom diffusion across {1 1 1}-faceted step
Yang JY, Hu WY, Tang JF
3331 - 3335 Oscillations of light absorption in 2D macroporous silicon structures with surface nanocoatings
Karachevtseva L, Kuchmii S, Lytvynenko O, Sizov F, Stronska O, Stroyuk A
3336 - 3340 Regulation of the elastic modulus of polyurethane microarrays and its influence on gecko-inspired dry adhesion
Li M, Zhao AW, Jiang R, Wang DP, Li D, Guo HY, Tao WY, Gan ZB, Zhang MF
3341 - 3345 Structures of CoAl(1 1 1) surface: A first principles study
Xu ZJ, Dai ZH, Ni J
3346 - 3349 ZnTe/GaAs(2 1 1)B heterojunction valence band discontinuity measured by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Wang XJ, Tari S, Sporken R, Sivananthan S
3350 - 3357 A simple approach for immobilization of gold nanoparticles on graphene oxide sheets by covalent bonding
Tuan AP, Choi BC, Lim KT, Jeong YT
3358 - 3362 Valence control of cobalt oxide thin films by annealing atmosphere
Wang SJ, Zhang BP, Zhao CH, Li SJ, Zhang MX, Yan LP
3363 - 3373 Analysis the complex interaction among flexible nanoparticles and materials surface in the mechanical polishing process
Han XS, Gan YX
3374 - 3377 Surface reconstruction of ZnO nanowire arrays via solvent-evaporation-induced self-assembly
Fang F, Zhao DX, Li BH, Zhang ZZ, Shen DZ, Wang XH
3378 - 3382 Effect of different modes of electrodeposition on supercapacitive properties of MnO2 thin films
Dubal DP, Dhawale DS, Gujar TP, Lokhande CD
3383 - 3387 Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of the corrosion behaviour of galvanized steel and electroplating steel
Lebrini M, Traisnel M, Gengembre L, Fontaine G, Lerasle O, Genet N
3388 - 3391 Structure and magnetic properties of flower-like alpha-NiS nanostructures
Tang CJ, Zang CH, Su JF, Zhang DM, Li GH, Zhang YS, Yu K
3392 - 3398 Desorption of dimethylformamide from Zn4O(C8H4O4)(3) framework
Zhang L, Hu YH
3399 - 3403 Surface charging at the (1 0 0) surface of Cu doped and undoped Li2B4O7
Xiao J, Lozova N, Losovyj YB, Wooten D, Ketsman I, Swinney MW, Petrosky J, McClory J, Burak YV, Adamiv VT, Brant AT, Dowben PA
3404 - 3411 Formation and structure of sphene/titania composite coatings on titanium formed by a hybrid technique of microarc oxidation and heat-treatment
Cheng S, Wei DQ, Zhou Y
3412 - 3416 Modification of surface layer of magnesium oxide via partial dissolution and re-growth of crystallites
Gao ZM, Wei LY, Yan TT, Zhou M
3417 - 3422 Effect of akermanite morphology on precipitation of bone-like apatite
Hou XN, Yin GF, Chen XC, Liao XM, Yao YD, Huang ZB
3423 - 3426 Improvement in crystalline quality and surface smoothness of ZnO film by multi-step deposition process
Lee GH
3427 - 3432 Gallium- and iodine-co-doped titanium dioxide for photocatalytic degradation of 2-chlorophenol in aqueous solution: Role of gallium
Song S, Wang C, Hong FY, He ZQ, Cai QL, Chen JM
3433 - 3439 Influence of boron concentration on growth characteristic and electro-catalytic performance of boron-doped diamond electrodes prepared by direct current plasma chemical vapor deposition
Feng YJ, Lv JW, Liu JF, Gao N, Peng HY, Chen YQ
3440 - 3445 Study of reactions between HfO2 and Si in thin films with precise identification of chemical states by XPS
Wang H, Wu P, Li XF, Chen S, Zhang SP, Song BB
3446 - 3450 Dependence of resistivity on structure and composition of AZO films fabricated by ion beam co-sputtering deposition
Chen YY, Hsu JC, Wang PW, Pai YW, Wu CY, Lin YH
3451 - 3454 Silane effects on the surface morphology and abrasion resistance of transparent SiO2/UV-curable resin nano-composites
Hsiang HI, Chang YL, Chen CY, Yen FS
3455 - 3462 Preparation of superhydrophobic poly-p-phenylenebenzobisoxazole (PBO) fiber bundles
Jiang ZX, Geng L, Huang YD
3463 - 3467 ZnO:Ag film growth on Si substrate with ZnO buffer layer by rf sputtering
Duan L, Yu XC, Ni L, Wang Z
3468 - 3472 Controlled emission from dye saturated single and coupled microcavities
Dwivedi VK, Pradeesh K, Prakash GV
3473 - 3479 Preparation and characterization of Fe3+-doped TiO2 on fly ash cenospheres for photocatalytic application
Wang B, Li Q, Wang W, Li Y, Zhai JP
3480 - 3488 Plasma modification of self-assembled structures of CoTMPP molecules
Savastenko NA, Bruser V
3489 - 3494 Enhanced fibroblast cell adhesion on Al/Al2O3 nanowires
Aktas OC, Sander M, Miro MM, Lee J, Akkan CK, Smail H, Ott A, Veith M
3495 - 3498 Upconversion luminescence from Er-N codoped of ZnO nanowires prepared by ion implantation method
Zhong K, Xu J, Su J, Chen YL
3499 - 3503 Preparation and surface encapsulation of hollow TiO nanoparticles for electrophoretic displays
Zhao QA, Tan TF, Qi P, Wang SR, Bian SG, Li XG, An Y, Liu ZJ
3504 - 3509 Rapid formation of tungsten oxide nanobundles with controllable morphology
Hsieh YT, Chen US, Hsueh SH, Huang MW, Shih HC
3510 - 3518 Ultra thin films of gadolinium deposited by evaporation in ultra high vacuum conditions: Composition, growth and morphology
Herrera-Sancho OA, Castro-Gonzalez D, Araya-Pochet JA, Vargas-Castro WE
3519 - 3523 Effect of emulsifier content of sizing agent on the surface of carbon fibres and interface of its composites
Zhang RL, Huang YD, Liu L, Tang YR, Su D, Xu LW
3524 - 3528 Adsorption of methyl orange on mesoporous gamma-Fe2O3/SiO2 nanocomposites
Deligeer W, Gao YW, Asuha S
3529 - 3537 The characteristics of chromized 1020 steel with electrical discharge machining and Ni electroplating pretreatments
Bai CY, Lee JL, Wen TM, Hou KH, Wu MS, Ger MD
3538 - 3546 "Versatile toolset" for DNA or protein immobilization: Toward a single-step chemistry
Berthelot T, Garcia A, Le XT, El Morsli J, Jegou P, Palacin S, Viel P
3547 - 3553 Wettability modification of electrospun poly(epsilon-caprolactone) fibers by femtosecond laser irradiation in different gas atmospheres
He LN, Chen JA, Farson DF, Lannutti JJ, Rokhlin SI
3554 - 3557 Effect of Ni-to-Fe ratio on structure and properties of Ni-Fe-B-Si-Nb coatings fabricated by laser processing
Li RF, Li ZG, Huang JA, Zhang PL, Zhu YY
3558 - 3564 Effects of thermo-hygro-mechanical densification on the surface characteristics of trembling aspen and hybrid poplar wood veneers
Diouf PN, Stevanovic T, Cloutier A, Fang CH, Blanchet P, Koubaa A, Mariotti N
3565 - 3569 Electrical and structural properties of a stacked metal layer contact to n-InP
Huang WC, Horng CT
3570 - 3576 Pulsed laser deposition of semiconducting crystalline double-doped barium titanate thin films on nickel substrates
Apostol I, Stefan N, Luculescu CR, Birjega R, Socol M, Miroiu M, Mihailescu IN
3577 - 3580 Model calculation of the surface tension of liquid Ga-Bi alloy
Aqra F, Ayyad A, Takrori F
3581 - 3585 Ab initio study of the fcc-WC(1 0 0) surface and its interaction with cobalt monolayers
Zavodinsky VG
3586 - 3591 Synthesis of submicron rhombic ZnO rods via ZnOHF intermediate using electrodeposition route
Dai M, Xu F, Lu YN, Liu YF, Xie Y
3592 - 3595 Facile synthesis of well-dispersed SrF2:Yb3+/Er3+ upconversion nanocrystals in oleate complex systems
Sun JY, Xian JB, Du HY
3596 - 3602 Hydrophobisation of activated carbon fiber and the influence on the adsorption selectivity towards carbon disulfide
Xie ZY, Wang F, Zhao N, Wei W, Sun YH
3603 - 3606 Potential barrier generation at the BeW interface blocking thermonuclear radiation
Wang Y, Nie YG, Pan LK, Sun Z, Sun CQ
3607 - 3611 Local super-saturation dependent synthesis of MgO nanosheets
Sun LW, He HP, Liu C, Ye ZZ
3612 - 3619 Electrochemically assisted co-deposition of calcium phosphate/collagen coatings on carbon/carbon composites
Zhao XN, Hu T, Li HJ, Chen MD, Cao S, Zhang LL, Hou XH
3620 - 3626 Effect of multi-walled carbon nanotubes loaded with Ag nanoparticles on the photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine B under visible light irradiation
Yan Y, Sun HP, Yao PP, Kang SZ, Mu J
3627 - 3631 Atomic force microscopy-based repeated machining theory for nanochannels on silicon oxide surfaces
Wang ZQ, Jiao ND, Tung S, Dong ZL
3632 - 3635 The effect of different chemical compositions caused by the variation of deposition potential on properties of Ni-Co films
Karpuz A, Kockar H, Alper M
3636 - 3640 Highly stable carbon-doped Cu films on barrierless Si
Zhang XY, Li XN, Nie LF, Chu JP, Wang Q, Lin CH, Dong C
3641 - 3644 SEM-EDX study of the crystal structure of the condensed combustion products of the aluminum nanopowder burned in air under the different pressures
Popenko EM, Gromov AA, Pautova YI, Chaplina EA, Ritzhaupt-Kleissl HJ
3645 - 3651 Substrate pre-treatment of flexible material for printed electronics with carbon nanotube based ink
Denneulin A, Bras J, Blayo A, Neuman C
3652 - 3656 Preparation and visible light photocatalytic activity of mesoporous N, S-codoped TiO2(B) nanobelts
Xiao Q, Ouyang LL, Gao L, Yao C
3657 - 3665 Hydrothermal synthesis of morphology-controllable Sb2O3 microstructures: Hollow spindle-like and cobblestone-like microstructures
Ge SS, Wang QY, Shao QA, Zhao YH, Yang XK, Wang XJ
3666 - 3669 Dependence of microstructure and magnetic properties of FePt/B nanocomposite films on boron content
Li YL, Feng TF, Chen ZY
3670 - 3676 Structural and optoelectronic properties of vacuum evaporated SnS thin films annealed in argon ambient
Ghosh B, Bhattacharjee R, Banerjee P, Das S
3677 - 3681 The research on mechanical effect etching Si in pulsed laser micromaching under water
Long YH, Xiong LC, Shi TL
3682 - 3687 Formation of alumina-ceria mixed oxide in model systems
Skala T, Tsud N, Prince KC, Matolin V
3688 - 3696 Preparation and characterization of iodine-doped mesoporous TiO2 by hydrothermal method
Wang WA, Shi QA, Wang YP, Cao JL, Liu GQ, Peng PY
3697 - 3701 Comparison of photocatalytic performance of anatase TiO2 prepared by low and high temperature route
Hu CY, Duo SW, Liu TZ, Xiang JH, Li MS
3702 - 3708 Synthesis and characterization of poly(N-methylpyrrole)/TiO2 composites on steel
Mahmoudian MR, Basirun WJ, Alias Y
3709 - 3716 Evaluation of the surface properties of PTFE foam coating filter media using XPS and contact angle measurements
Park BH, Lee MH, Kim SB, Jo YM
3717 - 3722 Synthesis of amorphous carbon nanowalls by DC-PECVD on different substrates and study of its field emission properties
Banerjee D, Mukherjee S, Chattopadhyay KK
3723 - 3727 Wetting process of electrolyte in high density Cu/Sn micro-bumps electrodepositing
Bi JL, Ling HQ, Hu AM, Hang T, Li M
3728 - 3732 Gd3+, N-codoped trititanate nanotubes: Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic activity
Liu HJ, Liu GG, Xie GH, Zhang ML, Hou ZH, He ZW
3733 - 3738 Crystallization and annealing effects of sputtered tin alloy films on electromagnetic interference shielding
Hung FS, Hung FY, Chiang CM
3739 - 3747 Thermal study and structural characterization of self-assembled monolayers generated from diadamantane disulfide on Au(1 1 1)
Azzam W, Bashir A, Shekhah O
3748 - 3752 Orthogonal optimization for room temperature magnetron sputtering of ZnO:Al films for all-solid electrochromic devices
Wang T, Diao XG, Ding P
3753 - 3757 Plasma/thermal-driven the rapid wettability transition on a copper surface
Zhu XT, Zhang ZZ, Men XH, Yang J, Xu XH, Zhou XY
3758 - 3762 On the resonant SHG response of ultra-thin alkali (K, Rb)-covered Si(1 1 1)-7 x 7
Fujiwara K, Karaki Y, Inoue D, Tanaka M, Suzuki T
3763 - 3769 Surface modification of coir fibre involving oxidation of lignins followed by reaction with furfuryl alcohol: Characterization and stability
Saw SK, Sarkhel G, Choudhury A
3770 - 3775 Characteristics of PVD-CrAlSiN films after post-coat heat treatments in nitrogen atmosphere
Ho WY, Hsu CH, Chen CW, Wang DY
3776 - 3779 The properties of plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition (ALD) ZnO thin films and comparison with thermal ALD
Kim D, Kang H, Kim JM, Kim H
3780 - 3785 Superhydrophilicity and photocatalytic enhancement of titania nano thin films
Kazemi M, Mohammadizadeh MR
3786 - 3792 Effects of surface roughness and energy on ice adhesion strength
Zou M, Beckford S, Wei R, Ellis C, Hatton G, Miller MA
3793 - 3797 Novel Pt nanowires modified screen-printed gold electrode by electrodeposited method
Zhao HL, Zhou CX, Teng YJ, Chen C, Lan MB
3798 - 3803 Photodegradation of rhodamine B and methyl orange over one-dimensional TiO2 catalysts under simulated solar irradiation
Guo CS, Xu JA, He Y, Zhang YA, Wang YQ
3804 - 3811 The preparation and corrosion behaviors of MAO coating on AZ91D with rare earth conversion precursor film
Cai JS, Cao FH, Chang LR, Zheng JJ, Zhang JQ, Cao CA
3812 - 3816 Dopant based electron beam lithography in CuxTiSe2
Kidd TE, Klein D, Rash TA, Strauss H