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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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2415 - 2418 Nonpolar a-plane GaN grown on r-plane sapphire using multilayer AlN buffer by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Chiang CH, Chen KM, Wu YH, Yeh YS, Lee WI, Chen JF, Lin KL, Hsiao YL, Huang WC, Chang EY
2419 - 2422 Femtosecond laser ablation profile near an interface: Analysis based on the correlation with superficial properties of individual materials
Nicolodelli G, Kurachi C, Bagnato VS
2423 - 2427 Fabrication of triazinedithiol functional polymeric nanofilm by potentiostatic polymerization on aluminum surface
Wang F, Wang YB, Li YN, Wang QA
2428 - 2431 Structure, electrical and optical properties of TiNx films by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition
Duan GF, Zhao GL, Wu L, Lin XX, Han GR
2432 - 2435 Femtosecond laser machining of electrospun membranes
Wu YQ, Vorobyev AY, Clark RL, Guo CL
2436 - 2442 Stability and textural properties of cobalt incorporated MCM-48 mesoporous molecular sieve
Zhao QA, Zhou XP, Ji MR, Ding HH, Jiang TS, Li CS, Yin HB
2443 - 2447 The rubbing supplemented atmospheric plasma process for tunable liquid crystal alignment
Yaroshchuk OV, Kravchuk RM, Pogulay SS, Tsiolko VV, Kwok HS
2448 - 2454 Methane non-oxidative aromatization on Mo/ZSM-5: Effect of adding triethoxyphenylsilanes into the synthesis system of ZSM-5
Xu C, Liu H, Jia MJ, Guan JQ, Wu SJ, Wu TH, Kan QB
2455 - 2460 Field emission characteristics of thin-metal-coated nano-sheet carbon films
Gu GR, Ito T
2461 - 2466 Adsorption and separation of propane and propylene by porous hexacyanometallates
Autie-Castro G, Autie M, Reguera E, Moreno-Tost R, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Jimenez-Lopez A, Santamaria-Gonzalez J
2467 - 2473 The effect of laser remelting in the formation of tunable nanoporous Mn structures on mild steel substrates
Dong CS, Gu Y, Zhong ML, Li L, Ma MX, Liu WJ
2474 - 2480 Configuration and electronic properties of graphene nanoribbons on Si(211) surface
Wang W, Sun LZ, Tang C, Wei XL, Zhong JX
2481 - 2488 Fabrication of microporous hollow silica spheres templated by NP-10 micelles without calcinations
Wang X, Miao XR, Li ZM, Deng WL
2489 - 2493 Improvement in the photocatalytic activity of TiO2 by the partial oxidation of the C impurities
Kim MJ, Kim KD, Seo HO, Luo Y, Dey NK, Kim YD
2494 - 2497 Controlling surface shallow junction depth by a rapid thermal annealing process with low ambient pressure
Huang YJ, Liu CC, Lo KY, Chu SY
2498 - 2502 Boron doped ZnO thin films fabricated by RF-magnetron sputtering
Gao L, Zhang Y, Zhang JM, Xu KW
2503 - 2507 Synthesis and characterizations of spherical hollow composed of AgI nanoparticle using AgBr as the precursor
Yang M, Zhou K
2508 - 2515 Direct current magnetron sputter-deposited ZnO thin films
Hoon JW, Chan KY, Krishnasamy J, Tou TY, Knipp D
2516 - 2519 Epitaxial relationships and optical properties of SnO2 films deposited on sapphire substrates
Zhu Z, Ma J, Luan CN, Kong LY, Yu QQ
2520 - 2525 Structural properties of pulsed laser deposited SnOx thin films
Fazio E, Neri F, Ruggeri R, Sabatino G, Trusso S, Mannino G
2526 - 2530 Optical properties and thermal stability of LaYbO3 ternary oxide for high-k dielectric application
Su WT, Yang L, Li B
2531 - 2535 Influence of jet-to-substrate distance on plasma etching of polyamide 6 films with atmospheric pressure plasma
Gao ZQ
2536 - 2539 Assessment of interface roughness during plasma etching through the use of real-time ellipsometry
Han CY, Lai CW, Chao YF, Leou KC, Lin TL
2540 - 2549 Sliding friction and wear behaviors of surface-coated natural serpentine mineral powders as lubricant additive
Zhang BS, Xu Y, Gao F, Shi PJ, Xu BS, Wu YX
2550 - 2554 Effects of Ag addition on phase transformation and resistivity of TiSi2 thin films
Sun SY, Lee CJ, Chou HS, Huang JC
2555 - 2559 Niobium based coatings for dental implants
Ramirez G, Rodil SE, Arzate H, Muhl S, Olaya JJ
2560 - 2566 Study of electrical field distribution of gold-capped nanoparticle for excitation of localized surface plasmon resonance
Endo T, Takizawa H, Imai Y, Yanagida Y, Hatsuzawa T
2567 - 2575 Polyethylene welding by pulsed visible laser irradiation
Torrisi L, Caridi F, Visco AM, Campo N
2576 - 2580 Novel titration method for surface-functionalised silica
Hofen K, Weber S, Chan CPC, Majewski P
2581 - 2586 Investigation of fatigue failure prediction of Fe-Cr alloy coatings under rolling contact based on acoustic emission technique
Piao ZY, Xu BS, Wang HD, Pu CH
2587 - 2591 Preparation of superhydrophobic films on titanium as effective corrosion barriers
Zhang F, Chen SG, Dong LH, Lei YH, Liu T, Yin YS
2592 - 2598 Microstructure evolution of sol-gel HA films
Wang DG, Chen CZ, Ma J, He T
2599 - 2603 Mixed-solvothermal synthesis of CdS micro/nanostructures and their optical properties
Zhong SL, Zhang LF, Huang ZZ, Wang SP
2604 - 2609 Ageing effects on the wettability behavior of laser textured silicon
Nunes B, Serro AP, Oliveira V, Montemor MF, Alves E, Saramago B, Colaco R
2610 - 2616 Wear resistance of reactive plasma sprayed and laser remelted TiB2-TiC0.3N0.7 based composite coatings against medium carbon steel
Mao ZP, Wang J, Sun BD, Bordia RK
2617 - 2624 Preparation of ceramic coating on Ti substrate by Plasma electrolytic oxidation in different electrolytes and evaluation of its corrosion resistance
Shokouhfar M, Dehghanian C, Baradaran A
2625 - 2632 Morphological control of copper phthalocyanine films by protonation-electrophoretic deposition
Zhu YY, Qian LF, Xue MZ, Sheng QR, Zhang Q, Liu YG
2633 - 2636 Adsorption of CO, NH3 and O-2 on Fe site of La0.875Sr0.125FeO3 (010) surface by density function theory calculation
Sun LH, Qin HW, Gao F, Cao ES, Fan K, Hu JF
2637 - 2642 Microwave-assisted covalent modification of graphene nanosheets with chitosan and its electrorheological characteristics
Hu HT, Wang XB, Wang JC, Liu FM, Zhang M, Xu CH
2643 - 2646 Non-hysteretic metal-insulator transition of VO2 films grown by excimer-laser-assisted metal organic deposition process
Nishikawa M, Nakajima T, Kumagai T, Okutani T, Tsuchiya T
2647 - 2656 Nanoporous nickel oxide thin films and its improved electrochromic performance: Effect of thickness
Dalavi DS, Suryavanshi MJ, Patil DS, Mali SS, Moholkar AV, Kalagi SS, Vanalkar SA, Kang SR, Kim JH, Patil PS
2657 - 2664 Mechanical and corrosion resistance of hydrophilic sphene/titania composite coatings on titanium and deposition and release of cefazolin sodium/chitosan films
Cheng S, Wei DQ, Zhou Y
2665 - 2668 Chemical and morphological difference between TiN/DLC and a-C:H/DLC grown by pulsed vacuum arc techniques
Castillo HA, Restrepo-Parra E, Arango-Arango PJ
2669 - 2676 Temperature and magnetic field responsive hyaluronic acid particles with tunable physical and chemical properties
Ekici S, Ilgin P, Yilmaz S, Aktas N, Sahiner N
2677 - 2682 Effect of stearic acid, zinc stearate coating on the properties of synthetic hydromagnesite
Han HC, Hu S, Feng JQ, Gao HL
2683 - 2688 Ti/TiN multilayer thin films deposited by pulse biased arc ion plating
Zhao YH, Lin GQ, Xiao JQ, Du H, Dong CA, Gao LJ
2689 - 2693 Properties of barium hexa-ferrite thin films dependent on sputtering pressure
Xu HZ, Zhang WX, Peng B, Zhang WL
2694 - 2699 Influence of standoff distance on the structure and properties of carbon coatings deposited by atmospheric plasma jet
Marcinauskas L, Silinskas M, Grigonis A
2700 - 2706 Optimization of inductively coupled plasma deep etching of GaN and etching damage analysis
Qiu RF, Lu H, Chen DJ, Zhang R, Zheng YD
2707 - 2711 In-situ study of the diffusion-reaction mechanism in Mo/Si multilayered films
Bruijn S, van de Kruijs RWE, Yakshin AE, Bijkerk F
2712 - 2716 Surface derivatization with spacer molecules on glutaraldehyde-activated amino-microplates for covalent immobilization of beta-glucosidase
Zhang YD, Zhang Y, Jiang JJ, Li L, Yu CH, Hei TT
2717 - 2730 Resolving surface chemical states in XPS analysis of first row transition metals, oxides and hydroxides: Cr, Mn, Fe, Co and Ni
Biesinger MC, Payne BP, Grosvenor AP, Lau LWM, Gerson AR, Smart RS
2731 - 2736 Effects of deposition temperatures and annealing conditions on the microstructural, electrical and optical properties of polycrystalline Al-doped ZnO thin films
Oh JH, Kim KK, Seong TY
2737 - 2744 Influence of the microstructure on the corrosion behaviour of a shape memory Cu-Al-Be alloy in a marine environment
Montecinos S, Simison SN
2745 - 2751 Cadmium (II) pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate complex as single source precursor for the preparation of CdS nanocrystals by microwave irradiation and conventional heating process
Nirmal RM, Pandian K, Sivakumar K
2752 - 2755 Conciliating surface superhydrophobicities and mechanical strength of porous silicon films
Wang FG, Zhao K, Cheng JC, Zhang JY
2756 - 2763 Surface modification of gold nanoparticles and their monolayer behavior at the air/water interface
Hsu CL, Wang KH, Chang CH, Hsu WP, Lee YL
2764 - 2768 Luminescence characteristics of Ca1-xSrxS:Ce nanophosphors
Sharma G, Vij A, Lochab SP, Singh N
2769 - 2774 Effect of oxidation temperature on microstructure, mechanical behaviors and surface morphology of nanocomposite Ti-C-x-N-y thin films
Lu YH, Wang JP, Shen YG
2775 - 2778 Effects of phase explosion in pulsed laser deposition of nickel thin film and sub-micron droplets
Siew WO, Yapl SS, Yong TK, Nee CH, Tou TY
2779 - 2790 Influence of physicochemical-electronic properties of transition metal ion doped polycrystalline titania on the photocatalytic degradation of Indigo Carmine and 4-nitrophenol under UV/solar light
Devi LG, Kumar SG
2791 - 2800 Single crystals of mesoporous tungstenosilicate W-MCM-48 molecular sieves for the conversion of methylcyclopentane (MCP)
Fechete I, Donnio B, Ersen O, Dintzer T, Djeddi A, Garin F
2801 - 2805 Influence of the substrate position angle on the adhesion of ZnO thin films deposited on polyimide foil substrates
Hu CJ, Zhu DY, He ZH, Fu WC, Zhong Q
2806 - 2812 A corrosion resistant cerium oxide based coating on aluminum alloy 2024 prepared by brush plating
Tang JL, Han ZZ, Zuo Y, Tang YM
2813 - 2817 Electroless plating of silver on cenosphere particles and the investigation of its corrosion behavior in composite silicon rubber
Hu YJ, Zhang HY, Cheng XL, Li F, Chen TL
2818 - 2821 Role of Ge interlayer in the growth of high-quality strain relaxed SiGe layer with low dislocation density
Chen CZ, Liao LH, Li C, Lai HK, Chen SY
2822 - 2824 1.54 mu m emission mechanism of Er-doped zinc oxide thin films
Jang YR, Yoo KH, Ahn JS, Kim C, Park SM
2825 - 2829 Droplet printing through bubble contact in the laser forward transfer of liquids
Duocastella M, Fernandez-Pradas JM, Morenza JL, Serra P
2830 - 2837 Evaluation of Nanostructured coating layers formed on Ni balls during mechanical alloying of Cu powder
Farahbakhsh I, Zakeri A, Manikandan P, Hokamoto K
2838 - 2842 Study of molybdenum/lanthanum-based composite conversion coatings on AZ31 magnesium alloy
Yang LH, Li JQ, Lin CG, Zhang ML, Wu JH
2843 - 2849 Microstructures and properties of electrical discharge strengthened layers on 65Mn steel
Dong CJ, Zhang JH, Xu JY, Song XC, Zhao YF
2850 - 2853 Modification of interface structure and contact resistance between a carbon nanotube and a gold electrode by local melting
Asaka K, Karita M, Saito Y
2854 - 2860 Ablation yield and angular distribution of ablated particles from laser-irradiated metals: The most fundamental determining factor
Ali D, Butt MZ, Khaleeq-ur-Rahman M
2861 - 2869 Structural dependence of the efficiency of functionalization of silica-coated FeOx magnetic nanoparticles studied by ATR-IR
Vargas A, Shnitko I, Teleki A, Weyeneth S, Pratsinis SE, Baiker A
2870 - 2874 Protons' generation by laser irradiation at 5 x 10(9) W/cm(2) from silicon dielectric targets containing an excess of hydrogen
Caridi F, Picciotto A, Torrisi L, Giuffrida L, Bellutti P
2875 - 2880 Acid-base properties of Ni-MgO-Al2O3 materials
Gac W
2881 - 2885 Fabrication and lithium electrochemistry of InSe thin film
Li WJ, Zhou YN, Fu ZW
2886 - 2890 Physical mechanism of silicon ablation with long nanosecond laser pulses at 1064 nm through time-resolved observation
Zhou Y, Wu BX, Tao S, Forsman A, Gao YB
2891 - 2904 Surface modification of argon/oxygen plasma treated vulcanized ethylene propylene diene polymethylene surfaces for improved adhesion with natural rubber
Basak GC, Bandyopadhyay A, Neogi S, Bhowmick AK
2905 - 2911 Effects of the ultrasonic flexural vibration on the interaction between the abrasive particles; pad and sapphire substrate during chemical mechanical polishing (CMP)
Xu WH, Lu XC, Pan GS, Lei YZ, Luo JB
2912 - 2919 Surface studies of novel hydrophobic active carbons
Bradley RH, Smith MW, Andreu A, Falco M
2920 - 2922 Ultrathin amorphous Ni-Ti film as diffusion barrier for Cu interconnection
Liu BT, Yang L, Li XH, Wang KM, Guo Z, Chen JH, Li M, Zhao DY, Zhao QX, Zhang XY
2923 - 2928 High catalytic performance of Pt nanoparticles on plasma treated carbon nanotubes for electrooxidation of ethanol in a basic solution
Jiang ZQ, Jiang ZJ, Meng YD
2929 - 2934 Effect of cationic/anionic organic surfactants on evaporation induced self assembled tin oxide nanostructured films
Khun KK, Mahajan A, Bedi RK
2935 - 2939 Fabrication of ZnO:Mn nanoparticles with organic shell in a highly alkaline aqueous environment
Chawla S, Sharda, Jayanthi K
2940 - 2943 Fabrication of multiwalled carbon nanotubes in the channels of iron loaded three dimensional mesoporous material by catalytic chemical vapour deposition technique
Somanathan T, Gokulakrishnan N, Chandrasekar G, Pandurangan A
2944 - 2949 Electrodeposition and growth mechanism of SnSe thin films
Bicer M, Sisman I
2950 - 2954 Spectroscopic characterization of beta-FeSi2 single crystals and homoepitaxial beta-FeSi2 films by XPS and XAS
Esaka F, Yamamoto H, Udono H, Matsubayashi N, Yamaguchi K, Shamoto S, Magara M, Kimura T
2955 - 2959 Preparation and properties of ZnS superhydrophobic surface with hierarchical structure
Yao LJ, Zheng MJ, He SG, Ma L, Li M, Shen WZ
2960 - 2964 Control growth of catalyst-free high-quality ZnO nanowire arrays on transparent quartz glass substrate by chemical vapor deposition
Wang XH, Li RB, Fan DH
2965 - 2969 Quantitative test method for evaluation of anti-fingerprint property of coated surfaces
Wu LYL, Ngian SK, Chen Z, Xuan DTT
2970 - 2977 Effect of Sn particle size on the intermetallic compound formations of cold sprayed Sn-Ni coatings
Ko KH, Lee H, Choi JO
2978 - 2983 Functional groups grafted nonwoven fabrics for blood filtration-The effects of functional groups and wettability on the adhesion of leukocyte and platelet
Yang C, Cao Y, Sun K, Liu JX, Wang H
2984 - 2989 Multifractal analysis of the tensile fracture morphology of polyvinylidene chloride/glass fiber composite
Zhang YH, Bai BF, Li JQ, Chen JB, Shen CY
2990 - 2994 Epitaxial growth of titanium oxycarbide on MgO (001) substrates by pulsed laser deposition
Do H, Yen TC, Tian CS, Wu YH, Chang L
2995 - 2999 Novel tantalum based photocurable hybrid sol-gel material employed in the fabrication of channel optical waveguides and three-dimensional structures
Oubaha M, Copperwhite R, Gorin A, Purlys V, Boothman C, O'Sullivan M, Gadonas R, McDonagh C, MacCraith BD
3000 - 3006 A first-principles calculation on the electronic properties of Si/N-codoped TiO2
Shi WM, Chen QF, Xu Y, Wu D, Huo CF
3007 - 3013 Probing buried interfaces on Ge-based metal gate/high-k stacks by hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Rubio-Zuazo J, Martinez E, Batude P, Clavelier L, Chabli A, Castro GR
3014 - 3019 Initial growth of intrinsic microcrystalline silicon thin film: Dependence on pre-hydrogen glow discharge and substrate surface morphology
Zhang XD, Zheng XX, Wang GH, Zhao Y
3020 - 3026 Polyurethane nanofibers containing copper nanoparticles as future materials
Sheikh FA, Kanjwal MA, Saran S, Chung WJ, Kim H
3027 - 3032 Wetting behavior of high energy electron irradiated porous superhydrophobic silica films
Rao AV, Latthe SS, Kappenstein C, Ganesan V, Rath MC, Sawant SN
3033 - 3038 Improved color purity and electroluminescent efficiency obtained by modulating thicknesses and evaporation rates of hole block and electron transport layers
Zhou LA, Deng RP, Feng J, Li XN, Li XY, Zhang HJ
3039 - 3046 Photochromic and electrochromic performances of new types of donor/acceptor systems based on crosslinked polyviologen film and electron donors
Gao LP, Ding GJ, Li CL, Wang YC
3047 - 3054 Structural and electronic properties of atomic oxygen adsorption on Pt(111): A density-functional theory study
Pang Q, Zhang Y, Zhang JM, Xu KW
3055 - 3062 Mechanisms for nano particle removal in brush scrubber cleaning
Huang YT, Guo D, Lu XC, Luo JB
3063 - 3068 Fabrication of nano-electrode arrays of free-standing carbon nanotubes on nano-patterned substrate by imprint method
Chang WS, Kim JW, Choi DG, Han CS
3069 - 3074 Substrate-temperature dependent structure and composition variations in RF magnetron sputtered titanium nitride thin films
Vasu K, Krishna MG, Padmanabhan KA
3075 - 3080 Thickness dependent physical and photocatalytic properties of ITO thin films prepared by reactive DC magnetron sputtering
Kumar KJ, Raju NRC, Subrahmanyam A
3081 - 3087 Ultraviolet laser interference patterning of hydroxyapatite surfaces
Berger J, Holthaus MG, Pistillo N, Roch T, Rezwan K, Lasagni AF
3088 - 3091 Effects of oxygen plasma treatment on the dielectric properties of Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3 thin films
Tan LF, Xiong NAD
3092 - 3096 Anodic-hydrothermal preparation of prism-shaped CaTiO3 structure on titanium surface
Zhang F, Chen SG, Lin C, Yin YS
3097 - 3102 Post-heat treatment of arc-sprayed coating prepared by the wires combination of Mg-cathode and Al-anode to form protective intermetallic layers
Xu RZ, Song G
3103 - 3110 Study of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy to discriminate pearlitic/ferritic from martensitic phases
Yao SC, Lu JD, Chen K, Pan SH, Li JY, Dong MR
3111 - 3117 Development of nano TiO2-incorporated phosphate coatings on hot dip zinc surface for good paintability and corrosion resistance
Shibli SMA, Chacko F
3118 - 3122 Effect of focusing conditions on synthesis of titanium oxide nanoparticles via laser ablation in titanium-water interface
Nath A, Laha SS, Khare A
3123 - 3127 Synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes with selective diameter distributions using DC arc discharge under CO mixed atmosphere
Su YJ, Yang Z, Wei H, Kong ESW, Zhang YF
3128 - 3134 Phospholipid-driven long-range ordering of Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Kim JH, Song AY, Kwon DH, An HH, Ahnn HS, Kim YK, Yoon CS
3135 - 3139 Adhesion enhancement between electroless nickel and polyester fabric by a palladium-free process
Lu YX, Xue LL, Li F
3140 - 3144 Dependence of morphologies for SnO2 nanostructures on their sensing property
Yu LM, Fan XH, Qi LJ, Ma LH, Yan W
3145 - 3151 Field emission and optical properties of Ga-doped ZnO nanowires synthesized via thermal evaporation
Chang LW, Yeh JW, Cheng CL, Shieu FS, Shih HC