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1371 - 1376 The influence of pH and bath composition on the properties of Fe-Co alloy film electrodeposition
Qiang CW, Xu JC, Xiao ST, Jiao YJ, Zhang ZQ, Liu Y, Tian LL, Zhou ZG
1377 - 1382 Phosphonate-hydroxyapatite hybrid compounds prepared by hydrothermal method
Agougui H, Aissa A, Maggi S, Debbabi M
1383 - 1389 Study of reduction processes over cerium oxide surfaces with atomic hydrogen using ultra accelerated quantum chemical molecular dynamics
Alam MK, Ahmed F, Miura R, Suzuki A, Tsuboi H, Hatakeyama N, Endou A, Takaba H, Kubo M, Miyamoto A
1390 - 1394 Investigations of CdS and Ag-CdS nanoparticles by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Thakur P, Joshi SS, Patil KR
1395 - 1400 Adsorption and interaction of organosilanes on TiO2 nanoparticles
Chen Q, Yakovlev NL
1401 - 1406 Shielding gas influences on laser weldability of tailored blanks of advanced automotive steels
Reisgen U, Schleser M, Mokrov O, Ahmed E
1407 - 1412 Influence of heating rate on the crystalline properties of 0.7BiFeO(3)-0.3PbTiO(3) thin films prepared by sol-gel process
Li HM, Zhou YY, Tian YF, Li XD, Guo HL, Xiao DQ, Zhu JG
1413 - 1419 Nanocluster n-CdO thin film by sol-gel for solar cell applications
Yakuphanoglu F
1420 - 1424 The relationship of etching behavior and crystal orientation of aluminum doped zinc oxide films
Ding JN, Ye F, Yuan NY, Tan CB, Zhu YY, Ding GQ, Chen ZH
1425 - 1430 A study of the kinetics of isothermal nicotine desorption from silicon dioxide
Adnadjevic B, Lazarevic N, Jovanovic J
1431 - 1436 The effect of gold on platinum oxidation in homogeneous Au-Pt electrocatalysts
Wolter SD, Brown B, Parker CB, Stoner BR, Glass JT
1437 - 1440 Effect of nitrogen doping on the properties of AlSiO film for wide bandgap semiconductors
Komatsu N, Tanaka H, Aoki H, Masumoto K, Honjo M, Kimura C, Okumura Y, Sugino T
1441 - 1448 Optical and electrical characteristics of Al-doped ZnO thin films prepared by aqueous phase deposition
Yao PC, Hang ST, Lin YS, Yen WT, Lin YC
1449 - 1453 Growth of Cu2S/CdS nano-layered photovoltaic junctions for solar cell applications
Sam M, Bayati MR, Mojtahedi M, Janghorban K
1454 - 1456 Synthesis and optical characterization of vertically grown ZnO nanowires in high crystallinity through vapor-liquid-solid growth mechanism
Suh DI, Byeon CC, Lee CL
1457 - 1462 Studies of single-step electrodeposition of CuInSe2 thin films with sodium citrate as a complexing agent
Whang TJ, Hsieh MT, Kao YC
1463 - 1468 Interaction of Li+ ions with ethylene carbonate (EC): Density functional theory calculations
Bhatt MD, Cho M, Cho K
1469 - 1472 Surface cleaning procedures for thin films of indium gallium nitride grown on sapphire
Douglass K, Hunt S, Teplyakov A, Opila RL
1473 - 1477 Preparation of superhydrophobic poly(methyl methacrylate)-silicon dioxide nanocomposite films
Wang JY, Chen XH, Kang YK, Yang GB, Yu LG, Zhang PY
1478 - 1483 AlNxOy thin films deposited by DC reactive magnetron sputtering
Borges J, Vaz F, Marques L
1484 - 1486 Tunneling magnetoresistance in exchange-biased CoFeB/AlOx/Co/IrMn junctions
Chen YT, Tseng JY, Jen SU, Tsai TL, Yao YD
1487 - 1494 Laser scribing of indium tin oxide (ITO) thin films deposited on various substrates for touch panels
Tseng SF, Hsiao WT, Huang KC, Chiang D, Chen MF, Chou CP
1495 - 1499 Preparation of durable hydrophobic cellulose fabric from water glass and mixed organosilanes
Shang SM, Li ZX, Xing YJ, Xin JH, Tao XM
1500 - 1505 In situ growth stresses during the phase separation of immiscible FeCu thin films
Fu B, Thompson GB
1506 - 1510 Alkali metal adsorption on graphite: Calculation of a work function variation in the Anderson-Newns-Muscat model
Davydov SY
1511 - 1515 The evolution of catalyst layer morphology and sub-surface growth of CNTs over the hot filament grown Fe-Cr thin films
Pasha MA, Ranjbar M, Vesaghi MA, Shafiekhani A
1516 - 1523 Effect of impact-induced melting on interface microstructure and bonding of cold-sprayed zinc coating
Li WY, Li CJ, Yang GJ
1524 - 1532 Removal of nickel(II) ions from aqueous solutions using the natural clinoptilolite and preparation of nano-NiO on the exhausted clinoptilolite
Rajic N, Stojakovic D, Jovanovic M, Logar NZ, Mazaj M, Kaucic V
1533 - 1539 In vitro bioactivity and biocompatibility of calcium phosphate cements using Hydroxy-propyl-methyl-Cellulose (HPMC)
Jyoti MA, Thai VV, Min YK, Lee BT, Song HY
1540 - 1543 Superhydrophobic and icephobic surfaces prepared by RF-sputtered polytetrafluoroethylene coatings
Jafari R, Menini R, Farzaneh M
1544 - 1549 Optical and room temperature sensing properties of highly oxygen deficient flower-like ZnO nanostructures
Singh NK, Shrivastava S, Rath S, Annapoorni S
1550 - 1555 A study on wear resistance and microcrack of the Ti3Al/TiAl + TiC ceramic layer deposited by laser cladding on Ti-6Al-4V alloy
Li JN, Chen CZ, Squartini T, He QS
1556 - 1561 Oxygen reduction activity of N-doped carbon-based films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Hakoda T, Yamamoto S, Kawaguchi K, Yamaki T, Kobayashi T, Yoshikawa M
1562 - 1572 Molecular dynamics study on the effects of stamp shape, adhesive energy, and temperature on the nanoimprint lithography process
Kang JH, Kim KS, Kim KW
1573 - 1582 Surface structure and corrosion resistance of short-time heat-treated NiTi shape memory alloy
Vojtech D, Voderova M, Fojt J, Novak P, Kubasek T
1583 - 1588 Surface damage morphology investigations of silicon under millisecond laser irradiation
Wang X, Zhu DH, Shen ZH, Lu J, Ni XW
1589 - 1595 Effect of laser energy on the deformation behavior in microscale laser bulge forming
Zheng C, Sun S, Ji Z, Wang W
1596 - 1601 Crystalline TiO2 grafted with poly(2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine) via surface-initiated atom-transfer radical polymerization
Zhao YC, Tu QF, Wang J, Huang QJ, Huang N
1602 - 1606 Effects of air annealing on the optical, electrical, and structural properties of nanostructured ZnS/Au/ZnS films
Ghorashi MB, Behjat A, Neghabi M, Mirjalili G
1607 - 1611 SiC/SiO2 coating for improving the oxidation resistive property of carbon nanofiber
Kim BH, Kim CH, Yang KS, Kim KY, Lee YJ
1612 - 1615 Solar cell fabrication using edge-defined film-fed growth (EFG) silicon wafers
Yoo J
1616 - 1622 Preparation of aminofunctionalized TiO2 surfaces by binding of organophosphates
Myller AT, Karhe JJ, Pakkanen TT
1623 - 1627 Preparation of p-type CdS thin films and in situ dark conductivity in vacuum deposited CdS:Cu films
Xie HK, Tian CJ, Li W, Feng LH, Zhang JQ, Wu LL, Cai YP, Lei Z, Yang YJ
1628 - 1633 Adsorptive removal of congo red dye from aqueous solution using bael shell carbon
Ahmad R, Kumar R
1634 - 1637 Effects of annealing ambience on ZnO:N films grown by MOCVD and the p-type doping mechanism of ZnO:N films investigated by XANES
Li QW, Bian JM, Sun JC, Liang HW, Zou CW, Sun YL, Luo YM
1638 - 1642 Thermal stability and chemical bonding states of AlOxNy/Si gate stacks revealed by synchrotron radiation photoemission spectroscopy
He G, Toyoda S, Shimogaki Y, Oshima M
1643 - 1648 Numerical analysis of the effect of the gas temperature on splat formation during thermal spray process
El-Hadj AA, Zirari M, Bacha N
1649 - 1654 Influence of Ti nanocrystallization on microstructure, interface bonding, surface energy and blood compatibility of surface TiO2 films
Shao HH, Yu CH, Xu XJ, Wang J, Zhai R, Wang XJ
1655 - 1659 Induced super hydrophilicity due to surface modification of polypropylene membrane treated by O-2 plasma
Jaleh B, Parvin P, Wanichapichart P, Saffar AP, Reyhani A
1660 - 1665 Controlled synthesis of TiO2-B nanowires and nanoparticles for dye-sensitized solar cells
Qi LH, Liu YJ, Li CY
1666 - 1671 Preparation and properties of super-hydrophobic coating on magnesium alloy
Yin B, Fang LA, Hu J, Tang AQ, Wei WH, He JA
1672 - 1677 Thermally processed titanium oxides film on Si(001) surface studied with scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy
Aoki T, Shudo K, Sato K, Ohno S, Tanaka M
1678 - 1683 Modeling of femtosecond laser damage threshold on the two-layer metal films
Chen AM, Xu HF, Jiang YF, Sui LZ, Ding DJ, Liu H, Jin MX
1684 - 1691 Surface studies on bimetallic thiocyanate ligand based single crystals of MnHg(SCN)(4), CdHg(SCN)(4) and ZnCd(SCN)(4)
Kumar TR, Jeyasekaran R, Kumar SMR, Vimalan M, Sagayaraj P
1692 - 1697 Interfacial electronic structure and ion beam induced effect of anatase TiO2 surface modified by Pd nanoparticles
Sohn Y
1698 - 1702 The effect of air plasma on barrier dielectric surface in dielectric barrier discharge
Wang CQ, Zhang GX, Wang XX, He XN
1703 - 1706 Preparation of silicon oxycarbide films by laser ablation of SiO/3C-SiC multicomponent targets
Wang CB, Goto T, Tu R, Zhang LM
1707 - 1711 Facile preparation of superhydrophobic copper surface by HNO3 etching technique with the assistance of CTAB and ultrasonication
Pan LN, Dong HR, Bi PY
1712 - 1715 Effects of laser shock processing on 00Cr12 mechanical properties in the temperature range from 25 degrees C to 600 degrees C
Ren XD, Jiang DW, Zhang YK, Zhang T, Guan HB, Qian XM
1716 - 1723 Impact of localized surface preheating on the microstructure and crack formation in laser direct deposition of Stellite 1 on AISI 4340 steel
Fallah V, Alimardani M, Corbin SF, Khajepour A
1724 - 1728 Thickness dependent activity of nanostructured TiO2/alpha-Fe2O3 photocatalyst thin films
Akhavan O
1729 - 1735 Differing morphologies of textured diamond films with electrical properties made with microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition
Lai WC, Wu YS, Chang HC, Lee YH
1736 - 1739 Correlation between adsorption and thermal properties of lanthanide(III) dinicotinates
Lyszczek R
1740 - 1749 Biomimetic formation of apatite on the surface of porous gelatin/bioactive glass nanocomposite scaffolds
Mozafari M, Rabiee M, Azami M, Maleknia S
1750 - 1755 Synthesis, characterization of ceria-coated silica particles and their chemical mechanical polishing performance on glass substrate
Zhang ZF, Liu WL, Zhu JK, Song ZT
1756 - 1761 Low temperature synthesis of fluorescent ZnO nanoparticles
Khan Y, Durrani SK, Mehmood M, Ahmad J, Khan MR, Firdous S
1762 - 1768 Structure and apatite induction of a microarc-oxidized coating on a biomedical titanium alloy
Zhao GL, Li X, Xia L, Wen G, Song L, Wang XY, Wu K
1769 - 1773 Effects of assisting and sputtering ion current on ion beam assisted deposition textured yttria stabilized zirconia buffer layers of coated conductors
Wang Z, Feng F, Zhao ZJ, Yan BJ, Li YL, Jiang ZT, Chen H, Shi K, Han Z
1774 - 1778 Characterization and corrosion behavior of hydroxyapatite/zirconia composite coating on NiTi fabricated by electrochemical deposition
Qiu DL, Wang AP, Yin YS
1779 - 1785 Deposition and wettability of silver nanostructures on Si(1 0 0) substrate based on galvanic displacement reactions
Gu CD, Tu JP, Zhang TY
1786 - 1791 Effect of complexing agent on the properties of electrochemically deposited Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) thin films
Pawar BS, Pawar SM, Shin SW, Choi DS, Park CJ, Kolekar SS, Kim JH
1792 - 1799 Attenuated total reflectance spectroscopy of coumarin organosilane molecules adsorbed on a fused silica surface
Bratescu MA, Saito N, Takai O
1800 - 1803 Simple treatment of cotton textile to impart high water repellent properties
Ivanova NA, Zaretskaya AK
1804 - 1807 Fabrication of a three-dimensional complex carbon nanoneedle from carbon nanowalls
Wang HX, Jiang N, Zhang H, Hiraki A, Bu RA
1808 - 1809 Comment on "Effect of annealing temperature on structure, magnetic properties and optical characteristics in Zn0.97Cr0.03O nanoparticles" by Liu et al., [Appl. Surf. Sci. 256 (2010) 3559]
Singhal RK
1810 - 1811 Response to "Comments on'Effect of annealing temperature on structure, magnetic properties and optical characteristics in Zn0.97Cr0.03O nanoparticle'" [Appl. Surf. Sci. 256 (2010) 3559]
Liu Y, Yang JH, Guan QF, Yang LL, Zhang YJ