Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.257, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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665 - 669 Superhydrophobic wind turbine blade surfaces obtained by a simple deposition of silica nanoparticles embedded in epoxy
Karmouch R, Ross GG
670 - 676 Correlation between microstructure and optical properties of nano-crystalline TiO2 thin films prepared by sol-gel dip coating
Mechiakh R, Ben Sedrine N, Chtourou R, Bensaha R
677 - 679 Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of ZnO nanorods and nanotubes
Liu WJ, Meng XQ, Zheng Y, Xia W
680 - 685 Synthesis of 10 nm Ag nanoparticle polymer composite pastes for low temperature production of high conductivity films
Hu PA, O'Neil W, Hu Q
686 - 690 Formation of periodic surface nanostructures on Ti3+:Al2O3 crystals using femtosecond laser pulses
Kodama N, Saito K, Nakaya T, Takahashi T, Shibata D, Takeda H
691 - 695 Surface hardening of titanium by pulsed Nd:YAG laser irradiation at 1064- and 532-nm wavelengths in nitrogen atmosphere
Ohtsu N, Yamane M, Kodama K, Wagatsuma K
696 - 703 A study of TaxC1-x coatings deposited on biomedical 316L stainless steel by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering
Ding MH, Wang BL, Li L, Zheng YF
704 - 707 Characterization of TiO2/Au/TiO2 films deposited by magnetron sputtering on polycarbonate substrates
Kim D
708 - 716 Highly conductive and transparent laser ablated nanostructured Al:ZnO thin films
Vinodkumar R, Navas I, Chalana SR, Gopchandran KG, Ganesan V, Philip R, Sudheer SK, Pillai VPM
717 - 722 Electrodeposition of Ni-Co composites containing nano-CeO2 and their structure, properties
Srivastava M, Grips VKW, Rajam KS
723 - 726 Fragmentation of gold flowers into nanopetals by high energy electron irradiation
Dhumale VA, Shah PV, Bhoraskar VN, Sharma RB
727 - 730 CuPd interface charge and energy quantum entrapment: A tight-binding and XPS investigation
Nie YG, Wang Y, Sun Y, Pan JS, Mehta BR, Khanuja M, Shivaprasad SM, Sun CQ
731 - 735 Grafting poly(ethylene glycol) monomethacrylate onto Fe3O4 nanoparticles to resist nonspecific protein adsorption
Qin SX, Wang LL, Zhang X, Su GS
736 - 740 Effect of corona pre-treatment on the performance of gas barrier layers applied by atomic layer deposition onto polymer-coated paperboard
Hirvikorpi T, Vaha-Nissi M, Harlin A, Marles J, Miikkulainen V, Karppinen M
741 - 746 Characterization on titanium surfaces and its effect on photocatalytic bactericidal activity
Joo HC, Lim YJ, Kim MJ, Kwon HB, Han JH
747 - 751 Preparation and characterization of graphene/CdS nanocomposites
Wu JL, Bai S, Shen XP, Jiang L
752 - 755 Surface modification of indium tin oxide films by amino ion implantation for the attachment of multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Jiao JA, Liu CY, Chen QX, Li SQ, Hu JB, Li QL
756 - 761 Preparation of titania hollow spheres by catalyst-free hydrothermal method and their high thermal stabilities
Feng XA, Yang L, Liu YL
762 - 768 Surface fractal analysis of pore structure of high-volume fly-ash cement pastes
Zeng QA, Li KF, Fen-Chong T, Dangla P
769 - 775 Adsorption of hexavalent chromium onto montmorillonite modified with hydroxyaluminum and cetyltrimethylammonium bromide
Hu BJ, Luo HJ
776 - 780 Laser direct patterning of the T-shaped ITO electrode for high-efficiency alternative current plasma display panels
Li ZH, Cho ES, Kwon SJ
781 - 785 Simple routes to synthesis and characterization of nanosized tin telluride compounds
Salavati-Niasari M, Bazarganipour M, Davar F, Fazl AA
786 - 794 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of the passive films formed on thermally sprayed and wrought Inconel 625
Bakare MS, Voisey KT, Roe MJ, McCartney DG
795 - 801 Enhanced photoactivity of CuPp-TiO2 photocatalysts under visible light irradiation
Lu XF, Li J, Wang C, Duan MY, Luo Y, Yao GP, Wang JL
802 - 806 A fluorescent probe for zinc detection based on organically functionalized SBA-15
Dong ZP, Dong ZH, Wang P, Tian X, Geng HM, Li R, Ma JT
807 - 810 First-principles study on the structural and electronic properties of graphene upon benzene and naphthalene adsorption
AlZahrani AZ
811 - 816 Silica-tin nanotubes prepared from rice husk ash by sol-gel method: Characterization and its photocatalytic activity
Adam F, Appaturi JN, Thankappan R, Nawi MAM
817 - 822 The optoelectronic properties of silicon films deposited by inductively coupled plasma CVD
Qin YL, Yan HQ, Li F, Qiao L, Liu QM, He DY
823 - 826 Fabrication of superhydrophobic polyurethane/organoclay nano-structured composites from cyclomethicone-in-water emulsions
Bayer IS, Steele A, Martorana PJ, Loth E
827 - 831 Morphology, luminescence, and electrical resistance response to H-2 and CO gas exposure of porous InP membranes prepared by electrochemistry in a neutral electrolyte
Volciuc O, Monaico E, Enachi M, Ursaki VV, Pavlidis D, Popa V, Tiginyanu IM
832 - 836 Photoemission study of fluorination atmospheric pressure plasma processes on EPDM: Influence of the carrier and fluorinating gas
Martinez L, Huttel Y, Verheyde B, Vanhulsel A, Roman E
837 - 841 Formation and disruption of current paths of anodic porous alumina films by conducting atomic force microscopy
Oyoshi K, Nigo S, Inoue J, Sakai O, Kitazawa H, Kido G
842 - 846 Microwave absorption properties of a wave-absorbing coating employing carbonyl-iron powder and carbon black
Liu LD, Duan YP, Ma LX, Liu SH, Yu Z
847 - 851 Mechanical and tribological properties of Ni/Al multilayers-A molecular dynamics study
Cao YZ, Zhang JJ, Liang YC, Yu FL, Sun T
852 - 856 Protective performances of two anti-graffiti treatments towards sulfite and sulfate formation in SO2 polluted model environment
Carmona-Quiroga PM, Panas I, Svensson JE, Johansson LG, Blanco-Varela MT, Martinez-Ramirez S
857 - 860 Regeneration of surface roughness by the Langevin equation using stochastic analysis on AFM image of a carbon fiber
Allahkarami M, Hanan JC, Bale HA
861 - 866 Chemical modification of glass surface with a monolayer of nonchromophoric and chromophoric methacrylate terpolymer
Janik R, Kucharski S, Sobolewska A, Barille R
867 - 871 Structural, photochemical and photocatalytic properties of zirconium oxide doped TiO2 nanocrystallites
Zhang DF, Zeng FB
872 - 877 Studies on the interactions of fluorescent-magnetic nanocomposites with biomolecules and cells labeling
Wang QS, Fang TT, Liu P, Min XM, Li X
878 - 886 Quantitative analysis of graded Cu(In1-x,Ga-x)Se-2 thin films by AES, ICP-OES, and EPMA
Perkins CL, Egaas B, Repins I, To B
887 - 898 Resolving surface chemical states in XPS analysis of first row transition metals, oxides and hydroxides: Sc, Ti, V, Cu and Zn
Biesinger MC, Lau LWM, Gerson AR, Smart RSC
899 - 904 Investigating the interfacial interaction of different aminosilane treated nano silicas with a polyurethane coating
Rostami M, Ranjbar Z, Mohseni M
905 - 910 Dry etching characteristics of GaN using Cl-2/BCl3 inductively coupled plasmas
Zhou SJ, Cao B, Liu S
911 - 916 Effect of annealing on the nanoscratch behavior of multilayer Si0.8Ge0.2/Si films
Lian DM
917 - 920 Theoretical analysis of fluorine-passivated germanium surface for high-k/Ge gate stack by molecular orbital method
Lee DH, Lee H, Kanashima T, Okuyama M
921 - 924 Fast response ultraviolet photoconductive detectors based on Ga-doped ZnO films grown by radio-frequency magnetron sputtering
Sun JA, Liu FJ, Huang HQ, Zhao JW, Hu ZF, Zhang XQ, Wang YS
925 - 931 In vitro biocompatibility of magnesium-incorporated submicro-porous titanium oxide surface produced by hydrothermal treatment
Park JW, Kim YJ, Jang JH, An CH
932 - 936 Effect of sulfur on the growth of carbon nanotubes by detonation-assisted chemical vapor deposition
Wang C, Zhan LA, Wang YL, Qiao WM, Liang XY, Ling LC
937 - 943 Surface of Zn-Mn-O and its role in room temperature ferromagnetism: An XPS analysis
Milivojevic D, Babic-Stojic B, Kovac J
944 - 948 Photocatalysis and wave-absorbing properties of polyaniline/TiO2 microbelts composite by in situ polymerization method
Li QL, Zhang CR, Li JQ
949 - 953 Ge/Sb2Te3 nanocomposite multilayer films for high data retention phase-change random access memory application
Wang CZ, Zhai JW, Song ZT, Shang F, Yao X
954 - 959 Pulsed laser deposition of fluoride glass thin films
Ganser D, Gottmann J, Mackens U, Weichmann U
960 - 968 Surface textured ZnO:Al thin films by pulsed DC magnetron sputtering for thin film solar cells applications
Yen WT, Lin YC, Ke JH
969 - 973 Elucidating surface properties of dry-etched ZnO using H-2/CH4 and H-2/CH4/Ar plasma
Hsueh KP
974 - 978 Synthesis and bactericidal ability of Ag/TiO2 composite films deposited on titanium plate
Mai LX, Wang DW, Zhang S, Xie YJ, Huang CM, Zhang ZG
979 - 984 The effect of surface nanocrystallization on plasma nitriding behaviour of AISI 4140 steel
Li Y, Wang LA, Zhang DD, Shen L
985 - 989 Morphology and photoluminescence study of electrodeposited ZnO films
Sun SN, Mari B, Wu HL, Mollar M, Cui HN
990 - 996 Experimental and computational study on hydrolysis and condensation kinetics of gamma-glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane (gamma-GPS)
Yang LX, Feng J, Zhang WG, Qu JE
997 - 1001 Upon a magnetic composite preparation based on magnetite and poly(succinimide)-b-poly(ethylene glycol) shell
Chiriac AP, Nita LE, Neamtu I, Badescu V
1002 - 1009 Calculated influence of work function on SE escape probability and Secondary Electron Emission yield
Cazaux J
1010 - 1014 Green chemical functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with poly(epsilon-caprolactone) in ionic liquids
Yang YK, Qiu SQ, He CG, He WJ, Yu LJ, Xie XL
1015 - 1020 Fabrication of ultrahydrophobic poly(lauryl acrylate) brushes on silicon wafer via surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization
Ozturk E, Turan E, Caykara T
1021 - 1026 Surface plasmon resonance biosensor modified with multilayer silver nanoparticles films
Chen YL, Dong BY, Zhou WY
1027 - 1033 Effective electrodeposition of Co-Ni-Cu alloys nanoparticles in the presence of alkyl polyglucoside surfactant
Budi S, Daud AR, Radiman S, Umar AA
1034 - 1042 The relationship between the adhesion work, the wettability and composition of the surface layer in the systems polymer/aqueous solution of anionic surfactants and alcohol mixtures
Zdziennicka A, Janczuk B
1043 - 1052 Atomic layer deposition of HfO2: Effect of structure development on growth rate, morphology and optical properties of thin films
Rammula R, Aarik J, Mandar H, Ritslaid P, Sammelselg V
1053 - 1057 A close correlation between induced ferromagnetism and oxygen deficiency in Fe doped In2O3
Singhal RK, Samariya A, Kumar S, Sharma SC, Xing YT, Deshpande UP, Shripathi T, Saitovitch E
1058 - 1062 Thermal stability of alumina thin films containing gamma-Al2O3 phase prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering
Musil J, Blazek J, Zeman P, Proksova S, Sasek M, Cerstvy R
1063 - 1067 Structural, electrical and optical properties of Ga-doped ZnO films on PET substrate
Kim BG, Kim JY, Lee SJ, Park JH, Lim DG, Park MG
1068 - 1074 Favorable recycling photocatalyst TiO2/CFA: Effects of loading percent of TiO2 on the structural property and photocatalytic activity
Shi JW, Chen SH, Ye ZL, Wang SM, Wu P
1075 - 1079 Near field properties of nanoparticle arrays fabricated by laser annealing of thin Au and Ag films
Imamova S, Nedyalkov N, Dikovska A, Atanasov P, Sawczak M, Jendrzejewski R, Sliwinski G, Obara M
1080 - 1083 Investigation of etch characteristics of non-polar GaN by wet chemical etching
Hsu HC, Su YK, Cheng SH, Huang SJ, Cao JM, Chen KC
1084 - 1087 Catalyst-free growth of well-aligned arsenic-doped ZnO nanowires by chemical vapor deposition method
Feng QJ, Hu LZ, Liang HW, Feng Y, Wang J, Sun JC, Zhao JZ, Li MK, Dong L
1088 - 1091 Influence of the crystal orientation on the electrical properties of AlN thin films on LTCC substrates
Bittner A, Ababneh A, Seidel H, Schmid U
1092 - 1097 Silver nanoparticles on amidoxime fibers for photo-catalytic degradation of organic dyes in waste water
Wu ZC, Zhang Y, Tao TX, Zhang LF, Fong H
1098 - 1104 Enhancement of surface mechanical properties by using TiN[BCN/BN](n)/c-BN multilayer system
Moreno H, Caicedo JC, Amaya C, Munoz-Saldana J, Yate L, Esteve J, Prieto P
1105 - 1111 Thermal annealing dependence of some optical properties of plasma-modified porous silicon
Benyahia B, Gabouze N, Guerbous L, Mahmoudi B, Menari H
1112 - 1118 Study on the surface properties of wood/polyethylene composites treated under plasma
Liu Y, Tao Y, Lv XY, Zhang YH, Di MW
1119 - 1124 Morphology of ablation craters generated by ultra-short laser pulses in dentin surfaces: AFM and ESEM evaluation
Daskalova A, Bashir S, Husinsky W
1125 - 1128 Structural and optical properties of the S-doped ZnO particles synthesized by hydrothermal method
Sun YP, He T, Guo HY, Zhang T, Wang WT, Dai ZH
1129 - 1133 Comparison of phase behavior between water soluble and insoluble surfactants at the air-water interface
Hossain MM, Iimura K, Kato T
1134 - 1140 Optical properties of (nanometer MCM-41)-(malachite green) composite materials
Li XD, Zhai QZ, Zou MQ
1141 - 1144 Photovoltaic behavior and work function of zinc oxides as solar cells
Tan XQ, Wu ZQ, Zhi W
1145 - 1148 Direct observation of surface and internal phase-separated structure of the active layer buried in organic photovoltaic cells
Narayama I, Baba D, Takahara A, Tanaka K