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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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10317 - 10321 Electrodeposition from ZnO nano-rods to nano-sheets with only zinc nitrate electrolyte and its photoluminescence
Bai X, Yi L, Liu DL, Nie EY, Sun CL, Feng HH, Xu JJ, Jin Y, Jiao ZF, Sun XS
10322 - 10328 Adsorption CO2 on the perfect and oxygen vacancy defect surfaces of anatase TiO2 and its photocatalytic mechanism of conversion to CO
Pipornpong W, Wanbayor R, Ruangpornvisuti V
10329 - 10332 Room temperature magnetic properties of Fe and C implanted ZnO films
Xue YH, Zhang XD, Zhang XL, Shen YY, Zhu F, Zhang LH, Wang J, Liu CL
10333 - 10337 Improvement of orthodontic friction by coating archwire with carbon nitride film
Wei SB, Shao TM, Ding P
10338 - 10341 Effects of the substrate temperature on the properties of CuIn5S8 thin films
Gannouni M, Kanzari M
10342 - 10345 Optical waveguide with homogeneous refractive index profile in LiNbO3 by double-low-energy Oxygen ion implantation
Zhang SM, Wang KM, Liu XH, Ming XB
10346 - 10350 Converting ultrasonic induction heating deposited monetite coating to Na-doped HA coating on H2O2-treated C/C composites by a two-step hydrothermal method
Xiong XB, Hung JF, Zeng XR, Chu CC
10351 - 10357 Effect of Cr incorporation on the structural and optoelectronic properties of TiO2:Cr deposited by means of a magnetron co-sputtering process
Hajjaji A, Gaidi M, Bessais B, El Khakani MA
10358 - 10362 Effects of growth duration on the structural and optical properties of ZnO nanorods grown on seed-layer ZnO/polyethylene terephthalate substrates
Jeong YI, Shin CM, Heo JH, Ryu H, Lee WJ, Chang JH, Son CS, Yun J
10363 - 10372 Numerical and experimental investigations of splat geometric characteristics during oblique impact of plasma spraying
Kang CW, Tan JK, Pan LS, Low CY, Jaffar A
10373 - 10378 Characterization and properties Ti-Al-Si-N nanocomposite coatings prepared by middle frequency magnetron sputtering
Zou CW, Zhang J, Xie W, Shao LX, Guo LP, Fu DJ
10379 - 10383 One step synthesis and characterization of CdS nanorod/graphene nanosheet composite
Zhang KJ, Liu XH
10384 - 10389 Versatile functionalization of Fe3O4 nanoparticles via RAFT polymerization and click chemistry
Zhou Y, Wang SX, Xie KQ, Dai YN, Ma WH
10390 - 10394 Structural evolution of self-ordered alumina tapered nanopores with 100 nm interpore distance
Li J, Li CS, Gao XF
10395 - 10401 Surfactant-assisted synthesis of Ag nanostructures and their self-assembled films on copper and aluminum substrate
Zhuo YJ, Sun WD, Dong LH, Chu Y
10402 - 10407 Investigation of crystal structure and new ellipsometric properties of hexagonal CdS epilayers
Kim DJ, Choi YD, Lee JW, Sur JC
10408 - 10413 Electrocatalysis of oxygen reduction reaction on Nafion/platinum/gas diffusion layer electrode for PEM fuel cell
Chabi S, Kheirmand M
10414 - 10420 Influence of superalloy substrate roughness on adhesion and oxidation behavior of magnetron-sputtered NiCoCrAlY coatings
Li ZM, Qian SQ, Wang W
10421 - 10426 Superhydrophobic sol-gel nanocomposite coatings with enhanced hardness
Lakshmi RV, Bharathidasan T, Basu BJ
10427 - 10433 Investigation on femtosecond laser irradiation energy in inducing hydrophobic polymer surfaces
Wang ZK, Zheng HY, Lam YC
10434 - 10442 Sputter deposition of high transparent TiO2-xNx/TiO2/ZnO layers on glass for development of photocatalytic self-cleaning application
Nejand BA, Sanjabi S, Ahmadi V
10443 - 10450 A histogram-based segmentation method for characterization of self-assembled hexagonal lattices
Abdollahifard MJ, Faez K, Pourfard M, Abdollahi M
10451 - 10458 Modulation of residual stress in diamond like carbon films with incorporation of nanocrystalline gold
Paul R, Bhattacharyya SR, Bhar R, Pal AK
10459 - 10464 Surface and interface properties of carbon fiber composites under cyclical aging
Lv XY, Wang RG, Liu WB, Jiang L
10465 - 10470 STM study of successive Ge growth on "V"-stripe patterned Si (001) surfaces at different growth temperatures
Sanduijav B, Matei DG, Springholz G
10471 - 10476 Diameter-dependent thermal-oxidative stability of single-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized by a floating catalytic chemical vapor deposition method
Ma J, Yu F, Yuan ZW, Chen JH
10477 - 10482 Behavior of Ru surfaces after ozonated water treatment
Seo D, Park C, Jung J, Yoon M, Lee D, Kim CY, Lim S
10483 - 10488 Synthesis of carbon supported palladium nanoparticles catalyst using a facile homogeneous precipitation-reduction reaction method for formic acid electrooxidation
Ma J, Ji YG, Sun HJ, Chen Y, Tang YW, Lu TH, Zheng JW
10489 - 10493 Multiform structures with silicon nanopillars by cesium chloride self-assembly and dry etching
Liao YX, Liu J, Wang B, Yi FT
10494 - 10498 Growth of branched rutile TiO2 nanorod arrays on F-doped tin oxide substrate
Zhu H, Tao J, Wang T, Deng J
10499 - 10502 Studies on the structural and electrical properties of F-doped SnO2 film prepared by APCVD
Yang JK, Liu WC, Dong LZ, Li YX, Li C, Zhao HL
10503 - 10513 Comparison of reactivity on step and terrace sites of Pd(3 3 2) surface for the dissociative adsorption of hydrogen: A quantum chemical molecular dynamics study
Ahmed F, Nagumo R, Miura R, Ai S, Tsuboi H, Hatakeyama N, Endou A, Takaba H, Kubo M, Miyamoto A
10514 - 10519 A new approach to immobilize poly(vinyl alcohol) on poly(dimethylsiloxane) resulting in low protein adsorption
Carneiro LB, Ferreira J, Santos MJL, Monteiro JP, Girotto EM
10520 - 10528 Surface chemical study on the covalent attachment of hydroxypropyltrimethyl ammonium chloride chitosan to titanium surfaces
Xu XF, Wang L, Guo SR, Lei L, Tang TT
10529 - 10534 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole doped chitosan/11-alkanethiolate acid composite coating: Dual function for copper protection
Bao Q, Zhang D, Wan Y
10535 - 10538 Synthesis and photoelectric characterization of semiconductor CdSe microrod array by a simple electrochemical synthesis method
Tian LC, Ding J, Zhang W, Yang HB, Fu WY, Zhou XM, Zhao WY, Zhang L, Fan XY
10539 - 10544 Facile fabrication of Zn/Zn-5(OH)(8)Cl-2 center dot H2O flower-like nanostructure on the surface of Zn coated with poly (N-methyl pyrrole)
Mahmoudian MR, Basirun WJ, Alias Y, Ebadi M
10545 - 10550 Optical and electrical properties of thermally oxidized bismuth thin films
Condurache-Bota S, Tigau N, Rambu AP, Rusu GG, Rusu GI
10551 - 10556 Characterization of ZnO-SnO2 thin film composites prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Sinha SK, Rakshit T, Ray SK, Manna I
10557 - 10561 Structural, magnetic and electronic structure studies of Mn doped TiO2 thin films
Kumar S, Gautam S, Kim GW, Ahmed F, Anwar MS, Chae KH, Choi HK, Chung H, Koo BH
10562 - 10570 A chemical kinetic model for chemical vapor deposition of carbon nanotubes
Raji K, Thomas S, Sobhan CB
10571 - 10575 Study of nickel silicide formation on Si(1 1 0) substrate
Guo X, Yu H, Jiang YL, Ru GP, Zhang DW, Li BZ
10576 - 10580 Perylene-containing polysiloxane: An effective candidate for corrosion protection of iron surface
Liang Y, Wang DX, Wu Y, Lai QL, Xue L, Feng SY
10581 - 10589 Coating of Cr-V ledeburitic steel with CrN containing a small addition of Ag
Jurci P, Dlouhy I
10590 - 10594 Characterization of oxide coatings formed on tantalum by plasma electrolytic oxidation in 12-tungstosilicic acid
Petkovic M, Stojadinovic S, Vasilic R, Zekovic L
10595 - 10600 Optimization of the synthesis parameters of high surface area ceria nanopowder prepared by surfactant assisted precipitation method
Hassanzadeh-Tabrizi SA
10601 - 10606 Nanostructured core-shell Ni deposition on SiC particles by alkaline electroless coating
Uysal M, Karslioglu R, Alp A, Akbulut H
10607 - 10612 Structural and spectroscopic studies of thin film of silver nanoparticles
Khan MAM, Kumar S, Ahamed M, Alrokayan SA, Alsalhi MS, Alhoshan M, Aldwayyan AS
10613 - 10620 Multiscale modeling of nanoindentation in copper thin films via the concurrent coupling of the meshless Hermite-Cloud method with molecular dynamics
Ng TY, Pandurangan V, Li H
10621 - 10627 Preparation of activated carbon from Enteromorpha prolifera and its use on cationic red X-GRL removal
Li YH, Du QJ, Liu TH, Qi Y, Zhang P, Wang ZH, Xia YZ
10628 - 10633 Deposition behavior of mixed binary metallic powders in cold spraying process
Zhou XL, Mou SJ, Wu XK, Zhang JS
10634 - 10638 Synthesis and performance of core-shell structured ZnO/In2O3 composites in situ growth
Zhao YL, Lu HX, Yu XJ, Fan BB, Chen DL, Zhang LW, Wang HL, Yang DY, Xu HL, Zhang R
10639 - 10644 Efficient visible-light-induced photocatalytic degradation of MO on the Cr-nanocrystalline titania-S
Hamadanian M, Sarabi AS, Mehra AM, Jabbari V
10645 - 10652 The mechanism of oxide whisker growth and hot corrosion of hot-dipped Al-Si coated 430 stainless steels in air-NaCl(g) atmosphere
Liu HH, Cheng WJ, Wang CJ
10653 - 10658 Effect of surface ethoxy groups on photoactivity of TiO2 nanocrystals
Tian LH, Deng KJ, Ye LQ, Zan L
10659 - 10666 Phase transfer synthesis of N,N'(1,2-phenylene)bis-hippuricamide tethered metal based functionalized nanoparticles: A study on some novel microbial targeting peptide-mimic nanoparticles
Raman N, Sudharsan S
10667 - 10670 Performance improvement of Sb2Te3 phase change material by Al doping
Peng C, Wu LC, Song ZT, Rao F, Zhu M, Li XL, Liu B, Cheng LM, Feng SL, Yang PX, Chu JH
10671 - 10673 Photoluminescence of Si-based nanotips fabricated by anodic aluminum oxide template
Li YJ, Huang K, Lai HK, Li C, Chen SY, Kang JY
10674 - 10678 Elongation rate measurements of nanofilms by microbump method induced by laser pulse
Dun AH, Wei JS, Gan FX
10679 - 10685 Synthesis and photocatalytic property of ZnSe flowerlike hierarchical structure
Zhang Y, Hu CG, Feng B, Wang X, Wan BY
10686 - 10691 Aminealkylthiol and dithiol self-assembly as adhesion promoter between copper substrate and epoxy resin
Denayer J, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
10692 - 10698 Microstructure and tribological properties of TiAg intermetallic compound coating
Guo C, Chen JM, Zhou JS, Zhao JR, Wang LQ, Yu YJ, Zhou HD
10699 - 10703 Influences of the iron ion (Fe3+)-doping on structural and optical properties of nanocrystalline TiO2 thin films prepared by sol-gel spin coating
Ben Naceur J, Mechiakh R, Bousbih F, Chtourou R
10704 - 10709 Ion beam sputter deposited W/Si multilayers: Influence of re-sputtering on the interface structure and structure modification at ultra short periods
Rai SK, Das A, Srivastava AK, Lodha GS, Dhawan R
10710 - 10714 Density functional theory calculations of surface properties and H-2 adsorption on the Cu2O (111) surface
Li M, Zhang JY, Zhang Y, Zhang GF, Wang TM
10715 - 10720 Study of effect annealing temperature on the structure, morphology and photocatalytic activity of Si doped TiO2 thin films deposited by electron beam evaporation
Lu ZD, Jiang XH, Zhou B, Wu XD, Lu LD
10721 - 10724 Effect of MgO buffer layer thickness on the electrical properties of MgZnO thin film transistors fabricated by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Huang HQ, Liu FJ, Sun J, Zhao JW, Hu ZF, Li ZJ, Zhang XQ, Wang YS
10725 - 10728 Fabrication of three-dimensionally ordered macroporous Ta2O5 films through aqueous organic gel process
Xin WH, Zhao JP, Ding YB, Li Y
10729 - 10736 A facile process to prepare copper oxide thin films as solar selective absorbers
Xiao XD, Miao L, Xu G, Lu LM, Su ZM, Wang N, Tanemura S
10737 - 10742 Structural characterization of Ni and Ni/Ti ohmic contact on n-type 4H-SiC
Siad M, Abdesselam M, Souami N, Chami AC
10743 - 10747 Pinning-depinning behavior in the wetting of (0001) alpha-Al2O3 single crystal by molten Mg
Shi LX, Shen P, Zhang D, Jiang QC
10748 - 10751 X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopic investigation of Mn doped ZnO films
Jin J, Chang GS, Zhou YX, Zhang XY, Boukhvalov DW, Kurmaev EZ, Moewes A
10752 - 10757 Synthesis of boron nitride coatings on quartz fibers: Thickness control and mechanism research
Zheng Y, Wang SB
10758 - 10762 Decorating graphene sheets with Pt nanoparticles using sodium citrate as reductant
Qian Y, Wang CY, Le ZG
10763 - 10770 Synthesis of nanorods and mixed shaped copper ferrite and their applications as liquefied petroleum gas sensor
Singh S, Yadav BC, Prakash R, Bajaj B, Lee JR
10771 - 10774 Synthesis and characterization of Parylene C/nanosilica composite film
Chai X, Liu JQ, He Q, Peng GB, Yang CS
10775 - 10779 Room temperature weak ferromagnetism and magnetoconductance in functional CuO film
Das S, Majumdar S, Giri S
10780 - 10788 Biocompatible polymeric implants for controlled drug delivery produced by MAPLE
Paun IA, Moldovan A, Luculescu CR, Dinescu M
10789 - 10794 Photoluminescence and photoelectrochemical properties of nanocrystalline ZnO thin films synthesized by spray pyrolysis technique
Tarwal NL, Shinde VV, Kamble AS, Jadhav PR, Patil DS, Patil VB, Patil PS
10795 - 10801 Polysulfobetaine films prepared by electrografting technique for reduction of biofouling on electroconductive surfaces
Stach M, Kronekova Z, Kasak P, Kollar J, Pentrak M, Micusik M, Chorvat D, Nunney TS, Lacik I
10802 - 10807 Preparation and characterization of silicon oil based ferrofluid
Chen HJ, Wang YM, Qu JM, Hong RY, Li HZ
10808 - 10814 The electrochemical preparation and microwave absorption properties of magnetic carbon fibers coated with Fe3O4 films
Meng XG, Wan YZ, Li QY, Wang J, Luo HL
10815 - 10820 Structure-property and composition-property relationships for poly(ethylene terephthalate) surfaces modified by helium plasma-based ion implantation
Toth A, Veres M, Kereszturi K, Mohai M, Bertoti I, Szepvolgyi J
10821 - 10827 Organo-silane coated substrates for DNA purification
Pasquardini L, Lunelli L, Potrich C, Marocchi L, Fiorilli S, Vozzi D, Vanzetti L, Gasparini P, Anderle M, Pederzolli C
10828 - 10833 Improvement in the properties of plasma-sprayed metallic, alloy and ceramic coatings using dry-ice blasting
Dong SJ, Song B, Hansz B, Liao HL, Coddet C
10834 - 10838 AgSbSe2 and AgSb(S,Se)(2) thin films for photovoltaic applications
Garza JG, Shaji S, Rodriguez AC, Das Roy TK, Krishnan B
10839 - 10844 Influence of FeSO4 concentration on thermal emissivity of coatings formed on titanium alloy by micro-arc oxidation
Tang H, Xin TZ, Sun Q, Yi CG, Jiang ZH, Wang FP
10845 - 10849 Effects of electric field annealing on the interface diffusion of Cu/Ta/Si stacks
Wang L, Cao ZH, Hu K, She QW, Meng XK
10850 - 10854 Synthesis and field emission properties of GaN nanowires
Li EL, Cui Z, Dai YB, Zhao DN, Zhao T
10855 - 10862 The effect of deposition temperature on the surface coverage and morphology of iron-phosphate coatings on low carbon steel
Popic JP, Jegdic BV, Bajat JB, Veljovic D, Stevanovic SI, Miskovic-Stankovic VB
10863 - 10868 Application of factor analysis to XPS valence band of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
Minati L, Micheli V, Rossi B, Migliaresi C, Dalbosco L, Bao G, Hou S, Speranza G
10869 - 10875 Effect of RF power and sputtering pressure on the structural and optical properties of TiO2 thin films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering
Nair PB, Justinvictor VB, Daniel GP, Joy K, Ramakrishnan V, Thomas PV
10876 - 10882 Role of laser-induced plasma in ultradeep drilling of materials by nanosecond laser pulses
Bulgakova NM, Evtushenko AB, Shukhov YG, Kudryashov SI, Bulgakov AV
10883 - 10887 Synthesis of Au-CeO2/SiO2 catalyst via adsorbed-layer reactor technique combined with alcohol-thermal treatment
Jiang X, Deng H
10888 - 10892 The XPS and XAES spectra of Na0.88Mn0.56PS3
Silipigni L, Schiro L, Scolaro LM, De Luca G, Salvato G
10893 - 10897 Fabrication of highly ordered CuInSe2 films with hollow nanocones for anti-reflection
Xiao JR, Xu L, Geng L, Tong L, Yang F, Xu J, Su WN, Liu D, Yu Y, Ma ZY, Chen KJ
10898 - 10902 Synthesis of Mn-doped ZnS architectures in ternary solution and their optical properties
Wang XJ, Zhang QL, Zou BS, Lei AH, Ren PY
10903 - 10909 Morphology, magnetic, magnetoresistance and optical properties of Co-Ni-Mo alloys thin films
Tanase SI, Tanase DP, Dobromir M, Georgescu V
10910 - 10916 Rapid fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces on copper substrates by electrochemical machining
Song JL, Xu WJ, Lu Y, Fan XJ
10917 - 10925 An easy-to-fabricate improved microinstrument for systematically investigating adhesion between MEMS sidewalls
Ansari N, Ashurst WR
10926 - 10935 Bio-functionalization of electro-synthesized polypyrrole surface by heme enzyme using a mixture of Nafion and glutaraldehyde as synergetic immobilization matrix: Conformational characterization and electrocatalytic studies
ElKaoutit M, Naranjo-Rodriguez I, Dominguez M, Hidalgo-Hidalgo-de-Cisneros JL