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9689 - 9693 Aluminium-induced crystallization of amorphous silicon films deposited by DC magnetron sputtering on glasses
Kezzoula F, Hammouda A, Kechouane M, Simon P, Abaidia SEH, Keffous A, Cherfi R, Menari H, Manseri A
9694 - 9702 Effects of platinum nano electrodeposits on corrosion of carbon substrate
Beom WJ, Kalubarme RS, Yun KS, Park CJ
9703 - 9709 Corrosion behaviors in physiological solution of cerium conversion coatings on AZ31 magnesium alloy
Cui XF, Yang YY, Liu EB, Jin G, Zhong JG, Li QF
9710 - 9716 Short time synthesis of high quality carbon nanotubes with high rates by CVD of methane on continuously emerged iron nanoparticles
Bahrami B, Khodadadi A, Mortazavi Y, Esmaieli M
9717 - 9723 Silicon rich silicon oxide films deposited by radio frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition method: Optical and structural properties
Mukhopadhyay S, Ray S
9724 - 9732 Preparation and characterization of bifunctional, Fe3O4/ZnO nanocomposites and their use as photocatalysts
Xia J, Wang AQ, Liu X, Su ZX
9733 - 9736 Crystallization behavior and microstructure of Fe75Co6Zr9B10 alloy
Yu WQ, Sun YM, Hua Z
9737 - 9746 Nanocoral architecture of TiO2 by hydrothermal process: Synthesis and characterization
Mali SS, Shinde PS, Betty CA, Bhosale PN, Lee WJ, Patil PS
9747 - 9751 Interactions between CdSe/CdS quantum dots and DNA through spectroscopic and electrochemical methods
Wang QS, Yang L, Fang TT, Wu S, Liu P, Min XM, Li X
9752 - 9756 Sol-gel preparation and characterization of nanoporous ZnO/SiO2 coatings with broadband antireflection properties
Li DZ, Huang FQ, Ding SJ
9757 - 9761 Alendronate decorated nano hydroxyapatite in mesoporous silica: Cytotoxicity and osteogenic properties
Huang W, Liu WQ, She ZD, Wu HK, Shi XT
9762 - 9767 Investigations on the growing, cracking and spalling of oxides scales of powder metallurgy Rene95 nickel-based superalloy
Zheng L, Zhang MC, Chellali R, Dong JX
9768 - 9772 Molecular-mediated crystal growth of PbTiO3 nanostructure on silicon substrate
Chao CY, Ren ZH, Liu ZY, Xiao Z, Xu G, Li X, Wei X, Shen G, Han GR
9773 - 9779 Inhomogeneous optoelectronic and microstructure property distribution across the substrate of ZnO:Al films deposited by room temperature magnetron sputtering
Wang T, Diao XG, Wang X
9780 - 9784 Characterization of high temperature conductive graphite surfaces irradiated with femtosecond laser pulses
Sivakumar M, Tan B, Venkatakrishnan K
9785 - 9790 Surface refinement and electronic properties of graphene layers grown on copper substrate: An XPS, UPS and EELS study
Siokou A, Ravani F, Karakalos S, Frank O, Kalbac M, Galiotis C
9791 - 9795 Effect of structure on the photocatalytic activity of Pt-doped TiO2 nanotubes
Su YL, Deng YR
9796 - 9801 Synthesis of CdS nanocrystals by a microwave activated method and investigation of the photoluminescence and electroluminescence properties
Molaei M, Iranizad ES, Marandi M, Taghavinia N, Amrollahi R
9802 - 9808 Synthesis and characterization of ionic liquid-functionalized alumino-silicate MCM-41 hybrid mesoporous materials
Cai C, Wang H, Han JY
9809 - 9816 Application of bifunctional Saccharomyces cerevisiae to remove lead(II) and cadmium(II) in aqueous solution
Zhang YS, Liu WG, Zhang L, Wang M, Zhao MJ
9817 - 9824 Conducting polymer film-based immunosensors using carbon nanotube/antibodies doped polypyrrole
Tam PD, Hieu NV
9825 - 9829 Study on the preparation and electrical properties of NTC thick film thermistor deposited by supersonic atmospheric plasma spraying
Liang S, Zhang X, Bai Y, Han ZH, Yang JF
9830 - 9835 Thermal relaxation behavior of residual stress in laser hardened 17-4PH steel after shot peening treatment
Wang Z, Chen YH, Jiang CH
9836 - 9839 Surface chemistry of atmospheric plasma modified polycarbonate substrates
Yaghoubi H, Taghavinia N
9840 - 9845 Effects of high hydrogen dilution ratio on optical properties of hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon thin films
Guo LQ, Ding JN, Yang JC, Cheng GG, Ling ZY, Yuan NY
9846 - 9851 Surfactant assisted surface studies of zinc sulfide nanoparticles
Shahi AK, Pandey BK, Swarnkar RK, Gopal R
9852 - 9857 Effect of surface oxidation on the surface condition and deuterium permeability of a palladium membrane
Feng W, Liu Y, Lian LX, Peng LX, Li J
9858 - 9862 Texture evolution of cholesteric liquid crystal driven by a thermal process
Lin HK, Huang YF, Chen AC, Liu PW
9863 - 9871 Plasma surface modification of nanofiltration (NF) thin-film composite (TFC) membranes to improve anti organic fouling
Kim ES, Yu QS, Deng BL
9872 - 9878 Direct imprinting of ordered and dense TiO2 nanopore arrays by using a soft template for photovoltaic applications
Zhong P, Que WX, Hu X
9879 - 9884 Synthesis of [Ru-3(mu(3)-NPh)(Br)(CO)(9)](-) on self-assembled monolayers of di(3-aminopropyl)viologen/ITO surfaces and its application to photoelectrochemical cells
Lee DY, Lee MS, Lim I, Kang SH, Nah YC, Lee W, Han SH
9885 - 9887 Nanoscale resistive random access memory consisting of a NiO nanodot and Au nanowires formed by dip-pen nanolithography
Son JY, Shin YS, Shin YH
9888 - 9894 Hydroxyapatite/polyamide66 porous scaffold with an ethylene vinyl acetate surface layer used for simultaneous substitute and repair of articular cartilage and underlying bone
Luo XB, Zhang L, Morsi Y, Zou Q, Wang YY, Gao SB, Li YB
9895 - 9903 Study on the adsorption behavior of gamma-GPS on low carbon steel surfaces using RA-IR, EIS and AFM
Yang LX, Liu MX, Lei XL, Zhang YX
9904 - 9908 Structure and tribological performance by nitrogen and oxygen plasma based ion implantation on Ti6Al4V alloy
Feng XG, Sun MR, Ma XX, Tang GZ
9909 - 9914 Study of microstructure and nanomechanical properties of Zr films prepared by pulsed magnetron sputtering
Singh A, Kuppusami P, Thirumurugesan R, Ramaseshan R, Kamruddin M, Dash S, Ganesan V, Mohandas E
9915 - 9920 Synthesis surface effects on the stress and deformation of film/substrate system
Shao SS, Xuan FZ, Wang ZD, Tu ST
9921 - 9924 Improvement of the corrosion behavior of low carbon steel by laser surface alloying
Abdolahi B, Shahverdi HR, Torkamany MJ, Emami M
9925 - 9930 A different approach in sample preparation method for metallic contamination study by ToF-SIMS and TXRF
Ferlito EP, Alnabulsi S, Mello D
9931 - 9934 Synthesis and characterization of GaN nanowires by a catalyst assisted chemical vapor deposition
Wei XF, Shi F
9935 - 9940 Laser cleaning of 19th century Congo rattan mats
Carmona N, Oujja M, Roemich H, Castillejo M
9941 - 9945 Dry air effects on the copper oxides sensitive layers formation for ethanol vapor detection
Labidi A, Bejaoui A, Ouali H, Akkari FC, Hajjaji A, Gaidi M, Kanzari M, Bessais B, Maaref M
9946 - 9952 The influence of residual gas on boron carbide thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Jiang H, Zhu JT, Huang QS, Xu J, Wang XQ, Wang ZS, Pfauntsch S, Michette A
9953 - 9959 Nanoindentation measurements on modified diamond-like carbon thin films
Dwivedi N, Kumar S, Malik HK
9960 - 9967 A two-step nanosecond laser surface texturing process with smooth surface finish
Gao YB, Wu BX, Zhou Y, Tao S
9968 - 9976 Laser microstructuring and annealing processes for lithium manganese oxide cathodes
Proll J, Kohler R, Torge M, Ulrich S, Ziebert C, Bruns M, Seifert HJ, Pfleging W
9977 - 9981 Damage performance of TiO2/SiO2 thin film components induced by a long-pulsed laser
Wang B, Dai G, Zhang HC, Ni XW, Shen ZH, Lu J
9982 - 9985 Tribological properties of heat-treated electroless Ni-P coatings on AZ91 alloy
Novak M, Vojtech D, Novak P, Vitu T
9986 - 9990 Plasma-aided hydrogenation and Al-doping: Increasing the conductivity and optical transparency of ZnO transparent conducting oxide
Ong T, Xu L, van der Laan TA, Xu S, Ostrikov K
9991 - 9995 Growth dynamics and thermal stability of Ni nanocrystalline nanowires
Zhou ZF, Pan Y, Zhou YC, Yang L
9996 - 9999 Influence of annealing temperature on morphological and magnetic properties of La0.9Sr0.1MnO3
Shinde KP, Pawar SS, Pawar SH
10000 - 10004 Super-hydrophilic properties of TiO2-DLC nanocomposite films fabricated by the simple electrochemical process
Wan SH, Wang LP, Xue QJ
10005 - 10017 Evolution of steel surface composition with heating in vacuum and in air
Doyle CS, Seal CK, James BJ
10018 - 10021 Effects of Cr doping on physical properties of amorphous In-Ga-Zn-O films
Liu SJ, Su SH, Fang HW, Hsieh JH, Juang JY
10022 - 10030 Investigation of the influence factors of polyethylene molecule encapsulated into carbon nanotubes by molecular dynamics simulation
Li Q, He GF, Zhao RG, Li YF
10031 - 10035 ALD of ZnO using diethylzinc as metal-precursor and oxygen as oxidizing agent
Janocha E, Pettenkofer C
10036 - 10041 Microstructures and optical properties of Cu-doped ZnO films prepared by radio frequency reactive magnetron sputtering
Ma LG, Ma SY, Chen HX, Ai XQ, Huang XL
10042 - 10044 Indium tin oxide sol-gel precursor conversion process using the third harmonics of Nd:YAG laser
Chen JZ, Huang CP, Tseng WH, Cheng IC, Wu CI
10045 - 10051 Structural characterization of supported nanocrystalline ZnO thin films prepared by dip-coating
Casanova JR, Heredia EA, Bojorge CD, Canepa HR, Kellermann G, Craievich AF
10052 - 10055 The influence of Ga source and substrate position on the growth of low dimensional GaN wires by chemical vapour deposition
Low LL, Yam FK, Beh KP, Hassan Z
10056 - 10064 Chemical, electrical and electrochemical characterization of hybrid organic/inorganic polypyrrole/PW12O403- coating deposited on polyester fabrics
Molina J, Fernandez J, del Rio AI, Bonastre J, Cases F
10065 - 10071 Silicon oxynitride thin films synthesised by the reactive gas pulsing process using rectangular pulses
Aubry E, Weber S, Billard A, Martin N
10072 - 10077 Investigations on structural, vibrational, morphological and optical properties of CdS and CdS/Co films by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
Aksay S, Polat M, Ozer T, Kose S, Gurbuz G
10078 - 10083 The effect of heat treatment on the electrochemical corrosion behavior of reactive plasma-sprayed TiN coatings
Zhao XB, Yan DR, Li S, Lu CG
10084 - 10088 Facile synthesis of Nb2O5 nanorod array films and their electrochemical properties
Wen H, Liu ZF, Wang J, Yang QB, Li YX, Yu J
10089 - 10095 Surface characterization of copper, zinc and brass in contact with tap water inhibited with phosphate ions
Yohai L, Schreiner WH, Vazquez M, Valcarce MB
10096 - 10100 Light-induced antifungal activity of TiO2 nanoparticles/ZnO nanowires
Haghighi N, Abdi Y, Haghighi F
10101 - 10108 Influence of zirconium doping on the activities of zirconium and iodine co-doped titanium dioxide in the decolorization of methyl orange under visible light irradiation
Song S, Hong FY, He ZQ, Wang HY, Xu XH, Chen JM
10109 - 10118 Biomineralization of electrospun poly(L-lactic acid)/gelatin composite fibrous scaffold by using a supersaturated simulated body fluid with continuous CO2 bubbling
Cai Q, Xu QQ, Feng QF, Cao XY, Yang XP, Deng XL
10119 - 10125 Defects in the in situ synthesized TiB2/Fe composite coatings during PTA process
Wu DL, Wang XB, Zhang PP, Cai LJ, Sun HL
10126 - 10133 Template-directed hydrothermal synthesis of hydroxyapatite as a drug delivery system for the poorly water-soluble drug carvedilol
Zhao QF, Wang TY, Wang J, Zheng L, Jiang TY, Cheng G, Wang SL
10134 - 10140 Controllable hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO nanowires arrays on Al-doped ZnO seed layer and patterning of ZnO nanowires arrays via surface modification of substrate
Zhang J, Que WX, Jia QY, Ye XD, Ding YC
10141 - 10146 Hydrogen and oxygen plasma enhancement in the Cu electrodeposition and consolidation processes on BDD electrode applied to nitrate reduction
Couto AB, Santos LCD, Matsushima JT, Baldan MR, Ferreira NG
10147 - 10155 Low voltage electron induced cathodoluminescence degradation and surface characterization of Sr-3(PO4)(2):Tb phosphor
Nagpure IM, Pitale SS, Coetsee E, Ntwaeaborwa OM, Terblans JJ, Swart HC
10156 - 10160 Influence of annealing process on conductive properties of Nb-doped TiO2 polycrystalline films prepared by sol-gel method
Liu JM, Zhao XR, Duan LB, Cao MM, Sun HN, Shao JF, Chen SA, Xie HY, Chang X, Chen CL
10161 - 10167 Ceria nanospindles: Template-free solvothermal synthesis and shape-dependent catalytic activity
Zhang DS, Niu FH, Yan TT, Shi LY, Du XJ, Fang JH
10168 - 10171 Growth of beta-FeSi2 thin film on textured silicon substrate for solar cell application
Xu JX, Yao RH, Liu YR
10172 - 10176 Cleaning of SiC surfaces by low temperature ECR microwave hydrogen plasma
Huang LQ, Zhu QZ, Gao MC, Qin FW, Wang DJ
10177 - 10182 Characterization of plasma fluorinated zirconia for dental applications by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Wolter SD, Piascik JR, Stoner BR
10183 - 10187 A green synthetic approach to graphene nanosheets for hydrogen adsorption
Yuan WH, Li BQ, Li L
10188 - 10194 Sphere-like CuGaS2 nanoparticles synthesized by a simple biomolecule-assisted solvothermal route
Zhong JS, Zhao YS, Yang HL, Wang J, Liang XJ, Xiang WD
10195 - 10200 Wear behavior of sintered hexagonal boron nitride under atmosphere and water vapor ambiences
Cao YX, Du LZ, Huang CB, Liu W, Zhang WG
10201 - 10205 Facile synthesis and capacitive performance of the Co(OH)(2) nanostructure via a ball-milling method
Gong LY, Su LH
10206 - 10210 Ferromagnetism induced by intrinsic defects and nitrogen substitution in SnO2 nanotube
Zhang YJ, Liu H, Qin HW, Hu JF
10211 - 10217 Fabrication of Ni-P/palygorskite core-shell linear powder via electroless deposition
Zhou SM, Wang L, Shen SM
10218 - 10223 Synthesis of magnetic and lightweight hollow microspheres/polyaniline/Fe3O4 composite in one-step method
Sun L, Li Q, Wang W, Pang JF, Zhai JP
10224 - 10232 Cycle oxidation behavior of nanostructured Ni60-TiB2 composite coating sprayed by HVOF technique
Wu YS, Qiu WQ, Yu HY, Zhong XC, Liu ZW, Zeng DC, Li SZ
10233 - 10238 Deposition of ZnO multilayer on LiNbO3 single crystals by DC-magnetron sputtering
Shirazi M, Hosseinnejad MT, Zendehnam A, Ghorannevis Z, Ghoranneviss M
10239 - 10245 Effects of argon plasma treatment on the interfacial adhesion of PBO fiber/bismaleimide composite and aging behaviors
Liu D, Chen P, Chen MX, Yu Q, Lu C
10246 - 10253 Improving the tribological performances of graphite-like carbon films on Si3N4 and SiC by using Si interlayers
Wang YX, Wang LP, Xue QJ
10254 - 10260 Annealing improves tribological property of poly(octadecene-alt-maleic anhydride) self-assembled film
Song SY, Liu L, Zhang JY
10261 - 10266 One-pot, efficient functionalization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with diamines by microwave method
Amiri A, Maghrebi M, Baniadam M, Heris SZ
10267 - 10272 Microstructure and tribological behaviors of Ti6Al4V alloy treated by plasma Ni alloying
Wang ZX, He ZY, Wang YQ, Liu XP, Tang B
10273 - 10281 Preparation and high-temperature properties of Au nano-particles doped alpha-Al2O3 composite coating on TiAl-based alloy
Ma XX, He YD, Wang DR
10282 - 10288 Atmospheric reactive plasma sprayed Fe-Al2O3-FeAl2O4 composite coating and its property evaluation
Zhu L, He JN, Yan DR, Dong YC, Zhang JX, Li XZ, Liao HL
10289 - 10293 Synthesis, characterization, growth mechanism, photoluminescence and field emission properties of novel dandelion-like gallium nitride
Nabi G, Cao CB, Khan WS, Hussain S, Usman Z, Safdar M, Shah SH, Khattak NAD
10294 - 10299 Study of deposition patterns of plating layers in SiC/Cu composites by electro-brush plating
Li XL, Wang XB, Gao R, Sun L
10300 - 10305 Intricate photocatalytic decomposition behavior of gaseous methanol with nanocrystalline tungsten trioxide films in high vacuum
Sadale SB, Noda K, Kobayashi K, Matsushige K
10306 - 10310 A comparative study of thermionic emission from vertically grown carbon nanotubes and tungsten cathodes
Kolekar SK, Patole SP, Alegaonkar PS, Yoo JB, Dharmadhikari CV
10311 - 10313 Zirconium-assisted reaction in low temperature atomic layer deposition using Bis(ethyl-methyl-amino)silane and water
Won SJ, Kim JR, Suh S, Choi YJ, Kim HJ
10314 - 10316 Growth of MgxZn1-xO films using remote plasma MOCVD (vol 244, pg 385, 2005)
Nakamura A, Ishihara J, Shigemori S, Aoki T, Temmyo J