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Applied Surface Science, Vol.257, No.22 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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9233 - 9236 Raman scattering and room temperature ferromagnetism in Co-doped SrTiO3 particles
Yao DS, Zhou XY, Ge SH
9237 - 9242 Investigation of chemical bath deposition of CdO thin films using three different complexing agents
Khallaf H, Chen CT, Chang LB, Lupan O, Dutta A, Heinrich H, Shenouda A, Chow L
9243 - 9250 Scratch direction and threshold force in nanoscale scratching using atomic force microscopes
Tseng AA, Kuo CFJ, Jou S, Nishimura S, Shirakashi J
9251 - 9259 Microstructure and surface mechanical properties of pulse electrodeposited nickel
Ul-Hamid A, Dafalla H, Quddus A, Saricimen H, Al-Hadhrami LM
9260 - 9263 Evolution of SiGe nanoclusters and micro defects in the Si1-xGex layer fabricated by two-step ion implantation and subsequent thermal annealing
Xu WT, Tu HL, Xiao QH, Chang Q, Li ZF, Liu DL
9264 - 9268 Micropatterning and transferring of polymeric semiconductor thin films by hot lift-off and polymer bonding lithography in fabrication of organic field effect transistors (OFETs) on flexible substrate
Yu XH, Wang Z, Yu SY, Ma DG, Han YC
9269 - 9276 Pulsed laser ablation of zinc selenide in nitrogen ambience: Formation of zinc nitride films
Simi S, Navas I, Vinodkumar R, Chalana SR, Gangrade M, Ganesan V, Pillai VPM
9277 - 9281 Study on changes in the structure of HfSiO and HfSiON dielectrics with different annealing temperature by photoelectron spectroscopy
Yang XM, Yu T, Wu XM, Zhuge LJ, Ge SB, He JJ
9282 - 9286 COOH-functionalisation of silica particles
Majewski P, Albrecht T, Weber S
9287 - 9292 Characterization of self-assembled decyl bis phosphonate-Collagen layers on titanium by QCM-D and osteoblast-compatibility
Ni YX, Liu ZY, Gao WL, Qu SX, Weng J, Feng B
9293 - 9298 Structural, optical and magnetic properties of Cr doped ZnO microrods prepared by spray pyrolysis method
Yilmaz S, Parlak M, Ozcan S, Altunbas M, McGlynn E, Bacaksiz E
9299 - 9305 Effects of thermal treatment on femtosecond laser fabricated diffraction gratings in polystyrene
Deepak KLN, Rao SV, Rao DN
9306 - 9313 Influence of substrate crystallography on the room temperature synthesis of AlN thin films by reactive sputtering
Iriarte GF, Reyes DF, Gonzalez D, Rodriguez JG, Garcia R, Calle F
9314 - 9317 Casting mold patterning for lateral capillary force migration on PDMS microchannel
Yong-Hoon K, Urisu T
9318 - 9322 Effect of growth time on the structure, Raman shift and photoluminescence of Al and Sb codoped ZnO nanorod ordered array thin films
Zhong WW, Liu FM, Cai LG, Liu XQ, Li Y
9323 - 9328 Synthesis and characterization of beta-Ga2O3 nanostructures grown on GaAs substrates
Jangir R, Ganguli T, Tiwari P, Porwal S, Srivastava H, Rai SK, Khattak BQ, Oak SM
9329 - 9334 Structural stabilities and diffusion of small Fe clusters on Fe (110) surface: A molecular dynamics study
Wang CQ, Zhang YS, Jia Y
9335 - 9346 Characterization of silane layers on modified stainless steel surfaces and related stainless steel-plastic hybrids
Honkanen M, Hoikkanen M, Vippola M, Vuorinen J, Lepisto T, Jussila P, Ali-Loytty H, Lampimaki M, Valden M
9347 - 9350 Controlled Cu content of electrodeposited CoCu nanowires through pulse features and investigations of microstructures and magnetic properties
Kashi MA, Ramazani A, Najafabadi FA, Heydari Z
9351 - 9354 Thermal stability and electrical characteristics of NiSi films with electroplated Ni(W) alloy
Xin YH, Hu AM, Li M, Mao DL
9355 - 9361 (Mo plus N) codoped TiO2 for enhanced visible-light photoactivity
Liu HL, Lu ZH, Yue L, Liu J, Gan ZH, Shu C, Zhang T, Shi J, Xiong R
9362 - 9365 Fabrication of a superhydrophobic surface on a wood substrate
Wang SL, Shi JY, Liu CY, Xie C, Wang CY
9366 - 9370 Successful incorporation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in nickel electrodeposited coating by electrophoresis
Khabazian S, Sanjabi S
9371 - 9376 Composite coating of 58S bioglass and hydroxyapatite on a poly (ethylene terepthalate) artificial ligament graft for the graft osseointegration in a bone tunnel
Li H, Wu Y, Ge YS, Jiang J, Gao K, Zhang PY, Wu LX, Chen SY
9377 - 9381 Thermodynamic parameters of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+delta thin film prepared by molecular beam epitaxy
Zhang BS, Qi Y
9382 - 9385 Stable organic solar cells employing MoO3-doped copper phthalocyanine as buffer layer
Cao GH, Li LS, Guan M, Zhao J, Li YY, Zeng YP
9386 - 9389 Effect of molecular structure on bias stress effect in organic thin-film transistors
Diallo AK, Fages F, Serein-Spirau F, Lere-porte JP, Videlot-Ackermann C
9390 - 9396 Electrochemical DNA biosensor based on avidin-biotin conjugation for influenza virus (type A) detection
Chung DJ, Kim KC, Choi SH
9397 - 9402 Synthesis and characterization of Fe3O4@C@Ag nanocomposites and their antibacterial performance
Xia HQ, Cui B, Zhou JH, Zhang LL, Zhang J, Guo XH, Guo HL
9403 - 9406 Quality improvement of single-walled carbon nanotubes by doping B in Fe/MgO catalyst
Liu YF, Pan Y, Chi WD, Shen ZM
9407 - 9413 Chitosan cushioned phospholipid membrane and its application in imaging ellipsometry based-biosensor
Zhang YB, Chen YY, Jin G
9414 - 9419 Accurate depth profiling of dry oxidized SiGeC thin films by extended Full Spectrum ToF-SIMS
Py M, Saracco E, Damlencourt JF, Barnes JP, Fabbri JM, Hartmann JM
9420 - 9424 Atomic layer deposition coating of ZnO shell for GaN-ZnO core-sheath heteronanowires
Kim HW, Yang JC, Na HG, Lee C
9425 - 9434 Fabrication, characterization and some applications of graded chiral zigzag shaped nano-sculptured silver thin films
Savaloni H, Esfandiar A
9435 - 9443 Vermiculite decorated with copper nanoparticles: Novel antibacterial hybrid material
Drelich J, Li BW, Bowen P, Hwang JY, Mills O, Hoffman D
9444 - 9450 Swelling assisted photografting of itaconic acid onto sodium alginate membranes
Taskin G, Sanli O, Asman G
9451 - 9454 Enhanced water vapor barrier properties for biopolymer films by polyelectrolyte multilayer and atomic layer deposited Al2O3 double-coating
Hirvikorpi T, Vaha-Nissi M, Harlin A, Salomaki M, Areva S, Korhonen JT, Karppinen M
9455 - 9460 A first-principles study of C plus O reaction on NiCo(111) surface
Liu HY, Zhang RG, Ding FY, Yan RX, Wang BJ, Xie KC
9461 - 9465 Electrical properties of vacuum-annealed titanium-doped indium oxide films
Yan LT, Rath JK, Schropp REI
9466 - 9472 Effect of oxygen surface groups on adsorption of benzene derivatives from aqueous solutions onto active carbon samples
Derylo-Marczewska A, Buczek B, Swiatkowski A
9473 - 9479 Photoactivated surface grafting from PVDF surfaces
Berthelot T, Le XT, Jegou P, Viel P, Boizot B, Baudin C, Palacin S
9480 - 9484 CdS thin films growth by fast evaporation with substrate rotation
Castro-Rodriguez R, Mendez-Gamboa J, Perez-Quintana I, Medina-Ezquivel R
9485 - 9489 Mg diffusion in K(Ta0.65Nb0.35)O-3 thin films grown on MgO evidenced by Auger electron spectroscopy investigation
Simon Q, Bouquet V, Demange V, Deputier S, Wyczisk F, Garry G, Ziaie A, Guilloux-Viry M
9490 - 9497 Electron transfer behavior at polyoxometalate-adsorbed alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers
Chu Y, Kim J, Choi S, Rhee CK, Kim J
9498 - 9502 Chemical synthesis of nanocrystalline SnO2 thin films for supercapacitor application
Pusawale SN, Deshmukh PR, Lokhande CD
9503 - 9506 Formation mechanism of Si(100) surface morphology in alkaline fluoride solutions
Chu QM, Liu X, Zhang PX, Dai YNA
9507 - 9514 Effect of fabrication parameters on morphological and optical properties of highly doped p-porous silicon
Zare M, Shokrollahi A, Seraji FE
9515 - 9518 Synthesis and characterization of Cr doped CdS nanoparticles stabilized with polyvinylpyrrolidone
Kumar KS, Divya A, Reddy PS
9519 - 9524 Soot capture and combustion for perovskite La-Mn-O based catalysts coated on honeycomb ceramic in practical diesel exhaust
Li L, Shen XQ, Wang P, Meng XF, Song FZ
9525 - 9531 Tuning the hydrophobicity of ZSM-5 zeolites by surface silanization using alkyltrichlorosilane
Han XL, Wang L, Li JD, Zhan X, Chen J, Yang JC
9532 - 9538 Cold flame-sprayed and oil-impregnated porous metallic coatings
Kalacska G, Fazekas L, Keresztes R, Toth A, Szepvolgyi J
9539 - 9545 Lactic acid aided electrochemical deposition of c-axis preferred orientation of zinc oxide thin films: Structural and morphological features
Whang TJ, Hsieh MT, Tsai JM, Lee SJ
9546 - 9554 CTAB assisted growth and characterization of nanocrystalline CuO films by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis technique
Singh I, Kaur G, Bedi RK
9555 - 9561 Preparation of silicate tungsten bronzes on aluminum by plasma electrolytic oxidation process in 12-tungstosilicic acid
Petkovic M, Stojadinovic S, Vasilic R, Belca I, Nedic Z, Kasalica B, Mioc UB
9562 - 9567 Improvement of surface wettability and interfacial adhesion of poly-(p-phenylene terephthalamide) by incorporation of the polyamide benzimidazole segment
Cai RQ, Peng T, Wang FD, Ye GD, Xu JJ
9568 - 9573 Structural and optical properties of RF magnetron sputtered aluminum nitride films without external substrate heating
Singh AV, Chandra S, Srivastava AK, Chakroborty BR, Sehgal G, Dalai MK, Bose G
9574 - 9577 Rapid synthesis and luminescence of the Eu3+, Er3+ codoped ZnO quantum-dot chain via chemical precipitation method
Lang JH, Li X, Yang JH, Yang LL, Zhang YJ, Yan YS, Han Q, Wei MB, Gao M, Liu XY, Wang R
9578 - 9582 Photoluminescence of Si from Si nanocrystal-doped SiO2/Si multilayered sample
Ren Y, Chen YB, Zhang M, Zhu J, Zhang XW, Zhao YY, Lu M
9583 - 9586 Investigation on microstructure and properties of CrAlN/AlON nanomultilayers
Zheng KP, Liu P, Li W, Ma FC, Liu XK, Chen XH
9587 - 9594 Combined XPS and contact angle studies of ethylene vinyl acetate and polyvinyl acetate blends
Ucar IO, Doganci MD, Cansoy CE, Erbil HY, Avramova I, Suzer S
9595 - 9599 High-performance UV detector based on Ga-doped zinc oxide thin films
Shinde SS, Rajpure KY
9600 - 9605 Lead-free ferroelectric BaTiO3 doped-(Na0.5Bi0.5)TiO3 thin films processed by pulsed laser deposition technique
Dragoi C, Cernea M, Trupina L
9606 - 9611 Electrochromic and electrochemical properties of amorphous porous nickel hydroxide thin films
Inamdar AI, Sonavane AC, Pawar SM, Kim Y, Kim JH, Patil PS, Jung W, Im H, Kim DY, Kim H
9612 - 9615 Anti-reflective and hydrophobic surface of self-organized GaN nano-flowers
Dhamodaran S, Chander DS, Ramkumar J
9616 - 9620 Improving the conductivity of diamond-like carbon films with zinc doping and its material properties
Wong H, Foong YM, Chua DHC
9621 - 9625 Novel fabrication of net-like and flake-like Fe doped TiO2 thin films
Ren FJ, He K, Ling YH, Feng JY
9626 - 9630 Copper-induced crystallization of sputtered silicon on ZnO:Al substrate and the textured interface for light trapping
Zhao Y, Wang J, Hu Q, Zhu D, Li DJ
9631 - 9638 New insights on contact angle/roughness dependence on high surface energy materials
Giljean S, Bigerelle M, Anselme K, Haidara H
9639 - 9642 Effect of the heat treatment on the infrared emissivity of indium tin oxide (ITO) films
Sun KW, Zhou WC, Tang XF, Huang ZB, Lou F, Zhu DM
9643 - 9648 Preparation and characterization of the electrodeposited Cr-Al2O3/SiC composite coating
Gao JF, Suo JP
9649 - 9653 Enhancement of electron field emission by carbon coating on vertically aligned Si nanowires
Das NS, Banerjee D, Chattopadhyay KK
9654 - 9660 Effect of interface layer on growth behavior of atomic-layer-deposited Ir thin film as novel Cu diffusion barrier
Choi BH, Lee JH, Lee HK, Kim JH
9661 - 9672 Synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles using surfactant free in-air and microwave method
Sharma D, Sharma S, Kaith BS, Rajput J, Kaur M
9673 - 9677 Thermally switchable thin films of an ABC triblock copolymer of poly(n-butyl methacrylate)-poly(methyl methacrylate)-poly(2-fluoroethyl methacrylate)
Zhang SJ, Liu Z, Bucknall DG, He LH, Hong KL, Mays JW, Allen MG
9678 - 9681 Hydrothermal synthesis and ferromagnetism of CuO nanosheets
Zhao JG, Liu SJ, Yang SH, Yang SG
9682 - 9688 Molybdenum thin film deposited by in-line DC magnetron sputtering as a back contact for Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 solar cells
Li ZH, Cho ES, Kwon SJ