Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.257, No.21 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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8755 - 8761 Optical and hydrophobic properties of co-sputtered chromium and titanium oxynitride films
Rawal SK, Chawla AK, Jayaganthan R, Chandra R
8762 - 8766 Photoluminescence and magnetic properties of Fe-doped ZnS nano-particles synthesized by chemical co-precipitation
Nie EY, Liu DL, Zhang YS, Bai X, Yi L, Jin Y, Jiao ZF, Sun XS
8767 - 8771 First principles study of Si etching by CHF3 plasma source
Wang WC, Cha PR, Lee SH, Kim G, Kim MJ, Cho K
8772 - 8777 In vitro degradation of AZ31 magnesium alloy coated with nano TiO2 film by sol-gel method
Hua JH, Zhang CL, Cui BH, Bai KF, Guan SK, Wang LG, Zhu SJ
8778 - 8783 Synthesis and characterization of TiO2/Fe2O3 core-shell nanocomposition film and their photoelectrochemical property
Zhao H, Fu WY, Yang HB, Xu Y, Zhao WY, Zhang YY, Chen H, Jing Q, Qi XF, Cao J, Zhou XM, Li YX
8784 - 8787 Improving the photoluminescence properties of self-assembled InAs surface quantum dots by incorporation of antimony
Chiang CH, Wu YH, Hsieh MC, Yang CH, Wang JF, Chen RCC, Chang L, Chen JF
8788 - 8793 Enhancement of the ultraviolet emission of ZnO nanorods by terphenyl liquid-crystalline ligands modification
Chen W, Li F, Chen YW, Yuan K, Chen L
8794 - 8797 Resistless patterning of a chlorine monolayer on a Si(001) surface with an electron beam
Jeon C, Hwang HN, Shin HJ, Park CY, Hwang CC
8798 - 8812 Wettability and osteoblast cell response modulation through UV laser processing of nylon 6,6
Waugh DG, Lawrence J
8813 - 8819 The effect of laser patterning parameters on fluorine-doped tin oxide films deposited on glass substrates
Tseng SF, Hsiao WT, Huang KC, Chiang DY
8820 - 8823 Nanoembossing and piezoelectricity of ferroelectric Pb(Zr-0.3,Ti-0.7)O-3 nanowire arrays
Shen ZK, Chen ZH, Li H, Qu XP, Chen Y, Liu R
8824 - 8827 The study of optimal oxidation time and different temperatures for high quality VO2 thin film based on the sputtering oxidation coupling method
Xu XF, He XF, Wang G, Yuan XL, Liu XX, Huang HY, Yao S, Xing HZ, Chen XS, Chu JH
8828 - 8835 Amphiphobicity of polyvinylidene fluoride porous films after atmospheric pressure plasma intermittent etching
Liu XY, Choi HS, Park BR, Lee HK
8836 - 8839 A potential green-emitting phosphor Ca8Mg(SiO4)(4)Cl-2:Eu2+ for white light emitting diodes prepared by sol-gel method
Guo CF, Li M, Xu Y, Li T, Ren ZY, Bai JT
8840 - 8845 Morphology-control of VO2 (B) nanostructures in hydrothermal synthesis and their field emission properties
Yin HH, Yu K, Zhang ZL, Zhu ZQ
8846 - 8849 The testing of stress-sensitivity in heteroepitaxy GaN/Si by Raman spectroscopy
Tang JJ, Liang T, Shi WL, Zhang QQ, Wang Y, Liu J, Xiong JJ
8850 - 8856 The potential use of nanosilver-decorated titanium dioxide nanofibers for toxin decomposition with antimicrobial and self-cleaning properties
Srisitthiratkul C, Pongsorrarith V, Intasanta N
8857 - 8863 A comparative study of droplet impact dynamics on a dual-scaled superhydrophobic surface and lotus leaf
Chen LQ, Xiao ZY, Chan PCH, Lee YK, Li ZG
8864 - 8870 The sputtering properties of artificial polymorphic AB binary compound crystals
Karolewski MA
8871 - 8875 The effect of Co ion implantation on Ge1-xMnx films
Gao WX, Wang L, Hou DL, Hu YC, Zhang Q, Ma L, Zhen CM
8876 - 8882 Effect of Ar+ irradiation on the electrical conductivity of BaCe0.9Y0.1O3-delta
Kim JH, Choi H, Shikama T
8883 - 8886 Laser-induced swelling of transparent glasses
Logunov S, Dickinson J, Grzybowski R, Harvey D, Streltsov A
8887 - 8893 Nanomechanical characteristics of annealed Si/SiGe superlattices
Wu MJ, Wen HC, Wu SC, Yang PF, Lai YS, Hsu WK, Wu WF, Chou CP
8894 - 8900 Experimental investigations and DICTRA simulations on formation of diffusion-controlled fcc-rich surface layers on cemented carbides
Garcia J, Prat O
8901 - 8905 Boron-doped nanocrystalline silicon thin films for solar cells
Fathi E, Vygranenko Y, Vieira M, Sazonov A
8906 - 8911 Surface micro-texturing of metallic cylindrical surface with proximity rolling-exposure lithography and electrochemical micromachining
Hao XQ, Wang L, Wang QD, Guo FL, Tang YP, Ding YC, Lu BH
8912 - 8922 Analysis of relative pressure range influence on the identification quality during computer identification of adsorption system parameters by employing the new multilayer adsorption models
Kwiatkowski M
8923 - 8928 Preparation and characterization of nanocrystalline ITO thin films on glass and clay substrates by ion-beam sputter deposition method
Venkatachalam S, Nanjo H, Kawasaki K, Wakui Y, Hayashi H, Ebina T
8929 - 8936 Zn-ZrO2 nanocomposite coatings: Elecrodeposition and evaluation of corrosion resistance
Vathsala K, Venkatesha TV
8937 - 8944 VO2-WO3 nanocomposite thin films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition techniqe
Kaushal A, Choudhary N, Kaur N, Kaur D
8945 - 8949 The study on porosity and thermophysical properties of nanostructured La2Zr2O7 coatings
Wang XY, Zhu YP, Du LZ, Zhang WG
8950 - 8954 Fabrication and characterization of graphene oxide/zinc oxide nanorods hybrid
Yang Y, Liu TX
8955 - 8964 CH4 dissociation on NiCo (111) surface: A first-principles study
Liu HY, Zhang RG, Yan RX, Wang BJ, Xie KC
8965 - 8973 Synthesis, characterization and degradation of Bisphenol A using Pr, N co-doped TiO2 with highly visible light activity
Yang J, Dai J, Li JT
8974 - 8980 Synthesis and magnetic properties of ordered barium ferrite nanowire arrays in AAO template
Li YQ, Huang Y, Yan L, Qi SH, Miao L, Wang Y, Wang QF
8981 - 8984 Effect of precursors on the growth of carbon filaments onto clay surface
Fu HK, Du M, Zheng Q
8985 - 8992 Experimental and theoretical evaluation of wettability on micro/nano hierarchically engineered surfaces based on robust micro-post-arrayed-and highly ordered nano-rippled-structures
Kim DH, Kim Y, Hwang SH, Bang YS, Cho CR, Kim YK, Kim JM
8993 - 8997 Impedance spectroscopy of undoped and Cr-doped ZnO gas sensors under different oxygen concentrations
Al-Hardan N, Abdullah MJ, Aziz AA
8998 - 9001 Resistive hysteresis and capacitance effect in NiFe2O4/SrTiO3: Nb(1 wt%) junctions
Jin C, Jiang EY, Bai HL
9002 - 9007 Surface modification of calcium fluoro and hydroxyapatite by 1-octylphosphonic dichloride
Aissa A, Agougui H, Debbabi M
9008 - 9013 A general sonochemical approach to rapid synthesis of 1D single-crystalline MSn(OH)(6) (M = Ba, Ca, Sr) nanostructures
Hu XY, Lv G, Jia ZY, Jiang J, Xiao T, Yuan M, Tang YW
9014 - 9018 Synthesis of alpha-Fe2O3 nanobelts and nanoflakes by thermal oxidation and study to their magnetic properties
Su XH, Yu CS, Qiang CW
9019 - 9023 Effects of cooling rate and post-heat treatment on properties of ZnO thin films deposited by sol-gel method
Kim MS, Yim KG, Lee DY, Kim JS, Kim JS, Son JS, Leem JY
9024 - 9032 Mechanochemically conjugated PMHS/nano-SiO2 hybrid and subsequent optimum grafting density study
Lin JB, Chen HL, Yuan YB, Ji Y
9033 - 9037 Microstructural characterization of Ti-C-N thin films prepared by reactive crossed beam pulsed laser deposition
Escobar-Alarcon L, Medina V, Camps E, Romero S, Fernandez M, Solis-Casados D
9038 - 9043 Growth and annealing of zinc-blende CdSe thin films on GaAs (001) by molecular beam epitaxy
Yang QM, Zhao J, Guan M, Liu C, Cui LJ, Han DJ, Zeng YP
9044 - 9055 Nano-structural characteristics and optical properties of silver chiral nano-flower sculptured thin films
Savaloni H, Haydari-Nasab F, Malmir M
9056 - 9062 A facile and flexible process of beta-cyclodextrin grafted on Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles and host-guest inclusion studies
Zhu J, He J, Du XY, Lu RH, Huang LZ, Ge X
9063 - 9067 Structural and electrochemical properties of polythiophene
Senthilkumar B, Thenamirtham P, Selvan RK
9068 - 9072 Investigation on the effect of Zr doping in ZnO thin films by spray pyrolysis
Gokulakrishnan V, Parthiban S, Jeganathan K, Ramamurthi K
9073 - 9081 Abrasive wear under multiscratching of polystyrene plus single-walled carbon nanotube nanocomposites. Effect of sliding direction and modification by ionic liquid
Bermudez MD, Carrion FJ, Espejo C, Martinez-Lopez E, Sanes J
9082 - 9085 Carbon nanosheets by microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition in CH4-Ar system
Wang ZP, Shoji M, Ogata H
9086 - 9093 Enhanced in vitro biocompatibility of ultrafine-grained biomedical NiTi alloy with microporous surface
Zheng CY, Nie FL, Zheng YF, Cheng Y, Wei SC, Valiev RZ
9094 - 9102 Tailoring nickel coatings via electrodeposition from a eutectic-based ionic liquid doped with nicotinic acid
Yang HY, Guo XW, Birbilis N, Wu GH, Ding WJ
9103 - 9109 Sol-gel synthesis, characterization and optical properties of mercury-doped TiO2 thin films deposited on ITO glass substrates
Mechiakh R, Ben Sedrine N, Chtourou R
9110 - 9119 XPS, XRD and SEM characterization of a thin ceria layer deposited onto graphite electrode for application in lithium-ion batteries
Swiatowska J, Lair V, Pereira-Nabais C, Cote G, Marcus P, Chagnes A
9120 - 9124 Preparation and characterization of CrNxOy thin films: The effect of composition and structural features on the electrical behavior
Arvinte R, Borges J, Sousa RE, Munteanu D, Barradas NP, Alves E, Vaz F, Marques L
9125 - 9128 Thermal shock induced nanocrack as high efficiency surface conduction electron emitter
Chen BD, Liu HZ, Wang HT, Fan F, Wang L, Ding YC, Lu BH
9129 - 9134 Morphological and optical properties changes in nanocrystalline Si (nc-Si) deposited on porous aluminum nanostructures by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition for Solar energy applications
Ghrib M, Gaidi M, Ghrib T, Khedher N, Ben Salam M, Ezzaouia H
9135 - 9141 Corrosion and wear properties of PEO coatings formed on AM60B alloy in NaAlO2 electrolytes
Li XJ, Liu XY, Luan BL
9142 - 9151 Preparation of organic/inorganic hybrid nanocomposites by ultraviolet irradiation and their packaging applications for organic optoelectronic devices
Chung MH, Lin JS, Hsieh TE, Chen NP, Juang FS, Chen CM, Liu LC
9152 - 9157 Tunable wettability of carbon nanotube/poly (epsilon-caprolactone) hybrid films
Wang CF, Liao CS, Kuo SW, Lin HC
9158 - 9163 An undercutting model of atomic oxygen for multilayer silica/alumina films fabricated by plasma immersion implantation and deposition on polyimide
Huang YX, Tian XB, Lv SX, Yang SQ, Fu RKY, Chu PK, Leng JS, Li Y
9164 - 9168 Modifying the TiAlZr biomaterial surface with coating, for a better anticorrosive and antibacterial performance
Ionita D, Grecu M, Ungureanu C, Demetrescu I
9169 - 9176 Catalytic performance and characterization of Ni-CaO-ZrO2 catalysts for dry reforming of methane
Sun NN, Wen X, Wang F, Peng WC, Zhao N, Xiao FK, Wei W, Sun YH, Kang JT
9177 - 9182 Insight into the thermionic emission regimes under gold film thermal relaxation excited by a femtosecond pulse
Du GQ, Yang Q, Chen F, Si JH, Hou X
9183 - 9187 Microstructural evolution upon annealing in Ar-implanted Si
Li BS, Zhang CH, Yang YT, Zhang LQ, Xu CL
9188 - 9192 Synthesis and analysis of silicon nanowire below Si-Au eutectic temperatures using very high frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Hamidinezhad H, Wahab Y, Othaman Z, Ismail A
9193 - 9198 Nitrogen doping effects on the structure of graphene
Geng DS, Yang SL, Zhang Y, Yang JL, Liu J, Li RY, Sham TK, Sun XL, Ye SY, Knights S
9199 - 9206 Structural effects of C-60(+) bombardment on various natural mineral samples-Application to analysis of organic phases in geological samples
Siljestrom S, Lausmaa J, Hode T, Sundin M, Sjovall P
9207 - 9212 Optimum packing density and crystal structure of tin-doped indium oxide thin films for high-temperature annealing processes
Kato K, Omoto H, Tomioka T, Takamatsu A
9213 - 9220 Electrodeposition of high corrosion resistance Cu/Ni-P coating on AZ91D magnesium alloy
Zhang S, Cao FH, Chang LR, Zheng JJ, Zhang Z, Zhang JQ, Cao CA
9221 - 9225 Characterization and activity of visible-light-driven TiO2 photocatalyst codoped with lanthanum and iodine
Li L, Zhuang HS, Bu D
9226 - 9231 Preparation and photocatalytic property of CeO2 lamellar
Chen FJ, Cao YL, Jia DZ