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Applied Surface Science, Vol.257, No.20 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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8301 - 8306 Synthesis and characterization of TiO2/Ag/polymer ternary nanoparticles via surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization
Park JT, Koh JH, Seo JA, Cho YS, Kim JH
8307 - 8310 Influence of inserting AlN between AlSiON and 4H-SiC interface for the MIS structure
Komatsu N, Satoh T, Honjo M, Futatuki T, Masumoto K, Kimura C, Aoki H
8311 - 8316 Electrodeposition of nanocrystalline Zn-Ni alloy from alkaline glycinate bath containing saccharin as additive
Mosavat SH, Bahrololoom ME, Shariat MH
8317 - 8325 Synthesis and characterization of polypyrrole/Sn-doped TiO2 nanocomposites (NCs) as a protective pigment
Mahmoudian MR, Basirun WJ, Alias Y, Ebadi M
8326 - 8329 Effect of structure variation on thermal conductivity of hydrogenated silicon film
Li SB, Jiang YD, Wu ZM, Wu J, Ying ZH, Wang ZM, Li W, Salamo GJ
8330 - 8333 Optical properties of p-type CuAlO2 thin film grown by rf magnetron sputtering
Fang M, He HP, Lu B, Zhang WG, Zhao BH, Ye ZZ, Huang JY
8334 - 8340 On single doping and co-doping of spray pyrolysed ZnO films: Structural, electrical and optical characterisation
Vimalkumar TV, Poornima N, Jinesh KB, Kartha CS, Vijayakumar KP
8341 - 8349 Investigating the effect of different asphaltene structures on surface topography and wettability alteration
Amin JS, Nikooee E, Ghatee MH, Ayatollahi S, Alamdari A, Sedghamiz T
8350 - 8354 The microstructure and optical properties of crystallized hydrogenated silicon films prepared by very high frequency glow discharge
Wang DS, Yang ZB, Li F, He DY
8355 - 8359 Yellow phosphors coated with TiO2 for the enhancement of photoluminescence and thermal stability
Lee HS, Yoo JW
8360 - 8365 Effects of Cu/In ratio of electrodeposited precursor on post-sulfurization process in fabricating quaternary CuIn(S,Se)(2) thin films
Lai YQ, Kuang SS, Liu FY, Yuan ZX, Zhang ZA, Li Y, Liu J, Wang B, Tang D, Li J, Liu YX
8366 - 8372 Synthesis of Cu-ZnO and C-ZnO nanoneedle arrays on zinc foil by low temperature oxidation route: Effect of buffer layers on growth, optical and field emission properties
Jamali-Sheini F, Patil KR, Joag DS, More MA
8373 - 8377 Trapping and release of citrate-capped gold nanoparticles
Reyes DR, Mijares GI, Nablo B, Briggman KA, Gaitan M
8378 - 8384 Surface modification of PDMS using atmospheric glow discharge polymerization of tetrafluoroethane for immobilization of biomolecules
Anand V, Ghosh S, Ghosh M, Rao GM, Railkar R, Dighe RR
8385 - 8390 Microstructure: Surface and cross-sectional studies of hydroxyapatite formation on the surface of white Portland cement paste in vitro
Chaipanich A, Torkittikul P
8391 - 8395 Effect of calcination temperature on porous titania prepared from industrial titanyl sulfate solution
Tian CX, Yang Y, Pu H
8396 - 8401 ZnO nanoparticles produced by reactive laser ablation
Gafiychuk VV, Ostafiychuk BK, Popovych DI, Popovych ID, Serednytski AS
8402 - 8408 Oxygen adsorption on anatase surfaces and edges
Zhang L, Ji HF, Lei YK, Xiao W
8409 - 8412 Tuning photoresponse through size distribution control of silicon quantum dots
Xu C, Li ZP, Pan W, Shen WZ
8413 - 8419 UV lithography-based protein patterning on silicon: Towards the integration of bioactive surfaces and CMOS electronics
Lenci S, Tedeschi L, Pieri F, Domenici C
8420 - 8426 Surface morphology, growth rate and quality of diamond films synthesized in hot filament CVD system under various methane concentrations
Ali M, Urgen M
8427 - 8432 Fabrication of < 1 1 0 > oriented tungsten nano-tips by field-assisted water etching
Onoda J, Mizuno S
8433 - 8437 Study of methanol oxidation of hydrothermally synthesized PtRuMo on multi wall carbon nanotubes
Kakati N, Maiti J, Oh JY, Yoon YS
8438 - 8442 Extreme wettability due to dendritic copper nanostructure via electrodeposition
Wang P, Zhang D, Qiu R
8443 - 8450 Preparation of polybutylene terephthalate/silica nanocomposites by melt compounding: Evaluation of surface properties
Hajiraissi R, Parvinzadeh M
8451 - 8456 Cotton fabric coated with nano TiO2-acrylate copolymer for photocatalytic self-cleaning by in-situ suspension polymerization
Jiang X, Tian XZ, Gu J, Huang D, Yang YQ
8457 - 8461 Effect of heat treatment on carbon fiber surface properties and fibers/epoxy interfacial adhesion
Dai ZS, Zhang BY, Shi FH, Li M, Zhang ZG, Gu YZ
8462 - 8464 Effects of rubrene mixing on the electronic structures of donor/acceptor interface in organic photovoltaic device
Liu ZT, Wang HB, Yang QD, Ng TW, Lo MF, Wong NB, Lee ST, Lee CS
8465 - 8468 Enhancement of saturation magnetization in Cr-ion implanted silicon by high temperature annealing
Yang S, Zhang WY, Chen JH, Zhou ZP, Ai ZW, Guo LP, Liu CX, Du HL
8469 - 8477 RF-PACVD of water repellent and protective HMDSO coatings on bell metal surfaces: Correlation between discharge parameters and film properties
Choudhury AJ, Barve SA, Chutia J, Pal AR, Kishore R, Jagannath, Pande M, Patil DS
8478 - 8480 Application of ultrasonic wave to clean the surface of the TiO2 nanotubes prepared by the electrochemical anodization
Xu H, Zhang Q, Zheng CL, Yan W, Chu W
8481 - 8485 Fabrication and surface characterization of biomimic superhydrophobic copper surface by solution-immersion and self-assembly
Yin SH, Wu DX, Yang J, Lei SM, Kuang TC, Zhu B
8486 - 8489 The transparence comparison of Ga- and Al-doped ZnO thin films
Li ZZ, Chen ZZ, Huang W, Chang SH, Ma XM
8490 - 8492 Cu2ZnSnSe4 thin films prepared by selenization of co-electroplated Cu-Zn-Sn precursors
Chen ZS, Han L, Wan L, Zhang CH, Niu HH, Xu JZ
8493 - 8499 Improvement of corrosion resistance of NiTi sputtered thin films by anodization
Bayat N, Sanjabi S, Barber ZH
8500 - 8505 Effect of dispersing media on microstructure of electrophoretically deposited TiO2 nanoparticles in dye-sensitized solar cells
Fateminia SMA, Yazdani-Rad R, Ebadzadeh T, Ghashghai S
8506 - 8510 Influence of oxygen partial pressure on the properties of pulsed laser deposited nanocrystalline zirconia thin films
Balakrishnan G, Sairam TN, Kuppusami P, Thiumurugesan R, Mohandas E, Ganesan V, Sastikumar D
8511 - 8517 Effects of Nd:YAG laser irradiation on structural, morphological, cation distribution and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline CoFe2O4
Mane ML, Dhage VN, Sundar R, Ranganathan K, Oak SM, Shengule DR, Jadhav KM
8518 - 8524 Influence of adhesion of silica and ceria abrasive nanoparticles on Chemical-Mechanical Planarization of silica surfaces
Volkov DO, Dandu PRV, Goodman H, Santora B, Sokolov I
8525 - 8528 Development of novel titanium nitride-based decorative coatings by calcium addition
Hodroj A, Pierson JF
8529 - 8534 Investigations on co-evaporated Cu2SnSe3 and Cu2SnSe3-ZnSe thin films
Bhaskar PU, Babu GS, Kumar YBK, Raja VS
8535 - 8541 Effects of O-2 and N-2/H-2 plasma treatments on the neuronal cell growth on single-walled carbon nanotube paper scaffolds
Yoon OJ, Lee HJ, Jang YM, Kim HW, Lee WB, Kim SS, Lee NE
8542 - 8549 Investigation of oxygen states and reactivities on a nanostructured cupric oxide surface
Svintsitskiy DA, Stadnichenko AI, Demidov DV, Koscheev SV, Boronin AI
8550 - 8557 Influence of Ti/TiAlN-multilayer designs on their residual stresses and mechanical properties
Vogli E, Tillmann W, Selvadurai-Lassl U, Fischer G, Herper J
8558 - 8568 Effect of the chemistry and structure of the native oxide surface film on the corrosion properties of commercial AZ31 and AZ61 alloys
Feliu S, Maffiotte C, Samaniego A, Galvan JC, Barranco V
8569 - 8575 Fabrication of superhydrophobic surfaces based on ZnO-PDMS nanocomposite coatings and study of its wetting behaviour
Chakradhar RPS, Kumar VD, Rao JL, Basu BJ
8576 - 8580 Temperature-dependent linear or nonlinear gas sensing characteristics of In2O3 mixed alpha-Fe2O3 nanorods with high sensitivity
Xing LL, Ma CH, Chen ZH, Xue XY
8581 - 8586 A novel method for the synthesis of polystyrene-graft-silica particles using random copolymers based on styrene and triethoxyvinylsilane
Agudelo NA, Perez LD, Lopez BL
8587 - 8593 Enhancement of cells proliferation and control of bioactivity of strontium doped glass
Oudadesse H, Dietrich E, Bui XV, Le Gal Y, Pellen P, Cathelineau G
8594 - 8599 Characterization of the PEDOT:PSS/KDP mixture on a flexible substrates and the use in pressure sensing devices
Silva FAR, Sales MJA, Angelica RS, Maia ER, Ceschin AM
8600 - 8604 Fabrication of tungsten oxide microfibers with photocatalytic activity by electrospunning from PVA/H3PW12O40 gel
Sui CH, Gong J, Cheng TX, Zhou GD, Dong SF
8605 - 8609 Remarkable difference in catalytic performance of an organoamino-functionalized MCM-41-HPA composite with controlled site-isolation and site-aggregation
Chu XF, Le YY, Zhu QJ, Fan KN, Dai WL
8610 - 8616 Preparation and characterization of hexadecyl functionalized magnetic silica nanoparticles and its application in Rhodamine 6G removal
Chang YP, Ren CL, Yang Q, Zhang ZY, Dong LJ, Chen XG, Xue DS
8617 - 8622 Adsorption of Cathepsin B-sensitive peptide conjugated DOX on nanodiamonds
Huang SS, Shao JQ, Gao LF, Qi YZ, Ye L
8623 - 8628 Room temperature growth of InxGa1-xN thin films by mixed source modified activated reactive evaporation
Meher SR, Biju KP, Jain MK
8629 - 8633 A SIMS study on Mg diffusion in Zn0.94Mg0.06O/ZnO heterostructures grown by metal organic chemical vapor deposition
Yang LL, Zhao QX, Xing GZ, Wang DD, Wu T, Willander M, Ivanov I, Yang JH
8634 - 8639 Effect of temperature and pumping power on the photoluminescence properties of type-II CdTe/CdSe core-shell QDs
Saad AM, Bakr MM, Azzouz IM, Abou Kana MTH
8640 - 8646 Surface modification on a glass surface with a combination technique of sol-gel and air brushing processes
Tsai MY, Hsu CC, Chen PH, Lin CS, Chen A
8647 - 8652 Density functional theory study on activity of alpha-Fe2O3 in chemical-looping combustion system
Dong CQ, Sheng SH, Qin W, Lu Q, Zhao Y, Wang XQ, Zhang JJ
8653 - 8658 Comparison of the coating properties and corrosion rates in electroless Ni-P/PTFE composites prepared by different types of surfactants
Mafi IR, Dehghanian C
8659 - 8664 Formation of two ripple modes on Si by ion erosion with simultaneous Fe incorporation
Cornejo M, Ziberi B, Meinecke C, Frost F
8665 - 8674 Molecular dynamics study of interfacial bonding strength of self-assembled monolayer-coated Au-epoxy and Au-Au systems
Cheng HC, Hsu YC, Wu CH, Chen WH
8675 - 8678 Improving p-type contact characteristics by Ni-assisted annealing and effects on surface morphologic evolution of InGaN LED films grown on Si (111)
Wang GX, Xiong CB, Liu JL, Jiang FY
8679 - 8685 Polishing behavior of PS/CeO2 hybrid microspheres with controlled shell thickness on silicon dioxide CMP
Chen Y, Long RW
8686 - 8691 Simple approach to carboxyl-rich materials through low-temperature heat treatment of hydrothermal carbon in air
Chen Z, Ma LJ, Li SQ, Geng JX, Song Q, Liu J, Wang CL, Wang H, Li J, Qin Z, Li SJ
8692 - 8695 Adsorption of formaldehyde on the Fe site of clean and M2+ (Ca2+, Sr2+ and Ba2+) doped LaFeO3 (010) surface
Sun LH, Hu JF, Gao F, Qin HW
8696 - 8701 The effect of geometry and post-annealing on surface acoustic wave characteristics of AlN thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Phan DT, Chung GS
8702 - 8711 Facile method of fabricating Sn nanoparticle monolayer using solid-supported liquid-crystalline phospholipid membrane
An HH, Kim JH, Lee SJ, Han WB, Lee JH, Kim HS, Suh SH, Yoon IT, Shon Y, Yoon CS
8712 - 8717 Enhanced formation of periodic arrays of low-resistivity NiSi nanocontacts on (001)Si0.7Ge0.3 by nanosphere lithography with a thin interposing Si layer
Cheng SL, Zhan CY, Lee SW, Chen H
8718 - 8721 Characteristics of high Al content AlGaN grown by pulsed atomic layer epitaxy
Pan X, Wang XL, Xiao HL, Wang CM, Yang CB, Li W, Wang WY, Jin P, Wang ZG
8722 - 8727 Synthesis and microstructure observation of titanium carbonitride nanostructured coatings using reactive plasma spraying in atmosphere
Zhu L, He JN, Yan DAR, Xiao LS, Dong YC, Zhang JX, Liao HL
8728 - 8731 Effect of substrates and anions of zinc salts on the morphology of ZnO nanostructures
Lin Y, Jiang QF
8732 - 8736 Preparation, characterization, and photocatalytic properties of silver carbonate
Xu CW, Liu YY, Huang BB, Li H, Qin XY, Zhang XY, Dai Y
8737 - 8741 Surface modification of polypropylene with an atmospheric pressure plasma jet sustained in argon and an argon/water vapour mixture
Sarani A, Nikiforov AY, De Geyter N, Morent R, Leys C
8742 - 8746 Influence of surface preparation on CdZnTe nuclear radiation detectors
Zheng Q, Dierre F, Crocco J, Carcelen V, Bensalah H, Plaza JL, Dieguez E
8747 - 8751 In situ X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy characterization of Al2O3/GaSb interface evolution
McDonnell S, Zhernokletov DM, Kirk AP, Kim J, Wallace RM
8752 - 8753 Comment on "Low temperature synthesis wide optical band gap Al and (Al, Na) co-doped ZnO thin films"
Wang MS
8754 - 8754 Response to the comment on "Low temperature synthesis wide optical band gap Al and (Al, Na) co-doped ZnO thin films"
Wang T, Liu YM