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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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7369 - 7374 Effect of laser treatment on the surface of copper alloys
Garbacz H, Fortuna-Zalesna E, Marczak J, Koss A, Zatorska A, Zukowska GZ, Onyszczuk T, Kurzydlowski KJ
7375 - 7380 Microstructure and antibacterial properties of microwave plasma nitrided layers on biomedical stainless steels
Lin LH, Chen SC, Wu CZ, Hung JM, Ou KL
7381 - 7386 Study on highly visible light active Bi-doped TiO2 composite hollow sphere
Xu JJ, Chen MD, Fu DG
7387 - 7393 Influence of crystalline diamond nanoparticles on diamond-like carbon friction behavior
Radi PA, Marciano FR, Lima-Oliveira DA, Santos LV, Corat EJ, Trava-Airoldi VJ
7394 - 7398 Considerable improvement in the stability of solution processed small molecule OLED by annealing
Mao GL, Wu ZX, He Q, Jiao B, Xu GJ, Hou X, Chen ZJ, Gong QH
7399 - 7404 Ellipsometric studies on TiO2 thin films synthesized by spray pyrolysis technique
Sundari ST, Raut NC, Mathews T, Ajikumar PK, Dash S, Tyagi AK, Raj B
7405 - 7410 Novel microstructural growth in the surface of Inconel 625 by the addition of SiC under electron beam melting
Ahmad M, Ali G, Ahmed E, Haq MA, Akhter JI
7411 - 7414 Fabrication of silicon wafer with ultra low reflectance by chemical etching method
Cao YL, Liu AM, Li HH, Liu YT, Qiao F, Hu ZQ, Sang YC
7415 - 7421 Protein photoimmobilizations on the surface of quartz glass simply mediated by benzophenone
Wu X, Tang Q, Liu CL, Li Q, Guo YY, Yang YL, Lv XF, Geng LN, Deng YL
7422 - 7426 Epitaxial growth of uniform NiSi2 layers with atomically flat silicide/Si interface by solid-phase reaction in Ni-P/Si(100) systems
Hsu HF, Chan HY, Chen TH, Wu HY, Cheng SL, Wu FB
7427 - 7431 Structural and magnetic properties of Pt in Co/Pt multilayers
An YK, Duan LS, Liu T, Wu ZH, Liu JW
7432 - 7435 Solution synthesis and optimization of ZnO nanowindmills
Yu LJ, Qu FY, Wu X
7436 - 7442 Layer structure variations of ultra-thin HfO2 films induced by post-deposition annealing
Fu WE, Chang YQ
7443 - 7446 Density functional theory prediction for diffusion of lithium on boron-doped graphene surface
Gao SH, Ren ZY, Wan LJ, Zheng JM, Guo P, Zhou YX
7447 - 7454 Microstructure and mechanical properties of selective laser melted magnesium
Ng CC, Savalani MM, Lau ML, Man HC
7455 - 7460 Surface modification of TA2 pure titanium by low energy high current pulsed electron beam treatments
Gao YK
7461 - 7465 Composition depth profiles of Bi3.15Nd0.85Ti3O12 thin films studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
Zhang ZH, Zhong XL, Liao H, Wang F, Wang JB, Zhou YC
7466 - 7474 Studies on the influence of surface pre-treatments on electroless copper coating of boron carbide particles
Deepa JP, Resmi VG, Rajan TPD, Pavithran C, Pai BC
7475 - 7480 Deformation and fracture of TiN coating on a Si(111) substrate during nanoindentation
An T, Wang LL, Tian HW, Wen M, Zheng WT
7481 - 7485 Electrical and material characterization of tantalum pentoxide (Ta2O5) charge trapping layer memory
Chen H
7486 - 7489 Fabrication and wear protection performance of superhydrophobic surface on zinc
Wan Y, Wang ZQ, Xu Z, Liu CS, Zhang JY
7490 - 7493 Effects of hydrogen treatment on ohmic contacts to p-type GaN films
Huang BR, Chou CH, Ke WC, Chou YL, Tsai CL, Wu MC
7494 - 7500 Facile shape control synthesis and optical properties of silver nanoparticles stabilized by Daxad 19 surfactant
Lah NAC, Johan MR
7501 - 7506 Observation of the mechanisms causing two kinds of undercut during laser hybrid arc welding
Karlsson J, Norman P, Kaplan AFH, Rubin P, Lamas J, Yanez A
7507 - 7515 Ab initio calculation of diffusion barriers for Cu adatom hopping on Cu(100) surface and evolution of atomic configurations
Zhang W, Gan J, Li Q, Gao K, Sun J, Xu N, Ying ZF, Wu JD
7516 - 7520 Effects of different annealing atmospheres on the surface and microstructural properties of ZnO thin films grown on p-Si (100) substrates
Shin JW, No YS, Lee JY, Kim JY, Choi WK, Kim TW
7521 - 7528 In vitro studies of PBT Nonwoven Fabrics adsorbent for the removal of low density lipoprotein from hyperlipemia plasma
Cao Y, Wang H, Yang C, Zhong R, Lei Y, Sun K, Liu JX
7529 - 7533 Chemical bath deposition of Bi2S3 films by a novel deposition system
Gao C, Shen HL, Sun L, Shen Z
7534 - 7538 Tunable surface wettability of ZnO nanorods prepared by two-step method
Lv JG, Zhu JB, Huang K, Meng FM, Song XP, Sun ZQ
7539 - 7544 A theoretical study of thiophenic compounds adsorption on cation-exchanged Y zeolites
Wang LT, Sun ZL, Ding Y, Chen YC, Li Q, Xu M, Li HL, Song LJ
7545 - 7550 Physical and electrochemical study of platinum thin films deposited by sputtering and electrochemical methods
Quinones C, Vallejo W, Mesa F
7551 - 7559 Highly active Ce1-xCuxO2 nanocomposite catalysts for the low temperature oxidation of CO
Mai HL, Zhang DS, Shi LY, Yan TT, Li HR
7560 - 7565 Effect of substrate hardness on the deformation behavior of subsequently incident particles in cold spraying
Yin S, Wang XF, Li WY, Jie HE
7566 - 7572 X-ray standing waves in a multi-trilayer system with linearly varying period
Roy S, Dev BN
7573 - 7578 Effect of H+ ion implantation on structural, morphological, optical and dielectric properties of L-arginine monohydrochloride monohydrate single crystals
Sangeetha K, Babu RR, Kumar P, Bhagvannarayana G, Ramamurthi K
7579 - 7585 Adsorption orientation of sodium of polyaspartic acid effect on anodic films formed on magnesium alloy
Liu YP, Zhang DF, Chen CG, Zhang JG, Cui LB
7586 - 7591 First principles study of small cobalt clusters encapsulated in C-60 and C-82 spherical nanocages
Javan MB, Tajabor N, Rezaee-Roknabadi M, Behdani M
7592 - 7599 Studies and correlation among the structural, electrical and gas response properties of aerosol spray deposited self assembled nanocrystalline CuO
Singh I, Bedi RK
7600 - 7608 Surface modification of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibers via the sequential photoinduced graft polymerization
Li Z, Zhang W, Wang XW, Mai YY, Zhang YM
7609 - 7614 Preparation and microstructure characteristics of low-temperature bainite in surface layer of low carbon gear steel
Zhang P, Zhang FC, Wang TS
7615 - 7620 Electrodeposition and characterization of Ni-Y2O3 composite
Tian LL, Xu JC
7621 - 7626 Electrophoretic deposition of BaTiO3/CoFe2O4 multiferroic composite films
Zhou DX, Jian G, Zheng YN, Gong SP, Shi F
7627 - 7632 The thermal stability of Pt/Ir coated AFM tips for resistive switching measurements
Wojtyniak M, Szot K, Waser R
7633 - 7638 Quantification of oxygenated species on a diamond-like carbon (DLC) surface
Yang M, Marino MJ, Bojan VJ, Eryilmaz OL, Erdemir A, Kim SH
7639 - 7642 Morphology transition in cluster growth at different temperature
Xu XJ, Wang FF
7643 - 7648 Improvement of anti-oxidation capability and tribological property of arc ion plated Ag film by alloying with Cu
Gao XM, Sun JY, Hu M, Weng LJ, Zhou F, Liu WM
7649 - 7652 Features of island nanostructures formed by melting Sn, Bi and Sn-Bi thin films on C substrates
Kryshtal AP, Gladkikh NT, Sukhov RV
7653 - 7658 Deposition of tungsten nitride thin films by plasma focus device at different axial and angular positions
Hosseinnejad MT, Ghoranneviss M, Etaati GR, Shirazi M, Ghorannevis Z
7659 - 7664 Surface potential driven dissolution phenomena of [0001]-oriented ZnO nanorods grown from ZnO and Pt seed layers
Seo Y, Kim JH
7665 - 7670 Effect of substrate temperature and oxygen partial pressure on microstructure and optical properties of pulsed laser deposited yttrium oxide thin films
Mishra M, Kuppusami P, Sairam TN, Singh A, Mohandas E
7671 - 7677 Preparation and characterization of TiO2 photocatalysts co-doped with iron (III) and lanthanum for the degradation of organic pollutants
Wang QQ, Xu SH, Shen FL
7678 - 7683 Preparation and properties of cobalt oxides coated carbon fibers as microwave-absorbing materials
Liu Y, Zhang ZQ, Xiao ST, Qiang CW, Tian LL, Xu JC
7684 - 7688 One-step synthesis of CdTe branched nanowires and nanorod arrays
Hou JW, Yang XC, Lv XY, Peng DF, Huang M, Wang QY
7689 - 7692 Tailoring the wettability of patterned silicon surfaces with dual-scale pillars: From hydrophilicity to superhydrophobicity
He Y, Jiang CY, Yin HX, Yuan WZ
7693 - 7698 Effects of homogenous loading on silicon direct bonding
Huang LY, Ho KL, Hu CT
7699 - 7703 Organic molecules passivated Mn doped Zinc Selenide quantum dots and its properties
Archana J, Navaneethan M, Ponnusamy S, Hayakawa Y, Muthamizhchelvan C
7704 - 7708 The effects of catalyst treatment on fast growth of millimeter-long multi-walled carbon nanotube arrays
Zhan ZY, Zhang YN, Sun GZ, Zheng LX, Liao K
7709 - 7713 Effects of substrate temperature on the structure and mechanical properties of (TiVCrZrHf)N coatings
Liang SC, Chang ZC, Tsai DC, Lin YC, Sung HS, Deng MJ, Shieu FS
7714 - 7718 Graphene/silicon photoelectrode with high and stable photoelectrochemical response in aqueous solution
Wu KD, Quan WY, Yu HT, Zhao HM, Chen S
7719 - 7726 In situ atomic force microscopy studies of reversible light-induced switching of surface roughness and adhesion in azobenzene-containing PMMA films
Muller M, Gonzalez-Garcia Y, Pakula C, Zaporojtchenko V, Strunskus T, Faupel F, Herges R, Zargarani D, Magnussen OM
7727 - 7731 Al2O3 supported Ru catalysts prepared by thermolysis of Ru-3(CO)(12) for catalytic wet air oxidation
Yu CY, Zhao PQ, Chen GX, Hu B
7732 - 7738 Study of the corrosion products formed on a multiphase CuAlBe alloy in a sodium chloride solution by micro-Raman and in situ AFM measurements
Montecinos S, Simison SN
7739 - 7745 Surface tension of liquid Cu-Ti binary alloys measured by electromagnetic levitation and thermodynamic modelling
Amore S, Brillo J, Egry I, Novakovic R
7746 - 7751 The influence of treatment temperature on the acidity of MWCNT oxidized by HNO3 or a mixture of HNO3/H2SO4
Saleh TA
7752 - 7757 Preparation and characterization of boron nitride coatings on carbon fibers from borazine by chemical vapor deposition
Li JS, Zhang CR, Li B
7758 - 7762 Hydrothermal synthesis and photoelectric properties of BiVO4 with different morphologies: An efficient visible-light photocatalyst
Fan HM, Wang DJ, Wang LL, Li HY, Wang P, Jiang TF, Xie TF
7763 - 7770 Largely improved photocatalytic properties of Ag/tetrapod-like ZnO nanocompounds prepared with different PEG contents
Wang J, Fan XM, Tian K, Zhou ZW, Wang Y
7771 - 7777 Colorizing stainless steel surface by femtosecond laser induced micro/nano-structures
Ahsan MS, Ahmed F, Kim YG, Lee MS, Jun MBG
7778 - 7782 Graphene oxide thin film coated quartz crystal microbalance for humidity detection
Yao Y, Chen XD, Guo HH, Wu ZQ
7783 - 7791 Influence of CrN surface compound on the initial stages of high temperature oxidation of ferritic stainless steel
Ali-Loytty H, Jussila P, Hirsimaki M, Valden M
7792 - 7799 Preparation and in vitro characterization of aerosol-deposited hydroxyapatite coatings with different surface roughnesses
Hahn BD, Park DS, Choi JJ, Ryu J, Yoon WH, Choi JH, Kim JW, Cho YL, Park C, Kim HE, Kim SG
7800 - 7804 Effects of magnesium film thickness and annealing temperature on formation of Mg2Si films on silicon (111) substrate deposited by magnetron sputtering
Xiao QQ, Xie Q, Shen XQ, Zhang JM, Yu ZQ, Zhao KJ
7805 - 7812 Localized grafting through chemical lift-off
Mesnage A, Deniau G, Tessier L, Mevellec V, Palacin S
7813 - 7820 Comparison of tribological properties of CrN, TiCN and TiAlN coatings sliding against SiC balls in water
Wang QZ, Zhou F, Wang XN, Chen KM, Wang ML, Qian T, Li YX
7821 - 7826 Polymetallic citric complexes as precursors for spray-pyrolysis deposition of thin ferrite films
Milanova M, Koleva I, Todorovska R, Zaharieva J, Kostadinov M, Todorovsky D
7827 - 7830 Properties of AlN grown by plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition
Bosund M, Sajavaara T, Laitinen M, Huhtio T, Putkonen M, Airaksinen VM, Lipsanen H
7831 - 7836 First-principles calculations on Al/AlB2 interfaces
Han YF, Dai YB, Wang J, Shu D, Sun BD
7837 - 7844 Nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes with tunable structure and high yield produced by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
Liu J, Zhang Y, Ionescu MI, Li RY, Sun XL
7845 - 7850 Magnetic properties of the semifluorinated and semihydrogenated 2D sheets of group-IV and III-V binary compounds
Ma YD, Dai Y, Guo M, Niu CW, Yu L, Huang BB
7851 - 7855 Spontaneous evolution of nanotips on silicon surface below the laser ablation threshold
Lugomer S, Maksimovic A, Karacs A, Peto G
7856 - 7863 Surface structures and osteoblast response of hydrothermally produced CaTiO3 thin film on Ti-13Nb-13Zr alloy
Park JW, Tustusmi Y, Lee CS, Park CH, Kim YJ, Jang JH, Khang D, Im YM, Doi H, Nomura N, Hanawa T
7864 - 7870 Parametric study of Al and Al2O3 ceramic coatings deposited by air plasma spray onto polymer substrate
Sun GH, He XD, Jiang JX, Sun Y
7871 - 7875 Nanostructure and conductivity study of yttria doped zirconia films deposited on samaria doped ceria
Wu MH, Huang JL, Fung KZ, Liu HC, Lii DF
7876 - 7880 Structural and dielectric properties of Ru-based gate/Hf-doped Ta2O5 stacks
Paskaleva A, Tapajna M, Dobrocka E, Husekova K, Atanassova E, Frohlich K
7881 - 7886 Effects of pulsed bias duty ratio on microstructure and mechanical properties of TiN/TiAlN multilayer coatings
Wei YQ, Gong CZ
7887 - 7892 Preparation of fluoride substituted apatite cements as the building blocks for tooth enamel restoration
Wei J, Wang JC, Liu XC, Ma J, Liu CS, Fang J, Wei SC
7893 - 7899 Effect of crystallinity of ZnO buffer layer on the properties of epitaxial (ZnO:Al)/(ZnO:Ga) bi-layer films deposited on c-sapphire substrate
Zhang ZY, Bao CG, Ma SQ, Hou SZ
7900 - 7905 Influence of annealing temperature on the structural, optical and mechanical properties of ALD-derived ZnO thin films
Yen CY, Jian SR, Chen GJ, Lin CM, Lee HY, Ke WC, Liao YY, Yang PF, Wang CT, Lai YS, Jang JSC, Juang JY
7906 - 7906 The properties of plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition (ALD) ZnO thin films and comparison with thermal ALD (vol 257, pg 3776, 2011)
Kim D, Kang H, Kim JM, Kim H