Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.257, No.16 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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7025 - 7029 Structural and electrical properties of evaporated Fe thin films
Mebarki M, Layadi A, Guittoum A, Benabbas A, Ghebouli B, Saad M, Menni N
7030 - 7035 Optical and electrochemical properties of ordered macroporous gold array on the ITO surface
Lu HD, Liu YP, Han GC
7036 - 7040 Annealing ambient on the evolution of He-induced voids in silicon
Li BS, Zhang CH, Zhong YR, Wang DN, Zhou LH, Yang YT, Zhang LQ, Zhang HH, Zhang Y, Han LH
7041 - 7046 CdS/PbS co-sensitized ZnO nanorods and its photovoltaic properties
Liu CC, Liu ZF, Li YB, Ya J, Lei E, An L
7047 - 7053 Roles of oleic acid during micropore dispersing preparation of nano-calcium carbonate particles
Jiang JX, Liu J, Liu C, Zhang GW, Gong XH, Liu JN
7054 - 7060 Fabrication of superhydrophobic binary nanoparticles/PMMA composite coating with reversible switching of adhesion and anticorrosive property
Xua XH, Zhang ZZ, Guo F, Yang J, Zhu XT
7061 - 7064 Rapid thermal annealing of ITO films
Song SM, Yang TL, Liu JJ, Xin YQ, Li YH, Han SH
7065 - 7070 The sterilization of Escherichia coli by dielectric-barrier discharge plasma at atmospheric pressure
Miao H, Yun G
7071 - 7075 The effect of surface morphology on the response of Fe2O3-loaded vanadium oxide nanotubes gas sensor
Jin W, Chen W, Li Y, Zhao CX, Dai Y
7076 - 7082 The effect of the deposition parameters on size, distribution and antimicrobial properties of photoinduced silver nanoparticles on titania coatings
Piwonski I, Kadziola K, Kisielewska A, Soliwoda K, Wolszczak M, Lisowska K, Wronska N, Felczak A
7083 - 7089 Preparation, characterization and visible-light photocatalytic activity of AgI/AgCl/TiO2
Cao J, Xu BY, Luo BD, Lin HL, Chen SF
7090 - 7095 Characterization of immobilization methods of antiviral antibodies in serum for electrochemical biosensors
Huy TQ, Nguyen THH, Chung PH, Anh DD, Nga PT, Tuan MA
7096 - 7100 A promising approach to conductive patterns with high efficiency for flexible electronics
Tai YL, Yang ZG, Li ZD
7101 - 7106 Effect of laser surface hardening on the microstructure, hardness and residual stresses of austempered ductile iron grades
Soriano C, Leunda J, Lambarri J, Navas VG, Sanz C
7107 - 7112 A facile synthesis of monodisperse CoFe2O4/SiO2 nanoparticles
Wang H, Huang J, Ding LY, Li DP, Han Y
7113 - 7118 Helium/oxygen atmospheric pressure plasma jet treatment for hydrophilicity improvement of grey cotton knitted fabric
Tian LQ, Nie HL, Chatterton NP, Branford-White CJ, Qiu YP, Zhu LM
7119 - 7122 Low-temperature deposited ZnO thin films on the flexible substrate by cathodic vacuum arc technology
Yang RY, Weng MH, Pan CT, Hsiung CM, Huang CC
7123 - 7128 Preparation, characterization and properties of amino-functionalized montmorillonite and composite layer-by-layer assembly with inorganic nanosheets
Huang GB, Ge CH, He BJ
7129 - 7133 Supercritical carbon dioxide-assisted preparation of palladium nanoparticles on cyclotriphosphazene-containing polymer nanospheres
Fu JW, Wang MH, Wang ST, Wang XZ, Wang HF, Hu L, Xu Q
7134 - 7139 The corrosion properties of phosphate coating on AZ31 magnesium alloy: The effect of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) as an eco-friendly accelerating agent
Amini R, Sarabi AA
7140 - 7144 Molecular dynamics study of void effect on nanoimprint of single crystal aluminum
Yuan Y, Sun T, Zhang JJ, Yan YD
7145 - 7149 Energy transfer from benzoic acid to lanthanide ions in benzoic acid-functionalized lanthanide-doped CaF2 nanoparticles
Wang JS, Wang ZW, Li X, Wang S, Mao HD, Li ZJ
7150 - 7155 Self-assembled silver nanoparticle films at an air-liquid interface and their applications in SERS and electrochemistry
Wang L, Sun YJ, Che GB, Li Z
7156 - 7159 Luminescent properties of ZnO thin films treated by pulse-modulated high-power inductively coupled plasma
Wang JB, Hu ZS, Zhong XL, Zhang YJ, Ishigaki T, Sekiguchi T
7160 - 7166 In-depth characterization and computational 3D reconstruction of flagellar filament protein layer structure based on in situ spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements
Kozma P, Kozma D, Nemeth A, Jankovics H, Kurunczi S, Horvath R, Vonderviszt F, Fried M, Petrik P
7167 - 7171 Enhanced luminescence and degradation resistance in Tb modified Yttrium Borate core-nano silica shell phosphor under UV and VUV excitation
Chawla S, Ravishanker, Khan AF, Yadav A, Chander H, Shanker V
7172 - 7178 Structure and properties of (AlCrMnMoNiZrB0.1)N-x coatings prepared by reactive DC sputtering
Ren B, Liu ZX, Shi L, Cai B, Wang MX
7179 - 7183 Photocatalytic and superhydrophilicity properties of N-doped TiO2 nanothin films
Chekini M, Mohammadizadeh MR, Allaei SMV
7184 - 7189 Field emission studies of silver nanoparticles synthesized by electron cyclotron resonance plasma
Purohit V, Mazumder B, Bhise AB, Poddar P, Joag DS, Bhoraskar SV
7190 - 7194 Electropolishing for the formation of anodic nanotubular TiO2 with uniform length and density
Lee BG, Hong SY, Yoo JE, Choi J
7195 - 7203 Characterization at a local scale of a laser-shock peened aluminum alloy surface
Rouleau B, Peyre P, Breuils J, Pelletier H, Baudin T, Brisset F
7204 - 7209 Mechanical and optoelectric properties of post-annealed fluorine-doped tin oxide films by ultraviolet laser irradiation
Tseng SF, Hsiao WT, Chiang DY, Huang KC, Chou CP
7210 - 7216 High performance nanostructured ZrO2 based thermal barrier coatings deposited by high efficiency supersonic plasma spraying
Bai Y, Han ZH, Li HQ, Xu C, Xu YL, Wang Z, Ding CH, Yang JF
7217 - 7220 The influence of substrate etched on the quality of GaN epilayers
Mei JP, Xie XJ, Hao QY, Jing WN, Liu CC
7221 - 7225 Structure and refractive index dispersive behavior of potassium niobate tantalate films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Yang WL, Zhou ZX, Yang B, Jiang YY, Tian H, Gong DW, Sun HG, Chen W
7226 - 7230 Mn4+:BiFeO3/Zn2+:BiFeO3 bilayered thin films of (1 1 1) orientation
Wu JG, Wang J, Xiao DQ, Zhu JG
7231 - 7237 Photoluminescent zinc oxide polymer nanocomposites fabricated using picosecond laser ablation in an organic solvent
Wagener P, Faramarzi S, Schwenke A, Rosenfeld R, Barcikowski S
7238 - 7244 Characterization of coating probe with Ti-DLC for electrical scanning probe microscope
Shia XL, Guo LQ, Bai Y, Qiao LJ
7245 - 7253 Dielectric and relaxation properties of thermally evaporated nanostructured bismuth sulfide thin films
Mageshwari K, Sathyamoorthy R, Sudhagar P, Kang YS
7254 - 7262 Microstructure and shear fracture characteristics of porous anodic TiO2 layer before and after hot water treatment
Chen ZX, Wang WX, Takao Y, Matsubara T, Ren LM
7263 - 7267 CO2 laser assisted removal of UO2 and ThO2 particulates from metal surface
Kumar A, Nilaya JP, Biswas DJ, Bhatt RB, Afzal M, Panakkal JP, Kamath HS
7268 - 7275 Investigation of the voltage and time effects on the formation of hydroxyapatite-containing titania prepared by plasma electrolytic oxidation on Ti-6Al-4V alloy and its corrosion behavior
Montazeri M, Dehghanian C, Shokouhfar M, Baradaran A
7276 - 7285 The preparation of vanadium-doped TiO2-montmorillonite nanocomposites and the photodegradation of sulforhodamine B under visible light irradiation
Chen K, Li JY, Wang WX, Zhang YM, Wang XJ, Su HQ
7286 - 7290 Interfacial reaction and electrical characteristics of Cu(RuTaNx) on GaAs: Annealing effects
Leau WK, Chu JP, Lin CH
7291 - 7294 Direct creation of black silicon using femtosecond laser pulses
Vorobyev AY, Guo CL
7295 - 7304 Tungsten and iridium multilayered structure by DGP as ablation-resistance coatings for graphite
Wu WP, Chen ZF, Cheng H, Wang LB, Zhang Y
7305 - 7309 Thermal stability of atomic-layer-deposited ultra-thin niobium oxide film on Si (100)
Huang Y, Xu Y, Ding SJ, Lu HL, Sun QQ, Zhang DW, Chen ZY
7310 - 7313 An He-implanted optical planar waveguide in an Nd:YGG laser crystal preserving fluorescence properties
Zhao JH, Huang Q, Liu P, Wang XL
7314 - 7319 Evolution of Zn based high purity phases under NH3 gas atmosphere and their PL properties
Khan WS, Cao CB, Butt FK, Ali Z, Safdar M, Pan LQ, Rafique MY, ul Ain Q, Usman Z, Nabi G
7320 - 7325 Investigation of structure and magnetic properties of the as-deposited and post-annealed iron nitride films by reactive facing-target sputtering
Feng XP, Mi WB, Bai HL
7326 - 7329 Self assembly of SiO2-encapsulated carbon microsphere composites
Yang YZ, Song JJ, Han YX, Guo XM, Liu XG, Xu BS
7330 - 7334 Low-temperature liquid phase deposited TiO2 films on stainless steel for photogenerated cathodic protection applications
Lei CX, Zhou H, Feng ZD, Zhu YF, Du RG
7335 - 7342 Doping mode, band structure and photocatalytic mechanism of B-N-codoped TiO2
Yuan JX, Wang EJ, Chen YM, Yang WS, Yao JH, Cao YA
7343 - 7349 Optical and structural properties of Si-doped ZnO thin films
Sorar I, Saygin-Hinczewski D, Hinczewski M, Tepehan FZ
7350 - 7358 Controllable wettability of poly(ethylene terephthlate) film modified by oxygen combined inductively and capacitively coupled radio-frequency plasma
Lei MK, Liu Y, Li YP
7359 - 7367 Effects of different carbon precursors on synthesis of multiwall carbon nanotubes: Purification and Functionalization
Shirazi Y, Tofighy MA, Mohammadi T, Pak A