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ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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6321 - 6325 Effect of the laser fluence on the surface characterization of beta-FeSi2 films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Man BY, Xu SC, Yang C, Liu M, Jiang SZ, Ma YY, Chen CS, Liu AH, Gao XG, Wang CC, Hu B
6326 - 6331 Interactions between tri-methylaluminum molecules and their effect on the reaction of tri-methylaluminum with an OH-terminated Si (001) surface
Kim DH, Baek SB, Seo HI, Kim YC
6332 - 6335 Field emission property of printed CNTs-mixed ZnO nanoneedles
Yu LM, Fan XH, Qi LJ, Yan W
6336 - 6339 Influence of growth time on field emission properties from carbon nanotubes deposited on arrayed nanoporous silicon pillars
Jiang WF, Hao HS, Wang YS, Xu L, Zhang TJ
6340 - 6346 Preparation and wear resistance of pulse electrodeposited Ni-W/Al2O3 composite coatings
Hou KH, Chen YC
6347 - 6352 2-Amino-5-(4-pyridinyl)-1,3,4-thiadiazole film at the silver surface: Observation by Raman spectroscopy and electrochemical methods
Zhang LJ, Wen Y, Pan YC, Yang HF
6353 - 6357 Exploration of bimetallic Pt-Pd/C nanoparticles as an electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Maghsodi A, Hoseini MRM, Mobarakeh MD, Kheirmand M, Samiee L, Shoghi F, Kameli M
6358 - 6363 Synthesis and photocatalysis properties of ZnO structures with different morphologies via hydrothermal method
Xie JA, Wang H, Duan M, Zhang LH
6364 - 6371 Electro-spark alloying using graphite electrode on titanium alloy surface for biomedical applications
Tang CB, Liu DX, Wang Z, Gao Y
6372 - 6379 Surface energies of metals in both liquid and solid states
Aqra F, Ayyad A
6380 - 6386 Effect of annealing temperature on microstructure, hardness and adhesion properties of TiSixNy superhard coatings
Lu YH, Wang JP, Tao SL, Zhou ZF
6387 - 6390 Influence of the nitrogen contents on the permeability characteristics and soft magnetic properties of FeHfN films
Kuo YM, Duh JG
6391 - 6396 High-temperature pretreatment of Ni nanoparticles enhances the growth of high-density carbon fiber bundles during microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition
Lian DM, Tsai CH
6397 - 6405 Surface characterization of anodized zirconium for biomedical applications
Sanchez AG, Schreiner W, Duffo G, Cere S
6406 - 6409 The enhanced photocatalytic activity of CdS/TiO2 nanocomposites by controlling CdS dispersion on TiO2 nanotubes
Bai SL, Li HY, Guan YJ, Jiang ST
6410 - 6417 DFT study of structural, electronic and vibrational properties of pure (Al2O3)(n) (n=9, 10, 12, 15) and Ni-doped (Al2O3)(n) (n=9, 10) clusters
Zheng XZ, Zhang YH, Huang SP, Liu H, Wang P, Tian HP
6418 - 6423 Effect of heat treatment on the properties of dc magnetron sputtered LaB6/ITO films
Wang D, Zhang L, Min GH, Yu HS, Yuan YF
6424 - 6428 Chemical effects during ripple formation with isobaric ion beams
Sarkar S, Franquet A, Moussa A, Vandervorst W
6429 - 6434 The cytocompatibility investigation of Ti6Al4V modified with a fluorine-contained copolymer thin film
Liu YJ, Luo J, Liu B, Zhang JY
6435 - 6439 Layer-by-layer deposition of Ti-4,4'-oxydianiline hybrid thin films
Sood A, Sundberg P, Malm J, Karppinen M
6440 - 6444 Energy gap modulation of graphene nanoribbons by F termination
Lu DB, Song YL, Yang ZX, Li GQ
6445 - 6450 Pulsed laser deposition and characterization of multilayer metal-carbon thin films
Siraj K, Khaleeq-ur-Rahman M, Rafique MS, Munawar MZ, Naseem S, Riaz S
6451 - 6461 Effect of heat treatment on morphology, crystalline structure and photocatalysis properties of TiO2 nanotubes on Ti substrate and freestanding membrane
Fang D, Luo ZP, Huang KL, Lagoudas DC
6462 - 6467 Adsorption of water on TiN (100), (110) and (111) surfaces: A first-principles study
Sanyal S, Waghmare UV, Ruud JA
6468 - 6473 The formation model of Ni-Cr oxides on NiCoCrAlY-sprayed coating
Liang GY, Zhu C, Wu XY, Wu Y
6474 - 6480 Characterization of chemically deposited ZnSe/SnO2/glass films: Influence of annealing in Ar atmosphere on physical properties
Metin H, Durmus S, Erat S, Ari M
6481 - 6488 Oxidation kinetics of thin copper films and wetting behaviour of copper and Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSP) with lead-free solder
Ramirez M, Henneken L, Virtanen S
6489 - 6493 Wettability behaviour of RTV silicone rubber coated on nanostructured aluminium surface
Momen G, Farzaneh M, Jafari R
6494 - 6497 Preparation of carbon supported Pt-P catalysts and its electrocatalytic performance for oxygen reduction
Ma JA, Tang YW, Yang GX, Chen Y, Zhou Q, Lu TH, Zheng JW
6498 - 6502 Influence of the grain boundary barrier height on the electrical properties of Gallium doped ZnO thin films
Yu CF, Chen SH, Sun SJ, Chou H
6503 - 6513 Dynamic modeling of manipulation of micro/nanoparticles on rough surfaces
Korayem MH, Zakeri M
6514 - 6517 Single-molecule conductance measurement of self-assembled organic monolayers using scanning tunneling spectroscopy in combination with statistics analysis
Zhang YM, Dou CF, Wang Y
6518 - 6526 Experimental determination of solid-liquid interfacial energy for solid Sn in the Sn-Mg system
Meydaneri F, Saatci B, Ozdemir M
6527 - 6530 Synthesis of urchin-like Co3O4 hierarchical micro/nanostructures and their photocatalytic activity
Li H, Fei GT, Fang M, Cui P, Guo XA, Yan P, Zhang LD
6531 - 6534 Relatively low temperature synthesis of graphene by radio frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Qi JL, Zheng WT, Zheng XH, Wang X, Tian HW
6535 - 6539 Monomolecular films of cholesterol oxidase and S-Layer proteins
Ferraz HC, Guimaraes JA, Alves TLM, Constantino CJL
6540 - 6545 Structural and photoluminescent properties of Ni doped ZnO nanorod arrays prepared by hydrothermal method
Liu YM, Wang T, Sun X, Fang QQ, Lv QR, Song XP, Sun ZQ
6546 - 6553 A density functional theory study on the H2S molecule adsorption onto small gold clusters
Kuang XJ, Wang XQ, Liu GB
6554 - 6559 Effects of oxygen partial pressure and substrate temperature on the structure and optical properties of MgxZn1-xO thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Zhang XH, Lu ZM, Meng FB, Wang YZ, Li Y, Yu XA, Tang CC
6560 - 6567 DNA adsorption and desorption on mica surface studied by atomic force microscopy
Sun LL, Zhao DX, Zhang Y, Xu FG, Li ZA
6568 - 6572 Preparation and photoelectrochemical performance of Ag/graphene/TiO2 composite film
Li G, Wang T, Zhu Y, Zhang SY, Mao CJ, Wu JY, Jin BK, Tian YP
6573 - 6576 The ferroelectric and ferromagnetic characterization of CoFe2O4/Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-PbTiO3 multilayered thin films
Guo HL, Liu G, Li XD, Li HM, Zhang WL, Zhu JG, Xiao DQ
6577 - 6582 Fabrication of flower-shaped Bi2O3 superstructure by a facile template-free process
Zhang L, Hashimoto Y, Taishi T, Nakamura I, Ni QQ
6583 - 6589 Synthesis of cauliflower-like ZnO-TiO2 composite porous film and photoelectrical properties
Jiang YH, Yan Y, Zhang WL, Ni LA, Sun YM, Yin HB
6590 - 6594 The super hydrophobicity of ZnO nanorods fabricated by electrochemical deposition method
He GP, Wang KG
6595 - 6600 One-pot solvothermal route to self-assembly of cauliflower-shaped CdS microspheres
Ge M, Cui Y, Liu L, Zhou Z
6601 - 6606 Laser induced activation of circuit lines and via-holes on AlN for electroless metal plating
Yung KC, Chen C, Lee CP
6607 - 6611 Au adsorption and Au-mediated charge transfer on the SrO-termination of SrTiO3 (001) surface
Wei W, Dai Y, Guo M, Huang BB
6612 - 6617 Transparent titania nanotubes of micrometer length prepared by anodization of titanium thin film deposited on ITO
Lim SL, Liu YL, Li J, Kang ET, Ong CK
6618 - 6625 Friction and wear properties of hybrid sol-gel nanocomposite coatings against steel: Influence of their intrinsic properties
Belon C, Schmitt M, Bistac S, Croutxe-Barghorn C, Chemtob A
6626 - 6635 Novel PdAgCu ternary alloy: Hydrogen permeation and surface properties
Tarditi AM, Braun F, Cornaglia LM
6636 - 6643 Surface reaction characteristics at low temperature synthesis BaTiO3 particles by barium hydroxide aqueous solution and titanium tetraisopropoxide
Zeng M
6644 - 6649 The influences of the local impact site and incident energy on the transport behaviors of single copper atom onto Cu (001) surface
Jing XB, Liu ZL, Wei HL, Yao KL
6650 - 6653 Laser-induced forward transfer of focussed ion beam pre-machined donors
Kaur KS, Feinaeugle M, Banks DP, Ou JY, Di Pietrantonio F, Verona E, Sones CL, Eason RW
6654 - 6660 Synthesis of well-defined structurally silica-nonlinear polymer core-shell nanoparticles via the surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization
Chen JC, Hu M, Zhu WD, Li YP
6661 - 6666 C-11-radiolabeling study of methanol decomposition on copper oxide modified mesoporous SBA-15 silica
Tsoncheva T, Sarkadi-Priboczki E
6667 - 6671 Anodic oxidation of anthraquinone dye Alizarin Red S at Ti/BDD electrodes
Sun JR, Lu HY, Du LL, Lin HB, Li HD
6672 - 6677 Preparation and characterization of vinyl-functionalized carbon spheres by allylamine
Guo XM, Yang YZ, Liu XG
6678 - 6686 Growth of hierarchical based ZnO micro/nanostructured films and their tunable wettability behavior
Kumar PS, Raj AD, Mangalaraj D, Nataraj D, Ponpandian N, Li L, Chabrol G
6687 - 6698 A combined study of the oxidation mechanism and resistance of AISI D6 steel exposed at high temperature environments
Vourlias G, Chaliampalias D, Zorba TT, Pavlidou E, Psyllaki P, Paraskevopoulos KM, Stergioudis G, Chrissafis K
6699 - 6703 Green luminescence from triphenylphosphine functionalized single-wall carbon nanotubes
Paul R, Kumbhakar P, Mitra AK
6704 - 6710 A facile method for grafting of bisphenol A imprinted polymer shells onto poly(divinylbenzene) microspheres through precipitation polymerization
Wang YX, Liu QM, Rong F, Fu DG
6711 - 6717 Preparation, characterization and MRI application of carboxymethyl dextran coated magnetic nanoparticles
Liu G, Hong RY, Guo L, Li YG, Li HZ
6718 - 6724 Investigation on periodic cracking of elastic film/substrate system by the extended finite element method
Fan XL, Zhang WX, Wang TJ, Liu GW, Zhang JH
6725 - 6733 Preparation, characterization and surface morphology of novel optically active poly(ester-amide)/functionalized ZnO bionanocomposites via ultrasonication assisted process
Abdolmaleki A, Mallakpour S, Borandeh S
6734 - 6740 Microwave-assisted activation for electroless nickel plating on PMMA microspheres
Chen YC, Liu RLH, Chen XL, Shu HJ, Ger MD
6741 - 6749 Preparation and annealing study of TaNx coatings on WC-Co substrates
Chen YI, Lin BL, Kuo YC, Huang JC, Chang LC, Lin YT
6750 - 6755 Preparation and properties of zinc blende and orthorhombic SnS films by chemical bath deposition
Gao C, Shen HL, Sun L
6756 - 6760 Effect of different annealing methods on ferroelectric properties of 0.95Pb(Sc0.5Ta0.5)O-3-0.05PbTiO(3) thin films
Li XD, Guo HL, Liu H, Xiao DQ, Zhu JG
6761 - 6767 High temperature stability of nanocrystalline anatase powders prepared by chemical vapour synthesis under varying process parameters
Ahmad MI, Fasel C, Mayer T, Bhattacharya SS, Hahn H
6768 - 6774 Effect of oligoethylene glycol moieties in porous silicon surface functionalisation on protein adsorption and cell attachment
Sweetman MJ, Harding FJ, Graney SD, Voelcker NH
6775 - 6778 Ripple topography on thin ZnO films by grazing and oblique incidence ion sputtering
Bhattacharjee S, Karmakar P, Sinha AK, Charkrabarti A
6779 - 6786 Synthesis and characterization of Cu2+ doped ZnS nanoparticles using TOPO and SHMP as capping agents
Kuppayee M, Nachiyar GKV, Ramasamy V
6787 - 6791 Effect of surface nanocrystallization induced by fast multiple rotation rolling on hardness and corrosion behavior of 316L stainless steel
Chui PF, Sun KN, Sun C, Yang XQ, Shan T
6792 - 6798 Investigation of the (root 3 x root 3)R30 degrees-Cu2Si/Cu(111) surface alloy using DFT
Shuttleworth IG
6799 - 6803 The preparation and antibacterial effects of dopa-cotton/AgNPs
Xu H, Shi X, Ma H, Lv YH, Zhang LP, Mao ZP
6804 - 6810 Correlation of sp(3) and sp(2) fraction of carbon with electrical, optical and nano-mechanical properties of argon-diluted diamond-like carbon films
Dwivedi N, Kumar S, Malik HK, Govind, Rauthan CMS, Panwar OS
6811 - 6816 Directional motion of water drop on ratchet-like superhydrophobic surfaces
Sheng XL, Zhang JH
6817 - 6820 Photosensitive sol-gel preparation and direct micro-patterning of c-oriented ZnO film
Chen YQ, Yan FX, Zhao GY, Wang ZZ
6821 - 6828 Photocatalytic performance of silver TiO2: Role of electronic energy levels
Devi LG, Reddy KM
6829 - 6832 Imprinting the nanostructures on the high refractive index semiconductor glass
Silvennoinen M, Paivasaari K, Kaakkunen JJJ, Tikhomirov VK, Lehmuskero A, Vahimaa P, Moshchalkov VV
6833 - 6836 Structural and optical properties of YSZ thin films grown by PLD technique
Pandey SK, Thakur OP, Raman R, Goyal A, Gupta A
6837 - 6842 Preparation and characteristics of three-layer YSZ-(YSZ/Al2O3)-YSZ TBCs
Ren C, He YD, Wang DR
6843 - 6849 Hydrogen-free spray pyrolysis chemical vapor deposition method for the carbon nanotube growth: Parametric studies
Ionescu MI, Zhang Y, Li RY, Sun XL, Abou-Rachid H, Lussier LS
6850 - 6857 Synthesis of ultrafine single crystals and nanostructured coatings of indium oxide from solution precursor
Pentyala N, Guduru RK, Shnerpunas EM, Mohanty PS
6858 - 6866 Poly(methylmethacrylate) as immobilization matrix for europium beta-diketonates-Morphology and fluorescent properties
Zaharieva J, Milanova M, Todorovsky D
6867 - 6872 Scattering effects and damping of electrons in Pt(111) and Cu(111)
Morawski I, Nowicki M
6873 - 6877 Synthesis and characteristics of natural zeolite supported Fe3+-TiO2 photocatalysts
Wang C, Shi HS, Li Y
6878 - 6883 Density functional theory study of selenium adsorption on Fe(110)
Gonzalez EA, Jasen PV, Sandoval M, Bechthold P, Juan A, Batic BS, Jenko M
6884 - 6888 Theoretical and experimental research on spectral performance and laser induced damage of Brewster's thin film polarizers
Zhu MP, Yi K, Fan ZX, Shao JD
6889 - 6896 Tannic acid assisted one step synthesis route for stable colloidal dispersion of nickel nanostructures
Dutta A, Dolui SK
6897 - 6907 Effect of cobalt doping and annealing on properties of titania thin films prepared by sol-gel process
Parna R, Joost U, Nommiste E, Kaambre T, Kikas A, Kuusik I, Hirsimaki M, Kink I, Kisand V
6908 - 6911 Electrodeposition of zinc oxide/tetrasulfonated copper phthalocyanine hybrid thin film for dye-sensitized solar cell application
Luo XZ, Xu L, Xu BB, Li FY
6912 - 6918 Laser controlled melting of pre-treated zirconia surface
Yilbas BS, Akhtar SS, Karatas C
6919 - 6922 The effect of heating rate on the structural and electrical properties of sol-gel derived Al-doped ZnO films
Gao MZ, Wu XN, Liu J, Liu WB
6923 - 6927 Synthesis and characterization of porous crystalline SiC thin films prepared by radio frequency reactive magnetron sputtering technique
Qamar A, Mahmood A, Sarwar T, Ahmed N
6928 - 6934 Kinetics of electrochemical boriding of low carbon steel
Kartal G, Eryilmaz OL, Krumdick G, Erdemir A, Timur S
6935 - 6940 Improvement and mechanism of interfacial adhesion in PBO fiber/bismaleimide composite by oxygen plasma treatment
Liu D, Chen P, Mu JJ, Yu Q, Lu C
6941 - 6944 Enhanced fatigue performance of porous coated Ti6Al4V biomedical alloy
Apachitei I, Leoni A, Riemslag AC, Fratila-Apachitei LE, Duszczyk J
6945 - 6951 Synthesis and structure of nitrogenated tetrahedral amorphous carbon films prepared by nitrogen ion bombardment
Han LA, Chen XA, Yang L, Wang YW, Wang XY, Zhao YQ
6952 - 6962 Microcalorimetric and thermodynamic studies of CO2 and methanol adsorption on magnesium oxide
Pighini C, Belin T, Mijoin J, Magnoux P, Costentin G, Lauron-Pernot H
6963 - 6970 Preparation of silver nanoparticle containing silica micro beads and investigation of their antibacterial activity
Quang DV, Sarawade PB, Hilonga A, Kim JK, Chai YG, Kim SH, Ryu JY, Kim HT
6971 - 6979 Comparative study of simplex doped nc-WC/a-C and duplex doped nc-WC/a-C(Al) nanocomposite coatings
Zhou SG, Wang LP, Wang SC, Xue QJ
6980 - 6985 Effect of sizing on carbon fiber surface properties and fibers/epoxy interfacial adhesion
Dai ZS, Shi FH, Zhang BY, Li M, Zhang ZG
6986 - 6990 Density functional theory study of the chemisorption of CO on Ir/MgO(100)
Chen YC, Song LJ, Sun ZL
6991 - 6995 Facile and mild preparation of fluorescent ZnO nanosheets and their bioimaging applications
Jiang H, Wang HP, Wang XM
6996 - 7002 Modification of the surface properties of a polyimide film during irradiation with polychromic light
Rosu L, Sava I, Rosu D
7003 - 7009 Design of an outstanding super-hydrophobic surface by electro-spinning
Sarkar MK, Bal K, He FE, Fan JT
7010 - 7018 One-step approach for hydroxyapatite-incorporated TiO2 coating on titanium via a combined technique of micro-arc oxidation and electrophoretic deposition
Bai Y, Park IS, Lee SJ, Bae TS, Duncan W, Swain M, Lee MH
7019 - 7022 Preparation of high transmittance ZnO:Al film by pulsed filtered cathodic arc technology and rapid thermal annealing
Gao F, Yu KM, Mendelsberg RJ, Anders A, Walukiewicz W
7023 - 7023 Composited BCN/carbon fibers prepared by hot-filament chemical vapor deposition (vol 257, pg 4963, 2011)
Lu JN, Li HD, Zhu PW, Lu XY, Li YG
7024 - 7024 Oxidation of TiNi surface with hyperthermal oxygen molecular beams (vol 257, pg 4257, 2011)
Okada M, Souwa M, Kasai T, Teraoka Y