Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.257, No.14 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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5927 - 5930 Effects of rapid thermal annealing on the structural and electrical properties of Na-doped ZnMgO films
Xue Y, He HP, Jin YZ, Ye ZZ
5931 - 5937 Reactor scale modeling of multi-walled carbon nanotube growth
Lombardo JJ, Chiu WKS
5938 - 5943 Substrate-target distance dependence of structural and optical properties in case of Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3 films obtained by pulsed laser deposition
Galca AC, Stancu V, Husanu MA, Dragoi C, Gheorghe NG, Trupina L, Enculescu M, Vasile E
5944 - 5949 Micro arc oxidized HAp-TiO2 nanostructured hybrid layers-part I: Effect of voltage and growth time
Abbasi S, Bayati MR, Golestani-Fard F, Rezaei HR, Zargar HR, Samanipour F, Shoaei-Rad V
5950 - 5956 Differences between Zn-porphyrin-coupled titanate nanotubes with various anchoring modes: Thermostability, spectroscopic, photocatalytic and photoelectronic properties
Li XQ, Liu LF, Kang SZ, Mu J, Li GD
5957 - 5960 Observation of ultra-long lifetime UV-induced infrared absorption in undoped and magnesium-doped congruent lithium niobate crystals
Ali AM, Huang YC
5961 - 5965 Microchemical surface analysis of two Numidian coins
Mousser H, Amri R, Madani A, Darchen A, Mousser A
5966 - 5971 Transparent conductive and near-infrared reflective Cu-based Al-doped ZnO multilayer films grown by magnetron sputtering at room temperature
Wang YP, Lu JG, Bie X, Ye ZZ, Li X, Song D, Zhao XY, Ye WY
5972 - 5976 Effect of vacuum heat treatment on tensile strength and fracture performance of cold-sprayed Cu-4Cr-2Nb coatings
Yu M, Li WY, Zhang C, Liao HL
5977 - 5983 A comparative study of the microstructural and magnetic properties of < 1 1 0 > textured thin polycrystalline Fe100-xGax (10 <= x <= 35) films
Javed A, Morley NA, Szumiata T, Gibbs MRJ
5984 - 5988 Synthesis and properties of boron doped ZnO nanorods on silicon substrate by low-temperature hydrothermal reaction
Yu Q, Li LA, Li HD, Gao SY, Sang DD, Yuan JJ, Zhu PW
5989 - 5997 Study of the recast layer of a surface machined by sinking electrical discharge machining using water-in-oil emulsion as dielectric
Zhang YZ, Liu YH, Ji RJ, Cai BP
5998 - 6003 Influence of sputter-etching of substrate on the microstructural and optical properties of ZnO films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering
Li CP, Yang BH, Wang XC, Wang F, Li MJ, Su L, Li XW
6004 - 6009 Functionalized SBA-15 materials for bilirubin adsorption
Tang T, Zhao YL, Xu Y, Wu D, Xu J, Deng F
6010 - 6015 Fabrication of silver nanoparticles deposited on boehmite sol for surface enhanced Raman scattering
Towata A, Lee J, Yasui K, Tuziuti T, Kozuka T, Iida Y
6016 - 6020 Structural stability and electronic structure of iron adsorption on the GaN(0001) surface
Gonzalez-Hernandez R, Perez WL, Rodriguez JA
6021 - 6025 Angle dependent laser nanopatterning of poly(ethylene terephthalate) surfaces
Slepicka P, Chaloupka A, Sajdl P, Heitz J, Hnatowicz V, Svorcik V
6026 - 6033 A template-free sol-gel technique for controlled growth of ZnO nanorod arrays
Huang N, Zhu MW, Gao LJ, Gong J, Sun C, Jiang X
6034 - 6039 Designing N-halamine based antibacterial surface on polymers: Fabrication, characterization, and biocidal functions
Chen Y, Han QX
6040 - 6043 Digital image correlation approach to cracking and decohesion in a brittle coating/ductile substrate system
Wu DJ, Mao WG, Zhou YC, Lu C
6044 - 6048 Fabrication and characterization of a cotton candy like surface with superhydrophobicity
Hu Y, Huang CY, Su D, Jiang QW, Zhu YF
6049 - 6058 Adsorption of SO2 on Li atoms deposited on MgO (100) surface: DFT calculations
Eid KM, Ammar HY
6059 - 6062 An easy and novel approach for the decoration of graphene oxide by Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Li Y, Chu J, Qi JY, Li X
6063 - 6067 Studies on distribution of element contents in transient layer at interface between boron-doped diamond film electrode and tantalum substrate
Liang JC, Gao CY, Zhang LP, Jiang LH, Yang ZQ, Wang ZP, Ji CH, Le XY, Rong CH, Zhang JA
6068 - 6072 Modification of surface properties of polyamide 6 films with atmospheric pressure plasma
Gao ZQ
6073 - 6078 Structure and optoelectronic properties of multi-element oxide thin film
Yu RS, Huang CJ, Huang RH, Sun CH, Shieu FS
6079 - 6084 Annealing effect on microstructure and mechanical properties of amorphous Al-C-N films
Luo QH, Lu YH, Lou YZ
6085 - 6088 The influence of Mn content on luminescence properties in Mn-doped ZnO films deposited by ultrasonic spray assisted chemical vapor deposition
Shuang D, Zhu XX, Wang JB, Zhong XL, Huang GJ, He C
6089 - 6094 The use of a perylenediimide derivative as a dopant in hole transport layer of an organic light emitting device
Oner I, Varlikli C, Icli S
6095 - 6101 Study on the deterioration process of bipolar coating using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
Su XM, Zhou Q, Zhang QY, Zhang Y, Zhang H
6102 - 6106 The kinetic process of non-smooth substrate thin film growth via parallel Monte Carlo method
Chen ZY, Zhu YA, Chen SH, Qiu ZR, Jiang SJ
6107 - 6111 Effect of NH4OH concentration on p-type doped ZnO film by solution based process
6112 - 6117 New optical features to enhance solar cell performance based on porous silicon surfaces
Ramizy A, Hassan Z, Omar K, Al-Douri Y, Mahdi MA
6118 - 6124 Physical characterization of a new composition of oxidized zirconium-2.5 wt% niobium produced using a two step process for biomedical applications
Pawar V, Weaver C, Jani S
6125 - 6128 Optimization of parameters for deposition of Ga-doped ZnO films by DC reactive magnetron sputtering using Taguchi method
Bie X, Lu JG, Wang YP, Gong L, Ma QB, Ye ZZ
6129 - 6137 Growth and characterization of Mg(OH)(2) film on magnesium alloy AZ31
Zhu YY, Wu GM, Zhang YH, Zhao Q
6138 - 6144 Dopant passivation and work function tuning through attachment of heterogeneous organic monolayers on silicon in ultrahigh vacuum
Cooper AJ, Keyvanfar K, Deberardinis A, Pu L, Bean JC
6145 - 6151 Study on phase separation in a-SiOx for Si nanocrystal formation through the correlation of photoluminescence with structural and optical properties
Gan J, Li QA, Hu ZG, Yu WL, Gao K, Sun JA, Xu N, Wu JD
6152 - 6162 Grafting of bifunctional phosphonic and carboxylic acids on Phynox: Impact of induction heating
Devillers S, Lanners L, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
6163 - 6170 Static dissolution rate of tungsten film versus chemical adjustments of a reused slurry for chemical mechanical polishing
Coetsier CM, Testa F, Carretier E, Ennahali M, Laborie B, Mouton-arnaud C, Fluchere O, Moulin P
6171 - 6174 Sepiolite nanofluids with liquid-like behavior
Zheng YP, Zhang JX, Lan L, Yu PY
6175 - 6180 Influence of photo-induced superhydrophilicity of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on the anti-fouling performance of ultrafiltration membranes
Madaeni SS, Ghaemi N, Alizadeh A, Joshaghani M
6181 - 6185 TiAlN coatings deposited by triode magnetron sputtering varying the bias voltage
Devia DM, Restrepo-Parra E, Arango PJ, Tschiptschin AP, Velez JM
6186 - 6190 ArF laser surface modification of polyethersulfone film: Effect of laser fluence in improving surface biocompatibility
Pazokian H, Jelvani S, Mollabashi M, Barzin J, Farahani GA
6191 - 6196 ZnO epitaxy on SiC(000(1)over-bar) substrate: Comparison with ZnO/SiC(0001) heterostructure
Ashrafi A, Aminuzzaman M
6197 - 6201 Effect of different electrolytes on porous GaN using photo-electrochemical etching
Al-Heuseen K, Hashim MR, Ali NK
6202 - 6207 Surface study of cerium oxide based coatings obtained by cathodic electrodeposition on zinc
Martinez L, Roman E, de Segovia JL, Poupard S, Creus J, Pedraza F
6208 - 6211 First experimental evidence by SIMS of different surface binding energies for uranium according to its oxidation state
Desgranges L, Pasquet B, Roure I
6212 - 6219 In situ polyphenyl derivatisation and the effect of thermal decomposition of adsorbed and chemisorbed polyphenyls on the structure of multi-wall carbon nanotubes
Gergely A, Ujszaszy K, Peltz C, Kiraly P, Tarkanyi G, Mihaly J, Kalman E
6220 - 6225 Influence of ionic liquids on the surface properties of poplar veneers
Croitoru C, Patachia S, Cretu N, Boer A, Friedrich C
6226 - 6232 Temperature-dependent growth mode of W-doped ZnO nanostructures
Ngom BD, Chaker M, Manyala N, Lo B, Maaza M, Beye AC
6233 - 6238 Surface modification of hydroxyapatite with poly(methyl methacrylate) via surface-initiated ATRP
Wang Y, Zhang X, Yan JL, Xiao Y, Lang MD
6239 - 6242 A chemical lithography route to Bi2S3 nanotubes
Zhang JJ, Zhang WX, Yang ZH
6243 - 6250 Femtosecond laser ablation of polymeric substrates for the fabrication of microfluidic channels
Suriano R, Kuznetsov A, Eaton SM, Kiyan R, Cerullo G, Osellame R, Chichkov BN, Levi M, Turri S
6251 - 6255 Reduction of interlayer thickness by low-temperature deposition of Mo/Si multilayer mirrors for X-ray reflection
de Rooij-Lohmann VITA, Yakshin AE, Zoethout E, Verhoeven J, Bijkerk F
6256 - 6263 Effect of calcination temperature on the structure and hydroxylation activity of Ni0.5Cu0.5Fe2O4 nanoparticles
Tan XY, Zhao Y, Li GY, Hu CW
6264 - 6269 Anti-icing performance of superhydrophobic surfaces
Farhadi S, Farzaneh M, Kulinich SA
6270 - 6275 Effects of surface concentration on the porphine monolayers: Molecular simulations at the nanoscale water-gas interface
Krongsuk S, Kerdcharoen T
6276 - 6281 Effect of Cr on the wetting in Cu/graphite system
Yang LL, Shen P, Lin QL, Qiu F, Jiang QC
6282 - 6290 Surface modification of PVDF membrane via AGET ATRP directly from the membrane surface
Meng JQ, Chen CL, Huang LP, Du QY, Zhang YF
6291 - 6295 Hydrogenation of Pd-capped Mg thin films prepared by DC magnetron sputtering
Gautam YK, Chawlaa AK, Walia R, Agrawal RD, Chandra R
6296 - 6299 High thermal stability and low thermal conductivity in Ga30Sb70/Sb80Te20 nanocomposite multilayer films
Wang CZ, Zhai JW, Bai SY, Shen B
6300 - 6307 Anchoring of alkylphosphonic derivatives molecules on copper oxide surfaces
Fonder G, Minet I, Volcke C, Devillers S, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
6308 - 6313 Ni-doped TiO2 nanotube arrays on shape memory alloy
Qin R, Ding DY, Ning CQ, Liu HG, Zhu BS, Li M, Mao DL
6314 - 6319 Laser energy density, structure and properties of pulsed-laser deposited zinc oxide films
Tsoutsouva MG, Panagopoulos CN, Kompitsas M