Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.257, No.13 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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5471 - 5475 The effect of SiO2 buffer layer on the electrical and structural properties of Al-doped ZnO films deposited on soda lime glasses
Ri KH, Wang YB, Zhou WL, Gao JX, Wang XJ, Yu J
5476 - 5479 Addition of surfactants in ozonated water cleaning for the suppression of functional group formation and particle adhesion on the SiO2 surface
Yang J, Im K, Lim S
5480 - 5483 Behavior of oxygen in zinc oxide films through thermal annealing and its effect on sheet resistance
Hiramatsu T, Furuta M, Matsuda T, Li CY, Hirao T
5484 - 5490 Comparative evaluation of UV-vis-IR Nd:YAG laser cleaning of beeswax layers on granite substrates
Pan A, Chiussi S, Gonzalez P, Serra J, Leon B
5491 - 5498 Fabrication of superhydrophobic cotton fabrics by silica hydrosol and hydrophobization
Xu LH, Zhuang W, Xu B, Cai ZS
5499 - 5502 Adsorption of O-2 on the CaO and SrO (100) surfaces: A first-principles study
Wang LZ
5503 - 5507 Structural and surface features of multiwall carbon nanotube
Hembram KPSS, Rao GM
5508 - 5512 Research of microstructural characteristics on nanocrystalline diamond by microwave plasma CVD
Hung JM, Lin LH, Shih YH, Liu CM, Cheng HC, Ou KL
5513 - 5518 Investigation on fluorescence quenching of dyes by graphite oxide and graphene
Liu Y, Liu CY, Liu Y
5519 - 5523 Galvanic deposition of ZnO nanorods and thermal annealing effects on their optical properties
Wang LD, Liu GC, Zou LJ, Xue DF
5524 - 5528 A variable hydrophobic surface improves corrosion resistance of electroplating copper coating
Xu XQ, Zhu LQ, Li WP, Liu HC
5529 - 5534 Annealing temperature effect on the properties of mercury-doped TiO2 films prepared by sol-gel dip-coating technique
Mechiakh R, Ben Sedrine N, Karyaoui M, Chtourou R
5535 - 5543 Influence of reactive gas and temperature on structural properties of magnetron sputtered CrSiN coatings
Shah HN, Jayaganthan R, Kaur D
5544 - 5551 Synthesis of S/Cr doped mesoporous TiO2 with high-active visible light degradation property via solid state reaction route
Shao-You L, Qun-Li T, Qing-Ge F
5552 - 5558 Organosilane grafted acid-activated beidellite clay for the removal of non-ionic alachlor and anionic imazaquin
Paul B, Martens WN, Frost RL
5559 - 5562 Shape controlled flower-like silicon oxide nanowires and their pH response
Shao Q, Que RH, Shao MW, Zhou Q, Ma DDD, Lee ST
5563 - 5565 Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of ZnO films with different nanostructures
Yu JX, Huang BB, Qin XY, Zhang XY, Wang ZY, Liu HX
5566 - 5570 Effect of spraying power on microstructure and bonding strength of MoSi2-based coatings prepared by supersonic plasma spraying
Wu H, Li HJ, Lei Q, Fu QG, Ma C, Yao DJ, Wang YJ, Sun C, Wei JF, Han ZH
5571 - 5575 Preparation, structure and photo-catalytic performances of hybrid Bi2SiO5 modified Si nanowire arrays
Feng XA, Qi XA, Li J, Yang LW, Qiu MC, Yin JJ, Lu F, Zhong JX
5576 - 5580 Preparation and properties of titanium oxide film on NiTi alloy by micro-arc oxidation
Wang HR, Liu F, Zhang YP, Yu DZ, Wang FP
5581 - 5585 Corrosion properties of aluminium coatings deposited on sintered NdFeB by ion-beam-assisted deposition
Mao SD, Yang HX, Li JL, Huang F, Song ZL
5586 - 5590 Effect of growth parameters on the structure and magnetic properties of thin polycrystalline Fe films fabricated on Si < 1 0 0 > substrates
Javed A, Morley NA, Gibbs MRJ
5591 - 5594 Surface plasmon enhanced light emission of silicon-rich silicon nitride: Dependence on metal island size
Cheng PH, Li DS, Wang JX, Yang DR
5595 - 5600 Comparison study on structure of Si and Cu doping CrN films by reactive sputtering
Tan SY, Zhang XH, Wu XJ, Fang F, Jiang JQ
5601 - 5604 Nanosecond multi-pulse damage investigation of optical coatings in atmosphere and vacuum environments
Ling XL
5605 - 5612 Stability of phosphonic self assembled monolayers (SAMs) on cobalt chromium (Co-Cr) alloy under oxidative conditions
Bhure R, Abdel-Fattah TM, Bonner C, Hall F, Mahapatro A
5613 - 5625 Paper coatings with multi-scale roughness evaluated at different sampling sizes
Samyn P, Van Erps J, Thienpont H, Schoukens G
5626 - 5633 Magnesium nitride phase formation by means of ion beam implantation technique
Hoche D, Blawert C, Cavellier M, Busardo D, Gloriant T
5634 - 5640 Enhanced in vitro biocompatibility of ultrafine-grained titanium with hierarchical porous surface
Zheng CY, Nie FL, Zheng YF, Cheng Y, Wei SC, Valiev RZ
5641 - 5646 Studies on certain physical properties of modified smectite nanocatalysts
Wu MC, Kuo SL, Lin JC, Ma CM, Hong GB, Chang CT
5647 - 5656 Surface modification of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite by reaction with atomic nitrogen at high temperatures
Zhang LN, Pejakovic DA, Geng BS, Marschall J
5657 - 5662 Structural, optical and electrical properties of Zn1-xCdxO thin films prepared by PLD
Zheng BJ, Lian JS, Zhao L, Jiang Q
5663 - 5670 Functional and unmodified MWNTs for delivery of the water-insoluble drug Carvedilol - A drug-loading mechanism
Li YT, Wang TY, Wang J, Jiang TY, Cheng G, Wang SL
5671 - 5678 Theoretical calculations on the adhesion, stability, electronic structure, and bonding of Fe/WC interface
Li YF, Gao YM, Xiao B, Min T, Ma SQ, Yi DW
5679 - 5687 Nanoplasmonic sensing and QCM-D as ultrasensitive complementary techniques for kinetic corrosion studies of aluminum nanoparticles
Schwind M, Langhammer C, Kasemo B, Zoric I
5688 - 5693 Fabrication of durable hydrophobic surfaces through surface texturing
Beckford S, Langston N, Zou M, Wei RH
5694 - 5697 Synthesis of titanium nitride thin films deposited by a new shielded arc ion plating
Zhao YH, Lin GQ, Xiao JQ, Lang WC, Dong CA, Gong J, Sun C
5698 - 5704 Influence of spin-glass-like phase on magnetic and electrical transport properties of reactive sputtered Al1-xFexN films
Mi WB, Wang XC, Bai HL
5705 - 5710 A stable superhydrophobic and superoleophilic Cu mesh based on copper hydroxide nanoneedle arrays
La DD, Tuan AN, Lee S, Kim JW, Kim YS
5711 - 5714 Investigations of Co/Cu(110) by AES and DEPES
Turko D, Morawski I, Nowicki M
5715 - 5719 P-doped TiO2 nanoparticles film coated on ground glass substrate and the repeated photodegradation of dye under solar light irradiation
Lv YY, Yu LS, Zhang XL, Yao JY, Zou RY, Dai Z
5720 - 5725 The tribology properties of alumina/silica composite nanoparticles as lubricant additives
Jiao D, Zheng SH, Wang YZ, Guan RF, Cao BQ
5726 - 5730 Assembly of tungsten oxide nanobundles and their electrochromic properties
Chang XT, Sun SB, Li ZJ, Xu XA, Qiu YY
5731 - 5738 Deposition and characterization of layer-by-layer sputtered AgGaSe2 thin films
Karaagac H, Parlak M
5739 - 5745 Immobilization of glucose oxidase using CoFe2O4/SiO2 nanoparticles as carrier
Wang H, Huang J, Wang C, Li DP, Ding LY, Han Y
5746 - 5753 Effects of dodecylamine and dodecanethiol on the conductive properties of nano-Ag films
Mo LX, Liu DZ, Li W, Li LH, Wang LC, Zhou XQ
5754 - 5758 Graphene oxide monolayers as supporting films for high resolution transmission electron microscopy
Yuan B, Zhang ZX, Zhou K
5759 - 5765 Microstructure, hydrogenation and optical behavior of Mg-Ni multilayer films deposited by magnetron sputtering
Zhang H, Wang XL, Qiao YQ, Xia XH, Tu JP
5766 - 5771 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic analysis of the surface chemistry of silica nanowires
Beaux MF, Bridges NJ, DeHart M, Bitterwolf TE, McIlroy DN
5772 - 5776 Mechanically stable and corrosion resistant superhydrophobic sol-gel coatings on copper substrate
Rao AV, Latthe SS, Mahadik SA, Kappenstein C
5777 - 5783 Effect of TiO2/Al2O3 film coated diamond abrasive particles by sol-gel technique
Hu WD, Wan L, Liu XP, Li QA, Wang ZQ
5784 - 5788 Twinned tabour-like ZnO: Surfactant-, template-free synthesis and gas sensing behaviors
Zhang YY, Fu WY, Sui YM, Yang HB, Cao J, Li MH, Li YX, Zhou XM, Leng Y, Zhao WY, Chen HI, Zhang LN, Jing QA, Zhao HI
5789 - 5792 Optical emission spectroscopy by Ar3+ ion sputtering of Ti surface under O-2 environment
Motohashi K, Saitoh Y, Kitazawa S
5793 - 5798 An XPS study of Au alloyed Al-O sputtered coatings
Figueiredo NM, Carvalho NJM, Cavaleiro A
5799 - 5802 Crystallization of amorphous Si3N4 and superhardness effect in HfC/Si3N4 nanomultilayers
Li GQ, Li YG, Li GY
5803 - 5807 Nanoscale semiconductor Pb1-xSnxSe (x=0.2) thin films synthesized by electrochemical atomic layer deposition
Lin S, Zhang X, Shi XZ, Wei JP, Lu DB, Zhang YZ, Kou HH, Wang CM
5808 - 5812 The field emission of vacuum filtered graphene films reduced by microwave
Wang K, Feng T, Qian M, Ding HI, Chen YW, Sun ZO
5813 - 5819 Preparation and characterization of visible light responsive Fe2O3-TiO2 composites
Liu H, Shon HK, Sun XA, Vigneswaran S, Nan H
5820 - 5825 Recombination of hydrogen atoms on fine-grain graphite
Drenik A, Vesel A, Kreter A, Mozetic M
5826 - 5830 Surface modification of hard alloy by Y ion implantation under different atmosphere
Wang SX, Li C, Xiong BJ, Tian XB, Yang SQ
5831 - 5836 Facile fabrication of superhydrophobic surface with micro/nanoscale binary structures on aluminum substrate
Guo YG, Wang QH, Wang TM
5837 - 5843 Investigation of chemical mechanical polishing of zinc oxide thin films
Gupta S, Kumar P, Chakkaravathi AA, Craciun D, Singh RK
5844 - 5849 Surface modification of HMS material with silica sol leading to a remarkable enhanced catalytic performance of Cu/SiO2
Yin AY, Wen CO, Dai WL, Fan KNA
5850 - 5856 The effect of multi-walled carbon nanotube pretreatments on the electrodeposition of Ni-MWCNTs coatings
Khabazian S, Sanjabi S
5857 - 5862 Hydrothermal synthesis of Sb2O3 nanorod-bundles via self-assembly assisted oriented attachment
Wang QY, Yang XC, Hou JW, Huang M, Zhao YH
5863 - 5870 Product analysis of partial discharge damage to oil-impregnated insulation paper
Yan JM, Liao RJ, Yang LJ, Li JA, Liu B
5871 - 5878 Selective oxidation of dual phase steel after annealing at different dew points
Lins VDC, Madeira L, Vilela JMC, Andrade MS, Buono VTL, Guimaraes JP, Alvarenga ED
5879 - 5884 Synthesis of fluorinated TiO2 hollow microspheres and their photocatalytic activity under visible light
Li JQ, Wang DF, Liu HI, He ZL, Zhu ZF
5885 - 5892 Microstructure and tribological properties of TiCu2Al intermetallic compound coating
Guo C, Zhou JS, Zhao JR, Wang LQ, Yu YJ, Chen JM, Zhou HD
5893 - 5898 Deodorisation effect of diamond-like carbon/titanium dioxide multilayer thin films deposited onto polypropylene
Ozeki K, Hirakuri KK, Masuzawa T
5899 - 5902 Surface modification of pure titanium by pulsed electron beam
Zhang XD, Hao SZ, Li XN, Dong C, Grosdidier T
5903 - 5907 Electrochromic properties of WO3 thin film onto gold nanoparticles modified indium tin oxide electrodes
Deng J, Gu M, Di JW
5908 - 5912 Characterization of DC reactive magnetron sputtered NiO films using spectroscopic ellipsometry
Peng TC, Xiao XH, Han XY, Zhou XD, Wu W, Ren F, Jiang CZ
5913 - 5918 Enhanced corrosion resistance and cellular behavior of ultrafine-grained biomedical NiTi alloy with a novel SrO-SiO2-TiO2 sol-gel coating
Zheng CY, Nie FL, Zheng YF, Cheng Y, Wei SC, Ruan LQ, Valiev RZ
5919 - 5926 Effects of Co and W alloying elements on the electrodeposition aspects and properties of nanocrystalline Ni alloy coatings
Farzaneh MA, Zamanzad-Ghavidel MR, Raeissi K, Golozar MA, Saatchi A, Kabi S