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5125 - 5126 E-MRS Symposium R: "Laser processing and diagnostics for micro and nano applications" 7-11 June 2010, Strasbourg (France) Preface
Eason RW, Nistor M, Perriere J, Solis J, Zergioti I
5127 - 5131 Modeling of CW laser diode irradiation of amorphous silicon films
Said-Bacar Z, Leroy Y, Antoni F, Slaoui A, Fogarassy E
5132 - 5137 Microstructures and mechanical properties of metallic NiCrBSi and composite NiCrBSi-WC layers manufactured via hybrid plasma/laser process
Serres N, Hlawka F, Costil S, Langlade C, Machi F
5138 - 5141 Development of laser deposited multilayer zone plate structures for soft X-ray radiation
Liese T, Radisch V, Knorr I, Reese M, Grossmann P, Mann K, Krebs HU
5142 - 5147 Effect of laser energy, substrate film thickness and bioink viscosity on viability of endothelial cells printed by Laser-Assisted Bioprinting
Catros S, Guillotin B, Bacakova M, Fricain JC, Guillemot F
5148 - 5151 Laser printing of polythiophene for organic electronics
Zergioti I, Makrygianni M, Dimitrakis P, Normand P, Chatzandroulis S
5152 - 5155 Multilayer laser printing for Organic Thin Film Transistors
Rapp L, Nenon S, Alloncle AP, Videlot-Ackermann C, Fages F, Delaporte P
5156 - 5158 Preparation of polyynes by laser ablation of graphite in aqueous media
Shin SK, Song JK, Park SM
5159 - 5162 Control of ZnO nanowire arrays by nanosphere lithography (NSL) on laser-produced ZnO substrates
Garry S, McCarthy E, Mosnier JP, McGlynn E
5163 - 5167 Dynamics of ZnO laser produced plasma in high pressure argon
Kaydashev VE, Lunney JG
5168 - 5171 Simulation of ultrashort double-pulse laser ablation
Povarnitsyn ME, Itina TE, Levashov PR, Khishchenko KV
5172 - 5174 Thermo-optical response of layered Bi nanostructures produced by pulsed laser deposition
de Castro MJ, Serna R, Marzoa MG, Castelo A, Afonso CN, Haro-Poniatowski E
5175 - 5180 Carbon nitride films by RF plasma assisted PLD: Spectroscopic and electronic analysis
Cappelli E, Orlando S, Trucchi DM, Bellucci A, Valentini V, Mezzi A, Kaciulis S
5181 - 5184 Room temperature transparent conducting oxides based on zinc oxide thin films
Clatot J, Campet G, Zeinert A, Labrugere C, Rougier A
5185 - 5189 Application of printed nanocrystalline diamond film for electron emission cathode
Zhang XX, Wei SY, Lei CM, Wei J, Lu BH, Ding YC, Zhu CC
5190 - 5194 Liquids microprinting through a novel film-free femtosecond laser based technique
Patrascioiu A, Duocastella M, Fernandez-Pradas JM, Morenza JL, Serra P
5195 - 5199 Laser-assisted production of tricalcium phosphate nanoparticles from biological and synthetic hydroxyapatite in aqueous medium
Boutinguiza M, Pou J, Lusquinos F, Comesana R, Riveiro A
5200 - 5203 Pulsed laser deposition and thermal characterization of Ni-doped La5Ca9Cu24O41 thin films
Athanasopoulos GI, Pervolaraki M, Svoukis E, Androulakis J, Saint-Martin R, Revcolevschi A, Giapintzakis J
5204 - 5207 Enhanced photoluminescence of rare-earth doped films prepared by off-axis pulsed laser deposition
Serna R, Nunez-Sanchez S, Xu F, Afonso CN
5208 - 5212 Fixation of bioactive calcium alkali phosphate on Ti6Al4V implant material with femtosecond laser pulses
Symietz C, Lehmann E, Gildenhaar R, Koter R, Berger G, Kruger J
5213 - 5218 Modifications of roughness and wettability properties of metals induced by femtosecond laser treatment
Bizi-Bandoki P, Benayoun S, Valette S, Beaugiraud B, Audouard E
5219 - 5222 3D features of modified photostructurable glass-ceramic with infrared femtosecond laser pulses
Fernandez-Pradas JM, Serrano D, Bosch S, Morenza JL, Serra P
5223 - 5229 Nano-scale and surface precipitation of metallic particles in laser interference patterned noble metal-based thin films
Catrin R, Horwat D, Pierson JF, Migot S, Hu Y, Mucklich F
5230 - 5236 Selective ablation with UV lasers of a-Si:H thin film solar cells in direct scribing configuration
Lauzurica S, Garcia-Ballesteros JJ, Colina M, Sanchez-Aniorte I, Molpeceres C
5237 - 5240 Fabrication of an integrated optical Mach-Zehnder interferometer based on refractive index modification of polymethylmethacrylate by krypton fluoride excimer laser radiation
Koerdt M, Vollertsen F
5241 - 5244 Direct laser printing for high efficiency silicon solar cells fabrication
Poulain G, Boulord C, Blanc D, Kaminski A, Gauthier M, Dubois C, Semmache B, Lemiti M
5245 - 5249 Improvement in semiconductor laser printing using a sacrificial protecting layer for organic thin-film transistors fabrication
Rapp L, Cibert C, Nenon S, Alloncle AP, Nagel M, Lippert T, Videlot-Ackermann C, Fages F, Delaporte P
5250 - 5254 2D spatially controlled polymer micro patterning for cellular behavior studies
Dinca V, Palla-Papavlu A, Paraico I, Lippert T, Wokaun A, Dinescu M
5255 - 5258 Study of liquid deposition during laser printing of liquids
Duocastella M, Patrascioiu A, Dinca V, Fernandez-Pradas JM, Morenza JL, Serra P
5259 - 5264 Thin films of polymer blends deposited by matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation: Effects of blending ratios
Paun IA, Ion V, Moldovan A, Dinescu M
5265 - 5269 Parametric studies on iron-carbon composite nanoparticles synthesized by laser pyrolysis for increased passivation and high iron content
Dumitrache F, Morjan I, Fleaca C, Birjega R, Vasile E, Kuncser V, Alexandrescu R
5270 - 5273 About graphene ribbons development in laser synthesized nanocarbon
Florescu LG, Vasile E, Sandu I, Soare I, Fleaca C, Ianchis R, Luculescu C, Dutu E, Birjega R, Morjan I, Voicu I
5274 - 5277 Excimer laser accelerated hydrothermal synthesis of ZnO nanocrystals & their electrical properties
Jayawardena KDGI, Opoku C, Fryar J, Silva SRP, Henley SJ
5278 - 5282 Characterization of Ag and Au nanoparticles created by nanosecond pulsed laser ablation in double distilled water
Nikolov AS, Nedyalkov NN, Nikov RG, Atanasov PA, Alexandrov MT
5283 - 5286 Electrical assisted laser floating zone (EALFZ) growth of 2212-BSCCO superconducting fibres
Carrasco MF, Amaral VS, Silva RF, Costa FM
5287 - 5292 Deposition of antibacterial of poly(1,3-bis-(p-carboxyphenoxy propane)-co-(sebacic anhydride)) 20:80/gentamicin sulfate composite coatings by MAPLE
Cristescu R, Popescu C, Socol G, Visan A, Mihailescu IN, Gittard SD, Miller PR, Martin TN, Narayan RJ, Andronie A, Stamatin I, Chrisey DB
5293 - 5297 MAPLE deposition of Mn(III) metalloporphyrin thin films: Structural, topographical and electrochemical investigations
Cristescu R, Popescu C, Popescu AC, Grigorescu S, Mihailescu IN, Ciucu AA, Iordache S, Andronie A, Stamatin I, Fagadar-Cosma E, Chrisey DB
5298 - 5302 Thin films of arylenevinylene oligomers prepared by MAPLE for applications in non-linear optics
Stanculescu A, Vacareanu L, Grigoras M, Socol M, Socol G, Stanculescu F, Preda N, Matei E, Ionita I, Girtan M, Mihailescu IN
5303 - 5307 Characterization of polymer thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition
Palla-Papavlu A, Dinca V, Ion V, Moldovan A, Mitu B, Luculescu C, Dinescu M
5308 - 5311 Mg-Al layered double hydroxides (LDHs) and their derived mixed oxides grown by laser techniques
Matei A, Birjega R, Nedelcea A, Vlad A, Colceag D, Ionita MD, Luculescu C, Dinescu M, Zavoianu R, Pavel OD
5312 - 5314 High temperature growth of InN on various substrates by plasma-assisted pulsed laser deposition
Stokker-Cheregi F, Nedelcea A, Filipescu M, Moldovan A, Colceag D, Ion V, Birjega R, Dinescu M
5315 - 5318 Characterization of gaseous phase and nanoparticles produced in ultra-short pulsed laser ablation of transition metal borides
De Bonisa A, Teghil R, Rau JV, Galasso A, Orlando S, Santagata A
5319 - 5323 Growth modes of pentacene films obtained by pulsed laser deposition
Wisz G, Kuzma M, Virt I, Sagan P, Rudyj I
5324 - 5327 Homogeneous films by inverse pulsed laser deposition
Egerhazi L, Geretovszky Z, Szorenyi T, Bari F
5328 - 5331 Hydrogen doping of MgO thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Kodu M, Aints M, Avarmaa T, Denks V, Feldbach E, Jaaniso R, Kirm M, Maaroos A, Raud J
5332 - 5336 Characteristics of ZrC/ZrN and ZrC/TiN multilayers grown by pulsed laser deposition
Craciun D, Bourne G, Socol G, Stefan N, Dorcioman G, Lambers E, Craciun V
5337 - 5340 Nanocomposite oxide thin films grown by pulsed energy beam deposition
Nistor M, Petitmangin A, Hebert C, Seiler W
5341 - 5346 Nanostructured PLD-grown gadolinia doped ceria: Chemical and structural characterization by transmission electron microscopy techniques
Rodrigo K, Wang HJ, Heiroth S, Pryds N, Kuhn LT, Esposito V, Linderoth S, Schou J, Lippert T
5347 - 5353 Glassy carbon - A promising substrate material for pulsed laser deposition of thin Li1+xMn2O4-delta electrodes
Simmen F, Horisberger M, Seyfang B, Lippert T, Novak P, Dobeli M, Mallepell M, Schneider CW, Wokaun A
5354 - 5357 Oxygen deficiency in oxide films grown by PLD
Davila Y, Petitmangin A, Hebert C, Perriere J, Seiler W
5358 - 5361 Pulsed laser ablation of GaAs using nano pulse length
Dubcek P, Pivac B, Milosevic S, Krstulovic N, Kregar Z, Bernstorff S
5362 - 5365 Pulsed laser deposition of polymer-metal nanocomposites
Schlenkrich F, Seyffarth S, Fuchs B, Krebs HU
5366 - 5369 ZnO nanoparticles produced by novel reactive physical deposition process
Thangadurai P, Zergioti I, Saranu S, Chandrinou C, Yang Z, Tsoukalas D, Kean A, Boukos N
5370 - 5374 Structural characterization of AlN films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition
Szekeres A, Fogarassy Z, Petrik P, Vlaikova E, Cziraki A, Socol G, Ristoscu C, Grigorescu S, Mihailescu IN
5375 - 5379 Synthesis of nanocrystalline magnesium nitride (Mg3N2) powder using thermal plasma
Kim DW, Kim TH, Park HW, Park DW
5380 - 5383 Pure and Nb-doped TiO1.5 films grown by pulsed-laser deposition for transparent p-n homojunctions
Le Boulbar E, Millon E, Mathias J, Boulmer-Leborgne C, Nistor M, Gherendi F, Sbai N, Quoirin JB
5384 - 5388 Studies of laser-induced removal mechanisms for tokamak-like particles
Vatry A, Marchand A, Delaporte P, Grojo D, Grisolia C, Sentis M
5389 - 5392 Two-photon polymerization of an epoxy-acrylate resin material system
Winfield RJ, O'Brien S
5393 - 5397 Effects of processing parameters on laser cutting of aluminium-copper alloys using off-axial supersonic nozzles
Riveiro A, Quintero F, Lusquinos F, Comesana R, Pou J
5398 - 5402 The effect of UV irradiation on nanocrysatlline zinc oxide thin films related to gas sensing characteristics
Soleimanpour AM, Hou Y, Jayatissa AH
5403 - 5407 Cost-effective SU-8 micro-structures by DUV excimer laser lithography for label-free biosensing
Sanza FJ, Laguna MF, Casquel R, Holgado M, Barrios CA, Ortega FJ, Lopez-Romero D, Garcia-Ballesteros JJ, Banuls MJ, Maquieira A, Puchades R
5408 - 5412 Effect of plasma confinement on laser shock microforming of thin metal sheets
Morales M, Porro JA, Garcia-Ballesteros JJ, Molpeceres C, Ocana JL
5413 - 5419 Laser ablation of advanced ceramics and glass-ceramic materials: Reference position dependence
Sola D, Escartin A, Cases R, Pena JI
5420 - 5423 Implications of transient changes of optical and surface properties of solids during femtosecond laser pulse irradiation to the formation of laser-induced periodic surface structures
Bonse J, Rosenfeld A, Kruger J
5424 - 5428 UV laser-induced high resolution cleaving of Si wafers for micro-nano devices and polymeric waveguide characterization
Casquel R, Holgado M, Garcia-Ballesteros JJ, Zinoviev K, Fernandez-Sanchez C, Sanza FJ, Molpeceres C, Laguna MF, Llobera A, Ocana JL, Dominguez C
5429 - 5433 Large negative refractive index modification induced by irradiation of femtosecond laser inside optical glasses
Hashimoto T, Tanaka S
5434 - 5438 Modifications in silver-doped silicate glasses induced by ns laser beams
Cattaruzza E, Mardegan M, Trave E, Battaglin G, Calvelli P, Enrichi F, Gonella F
5439 - 5442 Influence of ordering change on the optical and thermal properties of inflation polyethylene films
Morikawa J, Orie A, Hikima Y, Hashimoto T, Juodkazis S
5443 - 5446 Modeling of femtosecond ablation of aluminum film with single laser pulses
Mazhukin AV, Mazhukin VI, Demin MM
5447 - 5451 Application of LIBS and TMA for the determination of combustion predictive indices of coals and coal blends
Ctvrtnickova T, Mateo MP, Yanez A, Nicolas G
5452 - 5455 Combination of RF-plasma jet and Laser-induced plasma for breakdown spectroscopy analysis of complex materials
Pedarnig JD, Heitz J, Ionita ER, Dinescu G, Praher B, Viskup R
5456 - 5459 Interaction of gold nanoparticles with nanosecond laser pulses: Nanoparticle heating
Nedyalkov NN, Imamova SE, Atanasov PA, Toshkova RA, Gardeva EG, Yossifova LS, Alexandrov MT, Obara M
5460 - 5464 Recent developments in the formation and structure of tin-iron oxides by laser pyrolysis
Alexandrescu R, Morjan I, Dumitrache F, Birjega R, Fleaca C, Soare I, Gavrila L, Luculescu C, Prodan G, Kuncser V, Filoti G
5465 - 5469 The laser polarization as control parameter in the formation of laser-induced periodic surface structures: Comparison of numerical and experimental results
Varlamova O, Reif J, Varlamov S, Bestehorn M