Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.257, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Mechanical properties of the plasma-enhanced magnetron sputtering Si-C-N coatings
Wang YF, Li ZX, Du JH, Wang BY
6 - 9 Facile fabrication of large-scale stable superhydrophobic surfaces with carbon sphere films by burning rapeseed oil
Qu MN, He JM, Cao BY
10 - 16 Correlation between microstructure, magnetic and electronic properties of Fe1-xAlx (0.2 <= x <= 0.6) alloys produced by arc melting
Brajpuriya R, Sharma P, Jani S, Kaimal S, Shripathi T, Lakshmi N, Venugopalan K
17 - 21 Low-temperature deposition of stoichiometric HfO2 on silicon: Analysis and quantification of the HfO2/Si interface from electrical and XPS measurements
Rudenja S, Minko A, Buchanan DA
22 - 24 Laser processing of poly(methyl methacrylate) Lambertian diffusers
Bubb DM, Yi SY, Kuchmek J, Corgan J, Papantonakis M
25 - 32 On the temperature dependence of Na migration in thin SiO2 films during ToF-SIMS O-2(+) depth profiling
Krivec S, Detzel T, Buchmayr M, Hutter H
33 - 36 Facile approach in fabricating superhydrophobic coatings from silica-based nanocomposite
Guo YG, Wang QH
37 - 41 Nanoscratch study of Zn1-xMnxO heteroepitaxial layers
Chang YM, Chang ZC, Lian DM, Yang CS, Yau WH, Tsai CH, Wu WF, Chou CP
42 - 47 Ni-Co-TiO2 nanocomposite coating prepared by pulse and pulse reversal methods using acetate bath
Ranjith B, Kalaignan GP
48 - 55 Adhesion experiments using an AFM-Parameters of influence
Ferreira OD, Gelinck E, de Graaf D, Fischer H
56 - 61 The pH effect on black spots in surface finish: Electroless nickel immersion gold
Won YS, Park SS, Lee J, Kim JY, Lee SJ
62 - 66 Cross-sectional characterization of cupric oxide nanowires grown by thermal oxidation of copper foils
Liang JB, Kishi N, Soga T, Jimbo T
67 - 71 Electrical, structural and surface morphological properties of thermally stable low-resistance W/Ti/Au multilayer ohmic contacts to n-type GaN
Jyothi I, Reddy VR
72 - 81 Dry sliding tribological behavior of AZ31 magnesium alloy irradiated by high-intensity pulsed ion beam
Li P, Lei MK, Zhu XP
82 - 86 Oxidation of graphene on Ru(0001) studied by scanning tunneling microscopy
Liao Q, Zhang HJ, Wu K, Li HY, Bao SN, He P
87 - 92 Crack-free micromachining on glass substrates by visible LIBWE using liquid metallic absorbers
Yen MH, Huang CW, Hsu WC, Young TH, Zimmer K, Cheng JY
93 - 101 Influence of deposition temperature on morphological, optical, electrical and opto-electrical properties of highly textured nano-crystalline spray deposited CdO:Ga thin films
Moholkar AV, Agawane GL, Sim KU, Kwon YB, Rajpure KY, Kim JH
102 - 108 Bismuth onion thin film in situ grown on silicon wafer synthesized through a hydrothermal approach
Zhao Y, Liu H, Liu J, Hu CG, Wang JY
109 - 115 Effect of composition and deposition temperature on the characteristics of Ga doped ZnO thin films
Kim YH, Jeong J, Lee KS, Cheong B, Seong TY, Kim WM
116 - 121 ZnO/MoO3 mixed oxide nanotube: A highly efficient and stable catalyst for degradation of dye by air under room conditions
Huang JG, Wang XH, Li S, Wang Y
122 - 126 Effect of [Zn]/[S] ratios on the properties of chemical bath deposited zinc sulfide thin films
Li ZQ, Shi JH, Liu QQ, Wang ZA, Sun Z, Huang SM
127 - 131 Surface and catalytic properties of doped tin oxide nanoparticles
Wang CT, Lai DL, Chen MT
132 - 137 Microwave-assistant synthesis of ordered CuO micro-structures on Cu substrate
Min YL, Wang T, Chen YC
138 - 142 Preparation of poly(3-hexylthiophene)/graphene nanocomposite via in situ reduction of modified graphite oxide sheets
Yang ZL, Shi XJ, Yuan JJ, Pu HT, Liu YS
143 - 150 Effect of titanium incorporation on the structural, mechanical and biocompatible properties of DLC thin films prepared by reactive-biased target ion beam deposition method
Bharathy PV, Nataraj D, Chu PK, Wang HY, Yang Q, Kiran MSRN, Silvestre-Albero J, Mangalaraj D
151 - 156 Surface modification of nanocrystalline anatase with CTAB in the acidic condition and its effects on photocatalytic activity and preferential growth of TiO2
Qu YC, Wang WX, Jing LQ, Song S, Shi X, Xue LP, Fu HG
157 - 159 Laser-induced voltage characteristics of Bi2Sr2Co2Oy thin films on LaAlO3 substrates
Wang SF, Cheng JC, Zhao XH, Zhao SQ, He LP, Chen MJ, Yu W, Wang JL, Fu GS
160 - 164 Structural, optical and electrical properties of Al-N codoped ZnO films by RF-assisted MOCVD method
Su JF, Zang CH, Cheng CX, Niu QA, Zhang YS, Yu K
165 - 171 Patterning of polypyrrole using a fluoropolymer as an adsorption-protecting molecule
Kwon S, Ha JW, Noh J, Lee SY
172 - 175 Preparation, electronic structure, and photocatalytic properties of Bi2O2CO3 nanosheet
Liu YY, Wang ZY, Huang BB, Yang KS, Zhang XY, Qin XY, Dai Y
176 - 179 Influence of citric acid on the morphology and magnetic properties of barium ferrite thin films
Zhang WL, Tang H, Peng B, Zhang WX
180 - 185 XPS and IGC characterization of steam treated triticale straw
Zhao LY, Boluk Y
186 - 191 Structural properties of the titanium dioxide thin films grown by atomic layer deposition at various numbers of reaction cycles
Alekhin AP, Gudkova SA, Markeev AM, Mitiaev AS, Sigarev AA, Toknova VF
192 - 196 Novel catalysts: Indium implanted SiO2 thin films
Yoshimura S, Hine K, Kiuchi M, Nishimoto Y, Yasuda M, Baba A, Hamaguchi S
197 - 202 Fabrication of porous BaSnO3 hollow architectures using BaCO3@SnO2 core-shell nanorods as precursors
Li BH, Tang YW, Luo LJ, Xiao T, Li DW, Hu XY, Yuan M
203 - 209 Effect of arc spraying power on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Zn-Al coating deposited onto carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites
Wang RG, Song DJ, Liu WB, He XD
210 - 214 Resonant soft X-ray reflectivity as a sensitive probe to investigate polished zinc sulphide surface
Gupta P, Sinha AK, Modi MH, Gupta SM, Gupta PK, Deb SK
215 - 221 Effect of argon ion activity on the properties of Y2O3 thin films deposited by low pressure PACVD
Barve SA, Jagannath, Deo MN, Kishore R, Biswas A, Gantayet LM, Patil DS
222 - 226 Oxidation studies of niobium thin films at room temperature by X-ray reflectivity
Sokhey KJS, Rai SK, Lodha GS
227 - 231 Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic activity of the neodymium-doped TiO2 hollow spheres
Wang C, Ao YH, Wang PF, Hou J, Qian J
232 - 238 Deposition of quasi-crystal Al-doped ZnO thin films for photovoltaic device applications
Yang YY, Zeng XB, Zeng Y, Liu L, Chen QK
239 - 243 Characteristic difference between ITO/ZrCu and ITO/Ag bi-layer films as transparent electrodes deposited on PET substrate
Lee CJ, Lin HK, Sun SY, Huang JC
244 - 248 Structure and elastic recovery of Cr-C:H films deposited by a reactive magnetron sputtering technique
Dai W, Wu GS, Wang AY
249 - 253 Modeling effects of abrasive particle size and concentration on material removal at molecular scale in chemical mechanical polishing
Wang YG, Zhao YW, An W, Ni ZF, Wang J
254 - 260 Preparation of functional composite grafted particles PDMAEMA/SiO2 and preliminarily study on functionality
Gao BJ, Chen YX, Zhang ZG
261 - 265 Investigation of surface properties of liquid transition metals: Surface tension and surface entropy
Korkmaz SD, Korkmaz S
266 - 270 Capabilities of using white x-rays for the reconstruction of surface morphology from coherent reflectivity
Sant T, Panzner T, Pietsch U
271 - 275 The 60 degrees or 180 degrees twinned Bi-doped PbTe film studied by EBSD
Ren SY, Yang YK, Li HD, Li DM, Lv XY, Zhu PW
276 - 281 Surface characterization by nitrogen adsorption of silica aerogels synthesized from various Si(OR)(4) and R'' Si(OR')(3) precursors
Al-Oweini R, El-Rassy H
282 - 289 Adsorption of oxygen molecular on pristine and defected SiC nanotubes
Liang RL, Zhang Y, Zhang JM
290 - 295 Modification of unsaturated polyester resins (UP) and reinforced UP resins via plasma treatment
Li GL, Wei X, Wang WJ, He T, Li XM
296 - 301 Fabrication of titanium dioxide nanofibers containing hydroxyapatite nanoparticles
Sheikh FA, Kanjwal MA, Kim HY, Kim H
302 - 305 Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of aqueous CdWO4 quantum dots with WO66- luminescence center
Zhang GX, Yang SF, Li Z, Zhang L, Zhou W, Zhang HY, Shen H, Wang YX
306 - 311 Fabrication and properties of film-under-gate field emission arrays with SnO2 emitters for flat lamp
Zhang YA, Lin JY, Guo TL
312 - 318 Synthesis and surface activity properties of alkylphenol polyoxyethylene nonionic trimeric surfactants
Yang F, Li G, Qi J, Zhang SM, Liu R
319 - 324 In situ ellipsometric study of surface immobilization of flagellar filaments
Kurunczi S, Nemeth A, Hulber T, Kozma P, Petrik P, Jankovics H, Sebestyen A, Vonderviszt F, Fried M, Barsony I
325 - 331 Air plasma or UV-irradiation applied to surface modification of pectin/poly(vinyl alcohol) blends
Kowalonek J, Kaczmarek H, Dabrowska A