Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.256, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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2661 - 2667 Interaction of bathocuproine with metals (Ca, Mg, Al, Ag, and Au) studied by density functional theory
Bhatt MD, Suzuki S, Sakurai T, Akimoto K
2668 - 2671 Theoretical and experimental study on the electronic structure and optical absorption properties of P-doped TiO2
Xu L, Tang CQ, Qian J, Huang ZB
2672 - 2679 A microscopy study of the effect of heat treatment on the structure and properties of anodised TiO2 nanotubes
Jaroenworaluck A, Regonini D, Bowen CR, Stevens R
2680 - 2685 Room temperature soft chemical route for nanofibrous wurtzite ZnO thin film synthesis
Gurav KV, Fulari VJ, Patil UM, Lokhande CD, Joo OS
2686 - 2690 Study on the adsorption of fluorescein on Ag(110) substrate
Qian HQ, Mao HY, Song F, Shi SQ, Zhang HJ, Li HY, He PM, Bao SN
2691 - 2699 Generation and removal of pits during chemical mechanical polishing process for MgO single crystal substrate
Wang K, Li YZ, Kang RK, Guo DM
2700 - 2704 Biomimetic Ca-P coating on pre-calcified Ti plates by electrodeposition method
Yang XD, Zhang B, Lu JA, Chen JY, Zhang XD, Gu ZW
2705 - 2710 Interlayer effect on the characterization of the La-Cr-O coatings with post-sputtering annealing treatment
Ho WY, Hsu CH, Tsai MH, Yang YS, Wang DY
2711 - 2718 The influence of gamma-irradiation on some physical properties of chlorophyll/PMMA films
Abdelrazek EM, El Damrawi G, Elashmawi IS, El-Shahawy A
2719 - 2725 Raman microprobe spectroscopy measurements of residual stress distribution along blisters in Cr2O3 thin films
Kemdehoundja M, Grosseau-Poussard JL, Dinhut JF
2726 - 2730 Deposition and properties of B-N codoped p-type ZnO thin films by RF magnetron sputtering
Sui YR, Yao B, Yang JH, Cui HF, Huang XM, Yang T, Gao LL, Deng R, Shen DZ
2731 - 2734 Inter-diffusion of cobalt and silicon through an ultra thin aluminum oxide layer
El Asri T, Raissi M, Vizzini S, El Maachi A, Ameziane EL, d'Avitaya FA, Lazzari JL, Coudreau C, Oughaddou H, Aufray B, Kaddouri A
2735 - 2741 Investigations of the interactions of CO2, O-3 and UV light with silver surfaces by in situ IRRAS/QCM and ex situ TOF-SIMS
Wiesinger R, Schreiner M, Kleber C
2742 - 2749 Thermal stability of thiol and silane monolayers: A comparative study
Chandekar A, Sengupta SK, Whitten JE
2750 - 2753 A novel sputtering oxidation coupling (SOC) method to fabricate VO2 thin film
Xu XF, Yin AY, Du XL, Wang JQ, Liu JD, He XF, Liu XX, Huan YL
2754 - 2758 A one-pot method to prepare N-doped titania hollow spheres with high photocatalytic activity under visible light
Ao YH, Xu JJ, Zhang SH, Fu DG
2759 - 2763 Surface-coated fly ash used as filler in biodegradable poly(vinyl alcohol) composite films: Part 1-The modification process
Nath DCD, Bandyopadhyay S, Gupta S, Yu A, Blackburn D, White C
2764 - 2768 Enhanced field emission and patterned emitter device fabrication of metal-tetracyanoquinodimethane nanowires array
Zheng KB, Li XY, Mo XL, Chen GY, Wang ZD, Chen GR
2769 - 2774 A novel continuous process for synthesis of carbon nanotubes using iron floating catalyst and MgO particles for CVD of methane in a fluidized bed reactor
Maghsoodi S, Khodadadi A, Mortazavi Y
2775 - 2780 Applied validity of effortless method for design of sinusoidal surface microstructure
Jing XF, Wang JP, Jin YX, He HB, Shao JD, Fan ZX
2781 - 2785 ZnO nanorods/plates on Si substrate grown by low-temperature hydrothermal reaction
Gao SY, Li HD, Yuan JJ, Li YA, Yang XX, Liu JW
2786 - 2791 Influence of postdeposition annealing on structural properties and electrical characteristics of thin Tm2O3 and Tm2Ti2O7 dielectrics
Pan TM, Yen LC
2792 - 2802 Surface characterization of polyethylene terephthalate/silica nanocomposites
Parvinzadeh M, Moradian S, Rashidi A, Yazdanshenas ME
2803 - 2808 Application of clean laser transfer for porphyrin micropatterning
Kononenko TV, Nagovitsyn IA, Chudinova GK, Mihailescu IN
2809 - 2817 Optical properties and electric conductivity of gold nanoparticle-containing, hydrogel-based thin layer composite films obtained by photopolymerization
Janovak L, Dekany I
2818 - 2825 Ordered luminescent nanohybrid thin films of Eu(BA)(3)Phen nanoparticle in polystyrene matrix from diblock copolymer self-assembly
Wang C, Zhang YM, Pei XQ, Wang TM, Wang QH
2826 - 2830 Solvothermal synthesis and characterization of sandwich-like graphene/ZnO nanocomposites
Wu JL, Shen XP, Jiang L, Wang K, Chen KM
2831 - 2836 Structure, magnetic and electrical transport properties of cosputtered Fe0.5Ge0.5 nanocomposite films
Mi WB, Li P, Jiang EY, Bai HL
2837 - 2840 Catalyst-free synthesis of novel brush-shaped ZnO particles by a simple oxidation in air
Lee GH, Song JH
2841 - 2848 Adhesion of silver nanoparticles on the clay substrates; modeling and experiment
Tokarsky J, Capkova P, Rafaja D, Klemm V, Valaskova M, Kukutschova J, Tomasek V
2849 - 2855 Influence of annealing conditions on the properties of reinforced silver-embedded silica matrix from the cheap silica source
Hilonga A, Kim JK, Sarawade PB, Kim HT
2856 - 2858 The fabrication of Ag nanoflake arrays via self-assembly on the surface of an anodic aluminum oxide template
Li XM, Dong K, Tang LB, Wu YJ, Yang PZ, Zhang PX
2859 - 2862 Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic performance of TiO2/CexZr1-xO2 toward the oxidation of gaseous benzene
Zhong JB, Ma D, He XY, Li JZ, Chen YQ
2863 - 2875 Study on effect of dimples on friction of parallel surfaces under different sliding conditions
Meng FM, Zhou R, Davis T, Cao J, Wang QJ, Hua D, Liu J
2876 - 2883 Effect of applied bias voltage on corrosion-resistance for TiC1-xNx and Ti1-xNbxC1-yNy coatings
Caicedo JC, Amaya C, Yate L, Aperador W, Zambrano G, Gomez ME, Alvarado-Rivera J, Munoz-Saldana J, Prieto P
2884 - 2889 Effect of complexing agent on the photoelectrochemical properties of bath deposited CdS thin films
Patil SB, Singh AK
2890 - 2897 An investigation of the internal temperature dependence of Pd-Pt cluster beam deposition: A molecular dynamics study
Chen CK, Chang SC
2898 - 2902 Synthesis of ZnO-SnO2 composite oxides by CTAB-assisted co-precipitation and photocatalytic properties
Yang ZJ, Lv LL, Dai YL, Xv ZH, Qian D
2903 - 2909 Synthesis of narrow band gap (V2O5)(x)-(TiO2)(1-x) nano-structured layers via micro arc oxidation
Bayati MR, Moshfegh AZ, Golestani-Fard F
2910 - 2914 Optical and electrical properties of In-doped CdO thin films fabricated by pulse laser deposition
Zheng BJ, Lian JS, Zhao L, Jiang Q
2915 - 2919 AFM analysis of bleaching effects on dental enamel microtopography
de Freitas ACP, Espejo LC, Botta SB, Teixeira FD, Luz MAAC, Garone-Netto N, Matos AB, Salvadori MCBS
2920 - 2926 XRD and XPS characterization of mixed valence Mn3O4 hausmannite thin films prepared by chemical spray pyrolysis technique
Raj AME, Victoria SG, Jothy VB, Ravidhas C, Wollschlager J, Suendorf M, Neumann M, Jayachandran M, Sanjeeviraja C
2927 - 2933 Effects of UV-irradiation on the thermo-mechanical properties of optical grade poly(methyl methacrylate)
Eve S, Mohr J
2934 - 2938 Enhancing indium tin oxide (ITO) thin film adhesiveness using the coupling agent silane
Wu D, Liu JX, Wang Y
2939 - 2943 The surface tension of liquid Cu-Fe-Sb alloys
Willner J, Siwiec G, Botor J
2944 - 2947 Fabrication of Au thin film gratings by pulsed laser interference
Shin H, Yoo H, Lee M
2948 - 2955 In situ preparation and fluorescence quenching properties of polythiophene/ZnO nanocrystals hybrids through atom-transfer radical polymerization and hydrolysis
Peng XM, Zhang L, Chen YW, Li F, Zhou WH
2956 - 2960 Influence of heat treatment on tribological properties of electroless Ni-P and Ni-P-Al2O3 coatings on Al-Si casting alloy
Novak M, Vojtech D, Vitu T
2961 - 2967 Batch study of arsenate (V) adsorption using Akadama mud: Effect of water mineralization
Chen RZ, Zhang ZY, Feng CP, Lei ZF, Li Y, Li M, Shimizu K, Sugiura N
2968 - 2973 Exchange versus intercalation of n-dodecanethiol monolayers on copper in the presence of n-dodecaneselenol and vice versa
Fonder G, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
2974 - 2978 A Monte Carlo simulation study of Nitrogen on LiF(001)
Sallabi AK, Dawoud JN, Jack DB
2979 - 2987 Stabilization of Au nanoparticles prepared by laser ablation in chloroform with free-base porphyrin molecules
Siskova K, Pfleger J, Prochazka M
2988 - 2994 Electrochemical behaviors of the magnesium alloy substrates in various pretreatment solutions
Zhu YP, Yu G, Hu BN, Lei XP, Yi HB, Zhang J
2995 - 2999 A new example of the diffusion-limited aggregation: Ni-Cu film patterns
Kockar H, Bayirli M, Alper M
3000 - 3005 Protein imprinted polymer using acryloyl-beta-cyclodextrin and acrylamide as monomers
Zhang W, Qin L, Chen RR, He XW, Li WY, Zhang YK