Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science, Vol.256, No.8 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0169-4332 (Print) 

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2309 - 2314 Structural, compositional and magnetic characterization of bulk V2O5 doped ZnO system
Karamat S, Rawat RS, Lee P, Tan TL, Ramanujan RV, Zhou W
2315 - 2318 Structure formation on the surface of alloys irradiated by femtosecond laser pulses
Ran LL, Qu SL
2319 - 2322 Structural and magnetic properties of NiZn ferrite films with high saturation magnetization deposited by magnetron sputtering
Guo DW, Fan XL, Chai GZ, Jiang CJ, Li XL, Xue DS
2323 - 2326 Zinc oxide catalyzed growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Gao FL, Zhang LJ, Huang SM
2327 - 2331 Synthesis of hollow carbon nitride microspheres by an electrodeposition method
Bai XJ, Li J, Cao CB
2332 - 2336 Optimization of surface coating condition using vapor form of alkanethiol on Cu nano powders for the application of oxidation prevention
Seong MR, Kwon J, Lee GY, Kim DK, Kim YS, Lee CS
2337 - 2342 Deposition of durable thin silver layers onto polyamides employing a heterogeneous Tollens' reaction
Textor T, Fouda MMG, Mahltig B
2343 - 2346 Electron beam evaporated LaF3 thin films prepared by different temperatures and deposition rates
Liu GH, He HB, Jin YX, Fan ZX
2347 - 2352 Highly water resistant surface coating by fluoride on long persistent Sr4Al14O25:Eu2+/Dy3+ phosphor
Luitel HN, Watari T, Torikai T, Yada M, Chand R, Xu CN, Nanoka K
2353 - 2356 Spectra study and size control of cobalt nanoparticles passivated with oleic acid and triphenylphosphine
Su YK, OuYang X, Tang JN
2357 - 2362 Solvent effects for CO and H-2 adsorption on Cu2O (111) surface: A density functional theory study
Zuo ZJ, Huang W, Han PD, Li ZH
2363 - 2366 Surface morphology of organic thin films at various vapor flux
Zhang GX, Weeks BL
2367 - 2371 Cross-linked gelatin/nanoparticles composite coating on micro-arc oxidation film for corrosion and drug release
Xu XH, Lu P, Guo MQ, Fang MZ
2372 - 2379 Characterization of AISI 4140 borided steels
Campos-Silva I, Ortiz-Dominguez M, Lopez-Perrusquia N, Meneses-Amador A, Escobar-Galindo R, Martinez-Trinidad J
2380 - 2387 Mechanical, tribological, and electrochemical behavior of Cr1-xAlxN coatings deposited by r.f. reactive magnetron co-sputtering method
Sanchez JE, Sanchez OM, Ipaz L, Aperador W, Caicedo JC, Amaya C, Landaverde MAH, Beltran FE, Munoz-Saldana J, Zambrano G
2388 - 2391 In vitro remineralization of acid-etched human enamel with Ca3SiO5
Dong ZH, Chang J, Deng Y, Joiner A
2392 - 2399 Theoretical investigations on multiple-reflection and Rayleigh absorption-emission-scattering effects in laser drilling
Park KW, Na SJ
2400 - 2404 Super-hydrophobic nickel films with micro-nano hierarchical structure prepared by electrodeposition
Hang T, Hu AM, Ling HQ, Li M, Mao DL
2405 - 2408 Structural and optical characteristics of spin-coated ZnO thin films
Smirnov M, Baban C, Rusu GI
2409 - 2413 Enhancement of field emission properties of graphite flakes by producing carbon nanotubes on above using thermal chemical vapor deposition
Shih WC, Jeng JM, Tsai MH, Lo JT
2414 - 2418 The effect of back electrode on the formation of electrodeposited CoNiFe magnetic nanotubes and nanowires
Atalay FE, Kaya H, Yagmur V, Tari S, Atalay S, Avsar D
2419 - 2422 Electronic properties of the surface of perylene tetracarboxylic acid dianhydride film upon deposition of the ultrathin conjugated layers of Pyronine B
Komolov AS, Lazneva EF, Akhremtchik SN
2423 - 2427 Metal and polymer melt jet formation by the high-power laser ablation
Yoh JJ, Gojani AB
2428 - 2433 A comparative study of the physical properties of Sb2S3 thin films treated with N-2 AC plasma and thermal annealing in N-2
Calixto-Rodriguez M, Martinez H, Pena Y, Flores O, Esparza-Ponce HE, Sanchez-Juarez A, Campos-Alvarez J, Reyes P
2434 - 2439 Local electrical characteristics of passive films formed on stainless steel surfaces by current sensing atomic force microscopy
Souier T, Martin F, Bataillon C, Cousty J
2440 - 2446 Two component silicone modified epoxy foul release coatings: Effect of modulus, surface energy and surface restructuring on pseudobarnacle and macrofouling behavior
Rath SK, Chavan JG, Sasane S, Jagannath, Patri M, Samui AB, Chakraborty BC
2447 - 2452 Nanostructured WO3 thin film as a new anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Li WJ, Fu ZW
2453 - 2457 Defects related room temperature ferromagnetism in p-type (Mn, Li) co-doped ZnO films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering
Zou CW, Wang HJ, Yi ML, Li M, Liu CS, Guo LP, Fu DJ, Kang TW
2458 - 2461 The photoacoustic spectroscopic investigations of the surface preparation of ZnSe crystals with the use of the optimization methods
Chrobak L, Malinski M, Zakrzewski J, Strzalkowski K
2462 - 2467 Influence of diluent compositions on the porous structure of methacrylate derivatives of aromatic diols and divinylbenzene
Podkoscielna B, Gawdzik B
2468 - 2473 Temperature-dependent ferroelectric and dielectric properties of Bi3.25La0.75Ti3O12 thin films
Zhang ST, Chen Z, Zhang C, Yuan GL
2474 - 2478 Characterisation of wettability in gas diffusion layer in proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Parry V, Appert E, Joud JC
2479 - 2489 Study on tribological behavior and cutting performance of CVD diamond and DLC films on Co-cemented tungsten carbide substrates
Zhang DC, Shen B, Sun FH
2490 - 2495 A versatile method for the preparation of end-functional polymers onto SiO2 nanoparticles by a combination of surface-initiated ATRP and Huisgen [3+2] cycloaddition
Chen JC, Luo WQ, Wang HD, Xiang JM, Jin HF, Chen F, Cai ZW
2496 - 2499 Fabrication and characterization of La-doped HfO2 gate dielectrics by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
Huang LY, Li AD, Zhang WQ, Li H, Xia YD, Wu D
2500 - 2506 Superhydrophilic stability enhancement of RF co-sputtered TixSi1-xO2 thin films in dark
Mirshekari M, Azimirad R, Moshfegh AZ
2507 - 2508 Room-temperature ferromagnetism of the amorphous Cu-doped ZnO thin films
Qi J, Gao DQ, Zhang L, Yang YH
2509 - 2516 Plasma enhanced CVD of SiOxCyHz thin film on different textile fabrics: Influence of exposure time on the abrasion resistance and mechanical properties
Rosace G, Canton R, Colleoni C
2517 - 2523 Morphological effect of MoS2 nanoparticles on catalytic oxidation and vacuum lubrication
Hu KH, Hu XG, Sun XJ
2524 - 2531 Surface modification of poly(dimethylsiloxane) for microfluidic assay applications
Seguin C, McLachlan JM, Norton PR, Lagugne-Labarthet F
2532 - 2538 Oriented single crystalline TiO2 nano-pillar arrays directly grown on titanium substrate in tetramethylammonium hydroxide solution
Dong X, Tao J, Li YY, Zhu H
2539 - 2545 UV laser ablation of intraocular lenses: SEM and AFM microscopy examination of the biomaterial surface
Spyratou E, Asproudis I, Tsoutsi D, Bacharis C, Moutsouris K, Makropoulou M, Serafetinides AA
2546 - 2551 Solid-phase photocatalytic degradation of polystyrene plastic with goethite modified by boron under UV-vis light irradiation
Liu GL, Zhu DW, Zhou WB, Liao SJ, Cui JZ, Wu K, Hamilton D
2552 - 2556 Crystallization-dependent magnetic properties of Mn1.56Co0.96Ni0.48O4 thin films
Gao YQ, Huang ZM, Hou Y, Wu J, Li ZQ, Chu JH
2557 - 2562 Preparation and properties of ZnO nanostructures by electrochemical anodization method
He SH, Zheng MJ, Yao LJ, Yuan XL, Li M, Ma L, Shen WZ
2563 - 2568 LiFePO4 thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition: Effect of the substrate on the film structure and morphology
Palomares V, de Larramendi IR, Alonso J, Bengoechea M, Goni A, Miguel O, Rojo T
2569 - 2576 Adsorption isotherms and kinetics of methylene blue on a low-cost adsorbent recovered from a spent catalyst of vinyl acetate synthesis
Zhang ZY, Zhang ZB, Fernandez Y, Menendez JA, Niu H, Peng JH, Zhang LB, Guo SH
2577 - 2582 Regular and reverse nanoscale stick-slip behavior: Modeling and experiments
Landolsi F, Sun YK, Lu H, Ghorbel FH, Lou J
2583 - 2595 Electrochemical characterization of surface complexes formed on Cu and Ta in succinic acid based solutions used for chemical mechanical planarization
Sulyma CM, Roy D
2596 - 2601 Study on the surface erosion route to the fabrication of TiO2 hollow spheres
Liu L, Cui YM, Li B, Zhou XF, Ding WP
2602 - 2605 Pitfalls in measuring work function using photoelectron spectroscopy
Helander MG, Greiner MT, Wang ZB, Lu ZH
2606 - 2610 Effects of annealing treatment on the formation of CO2 in ZnO thin films grown by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
Zheng GL, Yang AL, Wei HY, Liu XL, Song HP, Guo Y, Jia CH, Jiao CM, Yang SY, Zhu QS, Wang ZG
2611 - 2615 Synthesis of hollow silver spheres using poly-(styrene-methyl acrylic acid) as templates in the presence of sodium polyacrylate
Wang AL, Yin HB, Ge C, Ren M, Liu YM, Jiang TS
2616 - 2619 Characterization of laser waveguides in Nd:CNGG crystals formed by low fluence carbon ion implantation
Wang LL, Yu YG
2620 - 2625 Preparation and the optical nonlinearity of surface chemistry improved titania nanoparticles in poly(methylmethacrylate)-titania hybrid thin films
Sun XJ, Chen XJ, Fan GH, Qu SL
2626 - 2629 Microstructure of microwave dielectricthin films by RF magnetron sputtering
Shi F, Cui CW
2630 - 2635 Synthesis of Mn doped ZnO nanoparticles with biocompatible capping
Sharda KJ, Chawla S
2636 - 2642 Effect of micro and nanoparticle inorganic fillers on the field emission characteristics of photosensitive carbon nanotube pastes
Kim JH, Lee HS, Goak JC, Seo YH, Kim KB, Park KS, Lee NS
2643 - 2648 Synthesis, field emission and glucose-sensing characteristics of nanostructural ZnO on free-standing carbon nanotubes films
Bai D, Zhang Z, Yu K
2649 - 2653 Complete filling of 41 nm trench pattern using Cu seed layer deposited by SAM-modified electroless plating and electron-beam evaporation
Han WK, Hwang GH, Hong SJ, An HH, Yoon CS, Kim JH, Lee MJ, Hong G, Park KS, Kang SG
2654 - 2660 Heterogeneous nucleation and growth of silver nanoparticles on unmodified polystyrene spheres by in situ reduction
Tang SC, Chen L, Vongehr S, Meng XK